I Trolled Youtubers with FAKE Fortnite LEAKS! 

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► I Trolled US-firstrs with FAKE Fortnite LEAKS!
Today I pretended to be an Epic Games Employee, and showed US-firstrs the newest Fortnite Leaks involving Kevin the Cube Leaks.
US-firstrs in this video:
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May 2, 2021




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Trimix 12 days ago
You guys always comment that I should work for Epic Games, so I thought why not troll youtubers into thinking that I actually got hired! Subscribe if you enjoyed!
Amara Giles
Amara Giles 3 hours ago
On my ps4 thank alot.
Sarah O
Sarah O 6 hours ago
@Spadify ➊ u gotta sub
Junior Sorceno
Junior Sorceno 6 hours ago
Can I get a skin that has Gucci shirt pants and a dirt Burger head please my name is marlon😥
Junior Sorceno
Junior Sorceno 6 hours ago
Can I get a skin that Wears a Durr Burger head
christian jørgensen
Stephanie Horgan
Stephanie Horgan 47 minutes ago
I want a skin that loooks like a robot Kevin the cube a skin with a Kevin head and half robot
BenSC0814 2 hours ago
Amara Giles
Amara Giles 3 hours ago
I would like five Nights at freddy's mask skin with hoodie with backpack with five night at freddy's head on it.thank you so much this would be awesome! Ps4 please.
Befesess 3 hours ago
F for Mushy
Hi golzz
Sarah O
Sarah O 6 hours ago
Next vid can I get a skin I want a ninja skin with black and gold clothes and i want it to be a female character also pls give it a helmet thats on fire but it's only and decal
Yung Husk
Yung Husk 7 hours ago
i sm subbed can u make a chair skin?
Doggy double X 5114
I want foxy-Kel514
eastdom02 8 hours ago
I want my skin to look like naruto
Paul Shepherd
Paul Shepherd 9 hours ago
Ice cream had a Jake poll head and typical gamer much
CanerTrain 10 hours ago
I would like a renegade raider like cutting hair and Goal trooper
Cedric Baniqued
Cedric Baniqued 10 hours ago
Epicgames be like: welp looks like the collab is canceled
Derek Cardoso
Derek Cardoso 11 hours ago
Iron spider
•KinG• •InFiniTe•
I wanted to look like the rust load with my logo
NUJ 12 hours ago
Skin made out of mc netheritr
Sam Mogg
Sam Mogg 13 hours ago
Beast boy jacket fade trouser Nike shoes beast boy but blue hair
It’sCrazyCam YT
It’sCrazyCam YT 15 hours ago
So I am subbed and I want it to be my face on Gucci you might have to see my videos for my face lol😅🤣 love your video
Spinerack 18 hours ago
My skin will be based on my logo which will basically be a superhero with white nike shoes and the face of jonsey
Shaun O’Connell
Shaun O’Connell 20 hours ago
The trimix skin
Tanja Engelsen
Tanja Engelsen 21 hour ago
I want a Black hoodie and Kevin the cube head
For Head
For Head Day ago
Imagine the actual idea of epic was to put the cube under the spire and Trimix yust revealed it without knowing
Leo Waltham
Leo Waltham Day ago
Please I want my own skin! Please could it have a black blazer with my icon pic on it and some long black trousers and some clean Nike air max black please.
Leo Waltham
Leo Waltham 23 hours ago
My name is Inferno 3 Sparks
Polar Gaming
Polar Gaming Day ago
You probably won’t see this but if you do can you please please create me a skin a pink hoodie with my logo what Nike joggers and white Air Force one with brown hair and blond highlight and have a edit style with hood on hood off with brown eyes and the hair a little past my shoulders
Brayden Gaetz
Oh and vans for shoes
Brayden Gaetz
I want a black hoodie and Gucci pants with a fanipack and a black hat and blonde hair gc_gaetz9189
cranja Day ago
cranja Day ago
cranja Day ago
Can’t believe Trimixs friends still trust him 😂
Ivelina Georgieva
I did everything I want my skin to look like King kong
XDclutch Day ago
Ronald skin
GohyperDK Day ago
If you can make it like the person on my logo åit could be cool
Plushie World
I really want a fortnite skin pls Can I have one?
Love your vids
Love it vids
Only 8 Sun plz may u get me to at least 10
Only 8 Sun plz may u get me to at least 10
Please may I have a fortunate skin A juice world skin and blue and black pants with a gummy worm chain on his neck and 999 on his sweater and plz I am 9 so can u shout out my channel
Denni Marroquin
I want a red addias hoodie and nike pants black and in i want the perdon to be jonsey
Denni Marroquin
And i subcribe
Dakota Carson
Jayda Poucette-Cecil
my is justchillin18 from fortnite
Naoise Mcauley
Ghoulz and Trimix i love your vids and i love baby Ghoulz
Hamza Aly
Hamza Aly Day ago
Please I want my own custom skin I want it to be wearing a blue hoodie , blue t shirt and blue pants
Luis Jemio
Luis Jemio Day ago
5:20 "So they are going to bring *Elon **_Musket_* into the game" -Ninon 2021
The Builder Blaitzter
This is the best troll ever
Paula Robinson
BNB Critter
BNB Critter Day ago
Imagine they actually do this and Trimix had no idea
Venter Home Dxb
MY SKIN ( MALE )Purple and red Nike t shirt 👕MY FORTNITE NAME IS Tjventer orange shorts 🩳 NIKE YELLOW football 🏈 shoes 👟 Nike (Jonsey Face )purple hoodie
curiosahal rachid naguile Ross naguile
psvp im wil me own skin
BEAST 45 Day ago
Grey colured
BEAST 45 Day ago
And a supreme beanie
BEAST 45 Day ago
Can I have a black hoodie with a sign that says awesome with white tracksuit bottoms with Nike air vapormax Flynit
Amanda Nelson
Imagine if they really hire him and add the cars and skin
Nitro Uchiha
Nitro Uchiha Day ago
Ozman3913 Day ago
A fish with a green cape And a vr headset for my fortnite character Also a mow halk
Cash Gaming
Cash Gaming Day ago
Please can I have my own fortnite skin I would like it to look like my logo with blue shorts and Air 1 Jordans
Blake Read
Blake Read Day ago
Kris Currier
Kris Currier 2 days ago
I have always wanted my own renegade raider but with the Cobb skin color and look.
