I Walk Into $7000+ Pot!! Playing Highest Stakes I Can Find! Poker Vlog Ep 155 

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Apr 5, 2021




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Comments 100   
Ray R
Ray R 5 hours ago
Jalepeno and pepperoni ?! You sir are clearly a man of both class and culture 👌
016 Day ago
Outta curiosity how much money should you bring to a poker table if you wanna have fun?
Mark Bassett
Mark Bassett 2 days ago
where would a newbie like me play low stake games on the strip
T Dog
T Dog 2 days ago
All the hundreds are there
Ben Williams
Ben Williams 3 days ago
what is the point in wearing a mask if you keep touching it. (I personally dont wear one)
Gold Ace
Gold Ace 3 days ago
Pure luck, definitely.
Steve Guzman
Steve Guzman 4 days ago
My dude gave a 10$ tip on such a small pot
Nino 5 days ago
$7k = Durr min raise
Kenny Ly
Kenny Ly 6 days ago
Brad you should try a discord group? stream your plays and such
jimmy jam
jimmy jam 6 days ago
It is my favorite pizza place in Vegas. One of the reasons I love playing at Aria
Neil Williams
Neil Williams 6 days ago
How are u allowed the camera in?
Roy Hernandez
Roy Hernandez 7 days ago
WTF, bought in for 2 Grand and cash 100$ and then buy in for 4 Grand and only cash 300$ 🤦‍♂️
Brian Van Wagner
Brian Van Wagner 7 days ago
Welcome back to cheap ass
MrBRHAY 7 days ago
You can touch anything you want, as long as the divider is in place..
mike bee
mike bee 7 days ago
3rd hand buddy lied, he had pocket 9s. his 'good fold' comment was too fast n clean, hes covering for his bluff. over compensated
J B 8 days ago
How will you get better if you only play with people who are not as good as you and then run when good people are around you?
Toby Kuyper
Toby Kuyper 8 days ago
hey brad nice all blacks shirt i’m from NZ and that’s our rugby team 👍
Rusty Hawkins
Rusty Hawkins 9 days ago
The various change contemporaneously crawl because purple angiographically tip among a watery wholesaler. keen, lively bill
ryan prokes
ryan prokes 9 days ago
Brad whats your biggest win and lost?
Kyte Monroe
Kyte Monroe 9 days ago
Anyone know if Green Valley will open up the poker room again?
STN Dx 9 days ago
Quit this and do trading carefully man. Yu can make 100 times of what you did here. Anyway good job
Randy Stover - Actor
great work Brad your game has gotten so strong!
David Garcia
David Garcia 9 days ago
Was Steve there?
C E 9 days ago
Great again.Greetings Form germany
Steve Crawford
Steve Crawford 9 days ago
Do you know steve torr?
sisusdk 9 days ago
Have you ever lost a hand?
joshy josh
joshy josh 9 days ago
How does this have so many views?
Maxwell Lakin
Maxwell Lakin 10 days ago
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Tomo Busby
Tomo Busby 10 days ago
Like the shirt go the all blacks
Ronan Sennott
Ronan Sennott 10 days ago
Brad you make vegas look way more fun than I would have suspected
Patrick Glynn
Patrick Glynn 10 days ago
What app do you use to track your poker P&L?
James Madison
James Madison 10 days ago
BTW masks are for sheep.
Rosario Agosta
Rosario Agosta 10 days ago
Hi Brad! I do love your vlog! Thanks for sharing with us! No stats of year 2020 yet. Are they coming soon? Thanks for everything. Best greetings from Belgium!
SAm S 10 days ago
how you know those are pro on table. and make the difference to you Brad
James Madison
James Madison 11 days ago
Thanks for entertainment. I work too hard to gamble so fun seeing others do it....and win. Well, there are losers, right? Haha.
Federico Thompson
Federico Thompson 11 days ago
Hey Brad what app do you use to track your sessions?
Li Feng Liu
Li Feng Liu 11 days ago
The unequal cancer successfully man because nitrogen proportionately suit amid a xenophobic flat. ratty, maniacal leaf
Thomas Grimshaw Hudson
You the man, Brad! Loving the content. Keep it up!
Pete 11 days ago
Great video!! Thank you for making these - very enjoyable.
Dorian L
Dorian L 11 days ago
brad has a leafs hat on his shelf
smilegodlovesu77 11 days ago
You tip 3 dollers .. cheap ass
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson 11 days ago
@smilegodlovesu77 -I give my tips to the dealers, not to the cage. But I think they split them up evenly amongst themselves anyway
smilegodlovesu77 11 days ago
@Dave Thompson Dave Thompson he’s not only a member of the cheap ass club he’s also the ceo * hi 5*
Dave Thompson
Dave Thompson 11 days ago
3 dollar mote than I would have gave! Tip them for giving you your own money??
Lee Riley
Lee Riley 11 days ago
Bro love the All blacks Shirt!!! Keep up the Poker mania all the way from NZ!
