i want to live in a skyrim house 

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i like skyrim
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thank you for listening to my skyrim song. you can listen to it everywhere i think.
Gus Johnson plays all sorts of characters, from Mitchell Robbins to JK Rowling to some guy in God's Country to Imbiamba Jombes to filming videos with his mom to pillow guy to the my pool guy to the Gus & Eddy Podcast to small town reviews to shotguns in movies to the tough kid growing up to your friend who has a knife to spotify ad guy to... I don't know why I am writing this in third person. I am Gus. I wrote this. Also subscribe to the Gus & Eddy Podcast please. Eddy Burback and I make it and it's ok. My brother is Sven Johnson, that guy's alright.
Thanks for watching and sharing! Don't stab people. I'll see you later.


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Feb 20, 2021




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Gus Johnson
Gus Johnson 6 days ago
if you like this song you can get it on spotify and other places and you can get summa this ass on www.twitch.tv/gusjohnson
Thomas Rice
Thomas Rice 3 hours ago
Gus you look like a discount Quicksilver from X-men... So in the Spirit of Things you should make a skit where you are quicksilver being a quick boi
Dmalhar __
Dmalhar __ 6 hours ago
Put this on Spotify
O A 14 hours ago
preach brother, this song is just how i feel the few moments im not playing skyrim
Mr_mailman Day ago
Congratulations on 3 million!
Adam Wyatt
Adam Wyatt Day ago
Wait... I know you
JKBlohm 6 minutes ago
Careful about having a rat in your home, I hear they have no moral compass.
Nick Xx
Nick Xx 28 minutes ago
You groove you lose
Noah LaPorte
Noah LaPorte Hour ago
Yo this song actually slaps and sounds amazing
NachoFast 2 hours ago
I have listened through this masterpiece multiple times every day since it was released. Mozart better fuckin' beware
Max! 2 hours ago
i heard about you and your honeyed words
Max! 2 hours ago
nice song, but i heard about you and your honeyed words
Jacob 4 hours ago
So Bill wurtz was Gus Johnson all along!
Skyydog 4 hours ago
I love
Skyydog 5 hours ago
Absolute banger
41Second 5 hours ago
This shit slaps! Skyrim belongs to the Nords!
Aimless Virtue
Aimless Virtue 5 hours ago
im gonna play this song as i redecorate my skyrim house when i inevitably go back to the game
Dmalhar __
Dmalhar __ 6 hours ago
Put this on Spotify
Mithrandir Silvertongue
Gus is my senpai
Cathryn Faith
Cathryn Faith 6 hours ago
Can we appreciate how beautiful this song is? Your voice magical, Gus! Thank you 🥰
WarGamingKim 7 hours ago
I miss normal life
Brady Wall
Brady Wall 7 hours ago
You're just a babe, babe.
Noah Meyer
Noah Meyer 8 hours ago
I need more music like this. Just something that's so incredibly pleasant to listen to. Does anybody have a playlist of "Happy, Nice, chill rap?"
Danny Kosak
Danny Kosak 8 hours ago
Okay but why does this actually slap?
Keith Stocker
Keith Stocker 8 hours ago
[LYRICS] I wanna live in a Skyrim house, Raise a couple kids and a big pet mouse, Eat a whole cheese wheel when I damn well feel, as practice my shouts, ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house. Burnin’ Cidhna mine down, Turn the lantern lights out, My man Balimund dishin’ out the fire salts, Workin’ on my speech craft, Tryna get the price down, Honey-Nut treats got me ridin’ off to spice town, Keep my caps white,cappin’ wizards in the white hall, Treat my girl right from the Second Seed to Frost fall, Septim’s stackin’ in my bank account. I wanna live in a Skyrim house, Raise a couple kids and a big pet mouse, Eat a whole cheese wheel when I damn well feel, as practice my shouts, ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house. Cruisin’ through Riften makin money griften, Pop a few bottle now the skooma got me driftin’, Pick a few pockets cause you know I be regiftin’, Livin’ like a thief like my name Arvel the swift an- I don’t even care if I’m rackin’ up a bounty, Laila Law-Giver gonna fuck around and crown me, If I pay the guards the right amount. Yeah my man Belethor never been in debt before, Pull up with my dragon bone he headin’ for the exit door, Pull up on Arcadia she about to close the store, Feelin’ bit heavy drop some shit off on the cobble floor, An we ain’t gotta worry about the witbane or attacks yeah, As long as you be with me we be countin potion stacks yeah, Ima Thane baby I run this town. ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house, Mjoll the Lioness gonna be my spouse, ‘Cause life makes sense when I’m kickin’ it in breeze home, Suckin’ on a taffy treat and flippin’ through a freeze tome, Proventus Avenicci won’t you let me take the keys home, ‘Cause I wanna live in a Skyrim house.
