I Tried Lifeguard Academy 

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Without any prior training, I decided to see how I would fare against some of the world’s best lifeguards. Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss the next Challenge Accepted! :)
Thank you so much to San Diego Lifeguards for showing us a piece of the amazing work you do. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to visit: www.sandiego.gov/lifeguards/about/employ
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Nov 18, 2020




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Ole Nilsen
Ole Nilsen 7 minutes ago
You are truly amazing! But the most amazing thing you do, is bringing focus to all the lifesaving professionals around the world. Well done, Michelle, I like watching your videos as much as I´d like someone to rescue my ass if I am stupid enough.
joseph norman
joseph norman 45 minutes ago
Michelle can save me anytime! ok joking aside this was an amazing episode, i always look forward to a new episode of this show as i just never know what she's gonna do next! BUT.. I wanna see more of you and Garret maybe an episode where you both compete at something like this with a scoring system no lovey dovey mercy though! but yeah great episode cant wait to see what you do next.
Joey Hour ago
Train like an EMT or paramedic
Alexander Downs
do you accepte
Alexander Downs
i challenge you to go to a gymnastics school that starts a t 1am and ends a 11 pm for a week
oliveoil315 Hour ago
You are one determined, adventurous and brave young woman. I am a 73 years old who just found your US-first channel yesterday and I’m hooked.
Cashtyn Van Baale
do a EMS challenge accepted
SUMMER Munton 2 hours ago
This girl is absolutely amazing and tries so hard to entertain us ❤
LieuLieu Bear
LieuLieu Bear 5 hours ago
This looks intense, I give props to everyone being hero’s. But ocean or dark water frightens me but great job.
Elizabeth Sharp
Elizabeth Sharp 5 hours ago
The smallest girls always end up rescuing the biggest guys during training. It’s like an Unspoken tradition.
Error Error
Error Error 7 hours ago
All the ppl that kept requesting this LITERALLY just just wanted to see her in a swimsuit. What pervs... 🙄😂
Aya Chtioui
Aya Chtioui 7 hours ago
okay but how is she so pretty ?
Kaythlin 7 hours ago
Wow you look amazing!!! I haven’t watched you in so long holy
Tessa Nykamp
Tessa Nykamp 8 hours ago
Michelle is sooo talented
Rose Fowler
Rose Fowler 9 hours ago
Who thinks she needs a netflix show 👇
Nikhita Gowra
Nikhita Gowra 11 hours ago
Disappointed that Michelle too has sexualised the job of life guards several times. Cue the butt shot. Undermining her own achievement and that of thousands of lifeguards throughout history.
Megan Lo
Megan Lo 14 hours ago
it's so awesome how other people came back for her!!! im so touched just watching this! this is definitely much tougher than what i had experienced when i got my lifeguard certificate (not beach, just pool) and i remembered i was already out of breath like idk how many times, even though i used to be a competitive swimmer (most people were when they applied for lifeguard) and i couldnt imagine going through this without formal swimming experience and practices!
justin pigg
justin pigg 14 hours ago
Let me tell you sumthin the ocean is a animal all unto itself there is no shame in being scared of the ocean I live in the middle of the country and I'm still afraid of hurricanes
Taisaku 14 hours ago
You should try Flight Attendant School. They actually have a lot more to do than I expected. Maybe for a next challenge?
matthew bess
matthew bess 16 hours ago
Okay, idk if they said this or not but the first event around the pier, I really wanna know how long that pier is because my mile run at its best is about 7 and a half mins which isn’t amazing but not horrible, I’m def not a runner. I am a swimmer tho and my 500 time is a 6:45, yah I’m not great but around that pier is def farther and it’s in the ocean which is sooo much harder. So to do that run and swim that in under 15 mins is crazy hard. I’m also a life guard at my city pool and our inservices are no where near this hard
Roaa Tanash
Roaa Tanash 16 hours ago
Can please you try to be a martial art coach and if you can please do taekwondo or karate 🥰😊
lima Harnot
lima Harnot 16 hours ago
The guys smile after he said "but we wont tell her that right off the bat"
F3AR R3ALISM 18 hours ago
You should try the United States Marshals training.
