I Tested VIRAL Minecraft Glitches To See If They Really Work 

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Which minecraft glitch was your favorite?
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
ItzRed ͜dyPlayz
ItzRed ͜dyPlayz 42 minutes ago
Bed - rock
Hala Ghanem
Hala Ghanem Hour ago
Oo the chunkloader is awesome
Tushig Javhaa
Tushig Javhaa 2 hours ago
Tushig Javhaa
Tushig Javhaa 2 hours ago
Tushig Javhaa
Tushig Javhaa 2 hours ago
Tushig Javhaa
Tushig Javhaa 2 hours ago
Cid Alducente
Cid Alducente 6 hours ago
You need water to make a potion
Xavi Chung
Xavi Chung 14 hours ago
2.14b is the actual 32-bit or 64-bit idk integer that is maximum in the game
Rory Great
Rory Great 18 hours ago
WOW so cool!!!!!
Joanna Rogel
Joanna Rogel Day ago
Jerl & Xian
Jerl & Xian Day ago
My nightmare: loverfella using black 😰
Wait the Chunk loading thing is actually op if it works with farms for afking but i guess its just 1 Chunk so i guess i might have to do 2 for my wither skelly farm
active gamers Ezzat
Can you please stop clickbaiting your videos don't need this lying
Viyah Santos Perez
Me who just uses a sponge puts it on fire with water on top: i-
Jaxon Walczak
Jaxon Walczak
I'm I'm so confused how are you even do that
Space Gamer SFS
You need water bottles to brew potions with nether wart and then anything like magma cream or fermented spider eye
Mr. Fluffington
*6 years
Arumugam Mailmuthu
Arumugam Mailmuthu
Viod Films
Viod Films Day ago
at 8:34 i new thing
Peter Arthur Morrison
This video was so insane dude
Xx diamond xX
The floating water is not that hard u only use sponge burn top of it and place water-
Lil mohawk battle cats5906 the gamer
Thumbnail: Yeah it's impossible BECAUSE HOW COME 2 PISTONS TURNS INTO 3 TO 2 BLOCKS
Indigoscrazy 2 days ago
10000000000000 percent saving the hack at 8:00 minutes
Noot Noot Killua
Noot Noot Killua 2 days ago
this does not work in bedrock 7:54
Starlasia 2 days ago
Loverfella: Pink, gray, red or black? Me: Black; fave color) Loverfella: I'll just do black Me: How the f-
Samurai Cheems
Samurai Cheems 20 hours ago
Enriquito Ramirez
oh my god i love it! :D
Owen O'Toole
Owen O'Toole 2 days ago
Stop click bait
B Moyn
B Moyn 2 days ago
what is this texture pack??? someone please tell me its beautiful
Muzack Man
Muzack Man 2 days ago
5:49 the bottled are empty
Rl Craft
Rl Craft 2 days ago
Ok I know easier water float it’s : place sponge then put fir on sponge the put water on the fire and break sponge and voila floating water
KING Y 2 days ago
6:30 I did it by mistake before I saw this video
Lucasplayz 2 days ago
5:55 he has to fill the bottles with water.
FudgeCake 2 days ago
So the thumbnail is a visual pun
The Misterio Guy
The Misterio Guy 2 days ago
you look like misterio in spider man far from jome
Giulia O'Keefe
Giulia O'Keefe 2 days ago
Oh also for making potions you need the bottle’s to be water bottles how you not know that you can’t make potions with empty glass 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐
Giulia O'Keefe
Giulia O'Keefe 2 days ago
You built the nether portal too tall but yo can make it any size skinny fat tall or normal actually i don’t think you can make it skinny
Portal_master49 3 days ago
is that Java edition
Arydude 7
Arydude 7 3 days ago
Rolling everyone back
Dream 3 days ago
That thumbnail is corny
Oh my goddess what are you doing hacking
Pea Nut
Pea Nut 3 days ago
Ska beeeeeepp!N!n?!?i!i!
HotRod YT
HotRod YT 3 days ago
LoverFella you said if you got 10k likes on this video you would make a video about 100 Easter eggs there is 51k likes on this vid so where the video??????
