I Think The Most Of The Fam On Here Knows That I Have Brain Tumor bakedasakite 

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I Think The Most Of The Fam On Here Knows That I Have Brain Tumor bakedasakite
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Apr 3, 2021




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Cioccoconnie 2 hours ago
I wish for mother mother to play at mine. I wish that I get to have a jojo's bizarre adventure themed casket. My only wishes. Vejwbebw. Bye
Evie Day ago
Imagine her child is at that funeral and just sees family members taking shots and puff puff passing her corpse
Kimberly Dearth
Kimberly Dearth 2 days ago
Her personality is EVERYTHING!! Especially if she does have a brain tumor. Instead of finding out the upsetting news and going through all kinds of sad emotions, she's happy. Laughing, smiling, joking. she's making the best out of it and still living her life to the fullest as she should. I truly admire her and give her so much props for being strong and for being.... Herself!
Hello Jello
Hello Jello 2 days ago
She hacked the system
Wrenka 2 days ago
This is disgusting! It’s obviously a sick and twisted joke. No Kemo here.
Hooni Lee
Hooni Lee 3 days ago
Low key same I want My family to celebrate my death
Luna_Sol 2
Luna_Sol 2 3 days ago
All she needs is Derek/Amelia Shepherd and her family won’t have to do those instructions until she dies of a natural cause UnU
MissStitch66 3 days ago
I did the same thing....but its different
Charlotte Ava Smith
My mom has brain tumor too but she uses theraphy that my dad bought for 200,070+ thousand
Gonza Lez
Gonza Lez 3 days ago
Bruh all these people want to magically die rich too
Daniel cano
Daniel cano 3 days ago
My prays are with you
Panda tortilla
Panda tortilla 3 days ago
What I want to do at my funeral is at the end, play a really slow and quieter version of never gonna give you up, so even in death I can rickroll my family and friends, *one last time.*
Garison Dodge
Garison Dodge 3 days ago
Fosho roll me up and pass me round all day when I die
Cedric Is a Hottie
Isn't that canibalism?
Lil Gigetty
Lil Gigetty 4 days ago
*throws bouquets into the crowd to see who’s next* Everyone else: *starts pushing each other out of the way, hurdle jumping the chairs and diving to avoid it* The lawyer walks in with the fine print: If it hits the ground, EVERYONE’S NEXT.
Ryyder Holt
Ryyder Holt 4 days ago
Anne Bercy
Anne Bercy 4 days ago
I pray that she doesn't die and that she gets to watch this video in 20 years in the name of Jesus
Paige Duggan
Paige Duggan 4 days ago
I’ve planned some things like who’s allowed to come and what you can wear I want to be buried or cremated and made into diamonds for whoever to wear and the person will be decided on my note of funeral instructions
Satrena K Franklyn
Its the free wifi for me 🥴
XxRhinoAlbinoxX 4 days ago
Want in one hand shit in the other🤷‍♂️
Zelda Gamer 1049
Zelda Gamer 1049 4 days ago
Shes dead, *who cares*
Ty Craigo
Ty Craigo 4 days ago
I have like 12 si
Katz World
Katz World 4 days ago
I hope her family doesn’t do this and are normal people
Quan Bradford
Quan Bradford 4 days ago
Ppl i don't believe anyone would act like they have a brain tumor ppl. She may have been joking or serious about her demands but she was trying to make lite of the situation because didn't you see her baby at the end ppl. Wake up world not everybody out to scam you. Evidently she saying ill be gone but her little Angel is the most important person in the world to her and shes gonna really miss her baby. Smh some ppl these day
Melissa Rubio
Melissa Rubio 4 days ago
i want to be turned into a firework
Melissa Rubio
Melissa Rubio 4 days ago
she seems like she’d be fun to be friends with
timatree sap
timatree sap 4 days ago
How is she so calm about it
GhostDogg 4 days ago
I'm not even dying and I made a plan for my funeral. Mine's a lot more 'royal jester nightclub art gallery' thought.
I Hate Honors English
I wrote out plans for my funeral that are exactly like this lmaoo, y’all better pull through when I die, I ain’t dying young for nothing
Somerandomepersom Whoisbiroacegenderfluid
My wish when I die someone please hang me in a forest in a willow tree I will plant it myself so I can be a living legend
Lala 4 days ago
i’m about to steal it cus it’s genious
Sam DaMan
Sam DaMan 4 days ago
corpse rot
corpse rot 5 days ago
I wanna be at this funeral
King banana wolf
King banana wolf 5 days ago
I'm just gonna have my dead ass tossed onto a pile of all my shit and having it burned to ash idgaf
Mmmk Allright
Mmmk Allright 5 days ago
I hope this is a f*king joke
Thomas Hennigan
Thomas Hennigan 5 days ago
Just roll me up and smoke me when I die
PAY R3SPECTS 5 days ago
fuck i mean slide the funeral addy
Diego Serrano
Diego Serrano 5 days ago
At least she is a good sport I guess
Fire Skull2314
Fire Skull2314 5 days ago
I can’t tell if she’s serious or not 😂😂😂
Cole Kinzie
Cole Kinzie 5 days ago
I hope she doesn’t pass away and I hope this is a joke.
