I unlocked DIAMOND PISTOLS then COLD WAR made me unlock them twice.. 

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Today we unlock DIAMOND PISTOLS in Black Ops Cold War.. 3/9 sets of weapons down until we UNLOCK DARK MATTER CAMO! but it would go faster if they didnt reset my camo grind..
*I unlocked DIAMOND PISTOLS but COLD WAR made me unlock them twice* | Dysmo
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Nov 26, 2020




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Comments 100   
The diamanti gameplay reminds me of grinding the garrison or whatever the burst pistol in bo4 was called trying to get my dark matter
Hi Hi
Hi Hi 2 days ago
Yo please teach me
xdragon 469
xdragon 469 2 days ago
The title is close to what happened to me but with the ak 47 I was trying to get gold and I unlocked 2 camos and it should of said 30 camos unlocked but it said 29 but I needed to get 5 more to unlock gold then I restart then it gets rid of another camo then i had to do it again
Omilk 2 days ago
Don’t worry the game did that to me too
Pavoc 3 days ago
This happened for me twice with the tundra but it was for the bloodthirsty so not to hard
TimmyInnit 3 days ago
Lol the 5 year old called him pu**y
Hatfacepants 4 days ago
Is a head glitch a headshot?
Mallard 4 days ago
I unlocked it 3 times
Ucki_ 08
Ucki_ 08 4 days ago
I unlocked my Mp5 Gold 7 times 🤬
BLM DOLPH1N 6 days ago
my guy is using jotaros theme
Cleo Lockwood-Hirst
It made me do the XM4 camos 4 times, the AK twice, and 1911 3 times
Hungry Hamstir
Hungry Hamstir 7 days ago
Was doing gold knife and it made me do it again
Aziz Alkandari
Aziz Alkandari 8 days ago
I swear he looks like muselk
Venom Wolf
Venom Wolf 8 days ago
I really want him to help me because I followed you in like a month so can you pls help me get it pls pls
Alexander Coffelt
Jojo music but it’s jotaro not I, DIO
MINI MACLEOD 8 days ago
How are your lobbys so easy
Pinkcheeks619 8 days ago
lol same
Super Saiyan Monster
I had the same issue when unlocking every gold gun for my ARs. I had to do it twice
I like to rush 123
I like to rush 123 10 days ago
I am master prestige for the first time
I am a Meme
I am a Meme 10 days ago
Jojo's cod adventure
Kai Fung Fung
Kai Fung Fung 11 days ago
What's head glitch kill?
Felix 12 days ago
Im late to this video but they should add a new camo if you complete both the Ultra DM and Dark aether camo which is all 3 of the pack a punch camos
ForgotN 12 days ago
The XM4 has the tiger design because you're using the black tide variant of it
clasifed432 12 days ago
Hey am I the only one that said literally when he said he needed a few more glitch headshots and then he's golden and comment if you said literally
The Chug
The Chug 12 days ago
Bruh the 1911 pistol looks ballistic
Donsmit 13 days ago
Jotaro theme though
The least epic gamer
Your triggerfinger got me thinking pistols are full auto
Skull_splitter 13 days ago
How do you get two of them
Caolan Da Beast
Caolan Da Beast 13 days ago
The stardust crusaders make it fell so much better
lisi 14 days ago
Man got got in a pack 6:16
WREX 14 days ago
the xm is by far my fav gun
burntwoodz 15 days ago
i unlocked gold camo in a HC game and it popped up. so i’m sure camos do show up on completion in HC.
Callum Burton
Callum Burton 15 days ago
Good video dude.😃👍
alex persaud
alex persaud 15 days ago
what's console is that
Me And the boys
Me And the boys 16 days ago
Dead dogs in ur backround
Mateezee 16 days ago
4:23 made me feel bad
Le Fermier
Le Fermier 16 days ago
I had to unlock snipers diamond like 3 times always had a rollback on a camo even 24h later -_-
KidGamerKJG 16 days ago
Getting the fucking gold camo is hard enough
K1NG_Gh0stBe4st09 16 days ago
Dysmo: lets get some more headglitch kills and one more bloodthirsty an we'll be golden. Me: Actually, you'll be diamond
Ben Walker
Ben Walker 16 days ago
Can you show your classes
Tudor Serban Blenchea
What is the games name
Brit Box
Brit Box 17 days ago
In my opinion forcing 20 bloodthirstyd is gonna be torture for regular players
RECTO Recto 17 days ago
7:18 “rpgs and launchers” *DIFFERENT THINGS* 👌
RECTO Recto 17 days ago
3:10 why would u do that? When it’s obvious that doing the challenges as u go is quicker. How unintelligent are u? It’s simple
RECTO Recto 17 days ago
Why does everyone call it “thumper”? It’s called the ‘m97’ or, if you’re not 7 years old, it’s called the ‘China lake’
RECTO Recto 16 days ago
@BT-7274 😂 has it? 😭😭
BT-7274 16 days ago
@RECTO Recto Because of its distinctive report, it has earned the nicknames of "Thumper", "Thump-Gun", "Bloop Tube", "Big Ed", "Elephant Gun," and "Blooper" among American soldiers as well as "Can Cannon" in reference to the grenade size; Australian units referred to it as the "Wombat Gun"
BT-7274 16 days ago
@RECTO Recto its actually called the M79 grenade launcher but lemme see why people call it the thumper
RECTO Recto 16 days ago
@BT-7274 what? It’s named ‘m79’ what are u talking about? I’m asking why do people call it “thumper”
BT-7274 16 days ago
@RECTO Recto i mean its in the name?
Taylor Glenn
Taylor Glenn 17 days ago
I want the 45-70 back as a weapon
Jarrett Voyzey
Jarrett Voyzey 17 days ago
I had to unlock Diamond for my sniper rifles four different times before they finally stayed unlocked. I’m pretty sure leaving the game early makes you lose the progress you made that match. Such fucking bullshit.
