I Warned Sam Sneed That The Meeting With 2Pac & Suge Knight Was A Set Up & Ambush! He Didn’t Listen! 

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J-Flexx the infamous Ghostwriter for Dr. Dre that wrote Dr. Dre verses for California Love Keep Their Heads Ringin', Natural Born Killaz goes into detail about Sam Sneed's altercation at an infamous meeting with Tupac and Suge Knight.
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Apr 5, 2021




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Ken Haley
Ken Haley 2 days ago
Sam Snead didn't recognize the situation get it "reconize" if you don't it's the name of a rap with Dr.Dre he did with Sam Snead
Ken Haley
Ken Haley 2 days ago
Now see only ur real homies wuld warn you bout sum shit thats bout to happen to you even tho it was they're homies that whooped his ass
Rone Willis
Rone Willis 2 days ago
In otherwords Suge & Pac was on some mutual BS/H@EA$$ sh%t this time.
The General
The General 2 days ago
Pittsburgh niggas is tough
Way2flyy Beats
Way2flyy Beats 2 days ago
They ask where I'm at, I'm outta town lol
THE K.P 3 days ago
B 3 days ago
Pac and Suge had too many enemies....when you have so many enemies you don’t know who’s trying to get you.....reading Art of War he should have known that
Jacob Brock
Jacob Brock 3 days ago
I didn't like that keep your heads ringing it was on mtv all day everyday in 95 especially the summer of 95
Chris 4 days ago
So which crew is the crew they called the whack rappers?
James Williams
James Williams 4 days ago
He's lying hard
InDanger Dogg
InDanger Dogg 4 days ago
Every thing for Death Row was a Set up...!!!!
OG 6
OG 6 4 days ago
I heard Snead was getting out on Pac and the other dudes took off on him to help Pac . Everybody from death row claim Pac couldn’t fight a lick he was Just talk because he knew suge had his back
GODZGANG100 4 days ago
ice cube's cuzin? lolol
Brayan Rubio-Berrios
J flexx 💪🏼💪🏼
ElBaby73 5 days ago
No real in this, because if Pac was living and suge was out of jail and the mob piru was still active you wouldn't be hearing from none of these dudes. #facts Texas all day South Park H-Town Texas forever.
D Raines
D Raines 6 days ago
Yeah he was dumb for going but that's us Pittsburgh niggas for ya lol. We don't back down from anything or anyone 💯
Orlando Santos
Orlando Santos 6 days ago
pac was a follower . dr.dre made all those niggas. look at them now and look at dre.
Golden Serenity
Golden Serenity 6 days ago
And when Dre heard about the incident, he just shrugged his shoulders and continued to eat his captain crunch
Hazey Cazey Tv
Hazey Cazey Tv 4 days ago
Mula Davifs
Mula Davifs 6 days ago
"Imnot scared,im outta town"😭😅
Joe DeMatteo
Joe DeMatteo 6 days ago
Biitch, I'm Sam Sneed!
Ali P
Ali P 6 days ago
I like hearing story’s like this but I REALLY LOVE hearing stories like how Suge tried to punk real niggaz like Dreta and BG Knocc out and it back fired on him. Suge punked people but let’s not act like he didn’t get checked him self lol
kanye gang
kanye gang 6 days ago
People don't understand how important he is to hip-hop these guys needs to have their OWN award show, cause without some of these writer's rap wouldn't be where it's at today
Los Dogg
Los Dogg 6 days ago
Good series keep up the good work
SDS Overfiend
SDS Overfiend 6 days ago
Fuck up man.... Sneed was a good dude. Fuck death row and all that bullshit they stood for. No wonder Dre and Snoop left
Toutai Palu
Toutai Palu 6 days ago
bossKellz132 6 days ago
This nigga J flexxx a Clown 🤦🏽‍♂️😂
Jim Duggan
Jim Duggan 6 days ago
J flexx need to get on Glad TV fr fr.. officer glad got alot of questions for him.. starting with was there crack in Ohio when he was growing up... 🤔👮
One Hitter Quitter
The Outlawz stomped him out. Napoleon in particular.