Syntax Error
Syntax Error 8 hours ago
100 speechcraft at level one, my guy got moves
Andre Chestnut II
Andre Chestnut II 8 hours ago
How do you consistently make unique and entertaining content
Melonsnipe 8 hours ago
I've watched this 5 times and I still don't know what he is saying half the time
Doom guy
Doom guy 9 hours ago
This be a real vibe
Justin Bassit
Justin Bassit 9 hours ago
When you download the hearthfire dlc
Toastyyy 9 hours ago
*ahem* Skyrim VR *ahem*
Sailboat RBLX
Sailboat RBLX 9 hours ago
JaxanGaming 9 hours ago
I also want to live in a skyrim house
JaxanGaming 9 hours ago
I love this
Neptune tK
Neptune tK 9 hours ago
Good to see I wasn’t the only one replaying skyrim
Za Ratto
Za Ratto 10 hours ago
reply to this comment with "babalooey if you wanna live in a skyrim house" don't worry there's 500 skyrim houses left
Fluffle Butt
Fluffle Butt 10 hours ago
Is this on Spotify!?!?
Maxamillian Macey
Maxamillian Macey 10 hours ago
Q&A question how old were you when you started US-first
Monkeyojacko 11 hours ago
So a Skyrim house in New Zealand
Count Leopold Von Dinkenstein
You can tell Gus plays a fuck ton of Skyrim
Foxx 12 hours ago
I want to live in a skyrim house - Gus Johnson
joseph olmedo
joseph olmedo 12 hours ago
Can't escape this in recommendations so I watch it every time it pops up
Jordan Rose
Jordan Rose 13 hours ago
Sounds like Gus bought Skyrim and wanted to write it off
Asian -_-
Asian -_- 13 hours ago
This is the type of music to listen in the middle of the night inside a car, with your cousins, and your sleepy
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 13 hours ago
skyrim sucks
not evann
not evann 13 hours ago
not evann
not evann 13 hours ago
better than lofi
Xaristomans 14 hours ago
Yep time to launch skyrim again
Llapo 14 hours ago
I just realized a week later... that must have been the rankiest smelling fus ro dah ever
NachoFast 14 hours ago
If this video was released like 8 years ago it would be at 10mil views by now and you know I'm right
Skillerakaki 15 hours ago
Congrats on 3 millllllllllllll
Zachary Pedersen
Zachary Pedersen 15 hours ago
This is my comfort song
Smooth smoothie 68 419
I like that you like skyrim
Skooma Joe
Skooma Joe 16 hours ago
Combatbear 18 hours ago
Rappers real quite now
FissleDissle 19 hours ago
“Hallo” -Joe Beijing
Fritz Playz
Fritz Playz 20 hours ago
This is one of the few reasons I’m still alive.
Dragon Born
Dragon Born 20 hours ago
Don't we all
Steven Barton II
Steven Barton II 20 hours ago
I’ve been walking around my parent’s house singing this and I caught my Dad singing it earlier🤣🤙
Dillon Leblanc
Dillon Leblanc 21 hour ago
Best song of the decade. This is a work of art truly
Generic 21 hour ago
Now do a Fallout 3 version of Megaton
FEM 21 hour ago
ozarka63 21 hour ago
This sent me STRAIGHT to Spotify. Lol nice.