Mason Ehlers
Mason Ehlers 2 days ago
I want a basketball player with blonde hair and the number thirty jersey and Gucci shorts
ali _noor
ali _noor 2 days ago
I want my skin to be a fat fish stick skin like jonsey
Stephanie Guerrier
Black panther
Alfredo Reyes
Alfredo Reyes 2 days ago
and i love your videos o much your like the best youtuber in the word
Alfredo Reyes
Alfredo Reyes 2 days ago
i have subscribed to you trimix can you make my skin with gucci pants and a gucci shirt and then i want airforces and a gucci hat backwards and my user name is alexsayboogang all lower cases and no spaces
Jaxon Walker
Jaxon Walker 2 days ago
Done sky skin
Delilah Whitaker
Delilah Whitaker 2 days ago
I subbed I want Jordan shoes without a shirt I want shorts and a backwards cap My user is Ucflipperbtw love you💗
Micah Vittitow
Micah Vittitow 2 days ago
you shoud join epic you do a great job at art
Stephanie Couvreur
For my skin I would like a guy with wite hair a black hood and black ripped jeans please
puggy frank
puggy frank 2 days ago
I'm subscribed and I want my skin with a emoji cap backwards,white and teal hoodie with a tiger,teal sweat pants with teal air forces and with a white tiger head.
Vaso Geroulaki
Vaso Geroulaki 2 days ago
I want a doggggg wiht only black pants and black t shirt
Cameron Visagie
Cameron Visagie 2 days ago
My skin will have long blond hair like kaidos.I will have black Gucci jeans.a white premium silver top with the word premium on the jacket with peach skin with a suppressed pistol in his pants like Midas.
BabyDJ 2 days ago
iwant dreds air foces lv pants and lv shirt
Lou Jones
Lou Jones 2 days ago
If I'm lucky enough to get a skin, I would like a liver pool liver bird
Slobodanka Vasic
Slobodanka Vasic 2 days ago
I wandt my skin xxxtenceion pls my epic ist apl182
monstrus mods
monstrus mods 2 days ago
epic watching this: write that down WRITE THAT DOWN!!!
Ella Men
Ella Men 3 days ago
i want my skin to be one of his hands to be iron fist and its a messed up robin he has been to the future and the loop he knows everything that is coming.
Jalil Rouzitalab
Jalil Rouzitalab 3 days ago
Plz can you make a banana with six packs lol
Charlotte Woods
Charlotte Woods 3 days ago
i want mine to be like a card dog and commbined with chaos double agent
•Cherry Bubblegum•
I want a skin that has a long sleeved shirt and long pants a logo that has a T on the shirt and a pickaxe the has the attic raft on raz
Ramiro Reyna
Ramiro Reyna 3 days ago
If Tesla's were added what would happen if you puted the new tires
boi 3 days ago
Please can I have a turtle skin!!
Deandre Parker
Deandre Parker 3 days ago
i want my skin to be Gucci black top black botom gucci shoes and justin bever hed and i subscrbe and a little vbux i will be in dicord
people people elegant balloon
Tonight's going to be compared fish sticks and cartoon mouses
Toxic dude 03
Toxic dude 03 3 days ago
They got fooled so hard 🤣🤣🤣
JB's World
JB's World 3 days ago
I want my skin to be half bear half human
jimmy verlez
jimmy verlez 3 days ago
A hoedje just noooo skin wit a cool hodie
R4IN3 3 days ago
I've liked and subbed Can I get the bonehead skin in a rainbow hoodie White jeans and black boots
Farson Games
Farson Games 3 days ago
Trimix I want a skin Gucci White and gray shirt LV mask Brown skin color The Dior air jordan 1 retro high dior 1 Hands with supreme gloves Long sleeve tattoo that says Farson games YT.
SCR3AM 4 days ago
I'm subbed and I want a skin based on my logo . The other parts you can make however you want ! Pls I want it so much
Nuggs Btw
Nuggs Btw 4 days ago
SKY 4 days ago
I want my own skin
SKY 4 days ago
Can u make my plzzzz
Brandy Burris
Brandy Burris 4 days ago
White air forces Blue shirt Brown hair Blue eyes and a smile
Cayson Valentine
Cayson Valentine 4 days ago
Gary Way
Gary Way 4 days ago
I want a a skin that looks like Jim From troll hunters
hernandezzz boogie
Mi skin is a hoy and color hoty and the pack of joker
Cindy Gal
Cindy Gal 4 days ago
The skin a tornado
Sarah Reid
Sarah Reid 4 days ago
Done plea1se
Nick The Gamer
Nick The Gamer 4 days ago
I subbed I want a Blue Lil Whip With supreme hoodie and Nike air shoes.
Jane Griffiths
Jane Griffiths 4 days ago
I whant trimix skin
Breninator_139 0
Breninator_139 0 4 days ago
Plz my skin me with cobra Kai shirt