Janesh Motah
Janesh Motah 5 days ago
Anyone else here feels sad about this?🙁
Summerx blux
Summerx blux 5 days ago
The belly button omfg
i wanna be in london
*F R E E W I F I*
Maddi_banana 5 days ago
My dad has a brain tumer
Harlow 5 days ago
I ain’t going to the funeral if one of my relatives makes a list like that
halfasianboi69 5 days ago
man instead of talking about things when you die as if you'll be able to attend it or change it if anything goes wrong, start selling sea shells off the sea shores before you die and you'll get whatever you demand
Fairy • Cottage
“ I want everybody doing shots” “ preferably out of my belly button”
SoulDanceHD 5 days ago
Joshua Edwards
Joshua Edwards 5 days ago
Fucking bud tender. This girls level of progressive thinking is the hottest said ice seen all year.
Omprakash1877 6 days ago
Dixita here,I think she has kids, so may she live a long healthy life 💖🧿gbu
Kimberly Elizabeth Clarady
You are remarkable. Thank you for the smiles, gorgeous!
Jane Young
Jane Young 6 days ago
*To see who’s next* I-
Domenica Zumaeta
Domenica Zumaeta 6 days ago
At least she aceptes her future..?
Blues Fan
Blues Fan 6 days ago
“pass me around”
Elijah Hsa
Elijah Hsa 6 days ago
The kid: I peed my pants😂
connie archer
connie archer 6 days ago
How attention seeking
Juniorology 6 days ago
fuck YEAH
•Blonde & Boujee•
UPDATE⚠️UPDATE⚠️UPDATE⚠️ I follow her on TikTok & she just found out last week her tumor is gone!!
MsLaleeLoo 6 days ago
No good
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 6 days ago
Hold up so we can’t come
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 6 days ago
Hold up you want everyone doing shots out your belly button I feel like that’s disrespectful to the corpse but if you want
Enixel Seyer
Enixel Seyer 6 days ago
It's amazing how she already accepted her death
Nolan Brown
Nolan Brown 7 days ago
I’m definitely not going to your funeral
Scrims_drxpz.A IG
This makes me sad
Your Mum
Your Mum 7 days ago
And what are you going to do, come back from the dead to stop us
Air Volwo
Air Volwo 7 days ago
It is the only way
Vince Madarang
Vince Madarang 7 days ago
I’m all for body shots but not on a dead body especially if others are doing it too
Wesley Mischley
Wesley Mischley 7 days ago
Day of mourning: Everyone walks out in hot pink
Katherine Petruzzi
I actually wore light pink to a funeral before
rhys R-E
rhys R-E 7 days ago
Hopefully she's lost at sea or never found classic
gaugetunedX 7 days ago
Yeah... I'm gonna go with no...just no
Tabatha Smith
Tabatha Smith 7 days ago
I love this!!! That baby is precious!!!
Melissa 7 days ago
I just want to play "Somewhere over the rainbow"
King M
King M 7 days ago
I’ve had an extremely stressful few days. Stuff like this helps me realize my problems are insignificant. I think I got the strength to keep going for a while now.
Lewis Lopez
Lewis Lopez 8 days ago
Regardless.. I'll be praying for you.
Romancetea Cup
Romancetea Cup 8 days ago
You will survive and get a positive mindset stay strong the lord has your back ! Ill keep u in my prayers ! 💗
Kale Booty
Kale Booty 8 days ago
What made you go to the doctor for the first time? Was it even related to anything with the tumor? First time seeing you. Curious.
DillaSoul22 8 days ago
Anybody else want the "swing down from the ceiling tied in rave lights" funeral option? Asking for a friend
Simply Otaku
Simply Otaku 8 days ago
Everyone’s making memes about this :/ It’s not really cool for her kids
Melany Saunders
Melany Saunders 8 days ago
The baby peed in his diaper😆😆😆😆😆💜
Manny the Mammoth
marlong dano
marlong dano 8 days ago
Nobody is going to that funeral
0 1
0 1 7 days ago
Bitch i am
Zele puza
Zele puza 8 days ago
Asking to much... your dead watcha gonna do get up 😂just tell people to show up if they want and hopefully they do and show respect but I could honestly care less what they do with my body after I die go feed me to some animals if you have to ion care I’m dead
Jelena Jakonić
Jelena Jakonić 8 days ago
What’s her name???
Keanna Cookie18
Keanna Cookie18 8 days ago
Yeah I don’t think people will do that
Sad Coconut
Sad Coconut 8 days ago
I want the dancing funeral guys to bury me
Olivia m
Olivia m 8 days ago
morning? How horribly sad what a beautiful young life and shes wprring about death already. Fuck me.
Ashton Wills
Ashton Wills 8 days ago
This actually sounds nice because when you die you will be surrounded by the things you want to be around
Xbox Professional
We need to meet these standards or she's not coming!
GamingZane09 2468
I cant stop laughing at the "I peed my pants" part 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Robin Rubendunst
Robin Rubendunst 8 days ago
I’m so sorry. I hope you get exactly what you want
Bob Narley
Bob Narley 9 days ago
Try the carnivore diet
Markus Bryn
Markus Bryn 9 days ago
This is kinda wholesome and sad at the same time
AniMask 9 days ago
If my family does not play Fuyo no Hanashi at my funeral in my honor I will personally rise from my grave and choke the next person I see.
Emelia Ferrero
Emelia Ferrero 9 days ago
I hope she got money cuz that sounds too expensive
Evan Buckley
Evan Buckley 9 days ago
Hopefully this woman lives a very long life and realizes the sheer degeneracy of her thought processes and subsequent funeral plans.
Cali_boy 9 days ago
Just say you're fucking psychotic 😂
Aya Alioua
Aya Alioua 9 days ago
Jesus wtf 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I like the irony, most people shpuld be like her
mochimoe haru
mochimoe haru 9 days ago
I don't think anyone is gonna try to catch that bouquet.. and if they do try to catch it, well you might wanna make sure their okay..