QT8270 11 days ago
david krafsig
david krafsig 11 days ago
I ate pizza at that place this past Saturday after playing poker. Ran into your buddy Andrew while he was waiting on the PLO game. Took a nice photo with him.
Jack Joyce
Jack Joyce 12 days ago
Thanks for all the content
Jack Joyce
Jack Joyce 12 days ago
You’re the man brad
p y
p y 12 days ago
Dont slow play..
Chico Harper
Chico Harper 12 days ago
Is it an all blacks shirt
Chico Harper
Chico Harper 12 days ago
Ok after reading others post it was
Chris L. Robinson
Chris L. Robinson 12 days ago
How does Brad film? Just puts the camera on the table?
Giovanno Yan
Giovanno Yan 12 days ago
Yo Brad lovin’ the content, but honestly I’m coming across some big issues, I played some 10/10 games and I did alright, but ppl started buying in for 10k and I really couldn’t afford it, I lost loads on the session and I’m not used to those sharks in private games, do you have any advices? Cheers Brad
M Baiter
M Baiter 12 days ago
i like your youtube but why in the world would let someone even try to go after a flush and or a boat after that flop of trips? Either way your going to put in the chips at the end so might as well push people off.
DPTAZZZ 12 days ago
"been running super good............." methinks ye doth dont give thyself credit enuff.. youve espouses certain deviations in your play style you are/have been making, and i think all of us loyal Bradely Dollar followers, are now seeing that improved play style pay off.. i think your " fishability" just got a lot smaller..
DPTAZZZ 12 days ago
there are top comedy shows on tv, who dont have as funny entire shows, as you do for 15 min poker vlog.. ever think about sending them some of these ?? seriously Brad.. you make me hurt myself laughing, or about to squirt soda out my nose.. " all those bradley dollars i gave him earlier, return to the rightful owner, and they made some friends"
MrRastawannabe 12 days ago
As someone who doesn’t play poker much besides with friends and family, does anyone have a link or something to understand all of brads verbiage?
srki22 12 days ago
Even if you are a favourite among live pros, that can also mean that you still lose because of the rake so it is ok to leave.
Marko Shirzada
Marko Shirzada 12 days ago
Nice small profit hit and run 😂
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 12 days ago
I'm pretty happy any time I don't get wrecked
Taco Power
Taco Power 12 days ago
That first hand was really weird. Thought for sure you were beat after you got called twice with that board.
Rene Fouwler
Rene Fouwler 12 days ago
Brad. Glad to see you repping the All Blacks! Kia kaha.
N K 13 days ago
Your blogs are getting boring, Brad. Play higher.
ryan hill
ryan hill 13 days ago
Looks like you only won $20 in poker at Red Rock and $220 from the chip runner lol
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 12 days ago
I added $1220 to the buy in amount so I would've won $460 altogether if there was a mistake from the chip runner (still $240 from play and $220 from the chip runner).
Mr. Blue Chipz
Mr. Blue Chipz 13 days ago
Only problem is that you play so late to take advantage of drunk players. I'd like to see you play during peak hours.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 12 days ago
That's not really why I play late, just easier for my schedule to play those hours; the games do tend to be better a lot of the time though. The Aria portion of the video I was around 6pm.
Victor Uribe
Victor Uribe 13 days ago
You mentioned you play profesionally, why are you scared of the pros?
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 12 days ago
Pros in 10/20 are significantly better than pros in 2/5 and 5/10. I'm a pro but I'm not as good as good as these guys in uncapped massive games because I don't have the experience and level of comfortability. They spend more time studying, while I spend more time making videos. It also ends up not being worth my time to sit in tough games when I can make videos or do other things enjoy, which I normally have very little time for these days.
scott powell
scott powell 13 days ago
I'm coming this weekend for some Bradley dollars!!!
shentx 13 days ago
at 9:00 "Flop comes Jack ten Six" No, no it does not.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 12 days ago
Yeah, I make mistakes sometimes
David Heinig
David Heinig 13 days ago
Tonight we're going to red rock. First orbit I pick up AA I Flop AAA. I Win $5000
Justin Laar
Justin Laar 13 days ago
Keep up the good work Mr, Owen u are a good sport. Greetings from Holland:)
Elvinas Tam
Elvinas Tam 13 days ago
good play brawl y
Grim Reaper
Grim Reaper 13 days ago
I was at the Red rock everyday this week and never saw you. You're fake. I can prove this too because I vlogged the entire 7 day session at red rock.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
Vlogs come out sometimes weeks after I play the sessions. How would I go about faking this anyway? I hired some person with thumbs that look remarkably similar to mine to play poker for me at Red Rock? And then I physically did a recap video of the session standing in front of Red Rock without actually playing in the game? This is one of the dumbest comments I've gotten in a very long time.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
Ok, I'm guessing you weren't looking for me on 3/28 from the hours of 2:10 AM to 3:20 AM when I played there. I can prove I was there too because I shot an entire video the session and you commented on it.