Lafayette Love
Lafayette Love 6 days ago
Lit 💯💯💯💯💯
David McGuire
David McGuire 6 days ago
J Flexx is kissin' that "A" looking for work..
J T 6 days ago
I'm from Pittsburgh. Snead is a REAL one.
Johnn Hendog
Johnn Hendog 7 days ago
They beat a dude with brain cancer nahh
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
Damn! He shouted out Big Chuck...G Rap right hand. Gangsta was behind the scenes. Eric B. man.
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
Sam Sneed was that Nigga. Dre ghost writer & producer in 95...
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
Think Ya Betta Recognize...
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
They was on some Nas level shit...Dont let that go over ya head. The 90s Rakim=Nasir.
Nick X
Nick X 7 days ago
Unbelievable how egos messed up maybe the greatest rap label in the history of the world
Brainwash 7 days ago
Respect to J Flexx
Lonnie Bryant
Lonnie Bryant 7 days ago
And I always wonder who wrote that song keep your heads ringing damn this dude is a genius that song go hard right now with bars 2021 and it came out in 1995
BeerusTV 7 days ago
I wonder who was that guy that got choked by suge knight at the death row meeting. You guys know the dude who was stealing money from suge?
Eazy E was Right. Boyz really were getting treated like ‘Boot Camp’ over there.
RAMIROGetsit 3 days ago
Gotta follow your sergeant's directions. .... Or get your ass popped with the Smith & Wesson!
CRIP RECORDS 7 days ago
Stealing from 2pac will get you hurt.
Gaston Neal
Gaston Neal 7 days ago
Sneed is from McKeesport, and most of them are bloods, back in 94, anyway. Except these one projects, they were crips, used to get my weed from up there they called it mendu.
Gaston Neal
Gaston Neal 7 days ago
“Pittsburgh them is some tuff niggaz” dam right, Homewood in da house.
Low Bo47oms Ascot Ave
*Eastside Low Bottoms sh*t !* _Tappin' in from South Central Los Angeles_ Shout out to J Flexx. _Who Been There_ was the only real listenable song on that Chronic 2000 compilation. Suge, tryna be a G, messed off a potential billion dollar business. Live and learn...
jrmop 09
jrmop 09 7 days ago
I wish Sam Sneed released that album. I still don't get the whole J Flexx diss track to Dre
Purple rain & pancakes
Damn Suge spent a lot of effort trying to find out the whereabouts of people! He made someone drink pee to find out where Puffy lived and gave Sam Sneed a beat down to find out where Dre was at! Wouldn’t have been better for him to just hire a private detective to find out! Lol!
Necco 318
Necco 318 7 days ago
Dude seem Solid.💯💪 sure he was a real one in da #Deathrow Camp.
Bob Evans
Bob Evans 7 days ago
Sam and his family from Pittsburgh was always soft ass fuck!!!!!
ken ark
ken ark 8 days ago
you should interview sam sneed and get his side of the story and explain what happen
S T 8 days ago
I love my Pac but he was wrong for beating him up
Baby Snap
Baby Snap 8 days ago
Prince Papi Elliott
I like J-flex personality, hes chill, he is not hating, good n great man n amazing rapper. Thank you for interview big bro
DaGreat 8 days ago
I heard some dude with a Tweety Bird shirt was at the meeting also!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Michael Mullen
Michael Mullen 8 days ago
Dats the homie flexx is certified str8 real one
Poppa Joe Jackson
I know what he means
SANDY SEPHERS 8 days ago
Bull shit
Shock G
Shock G 8 days ago
Tupac was a punk when he was with big dudes!!
cwm662 8 days ago
Didn't you diss Dre on Chronic 2000?....🤔🤔
:Red-Feather :MoyToy
I kept say'n Pac was NOT the mystical, magical being as everyone doll'd him out to be!!! 🤷🏾🤷🏾🤷🏾
Kareem Blackston
Kareem Blackston 8 days ago
2 pac was a little big mouth coward and thats why he got killed because he picked the wrong one that day in Vegas
Nicholas .T
Nicholas .T 7 days ago
Harsh reality for some to hear but all facts! At the time I was living in cali when all this was jumping off and to your point, Pac jumped into something he had no business being involved in and didnt realize Orlando was an active dude from sscc, not just a member but an active banger/ killer. Nothing to play with.
