I was paid to speedrun Cooking Mama 

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Jaiden stopped by the stream and donated subs to speedrun cooking mama 2: dinner with friends. So I beat her record.
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Apr 4, 2021




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Jaiden Animations
Jaiden Animations 15 days ago
One of my new favorite past times is watching unassuming innocent souls be terrorized by mama, thank you for this (oh and congrats on the record hahaha!!)
Matt Martinez
Matt Martinez Hour ago
@Nathaniel Chen 1 she will see this
Nathaniel Chen 1
Nathaniel Chen 1 4 hours ago
Hey Jaiden you excited for Mama goes to prison? Maybe Mama will get terrorized. Oh sweet revenge.
Matt Martinez
Matt Martinez 21 hour ago
jaiden you cool
Mr_lolxdi hakunah
Mr_lolxdi hakunah 21 hour ago
Reply steal
Mr_lolxdi hakunah
Mr_lolxdi hakunah 21 hour ago
Reply steal
Saemour Saeless
Saemour Saeless 26 minutes ago
"Do you like your corn on or off the cob?" S H R E D
KL 35 minutes ago
And thats why there's so many used nintendo ds with f**ed touch screens on ebay
Kevin Klepon
Kevin Klepon 36 minutes ago
Now, make it in real life
Seid sbs
Seid sbs 7 hours ago
SuperFolders 8 hours ago
"I bet you can't even taste this Mama, you don't even have a nose" -SmallAnt
Riley Pratt
Riley Pratt 8 hours ago
take a shot every time he says “EVEN BETTER THAN MAMA”
Carguymcgee 23
Carguymcgee 23 9 hours ago
Candy Cane
Candy Cane 14 hours ago
Benjamin Gray
i remember playing this and a pokemon bootleg meant to brain wash kids into becoming tree hugging veggie eating hippes didnt work on me tho i just saw them both as hey free game i gave NO FUCKS and still dont free is free who cares if its made by a bunch of hippes you cant brainwash someone whos really stupid
Gummiand Day ago
Ant: I bet you cant even taste the food. Your nose isnt even there. Me: I- but- she still has her- i- **thinks harder than i should** i give up
Datpro777 Day ago
I just realised the pointcrow merch
Nirvaan Gupta
sevens wife
sevens wife 2 days ago
well i was going to try this but i only have cooking mama 3 :( i have more but i cant find any of my wii or gamecube games so :|
LIAM BAILEY 2 days ago
would've been funnier if he said 'Cooking Mama 2; Electric Boogaloo'
Greer Ireland
Greer Ireland 2 days ago
Alberto 2 days ago
This isnt in speedrun.com
Florrie Evans
Florrie Evans 2 days ago
SmallAnt you should do Apple Pie % where you have to burn the apple pie as quick as possible...
Uniquekibbel VOD
Uniquekibbel VOD 2 days ago
Hmmmmm 0:19 Everybody came??
Félix M.
Félix M. 3 days ago
even better than mamma
Kweh 3 days ago
he stupid for that ending lmfao
Finnegan Van Hee
Finnegan Van Hee 3 days ago
When he said corn soup, I thought he meant corn bread
Stevonicus 3 days ago
Back when Cooking Mama first came out PETA had a Flash game on their website called Killing Mama where you had to slaughter animals to cook them. There was lots of blood. There was also a Super Meat Boy clone called Super Tofu Boy.
Carter McGrath
Carter McGrath 3 days ago
That chicken was from monster hunter world
DrSauce 3 days ago
Will X
Will X 3 days ago
SmallAnt : see it was an easy one Jaiden : Listen hear you little shit
AllNWR04 Trains
AllNWR04 Trains 3 days ago
You can hear the pain in his voice
Felipe silveira
Felipe silveira 3 days ago
in brazil we eat a kind of little shark called dogfish
Skyland Gaming
Skyland Gaming 3 days ago
Most emotional victories in anime: Number 1 , Smallant1’s victory against cooking mama
Mister Shiny
Mister Shiny 3 days ago
Hahahaha this was great 😂
Desmond Gentle
Desmond Gentle 4 days ago
Take a shot every time he says "even better than mama"
Daniel Ramtulla
Daniel Ramtulla 4 days ago
26:35 you blind? the instruction right there say remember where the line is to trim the meat
Mangi 4 days ago
My friend is a big fan he says he will get oddesy and beat your records
DryerSheet Gaming
I like at the beginning you can see Pokémon bank
Sem Gaming
Sem Gaming 4 days ago
Wow 🤩 this is :) great now you feel the pain of not getting u gold medal and doing it again and again and again and again :)
Sem Gaming
Sem Gaming 4 days ago
Enzo Luiz
Enzo Luiz 4 days ago
Does anybody else calibrate the ds touch screen or am i just dumb for doing the right thing
MusicByCameron 4 days ago
aahhh nice and slow, nice and calm... nice and calm, don't mess them up... go slow, and steady, its not a speedrun, you're cooking some eel for your family and friends who are coming over tonight, you want to make it as best you can for them, to make sure- *_DAMN IT_* make sure they have a good experience, _dammit_
Matthew Keen
Matthew Keen 4 days ago
Qoorky1346 4 days ago
Even better than mama bro
Whitish 4 days ago
21:30 Eggbender xD
Pudd1ngYT 4 days ago
He do be kneading dough
Long Dong McStrong
"We're making pizza" and other lies you can tell yourself
SO SUSSY 5 days ago
Sal J.
