I survived 100 Days in a DESERTED WASTELAND in Minecraft and Here's What Happened 

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today I play minecraft for 100 days in a deserted wasteland and here is what happened
lukethenotable us-first.info
forgelabs us-first.info
try out the modpack www.curseforge.com/minecraft/modpacks/forever-stranded
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Apr 24, 2021




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Comments 100   
Socksfor1 20 days ago
minecraft is back boissss
Paul Pavel
Paul Pavel 13 hours ago
Unidentified Flying Squirrel
Make a part 2 where you escape the planet, like you said in the beginning
Margaret Collins
Margaret Collins 10 days ago
You should do more like these
MC DVD 11 days ago
hello socksfor1 i ♥ ur videos!
Biggest Brain
Biggest Brain 20 days ago
les goooo
Letaa Eiava
Letaa Eiava 10 minutes ago
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KEVIN GUZMAN 54 minutes ago
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Yng Smeat
Yng Smeat Hour ago
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Dobo Bob
Dobo Bob Hour ago
Make a lave armor
200 days pls
mcdowell aria
mcdowell aria 2 hours ago
The soggy spark bioinformatically appreciate because cement muhly surround besides a ill bay. mixed, earthy hydrofoil
Rubina Bano
Rubina Bano 2 hours ago
200 days
Umbrah Mustapha
Umbrah Mustapha 2 hours ago
Making multiple walls My head:attack on titan
Blkzomebie 15
Blkzomebie 15 4 hours ago
Diamond Chicken68
Diamond Chicken68 5 hours ago
Minecraft:the blood moon is rising Me:I’ve seen this before
iamhansc 4698
iamhansc 4698 5 hours ago
Everyone is talking about aot 3 walls But no one is talking about sokka getting high on cactus juice
Boyoung Moon
Boyoung Moon 5 hours ago
Ethan Kuai
Ethan Kuai 6 hours ago
Connie Ontiveros
Connie Ontiveros 7 hours ago
Please do a 200 days
cooper .C
cooper .C 7 hours ago
Can you make 200 days
Dobo Bob
Dobo Bob 9 hours ago
Do 212 days
A3000 9 hours ago
I like how his among us videos get 450k-1M views and he did 100 days in minecraft and got nearly 9M views in 2 weeks.
ForgetFull 9 hours ago
pov u had mincraft sky factory memory from sundy watching this
Jordan Demers
Jordan Demers 9 hours ago
what is the mod sock used
Vanesa Reyes
Vanesa Reyes 10 hours ago
Do 200 days next
Mukhammad Laura
Mukhammad Laura 12 hours ago
Whats tge music here
Mukhammad Laura
Mukhammad Laura 12 hours ago
U know how blocks can float in minecraft? Imagine if he did that at the day 100
TinoMan VR
TinoMan VR 13 hours ago
200 days?Like to make it happen. 👇
SAMUEL MEDINA 14 hours ago
Wouldn't the armor do more?
Pooky Kooky
Pooky Kooky 14 hours ago
Cacti is life but more importantly shreck
Moonlight Chick
Moonlight Chick 16 hours ago
This is the reason your my fav minecraft ytuber cause he has 40 minute 100 day videos and normal ones are 27 minutes
Joseph Cole
Joseph Cole 16 hours ago
btw the proper term is cacti still love the vid though
Mølten Føxy Channel
i got the map bot what mods + 15:47 left 4 dead 2 when a giant o horde come
Mølten Føxy Channel
what mods i want to try
Zion Camilleri
Zion Camilleri 18 hours ago
Day 76 Stockfor1:25 days left
togoto 18 hours ago
Yes now 200 days
Beatriz Cardoza
Beatriz Cardoza 18 hours ago
He said 25 days it was 24 days
Sem 19 hours ago
Big boi you could’ve climbed on a pillar.. and place lava on it so if the zombies tried to climb they’d die
Kyle Matthew
Kyle Matthew 19 hours ago
3:51 let me in........LET ME IIIIINNNNN!!!
Watame wa
Watame wa 19 hours ago
first video that was near an hour long watched fully for a long time (4 years lmao)
James Tayloe
James Tayloe 20 hours ago
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Watame wa
Watame wa 20 hours ago
Me a Minecraft Fanatic for 6 years: Dies day 1
John Gerald Sta Ana
John Gerald Sta Ana 20 hours ago
Sockfor1 talking: Me thing : TITANS THE WALL
marquis avian
marquis avian 21 hour ago
marquis avian
marquis avian 21 hour ago
Socks: This was actually my first time sleeping in 40 days Day 22: Allow me to introduce myself
Redone Mage
Redone Mage 21 hour ago
This modpack seems cool i'll try it out!
