I Went UNDERCOVER in a RAINBOW ONLY Tournament! (Fortnite) 

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I stream sniped my girlfriend's rainbow boss only tournament in Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 5 gameplay with Typical Gamer!
Samara's channel:
Merch: typical.store
Twitter: typicalgamer
Instagram: typicalgamer
Music by Epidemic Sound: www.epidemicsound.com


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Feb 20, 2021




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L O S E R 38 minutes ago
Rifty skin?
Moejtaba Suliman
Landon Cashin
Landon Cashin Hour ago
Samara probably the one with the second style well that’s good that she’s wearing
Denim Fields
Denim Fields 2 hours ago
The like button turned black
Sobelly Chang
Sobelly Chang 3 hours ago
12:27 thunder me: wait what?
Henna Chahal
Henna Chahal 3 hours ago
Kitty Cronin
Kitty Cronin 3 hours ago
Mine turned black
Wolf Gaming
Wolf Gaming 3 hours ago
Mr. mystery /mystery gang
All I Gotta say is I stop watching this US-first or because all he post his fortnight videos he’s too childish now he’s trying to become everyone’s favorite and it’s not working he’s only attracting children
TTvgaming Fornite
TTvgaming Fornite 3 hours ago
Black love your vid ds
Genesis Lopez-Ruiz
Genesis Lopez-Ruiz 3 hours ago
Mine color in the like was blue
Coco Puff
Coco Puff 4 hours ago
I tripped over my wifes bra it was a booby trap, whats the gender of a chocolate bar?... a her/she (hershey) I tried to catch fog I MIST LOL (missed)-
Coco Puff
Coco Puff 4 hours ago
I didnt really like the skin he cjose Big oof formme lol
Stephen Hardy
Stephen Hardy 4 hours ago
Stephen Hardy
Stephen Hardy 4 hours ago
Courtney Burns
Courtney Burns 5 hours ago
Black what?
max playz
max playz 5 hours ago
Mine was black
Rhys Fiore
Rhys Fiore 6 hours ago
Exhaust Boys 2.0
Exhaust Boys 2.0 6 hours ago
Jackia Marbury
Jackia Marbury 6 hours ago
Love the memes
OfficialJH 6 hours ago
Brandon Sookoo
Brandon Sookoo 8 hours ago
Maria Baez
Maria Baez 8 hours ago
It was white
Kaspershazam! 74
Kaspershazam! 74 9 hours ago
Nice editing this video funny
Season 1 Player
Season 1 Player 9 hours ago
Has anybody realized that he changed his keybinds
Diax 10 hours ago
Same scrims video bro can you get new content pls.
Oriola Ori
Oriola Ori 10 hours ago
Imagine getting a heart from the legend TG PLAYS
Kenley Strutynski
Kenley Strutynski 10 hours ago
my like button turns blue
Billy Davis
Billy Davis 10 hours ago
You the best streamer
Billy Davis
Billy Davis 10 hours ago
Mine turd black
domanator1287 11 hours ago
destroyer123 11 hours ago
Verona Nunez
Verona Nunez 11 hours ago
Why you eat Philip 😭
Kayden on YT
Kayden on YT 11 hours ago
6:59 tiko would be mad
Kevin B
Kevin B 11 hours ago
How is it Green
Henry Mcilwham
Henry Mcilwham 12 hours ago
His gf nos it clickbait
Gaming with Sophie-Anne
Who else love these I just like it when typical gamer wins and starts screaming YESSSSSS
Gaming with Sophie-Anne
Typical Ghoul
Typical Ghoul 11 hours ago
Like its his first win 😂 bc everyone is a sweat and really good
Zabi Mohammed
Zabi Mohammed 13 hours ago
Blakeify Yt
Blakeify Yt 14 hours ago
Bruh the iron man was andrew
Yves Niquet
Yves Niquet 14 hours ago
If they don’t subscribe they suck
BreAuna McCurdy
BreAuna McCurdy 15 hours ago
And I need 5000 bucks because I only have 10 Vbox and I want to buy everything in the item shop including the drift new skin
BreAuna McCurdy
BreAuna McCurdy 15 hours ago
Like It and I still want a lot of skins in Fortnite like you
DL Cloudzy
DL Cloudzy 17 hours ago
1:19 um ok
Max Ford
Max Ford 18 hours ago
My like button goes white
PANAS_ YT 18 hours ago
69 😂😂she is so sus
June Scripps
June Scripps 18 hours ago
Their gonna brake ur thumbs
Rhys Miles
Rhys Miles 19 hours ago
The Memer
The Memer 19 hours ago
In the future can u use the guff skin
Octavio Mendoza
Best US-firstr ever I have been whatching since 5 years
Jake Animation Studios
0:21 I-is he joking?!? 😆
logan Mcphee
logan Mcphee Day ago
logan Mcphee
logan Mcphee Day ago
your my best US-first
Cheuk Fung CHEUNG
I need. To W a I t the l I k e upgrade
Cheuk Fung CHEUNG
Saw igijigijkl
Branson Azure
Love how just come in and then he eliminates the hole lobby and looking at the skins and he is a boss
Yakker_ _
Yakker_ _ Day ago
Biggest fan
Kendal Fenwick
Comere boaaa noooo
Abram Martinez
Black is what the liked button turned
Your videos are so good
nstarks02 Day ago
Nobody knows how to do this better than Andre 10:47
Mylei-Marie Noble
Black and you are the best love tg plays
guy 8751
guy 8751 Day ago
69 people nice
Shy Man
Shy Man Day ago
No one is safe win tag is here
TTV Storm
TTV Storm Day ago
I like how he always does this!
Samuel Hainley
i love the new edits in the video. it makes it more funnier lmfao
Current Plays
It was black
Danno Day ago
Brayden Hatcher
Can you do another one for og skins only pls
Cassie Mckenzie
Pugx Day ago
he got 3.21M subs in 11 months.. I just got 150 subs in the last 3 years..
lee peel
lee peel Day ago
hi hi hi hi
Killa Cam
Killa Cam Day ago
Send when dose typical gamer put memes in his vids
Zarek Thomas
Zarek Thomas Day ago
bruh wtf
bruh wtf Day ago
Bruh u killed Andrew
Sarah Gordon
Sarah Gordon Day ago
Linsey Bees
Linsey Bees Day ago
Jesus crust
Dan Afolabi
Dan Afolabi Day ago
My like button changed white
charlie the best fighter
It is black
Katila Young
Katila Young Day ago
Katila Young
Katila Young Day ago
Ok lose your cold ok
Tele V
Tele V Day ago
You suck tg
Chase O
Chase O Day ago
The controller
Mubarik Hassan
Daco Coda
Daco Coda Day ago
🏳️‍🌈 only game
XxHUNTER37xX Day ago
I unsubscrived for whanting to eat flopers
Capzz Day ago
You should’ve done rainbow load out
SF Memes4life85
Something is not right with samara and you know what I mean 👇raaaaainbooow
HurbBruh Day ago
It turned black
Chantha Noy
Chantha Noy Day ago
hhahaahahhaahah ANDREW
Caleb Jean
Caleb Jean Day ago
i love tg
Chauncey Stokes
No his thumbs fam
Luis Rodriguez
U need to do a duo custom with her TG
Natalie Hamilton
My like button is black
Ma'Khi Castille
at the begin y tg sound like that :)
Abhinav Chaudhary
my colour was blue
Nery Ramirez
Nery Ramirez Day ago
Your a goat and I love these videos so much keep it up typical
Callum Lutton
Its soo weird the way he days he tried to sneak in but he always in
Aubrey Powell
do u have aimbot tg i mean im a big fan just asking