I Was Today Years Old When I Found This Hack tiktok portageeguy 

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I Was Today Years Old When I Found This Hack tiktok portageeguy
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Apr 15, 2021




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Comments 98   
Mathew Flores
Mathew Flores Hour ago
I was 10
Kojo Hour ago
He's the kinda person that would be looking at his phone and respond with "what?" over and over as you repeatedly ask him the same question...
RuraScarlet Hour ago
Being a clumsy person with noodle arms I do think this is a good hack that hurts nobody and makes 0 messes. Yall just mean
The 404 Error
The 404 Error 2 hours ago
To quote another person in the comments "I was today years old when I Googled how go disable youtube shorts" Instructions: To remove shorts button in US-first app, go to Settings > Vanced Settings > Layout Settings and then turn on the comments location toggle. It will disable the Shorts button in US-first app. Now, you successfully removed shorts from US-first app.
Nian Fiedler
Nian Fiedler 2 hours ago
he’s the type of person to hug you and ask for a second chance if you beat him up-
Devvaj Saroj
Devvaj Saroj 2 hours ago
Aryan Jaipaul
Aryan Jaipaul 3 hours ago
*or* you could buy one of those bottles where you don't have to remove the lid
Clint Gibson
Clint Gibson 3 hours ago
hedwig123456 3 hours ago
He’s the type of person to stop wearing his face mask just because the CDC says he can
Rango 4 hours ago
This fucking song
Tunnel Snakes
Tunnel Snakes 4 hours ago
Bitch move. Use the might of Zeus and Poseidon to achieve spillage and strength
Kanashibari 5 hours ago
The US-first kids think they have superior intellect over tiktok people, however they have not yet grasped the concept of comedy
Lucario 5 hours ago
He's the type of person who stands right next to you to use the urinal. While there's 7 other spots open.
mark bomback
mark bomback 5 hours ago
You do know you dont take the cap off theres literally a hole in it already all you have yo do is break the seal by literally putting the jug in its place
Swasthi Rao
Swasthi Rao 5 hours ago
He's the type of person who makes you feel second hand embarrassment
Whatevs Idc
Whatevs Idc 6 hours ago
He's the type of guy to call his identical twin ugly
Ben's the name
Ben's the name 6 hours ago
Now take it off
DopeDoge 2007
DopeDoge 2007 6 hours ago
He's the type of guy to replace his playstation when the hdmi cable isn't working
GamerOne 6 hours ago
Now let's see the water dispense
ZapperManYT 6 hours ago
You know, for all the hate commenters out in this ocean of comments, it’s not too late for your kneecaps to be broken.
Deni Gaul Maulana
Deni Gaul Maulana 6 hours ago
But that isn't higienist
jonny felix
jonny felix 7 hours ago
Nigga chill🤤
Extrox 8 hours ago
It's so he doesn't get water every where when flipping it then the plastic bag will break because of water pressure and Stuff
Rebwizzle 8 hours ago
or just don’t remove the seal
JackTerrier 8 hours ago
LOL I thought this was a prank or something he did at his work place. Didn't know it was actually a "hack".
Mr Black
Mr Black 8 hours ago
He's the type of person that would get his head smashed in for some B.S like this
HeadEnterprise 9 hours ago
Hes the type of person to look up and down before crossing the street.
Ezekiel Deitrick
Ezekiel Deitrick 9 hours ago
Why would you leave it on when you are putting it on that damn machine
SHAGUAR 9 hours ago
Isn’t that why they make those rubber toppers for water jugs? So you don’t spill it when you put it on? Yeah your just wasting plastic bags.
maverickolo maveracka
Who asked?
Angus Malroy
Angus Malroy 9 hours ago
I was also today years old
the heroinfather
the heroinfather 10 hours ago
Caps usually stay on and the middle pops off when you put it on? Does everywhere not have this? Or broke people jus can't afford a lid for those
IHateBroccoli 11 hours ago
he’s the type of guy who uses a protractor to measure how long something is
Mochiina 11 hours ago
hes the type of guy to put breathing holes in his mask.
Jennifer Yu
Jennifer Yu 11 hours ago
I’m extremely confused How is the water supposed to come out
Jako INT
Jako INT 12 hours ago
Actually all Arab people do this
Kevin Diaz Castro
Kevin Diaz Castro 12 hours ago
En mi chamba lo volteaba rapido antes que se moje el suelo😂 que tiempos
Hex TeaRex
Hex TeaRex 12 hours ago
Can't wait for the Italian Life hack buster to bust this guy
Alec Rodriguez
Alec Rodriguez 12 hours ago
When you just did what the point of the cap is
prodbybuzz 13 hours ago
or just hear me out... do it the correct way and stop being a p*ssy
Jujedie fr
Jujedie fr 13 hours ago
I'm now years old
MARY W 14 hours ago
He’s the type of person to get hit by a parked car.
Moosedraw 15 hours ago
You know right there is literally lids for those bottles that are made so you don’t spill water, but once it’s in the weight causes it to open and it just does it’s thing yea? Like? This isn’t a hack, this is just being poor.
Marigi 201
Marigi 201 15 hours ago
He’s the type of person that pees in the same urinal as you in an empty bathroom.
Kevin Chaay
Kevin Chaay 16 hours ago
In my country it came with a cap, that hold the water
Jay-R Dapar
Jay-R Dapar 17 hours ago
What? I thought the cap has a removable middle part for dispensers?