Cody Walker
Cody Walker 13 days ago
@Brad Owen what's your other favorite places to eat? I'll be in Vegas for the first time in June and I'm starting a list of places.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
I like steakhouses. Check out Barry's at Circa, Herbs & Rye, or Cleaver. All very good. Herbs and Cleaver are sister restaurants.
Mauricio Zamorano
Mauricio Zamorano 13 days ago
When do you think you transition from being an amateur to a pro? Is it merely on thought process and hand equity insight?
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
It's when I quit my job and started playing poker full time to pay my bills.
Trevor Bevins
Trevor Bevins 13 days ago
I watched this video and Brad inspired me to go sit down at the $1/2 at Red Rock. I sat down, got involved in 2 hands, rivered a 3rd King to double up off of a two pair flop, then flopped a set of 9’s and turned quads to double up again. I wasn’t there more than 30 mins. Turned $100 into $500 in half an hour. Thanks for the inspiration Brad!
DingTren Videos
DingTren Videos 13 days ago
Hey brad im always watching your vlog would you recommend playing poker online ?
Scooby doo
Scooby doo 13 days ago
Inspiring brad Thankyou
Wayne 13 days ago
Brad, what skills do you think those Aria regs have that you don’t?
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
Mostly having more experience and being more comfortable playing for those amounts. I don't have tons of time these days so I try to optimize it by not playing in bad games and instead editing or doing other things I enjoy.
investor greats
investor greats 13 days ago
The stakes goes up with the subscriber count and views ... more youtube money, higher stakes
Jerry garcia
Jerry garcia 13 days ago
I’ve been inside aria over 100 times but have never seen that pizza 🍕 place
Ginyuu5 13 days ago
Where is the 7K pot?
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
The one I walk into at the very beginning of the video. I wasn't in the hand though.
H1ghL1ghT1 13 days ago
Great content, as always! Happy Grinding!
Daniel Bush
Daniel Bush 13 days ago
That'd be amazing to be up $1,000 for the year
power pole 77
power pole 77 13 days ago
Jt6 when its kt6 brother thats 2 vids in a row aha love the jam
power pole 77
power pole 77 9 days ago
@Brad Owen your vids are the best can't wait to see more.
power pole 77
power pole 77 13 days ago
@Brad Owen we don't really care boss man when will you make it to Australia is the real question im still waiting.
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 13 days ago
I'm working overtime to get videos out as quickly as possible. I'm doing my best but expect mistakes at this pace.
William Smith
William Smith 13 days ago
cool shirt bro 😎 im from new zealand
BlackRain79Poker 13 days ago
Nice work as always Brad! Happy to see your vlog has taken off so much in the past year 🔥
Jeezo17 13 days ago
I’m going to Vegas soon and I really want to play, but it will be my first time ever playing at a casino. Where do you you recommend to play? Low stakes of course lol
Toothless / Samsauce
my favorite youtube content
john schissler
john schissler 13 days ago
every 10/20 game leaves in under an hour despite free holding stakes from this stream and you running great
Fish Poker
Fish Poker 13 days ago
I'm the fish in every game:(
ScottyB 13 days ago
Good night's work...
One -of- One
One -of- One 13 days ago
Again, so uncool that's it's gone full circle, come out the other side, and is cool again...
O.T.T. & Jorge Maniak Fitness
9:06 King 10 6 not Jack 10 6 Just saying 😌
Brian Campbell
Brian Campbell 14 days ago
Are you planning any meet up games? Will be in Vegas for a golf tournament starting on 4/11. Would love to play a little poker.
Elmer Walter
Elmer Walter 14 days ago
What was the date on the 10-20 game? I might of been playing in it earlier it was still running when I left at 8am
ejones9924 14 days ago
Im better player than you and definitely the pros
Brad Owen
Brad Owen 14 days ago
That's great
Lloyd Christmas
Lloyd Christmas 14 days ago
Im sure that plexi glass with huge gaps in it is really keeping players from passing on covid as they all share cards. So stupid. So many pointless things like that going on cuz of covid.
Barnes'd 14 days ago
I don’t even play, but love watching your videos.
Cody Risko
Cody Risko 14 days ago
I’ll be in Vegas 4/16-4/20. Any chance you’ll be on a 2/5 ?
Vijay Konka
Vijay Konka 14 days ago
Try the pizza at the pizzeria in circus circus. Their pizza and wings are greatly good.
Gianpaolo Di Blasi
Gianpaolo Di Blasi 14 days ago
Hey Brad, I'm interested in getting into poker... Do you have any advice?
Joe Volpe
Joe Volpe 14 days ago
I like 550 Pizza. But, my fav in LV is Settebello.
Chris L
Chris L 14 days ago
"What a time to be alive"......these little lines crack me up Brad.
Mike Siegrist
Mike Siegrist 14 days ago
YES!! 550 at aria is the best pizza on the strip by miles. MGM gives 2 dollars an hour for poker comps too so play for a few hours and get a free slice!