Sal J. 5 days ago
To the person named "mythwatch" in the chat at 13:59: I care that you are here
Jump on Yaya
Jump on Yaya 5 days ago
man tries to cook (loses his sanity) - colorized
Juan Pablo Robles
Krinios was there POG
nexsurus 5 days ago
the speeeeeed clicks are real
Beamrice 5 days ago
I wonder how many people end up hating mama while playing this game.
Air_Pilote 5 days ago
I was playing Arma 3 while watching this and at 2:15 I thought that was the sound of an enemy firing at me so I got up from my prone position, laid down supressing fire, and died and had to restart from the last checkpoint that was like 20 mins earlier!
Nirvaan Gupta
Nirvaan Gupta 5 days ago
Nirvaan Gupta
Nirvaan Gupta 5 days ago
TheNickStrike 6 days ago
I like how he shouts "WE CAN GET MAMA ARRESTED" so excitedly.
Mykasan 6 days ago
HAHAHA that broccoli soup had to be good with that blowing
Sumner Radke
Sumner Radke 6 days ago
She got another 2 million in like 10 days.
Bridgie Didgie
Bridgie Didgie 6 days ago
Hi i saw you lost on hide and seek across the earth i was going for you
Sofia Barredo
Sofia Barredo 6 days ago
You beat jaiden's record!!
Hania Kashif
Hania Kashif 6 days ago
Did anyone see that Jaiden also drew Ant when she was talking about speedruns
Joey Longfured
Joey Longfured 6 days ago
I would love to see him try and continue training to get sub 5 hours!
Jay Uchiha
Jay Uchiha 6 days ago
Wonder if Jaiden would try to take back number 1 spot
Layton Inc.
Layton Inc. 6 days ago
Look on the bright side, at least mama isn't making you do the dishes
8-Byte Turtle
8-Byte Turtle 6 days ago
“IT SHRUNK, I HATE THAT!” Smallant 2021
Tech Samurai
Tech Samurai 6 days ago
e v e n b e t t e r t h a n m a m a
tiredtrickster 6 days ago
howtobasic would be trembling in their seat
Aura Brooklyn rose
I wonder hmm 🤔... should I subscribe?
William Afton
William Afton 7 days ago
Why did they add shark fin soup??
DÒctØ_ ØctÓ
DÒctØ_ ØctÓ 7 days ago
Dere's a neat lil' secret 'round 15:30. Look for it yerself.
Marlo Carpenter
Marlo Carpenter 7 days ago
AER 7 days ago
The fifth element: eggs
Beeg yosher
Beeg yosher 7 days ago
No turning back now, oh but not for me
King Doge
King Doge 7 days ago
*C O O K I N G M A M A *
Rory Stevens
Rory Stevens 7 days ago
This game looks like such a nightmare. My god, why would anyone program this?
Wizard4k 7 days ago
Spliced 100%
plants vs zombie 2 234
That scream though
HenuEnna 7 days ago
I keep coming back to this when I need some perspective on my own hardships
TheLawfulGood 7 days ago
Only smallant gets roasted by his mother during a speedrun. Got roasted by his own Cooking Mama.
diarykeeper 7 days ago
Noice USB Videout 3DS
Quantum Dude
Quantum Dude 7 days ago
4:16 did he say **** soup orr ok im sorry
Savage G4M3R
Savage G4M3R 7 days ago
Looks like you lost a fridge from mrbeast
Negius Oppa
Negius Oppa 7 days ago
This brings back memories
Smendrick Pepperell
Bagels all you can eat
Milo Stewart
Milo Stewart 7 days ago
Cooking mama 3: Cooking for inmates
A random dude on the internet
Hoho I almost forgot *ALL HAIL 9 INCHES*
Veritat 8 days ago
If you think about it, I kinda look like Mama
Josef Nartea
Josef Nartea 8 days ago
Mason Moseley
Mason Moseley 8 days ago
Play rocket league
KJ 8 days ago
When his mom replied in chat I died 😂
The Wannabe Cuber
I remember at the start of the very first Cooking Mama stream (yes, I was there at twitch) that smallAnt got 2 gold medals in a whole hour. (It was very entertaining)
Noah Lyons
Noah Lyons 8 days ago
Why don't you do pokemon black 2 but every loading zone is random
Yvonne MacLean
Yvonne MacLean 8 days ago
I hope you hear this (your probably very busy) but I have an idea for a game to speed run the game is called Yo Kai watch. (It is for the 3DS ). It is ok if you don’t do it and I hope you have a good day Small Ant!! Sorry if I’m a hassle
Vani 8 days ago
Waiting for Jaiden response video 0-0
everett seto
everett seto 8 days ago
Now speedrun it to get the worst possible score
toptooner 8 days ago
Alex Bessette
Alex Bessette 8 days ago
actually sharkfin soup is only illegal in: specific parts of the US, guam and northern mariana, and the soup itself isnt even illegal in those areas, its SELLING the fins that is illegal
BURN-E 8 days ago
*Reads Title* Jaiden? *look at thumbnail* Jaiden.
Sara Colby
Sara Colby 8 days ago
Carlos tnt 70000
Carlos tnt 70000 8 days ago
**insert Cooking mama music mixed with dream speedrun music**
Ol Pentedooie Bing Mandagi
Can you archive all of the newer streams please?
LFG 8 days ago
Hey smallant there's another mario odyssey speedrun witch was beaten in 55:15.97
Dingus Is Pingus
Dingus Is Pingus 8 days ago
“I am the master of the yellow and the white”