Glenn Picker
Glenn Picker 17 hours ago
Karthik Senthilkumar
I was today years old when I realized *no one cares*
Jalen Myers
Jalen Myers 17 hours ago
He’s the type of person to put hot sauce in the freezer to make it cold
Google Account
Google Account 17 hours ago
He's the type of guy to see the term and policy
vicky fox
vicky fox 18 hours ago
So...by the comments...I take it this doesn't work?
woosh me if ur lgbtq
Hes the type of person who would watch troom troom and use their "hacks"
Loyiso Mabuye
Loyiso Mabuye 18 hours ago
What's going on
Valerie Gonzalez
Valerie Gonzalez 18 hours ago
This how my dad would send us to get water because we had about 5 of these gallons and only 1 had a lid lmfao
WIlly RIvas
WIlly RIvas 18 hours ago
I was waiting for homie to make them look stupid
Laura Gadille
Laura Gadille 19 hours ago
Now how the hell do you get water out of that and what's the hack?
Nahi Corua
Nahi Corua 19 hours ago
You're telling me he took the lid of the jug off only so he could do the exact same thing the lid was meant for with a plastic bag and a rubber band...
Alvin Sosa
Alvin Sosa 19 hours ago
Song title please
Will Pongase
Will Pongase 19 hours ago
Guys if ur confused on how that would work theres like a piercer inside the whole but i dont see the point here just out it in really fast
STASHMONEY MGM 19 hours ago
Austin W
Austin W 20 hours ago
I’m so confused
Piss Baby
Piss Baby 20 hours ago
Hi what's the title of this song
Piss Baby
Piss Baby 20 hours ago
I'm also here to break the chain of "he's the type of person..."
leodel velasquez
leodel velasquez 20 hours ago
We dont take out the lid and just put it on with the lid the long stick on thes dispenser will push the rubber thing on the middle u dont have to do that
Kalia Bashir
Kalia Bashir 21 hour ago
How do you take it of
Blackflower Gamerz
Blackflower Gamerz 21 hour ago
He's the type of guy that flip the despenser to refill the water
Super Kami Guru
Super Kami Guru 21 hour ago
Usually those jugs have inserts stopping water from coming out until you put the jug in.
cutie travel0486
cutie travel0486 21 hour ago
Do his not come with the little sticker ???????
Jennifer Dumond
Jennifer Dumond 21 hour ago
The part that goes up in the water bottle breaks the plastic for all of you who came in the comments to figure out whats going on..
Night Owl
Night Owl 22 hours ago
*How do y'all know it's a man*
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
Where you get those filled up? In my city they stopped filling these up beginning pandemic
Richenoel Dela vega
Richenoel Dela vega 22 hours ago
Grade 5 ten years old
Reeyan Maknojiya
Reeyan Maknojiya 23 hours ago
So we’re doing ‘He’s the type of guy’ jokes again
Luis Castro
Luis Castro 23 hours ago
Alguien sabe el nombre de la canción?
Alejandro Tirado
Alejandro Tirado 23 hours ago
This guy is the type of guy that still thinks hickies are cool.
Marki Mac
Marki Mac Day ago
But then u don’t get to spill water all over the floor
Moistbeenz 22
He’s the reason they have the “caution hot” sign on coffee cups
Spicy Tuna
Spicy Tuna Day ago
He's the type of guy who needs the instructions they put on bacon. 🥓
TokiBop Day ago
“I was” past tense “today” present “years old” WTF DO YOU WANT FROM ME
Pizza Rat
Pizza Rat Day ago
Or just put the stopper on the inside of the cap so you can just pop it on
Kuzz Fanai
Kuzz Fanai Day ago
We do this all the time in our coffee machine
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Day ago
Who the hell cares damn
Cha Ka
Cha Ka Day ago
Am I really the only person that had one's with anti leaking caps that opened only when the thing was placed
Jacob Gendron
You guys in the comments are morons. Some dispensers have a stabber thing for sealed jugs and its very annoying to place a refilled jug onto it
iTzTis Fee
iTzTis Fee Day ago
One of the dumbest people in the world:
808Mane Day ago
Damn, I'm today years old 😭😭😭
experiment slime gabby
Ok I get it now 😂😂😂
Jake Kozakevich
He's the type of person to be the type of person that yall say is that...type...of..person
Lil' Dick
Lil' Dick Day ago
Tiktok really makes you dumber.
Anthony G
Anthony G Day ago
Save you some time. Don’t remove the lid and pop it in the dispenser voila.
Kanisha Fladger
This is like table talk for #Saw the horror films lol..
D Cam
D Cam Day ago
Only people with this kind of water cooler know how frickin genius this is... trying it. Thanks🙏
Obey LordSosig
You do realize there is normally a cover on there right
Terry Day ago
What you think you saw was a hack on how to prevent spilling when you refill the water fountain. But what you actually saw was the entire comment section memeing on this guy While I'm sitting like, Dude just dunk the water bottle like a basketball. It's not that heavy
Q'whyatt Day ago
Or you could just... leave the lid on.... thats what that lil hole at the top of the lid is for
sboivin55 Day ago
People in the comments section are the kind of people not realizing he's doing refills at home after the OG cap has been used so he doesn't have to go to the store to enjoy ice cold delicious water
Trippi3 Richi3
Bruh my grandparents have been doing this before i was born bruh this is not even a life hack🤣🤚🏼
K.k Nyrhtak
K.k Nyrhtak Day ago
He’s the type of guy to call the police after he robs a bank
Sperm Day ago
He's the type of guy to wake up at 3 in the morning and not drink water