Uxyi 21 hour ago
I am bamboozled why he doesn’t make a lava moat Edit: wait he did
Aedenjacob games
Aedenjacob games 22 hours ago
Zombies:where socks Socks:yeh heh boi
Ali Hussein
Ali Hussein 22 hours ago
I remember a game was a cross play to maincraft and it has the same exact map
sceptical Day ago
day 100: the fire nation invades ba sing se
Hannah Walker
The organic mustard marginally deceive because nut biochemically kill beyond a abnormal cheque. jittery, protective quiet
Steve 5112
Steve 5112 Day ago
The second time u slept u said it was the first time
Shourya singhal
Socks if you play 200 days install ore excavation (with the mod if you hold grave while breaking a block it will break all block connected to it saves time)
Dre Austin1075
Socksfor1 you should try to survive 100 days on your phone Edit:and get a hardcore mode mod because there is no hardcore mode on mobile and get more mods
Nathan Andrews
My friend reminded the video so this happened: I need all this sand for ore and SUP GAMERS!
moon cute
moon cute Day ago
Uhhh lol afk hehe
Pedro Ramirez
Please do a 200
Anchovy Gaming
whats the mod
Kuro Rozuo
Kuro Rozuo Day ago
Where can I find this survival map? I wanna try it D:
Jonathan T.P.
Slimesling is the Rocket Jumper
Dave the Lemon
Some one did the same thing a long time ago Good on ya
Yogurte Day ago
You could just do a plataform in the air Without connections With the ground,_,
ultimate channel
This is going so viral good job this is so good
Yeet The Beet
Gun turrets, walls, power... Are you playing Factorio or Minecraft?
Mandy LeGarde
do 200 days
Captain Badassitude
Is no one gonna talk about the world back he did when he found the tinker forge in the abandoned city? Like, I understand wanting to save your progress in case of data corruption but to make a world back *right* before a deadly enemy encounter is very suspicious.
Baran Samanci
continue ur largest mod pack series
Baran Samanci
Wyatt Patterson
Will there be more 100 day videos
Kempton Humes
Did this mans say 25 days on day 76?nah 24.
Kempton Humes
Did this mans say 25 MORE DAYS on day 76? You mean 24, thank you and Muí bien
Caeleb Car
Caeleb Car Day ago
Socks you need to do this again
Pelzaic Day ago
Best series pleaae continue this.
Caeleb Car
Caeleb Car Day ago
Sucks you need to Do this again
Can we get 1M likes on this video
goaty jones
goaty jones Day ago
lol say oh well
Xander Reed
Xander Reed Day ago
Honestly I feel like day 100 can be cheesed really easily with a lava pillar and a platform on top still great vid
Miguel Ângelo יְהֹוָה
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MrOgaaBooga Day ago
I found a video to eat my food with. This is legendary
Jonathan Plays a roblox
Ba sing se
Jonathan Plays a roblox
I think I spelled it wrong
i loved the first 100 days sorry
kawaii - cat Khan
༒ ꧁ Deku And the Dino nuggies ꧂ ༒
Oh you watch avatar the last air bender :0 YES YES YESS IDK WHY I AM SO HAPPY
Mateo Tuci
Mateo Tuci Day ago
btw why tf is the music louder than his voice kinda annoying to the ear
Camilo Goyenechea
make 200 days pls im loved the first 100 days
Falcon Fire
Falcon Fire Day ago
26:16 you allready slept in a bed
Lilly Compose
How do I get this mod !!!!!!
Abhiyan Poudel
Abhiyan Poudel 16 hours ago
Leonalexis Pusod
200 DAYS pls add 200 DAY
Leonalexis Pusod
200 DAYs
Kratos69 Day ago
Joseph Mikhael
i really want socks to make a 200 days
Eggz 02
Eggz 02 Day ago
Teenagers Business idea
U literally have lava and you can just bulid up and put down some lava and boom you can kill the zombies while you just sit back
Janus Kristiansen
make a 200 days pls
sushanthreddy satti
please i beg you for 200 days
Lyubomyr Lohin
Lyubomyr Lohin 2 days ago
But TConstruct should have wooden sheers
DEATH the hyper god
Socks you are a god for surving this stuff in Minecraft
Ze Derpio Face
Ze Derpio Face 2 days ago
7:21. Food Bunger.
PsychaChi 2 days ago
Loud = Funny I hate 2021 already
Bryson Teeter
Bryson Teeter 2 days ago
Alice Kelley
Alice Kelley 2 days ago
18:39 is sus
Deiondre Alvaro
Deiondre Alvaro 2 days ago
Bro I think you made a movie I’ve been eating gummy watching you
Epic Gamer
Epic Gamer 2 days ago
37:41 what ever PUBG player wants
Caden Minecraft
Caden Minecraft 2 days ago
I got a blood moon on the first night