Charles I Guess
Charles I Guess 22 hours ago
2:10 the way those eyes pierce my soul
Adam Mian
Adam Mian 22 hours ago
This your little brother? us-first.info/more/i1RAQlvirXVcUUgv4RIrGQ
Calvin Balda
Calvin Balda 22 hours ago
Might mess around and play skyrim again after this song
Tyler Nunez
Tyler Nunez 22 hours ago
big bill wurtz energy
sirlegit 17
sirlegit 17 22 hours ago
I want to be a bar goer in rdr2
Silas Bellino
Silas Bellino 22 hours ago
I’m wanted for stealing cheese.
Maulen. IDC Florez
Maulen. IDC Florez 22 hours ago
Bill Wurtz is that you?
Michaela Popiel
Michaela Popiel 22 hours ago
i didn’t catch one word of that but I enjoyed it
Alexander Cunningham
Inspect Element 123
Inspect Element 123 23 hours ago
If you let me join you and eddy Ill bring portillos
Spencer Brong
I'm kinda upset at how much I like this as an actual song
C Mae
C Mae Day ago
Pretty sure, I'm gonna be hummin' this when I least expect it at work or somethin'
Art Vandelay
Art Vandelay Day ago
My depression is getting fucking battered by this song rn
Jared Lebin
Jared Lebin Day ago
Proudspire Manor gang, where u at?
Corn Thrower
Corn Thrower Day ago
This slaps
Lucas Duque
Lucas Duque Day ago
I used to live in a Skyrim house like you, until I got an arrow to the knee. Sorry, I had to do it.
Isthatapengu 69
This is one of the best songs period
Marissa Foley
me everytime that arrow hits: ping!
Golden Guy
Golden Guy Day ago
I can let you stay at my skyrim timeshare
Mr Turbulent
Mr Turbulent Day ago
This is so deep, you can clearly see he needs an escape. Everybody hug Gus.
brandon dutton
Gus, Buddy, What the fuck man
Davis Hickey
Davis Hickey Day ago
Holy shit. I don't think I have ever commented on a US-first video before in the what, 15 years I've been using this website? But this shit fuckin' slaps way too hard to not say something. This might be my new favorite song by you. This actually might be my new favorite Elder Scrolls related song if not my favorite video game song period.
Tunavi Day ago
When you haven’t played Skyrim but this song still slaps “I’ll eat a whole cheese wheel when I damn well feel” that is my life modo
NocturnalNuns 21 hour ago
You just literally copy and pasted a top comment lol.
FruitFlakZ Day ago
Anyone Here from beakers lab? Anyone? ok
Adrian H
Adrian H Day ago
I've never even played skyrim and this has been stuck in my head for 2 days
Totally Not Sarcastic
Waiting for the 8 hour, bass boosted, 10d audio version of this song
Ashleigh Andrews
All the dislikes are the Fallout fans, salty because they didn’t get a song from Gus.
Speak up sonny.
GhostStory Day ago
This is legitimately soothing to the soul. Thank you for making an Elder Scrolls song in 2021, I appreciate the work Gus bro
Pancake Day ago
im using headphones and this sounds good
Nick D
Nick D Day ago
Ppl who downvote this have no soul
Sasori The Sergal
Collaboration with Young Scrolls when?
Not Stroobs
Not Stroobs Day ago
*sigh *redownloads skyrim
BeanZerboy Day ago
I love this game, I wish they make another one, it can literally be the same I won’t care. I grew up with the game
Thomas Harris
This wasn't even funny because the song was too damn good
king of harts
Can't wait for concert where at?
Nicholas Gallagher
gus you look so tired
Teri Miller
Teri Miller Day ago
Eminem has been REAL quiet ever since this dropped.
Thomas Godtland
Dude, this song is a banger
Stout Broadcasts
This is the intro for the skyrim:special remastered smart fridge extra
ART Day ago
Ethan James
Ethan James Day ago
Too smooth
bad customers
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