Riley Ashton Swift
Riley Ashton Swift 18 days ago
Is the xm4 not xm2
Riley Ashton Swift
Riley Ashton Swift 18 days ago
And I play cold war
goaty 77
goaty 77 18 days ago
I got gold for the tundra equipped it and the next day it was locked but I still had it on the gun
Spik3r 18 days ago
I'm stuck at bloodthirsty with magnum
Gustav Wiig
Gustav Wiig 18 days ago
Wow. I just found this guy and he actually seems so energetic and friendly
Amary Postles
Amary Postles 18 days ago
Doesn't like to sweat it out 🤣🤣 does it every video 🤦🏽‍♂️
Turtle Toes
Turtle Toes 18 days ago
One time I unlocked an attachment mid match and equipped it in the match, then I checked the class after the match and I didn’t unlock the attachment but it was equipped to the gun anyways.
SpiderMonkeyz829 Travers
play hardcore, all pistols become one shot
Of Angelic Paragons Virtuous EssencE
Im on smg diamond caMo grind and I'm not a gamer its so grueling, if this happens I'd be pissed
Elijha Robles
Elijha Robles 19 days ago
I unlock the dark Easter on call of duty right and then my game had a restart so I was like hell okay I'm going to restart my game and then after that my dark Easter was gone I got so mad
Bxd Vxbes
Bxd Vxbes 19 days ago
Whats the xm4 setup
Ryan Bok
Ryan Bok 19 days ago
Bruh I remember watching dysmo in the bo3 days.
StxpCxxpn 19 days ago
getting daimond here is easier than in cod mobile
Gabe Itch
Gabe Itch 20 days ago
How do you win every gunfight with a pistol I get beamed down by dmrs or Mac 10s whenever I leave the spawn or some sniper with more jumping tendency’s than a grasshopper
Scum 20 days ago
I’ve had to reunlock my gold and diamond camos like 5 times. It’s so broken
Josh Robinson
Josh Robinson 20 days ago
Yeah this is literally an unfinished game yet they released it
Envy Luis
Envy Luis 20 days ago
This dudes videos are garbage here's a dislike bro LOL
Roger Regor
Roger Regor 21 day ago
Nice video! Can you show ur settings in a video and explain them?
Monkey Bandit
Monkey Bandit 21 day ago
Why oh why did you use a scope that big?
Eagle 21 day ago
I am trying to do this exact same thing and my reactions are exactly the same as yours
This Kids
This Kids 21 day ago
I levelee up my milliano to 36 and it reseted to 27
Batja 21 day ago
As a pc player i have a fetish looking at good controler players.
Daniel Jr. Camacho
Then I level it up again then again the next day it says I don’t have it
Daniel Jr. Camacho
I get diamond and then the next day it says I don’t have it
ΞTerrAzzOΞ 21 day ago
mans had insta kill in the beginning of the video lmaox 😂( •̀ ω •́ )✧
Soupywasup 21 day ago
People say there subscribed to you but when they check they aren’t guys 14% of you are subscribed to this guy hit the sub and bell button
Emin R
Emin R 22 days ago
The same thing happened to me when I was at my cousins house and had to do it all over again😢
GG GG 22 days ago
Star dust carusedrs
Isaac Knight
Isaac Knight 22 days ago
That happened to me with smg’s when I unlocked diamond
Christopher Badboy
Christopher Badboy 22 days ago
I had a glitch when it said I love it up my gun but when I
Damn h
Damn h 23 days ago
how can i get my graphics like yours
Marc Wittkop
Marc Wittkop 23 days ago
I unlocked them 6 times and Iam not even joking this game is so trash when it comes to camos
Garrett Guill
Garrett Guill 23 days ago
Is that a jojo reference
Evan Durbin
Evan Durbin 23 days ago
i dont have friends that have cold war
AIDAN GRAY 23 days ago
what if they brought back the executioners??
Garrett Kindle
Garrett Kindle 23 days ago
I want to see you play a match with faze kitty
Goldy 24 days ago
Dude I get madd faze jev vibes from your vids man keep it up
Hubert Lozinski
Hubert Lozinski 24 days ago
It would be fun playing against bots
dominique des
dominique des 25 days ago
love your vids keep it up
vybin_ 25 days ago
im grinding on Pistol diamond too, the 1911 is Gold and now i am working on the Magnum, wish me luck
Matthias Cheung
Matthias Cheung 25 days ago
imagine rolling an m16 loadout with a good scope and getting killed by a dude running around with a pistol from a across the map
Frank Carter
Frank Carter 25 days ago
Love the jojo music
Bernardo Zabala Ron
What’s with the jotaro them at the beginning...
Cinnamon Apple
Cinnamon Apple 26 days ago
Yolem 26 days ago
Either u have a god trigger finger or u use rapid fire from a strike pack mod or something
Warbukz 26 days ago
This guy gives jev vibes and I’m all here for it
Rashad Bennett
Rashad Bennett 27 days ago
Xm4 class?
infinity eye246
infinity eye246 27 days ago
What is a head glitch
ボイEtsy 28 days ago
I love you dysmo but people who fuck up the spawns cuz they got too horny when spawn trapping make me sad.
Christavion Henderson
I wanna see another desert eagle added 😭
xXSoleburritoXx 28 days ago
You know when jotaro’s theme plays shit is boutta go DOWN
Husky Cheater
Husky Cheater 29 days ago
I respect the commitment to do this
Wafee Aayan
Wafee Aayan 29 days ago
Dude I have same problem
Breezy Hi
Breezy Hi 29 days ago
I wish I had cold war
Landing on a UAV lol