Lewis Sandor
Lewis Sandor 19 hours ago
who else saw the shark at 1:18
The bloxkids
The bloxkids 19 hours ago
_Lowtide_ 19 hours ago
You should train like a professional athlete of any kind of sport you pick idk (volleyball, basketball, football, etc)
Frances Zah
Frances Zah 22 hours ago
Evan Stevens
Evan Stevens Day ago
This was extremely eye-opening and gave me new appreciation for lifeguards. Thank you for always giving individuals a voice.
Arieace Walls
You are amazing!
Addie W
Addie W Day ago
I like your challenge excepted videos, but I wish there wasn’t so much cussing/cursing.
You are an Indian origin American pls come to India try make some videos or try to catch indian audience if you succeed to attract indian audience you will become one of the biggest youtuber
hundo Day ago
1:28 guess he was right 💀🤝
riekyn lea
riekyn lea Day ago
you should train like a flight attendant!!
Cesar Garcia
Cesar Garcia Day ago
She bad asf 🤪
Christopher Linton
Kinda better than bondi resque
Zdeněk Sekanina
Hello, i have seen several of yours videos and i have to day you have really great and interesting content. So, i want so say good job :-).
Sunnii Gaming
Michelle your so inspiring you push yourself till the end I hope you keep doing these challenges!~ GO GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
Kensley Stopera
Hey I have a challenge accepted idea! What about I tried skate boarding
Madison Erb
Madison Erb Day ago
Michelle I challenge you to train and enter a horse back riding competition!
Elaia GARAT Day ago
can you pls do HORSE RIDING (jumping)
Steve Day ago
Listen, I gotta be honest Im really here to see Michelle in some swimwear. Not disappointed either! :)
Adi Jade
Adi Jade Day ago
Darlene Villareal
it is 4:52 and i am still awake
You should try being a professional mermaid for a day/week not many ppl know about it and I think it would be really kool to see
Riley Daniel
Riley Daniel Day ago
Do you post every month??
Kapri Bigham
Kapri Bigham Day ago
You should apply for survivor
Avery Myrose
Avery Myrose Day ago
2:02 lmaoooo that’s the smile of evil, pure evil
Cesar Morales Serna
Why aren’t you wearing your mask
Megan H
Megan H Day ago
Great video! I know you’ve raced road cycling, I’d love to see a video where you do mountain biking!
Synthetic Sunflower
Could you train like and Olympic gymnast? I’m a gymnast and I rly wanna see you try 🥰🥰🥰
Justine Koh
Justine Koh Day ago
i wonder what would happen if you become an animator an draw your own cartoon bout your own story that would be so cool
You should try CIA academy.
Sammie Lawson
You should train like a professional gymnast 🤸🏽‍♀️
Jeremiah Encarnacion
I love your stuff that you do and I hope you do well
FBI Day ago
In Garret’s description it sayed professional drowning victim that got me
Samuel Hooper
You should do kendo next!!! 😀😀😀
Karah Day ago
Can you train to be an archeologist next?
Kylie Akia
Kylie Akia Day ago
Michelle! You should do a Pole Sport Competition. You’d crush it!
Helen Herrmann
Can you please try pole dancing? I got mad respect for those ladies doing that!!