copious yew
copious yew 3 days ago
Big bain
c h o c o b u n n y
how did you get the realistic texture pack
Jango Singh
Jango Singh 3 days ago
0:19 When Contraption Is SuS
Jango Singh
Jango Singh 17 hours ago
Wow i didn't got this much likes before
If you see any boy wear a mask and a hat because it was me I am ur biggest fan❤️
The Lighter
The Lighter 3 days ago
I found a X-ray glitch on acidint I jumped and my head went into the roof and I could see everything and then I placed a block that I could just walk into and then when I did it to find diamonds I made a US-first video doing it but it was already patched
7:50 LOL
Jaiden 07 G
Jaiden 07 G 4 days ago
The thumbnail be like,, i have a bed i have a rock uuu bed rock
Robin Stålheim
Robin Stålheim 4 days ago
Welcome to Minecraft my friend
Henry Lalnunsanga
you can see inside the chest Dream:noted
Bacon King
Bacon King 4 days ago
black wool
Mini Fotan
Mini Fotan 4 days ago
Kenq 4 days ago
“ a hopper points onto this one and the hopperpoints into this hopper” LoverFella/Zach 2021
Mirjam Enbuske
Mirjam Enbuske 2 days ago
Mirjam Enbuske
Mirjam Enbuske 2 days ago
Mirjam Enbuske
Mirjam Enbuske 2 days ago
Emre Zeren
Emre Zeren 4 days ago
Stitch! 4 days ago
This cursed thumbnail tho
sYUGyug8j 4 days ago
Not 10,000 likes Let's get to 100,000 likes
Cool Mittins
Cool Mittins 4 days ago
I’ve done floating water before by accident 😁🥳
Mr.Crewmate 4 days ago
WOW 5:03
Yuan Yadao
Yuan Yadao 4 days ago
Keeyan Althaf
Keeyan Althaf 4 days ago
If mojang made a command to morph pigs we could make cool things like a car 9:12
Panos Skrek
Panos Skrek 4 days ago
Forage 4 days ago
Bruh the first one is sooo easy u just need 10000 ping
DD MC gamer
DD MC gamer 4 days ago
If a person opens the chest where you are😂
Jessie Rodil
Jessie Rodil 5 days ago
sus very sus
saifi123 gaming
saifi123 gaming 5 days ago
Shader name
Jerker Ruthström
its eazier to youst light a spunch and but watter on it you get the same effekt
Crazy Titan
Crazy Titan 5 days ago
WOw mOvIng pIsToNs
Miaad Safari
Miaad Safari 5 days ago
This is crazy 😝 and the other ones
Shail Riviere
Shail Riviere 5 days ago
That number is two billion one hundred and forty seven million four hundred and eighty three thousand six hundred and twenty five BTW loverfella
Sandithp lol_BG
Sandithp lol_BG 5 days ago
Rya Jac
Rya Jac 5 days ago
U put water in the bottle
Kendra Jensen
Kendra Jensen 5 days ago
1:42 the white dot on an eye of ender faces inward in the portal frame
Yohan Rellama
Yohan Rellama 5 days ago
Thumbnail: super cooble + bed= bedrock
Misty Bonds
Misty Bonds 5 days ago
Pls respond what texter pack it that
Milos Arandjelovic
4:20 you mean lava? Not void.
Dante Joseph
Dante Joseph 5 days ago
Jou don't need a repeater to make things fast.easier way:take a piston,Redstone dust and a Redstone block. Connect the Redstone dust with the steaky piston. What will happen is the piston will be activated and push the Redstone block forward but then it will come back and then the Redstone block will activate the piston again. You can put a dispenser one block in front of it then it will activate the dispenser and shoot anything at a fast rate of fire.simple
Aksu 5 days ago
6:00 your bottles was empty
Matias López
Matias López 5 days ago
YaPZY 5 days ago
The thumbnail it's cobblestone.
Wil Harry
Wil Harry 5 days ago
The thumbnail tho
Freeed 6 days ago
I inspired this thumbnail
Wendz Deo situbal
you know what i love abt this channel its the thumbnails babyy
That one Bi Weeb
That one Bi Weeb 6 days ago
7:43 I didn’t realize you watched kakegerui.
Ethan Sanfeliz
Ethan Sanfeliz 6 days ago
Were is the 100 estreggs
Noob Master
Noob Master 6 days ago
Take water,lava,wood and latter
Bend UwU
Bend UwU 6 days ago
So if you squish a bed it becomes *bed* - rock
Æ 6 days ago
The thumb nail lol
Mr Mystery
Mr Mystery 6 days ago
For that minecart I could totally use that to spy on my friends
Nathan Walker
Nathan Walker 6 days ago
There is an easier and less complicated way to get floating water although i'm not sure it works on java. Get a campfire put it out with a water bucket and destroy the fire and the water will float.
Courtney Mellow
Courtney Mellow 6 days ago
Ya 😮
Dougal Farquharson
When you don’t realize Almost. Every. Mumbo. Jumbo. Video. Has. Quasi. Connectivity. And. For. Years.
Nathaniel Chandler
Actually guest black I actually did it
The Official KevinzAwe
It doesn’t work because we need water in the Bottle
cam cam
cam cam 6 days ago
this guy is even worse at redstone than I thought, its not even in bedrock edition
cam cam
cam cam 6 days ago
And then E does it work on bedrock edition no it doesn't I don't even have proof I just know it doesn't
dino 6 days ago