Seeking truth only.
I woulda squashed the beef after catching a fair one with each of the dudes that jumped me.
Emma Shalliker
Emma Shalliker 8 days ago
I love Pac but this is the bullshit that got him killed. Make no mistake.
croplaya 8 days ago
Yet another story where the super thug Tupac started a incident and had his homeboys finish the job
Kathrina Hall- Williams
I'm sure a lot of people that treated Sam Sneed that way have faced their karma.
Cee Dee
Cee Dee 8 days ago
Sam Sneed's Recognize was the Shit
Rusty Shackleford
been there done that
Darius Varnado
Darius Varnado 8 days ago
you can tell j flex is a genuine dude tho...
Darius Varnado
Darius Varnado 8 days ago
these interviews are much better than Dj Vlad shit
GovAsset M.D.
GovAsset M.D. 8 days ago
When people say “you know what I mean” I love saying NO. Lol
GovAsset M.D.
GovAsset M.D. 8 days ago
@As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter NO. Lol
As The WOrld Burns we Mutter and Stutter
Gov assest you know what I mean ?
Willie Williams
Willie Williams 8 days ago
He be doing that GladTV "Yeah Man"
M B 8 days ago
It seems to me...Tupac was no where near a thug but tried to associate himself as one (prolly learned that in acting class in his performance arts high school) and paid a hefty price for it.
BlacJesuz 8 days ago
M B 8 days ago
@BlacJesuz Yea, homeless in a few shelters in NYC for like a year...weird is idolizing a nigga that acted like he was something that he wasn't. But that was 95% of rappers back then too so he was just doing what they do back then I guess. Not saying they all real now, we just don't really give a fuck about if you a "thug" or not anymore. That shit is lame. But hey, you got your own opinion
BlacJesuz 8 days ago
@M B Lol being homeless is stable? U a weird guy.
M B 8 days ago
​@BlacJesuz Not sure what being raised by black panthers mean. To me that just sounds like he actually had a stable and well grounded home life. Dude had to read books and write reports on them and give to his mom when he got in trouble in grade school. lol. From what I read his step dad kept him far from his own actions. Funny you say his life didn't start in high school and you right. You also don't become a thug at 21 years old after you done dancing for digital underground. Look yo, the dude played up to the thug role and paid for it with his life. He did well at that performance arts school in Baltimore and was called a talented actor with potential. Just sad he decided to use his talents to act like a thug and it got him killed. That'a one role he played a little too good.
BlacJesuz 8 days ago
Pac was no gangster but he wasn''t no kid from the suburbs neither. He lived in rough neighborhoods, was raised by Black Panthers and his step dad was a most wanted fugitive and still in prison now. Pac life didn't begin in high school.
M B 8 days ago
So this hard nigga Tupac I see in all these old videos and interviews needed a gang of niggas around him to beat up one dude? Are there ANY stories of Pac going toe to toe like a man?
Northern King
Northern King 8 days ago
A lot of death row talent got alienated. Sam sneed was sooo dope. He made that song I smell pussy for 50 cent
David Jenkins
David Jenkins 9 days ago
Dre should of informed them to leave.
jrmop 09
jrmop 09 7 days ago
These artists sign 360 deals for clout and some change, that's not Dres business to negotiate for them he ain't their manager
David Jenkins
David Jenkins 9 days ago
Pac made his 🛌. Karma a dirty chic
Emma Shalliker
Emma Shalliker 8 days ago
Karma is not real.
😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴. So stuck in the past as a culture
2paacalipse 9 days ago
12:00 who did Suge mean "this nigga tryin to kill all of yall"... who is that nigga?
2paacalipse 9 days ago
Tupac had to go along with Suge... its not he came up with this
Almighty Tre
Almighty Tre 7 days ago
2Pac was doing shit he wanted to do not because he had to go along with Suge.