Eliane Antonio
Eliane Antonio 2 days ago
Why was i holding my breath while she swam??? I dont know lol 😂
fUnNy bUtTeR mUfFiNs
michelle is the defenetion of a REAL influencer
Pot 2706
Pot 2706 2 days ago
i’m gonna stick to making sand castles
c9rolina 2 days ago
you should train like a kpop idol good job btw❤️
TheSartex Entertainment
With out any prior training she’s been to marine boot camp fbi academy police academy and others
Yadi Bravo
Yadi Bravo 2 days ago
Anyone else get watery eyed as soon as she said “all the other lifeguards came back and finished with me” 😭😭😭😭
Athena Ashley Bates
natalija xxx
natalija xxx 2 days ago
try horse riding
Led istic
Led istic 2 days ago
The Bay Watch
Nicole Mooney
Nicole Mooney 2 days ago
She need her own Netflix series, she’s such a role model and so inspiring ❤️❤️
natalija xxx
natalija xxx 2 days ago
i love your chanel
Kyle Ha
Kyle Ha 2 days ago
Now Im rethinking my idea of becoming a Beach Guard, after hearing “there are sharks here”
Amit Surendre Carsane
You should do one where you train like a gymnast 🤸‍♂️
bluesky stable
bluesky stable 2 days ago
She should try horseback riding, I do it and it’s so fun. I love
Katie 2211
Katie 2211 2 days ago
I challenge you to please please try battle racing! It’s a sport on horse back where you go around three barrels in a clover like manner. The fastest time wins! If you think that it’s not hard you got another thing coming if you try it lol
Ezequiel Martinez
You should try all-star Cheerleading
Troy Truong
Troy Truong 2 days ago
Male subscribers unsubscribed after you mentioned "saving my fiance." Lol
Addison Voss
Addison Voss 2 days ago
During all of this Michelle did so amazing but is nobody gonna talk about the person filming in the water like 👁👄👁
Moneyboi 607
Moneyboi 607 2 days ago
Life guard trainer: Occasionally we have Sharks But we're not gonna tell her that right off the bat 😏
KK DivaQueen
KK DivaQueen 2 days ago
Can you please please please you competitive cheer is a lot harder than you think,
Meness Story
Meness Story 2 days ago
Here in Greece you don't need any of these to qualify 😂😂😂
united_ world
united_ world 2 days ago
you should do..........i trained like a professional horse rider please do it
LumitySimp 2 days ago
next challenge: I tried delta force training
nuruzzaman md
nuruzzaman md 2 days ago
You are just incredible
nuruzzaman md
nuruzzaman md 2 days ago
Make a challenge on skeet shoe learning, please.
Asal 2 days ago
I would love to see Michelle train like a K-pop idol I think that would be very interesting to watch.
Marioly Guzman
Marioly Guzman 2 days ago
lowkey I wanna be a lifeguard now, it looks really cool but I probably wouldn’t be able to handle it 😭
Butterfly_ Shine
Butterfly_ Shine 2 days ago
You should try roller skating next.
Yzabella Mari
Yzabella Mari 2 days ago
Please do flight attendant training
Charlotte Perkins
Next Challenge Accepted she should train like a doctor
Horse Girl
Horse Girl 2 days ago
you should train like an equestrian
Jeffrey Wright
Jeffrey Wright 2 days ago
You're awesome Michelle
Lynette Clarke
Lynette Clarke 2 days ago
Madison Montes
Madison Montes 2 days ago
I’d love to see you train for and compete in a powerlifting meet! Such an awesome experience and so much fun, I think you’d love it!!
sueanna2 2 days ago
Is there anything she can't do? She is one amazing woman. Every time I rmbr her daily bland diet from another video, I think it's fair that she can do almost anything
Pawel Led
Pawel Led 2 days ago
You should do sheriff academy next
Cynthia Romero
Cynthia Romero 2 days ago
the fact that they were there to support Michelle made me want to cry 😭 I love that
GrimPanther2 2 days ago
MIchelle you should try coast gaurd boot camp
Zami Pyo
Zami Pyo 3 days ago
This girl NEEDS a Netflix show
Zami Pyo
Zami Pyo 3 days ago
So Michelle what do you wanna work as? Michelle: yes.
Michelle rizo patron
Hi Michelle ! Love your channel!!! challenge: horse showjumping
I Tried FBI Academy
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