Miltonia Ferrell
Miltonia Ferrell 9 days ago
It’s very sad that the disrespectful interviews about Tupac keep coming out. The man is dead let him Rest In Peace . If there was a problem with him it should have been addressed when he was alive.
The Real Tupac Shakur
@Richie B STFU if anything you should be blaming death row not him.
Richie B
Richie B 7 days ago
Why is it disrespectful? Cause it's the truth? You saw what he was about when he was alive. If somebody do dirt when they alive, just cause they die don't mean you start rewriting history to make em look like angels.
Danny Buck
Danny Buck 9 days ago
Who is this busta?..Telling lies n half of the truth speaking on shit he really don't know anything about.. All this fuck pac shit but when he die the beef over because he came to u in a dream.. Lmao. Y didn't he handle it when Pac was alive..
Ron Matthews
Ron Matthews 9 days ago
Tupac was a CLOWN for real.
Jack Johnson
Jack Johnson 9 days ago
Saw a pic of J. Flexx, Sam Sneed and Dre together again on Sam Sneeds instagram about a month ago. Idk how recent the pic is, could have been from a couple years ago or maybe really recent. Also saw another one of Sam Sneed and Dre together.
Captain Leeroy
Captain Leeroy 9 days ago
Greg Nice when
Mal Ant
Mal Ant 9 days ago
He helped write "been there and done that" yet on death rows greatest hits there's a song on there by j flexx dissin dre called "who been there who done that"
Kahpone Bone Ruthless Records MO Thugs
He wrote that song to
Frank White
Frank White 7 days ago
Speak on it cuz...
ShadowzTV 9 days ago
Tnemmoc a kcuf
Valentina the savior Shevchenko
I'm Big Tupac fan but this is number 1 bullshit 😒
M1ke Wh1te
M1ke Wh1te 9 days ago
2pac was and always will be my favorite but a lot of stories about him being an asshole and out of control at deathrow really makes you wonder lol
No Comment
No Comment 9 days ago
This 1 great interview keep em coming 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽🔥
K Vinche
K Vinche 9 days ago
Do seem like a solid dude
TheSstretch68 9 days ago
As legendary of an artist PAC was, he was his own demise. SAM SNEED, and then ORLANDO ANDERSON. That KARMA came after him. If it wasn’t going to be in VEGAS, it would have been somewhere else.
TheSstretch68 5 days ago
@Terrance Black TRUE STORY!!!!! You can’t mess with real gangstas in an industry of fake gangstas
Terrance Black
Terrance Black 6 days ago
Exactly. The difference is Baby lane was a legit gangster. Sam Sneed was just a rapper.
Willie Bromon
Willie Bromon 9 days ago
2pac was a bitch wana be gangsta hahaha moron
Million dollar Smile
Stop talking like 2pac was a bully.. 2pac was a little skinny ass nigga Napoleon is little asf too.. And you dudes was affiliated with the enemy from the East Coast.. So you can't be mad with dudes that was true to the game.
james jones
james jones 9 days ago
Pac was a follower, a good rapper but death Row made him feel invincible because he never had that feeling before then.
The Real Tupac Shakur
A follower ? How When he came he started all the shit mfs start following pac . That man was a leader stop listing to these fake azz interviews.
crazgra 9 days ago
And he ran around being invincible way before the Row. You better go take a Pac history lesson.
crazgra 9 days ago
Pac was far from a follower ...
Big Tex
Big Tex 9 days ago
Funny how death changes you!
MrBIGAGAPE1 9 days ago
He coo and a great writer
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 days ago
U can’t depend on dr Dre the shadiest dude in the industry
sente kiwanuka
sente kiwanuka 6 days ago
Naaaah that’s be Yer boy...Diddy and even he isn’t on some Clive Davis...Jimmy Iovine Gay Mafia Shit!!!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay 9 days ago
Flex u A Bitch
Mark Jaramillo
Mark Jaramillo 9 days ago
How can he not feel that booger in his nose bruh?!
The Real Tupac Shakur
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