I Stole 2HYPE’S SHOES And Made Them 1v1 For Them 

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Thank you for being in the video @Jesser @Kristopher London @Jiedel @ZackTTG @Jeffrey Bui


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Apr 28, 2021




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Comments 100   
isaac ruatpuia
most satisfying moment in US-first history: Kris telling James to stfu
Mushaf Hashmi
Mushaf Hashmi 5 days ago
anyone know what kris shoes were called?
The Extreme Supreme
Love it when Kris told James to STFU
Ghost 6 days ago
I’ve been here since 2K Subs
Gator Capalott
Gator Capalott 7 days ago
there was a rumour that when zack start playing basketball there wasn't a free throw line
Soy Saucing
Soy Saucing 7 days ago
Kris is the best side hype man for this vid 💀💀💀
PapaKei 8 days ago
Part 3
Dev A
Dev A 8 days ago
Bro you don’t get a negative point in 21 for airball just bank
razz_south 10 days ago
10:43 when said stfu to james
Brock Schuler
Brock Schuler 10 days ago
You should buy the same shoes as them and give them out if they win a challenge.
TNT Blowout bot
TNT Blowout bot 10 days ago
Who do you guys thinks is the best 3 point shooter in 2 hype
AshTTV 11 days ago
I love this new Mitchell Jeff friendship
Jack Donahue
Jack Donahue 12 days ago
What shoes did Jesse win
Jack Donahue
Jack Donahue 12 days ago
I want to know what shoes moochie likes
Jack Donahue
Jack Donahue 12 days ago
What shoes are those that James won
Flater Grind
Flater Grind 12 days ago
Mitchel is the best one for me in 2hype
PLAYBOII Q 12 days ago
Mopi flashes
mel smith
mel smith 12 days ago
Need him 2 do a vid with mopi
Emily Lawrence
Emily Lawrence 13 days ago
Josh Webb
Josh Webb 14 days ago
You guys are amazing
Cold Hearted Yungans C.H.Y
Biggest W in 2hype
Schemilla Howard
Schemilla Howard 14 days ago
Kris don't care dontb
Griffin Meister
Griffin Meister 14 days ago
Moochies gotta change that hat
Nick Paulo
Nick Paulo 14 days ago
They were so confused
Anime Daisuke
Anime Daisuke 14 days ago
13:30 sheesh Jesse🥶
AtrociousApex 14 days ago
Kris when they opened the last box: 👁👄👁
Mohamad Theeb
Mohamad Theeb 14 days ago
Give kris some credit for hyping his teammates up
Amro B3AST
Amro B3AST 14 days ago
8:36 I can’t stop laughing
yktie 14 days ago
Kris wall hyped up being funny asf until he saw his shoes lmaoooo.. W video
quizzy _q
quizzy _q 14 days ago
Jidel need to su nigga aggy
Spiderbray41 14 days ago
NOT SASLENDER 15 days ago
5:12 that’s sus kris
Gq Jay
Gq Jay 15 days ago
Everybody please like this comment and make this the top comment because I really want moochie to notice this comment because I really want to 1v1 him in a basketball game!!!!!!
TheDrawingGuy 15 days ago
kris was too funny
Walter White
Walter White 15 days ago
This idea is fire as moochie
Sigmoidfiber 15 days ago
“Was it fun” 😂😂😂😂
Anas_kicks 15 days ago
Fire video mochi
OJ Mayo Light
OJ Mayo Light 15 days ago
5:23 why tf would he think he was going next? 😂 that makes no sense
Logan Hux
Logan Hux 15 days ago
Bro moochie get Jeff in 2hype
Hi Ff
Hi Ff 15 days ago
Hilarious video
Andy’s Cool
Andy’s Cool 15 days ago
Moochie can u make a video where you try the moochie ice cream?
Matthew Cohen
Matthew Cohen 15 days ago
10:42 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
legendary._. clips
legendary._. clips 15 days ago
🔥🔥🔥vid part 2
legendary._. clips
legendary._. clips 15 days ago
Part 2
legendary._. clips
legendary._. clips 15 days ago
Part 2
Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee 15 days ago
Zack is sharing since when is James taller
Sam Perozek
Sam Perozek 15 days ago
James a HOF school threat
Liquify 16 days ago
god dam james needs to stfu
JoJo Powell
JoJo Powell 16 days ago
That was heat this were we draw the line
Kyle Munro
Kyle Munro 16 days ago
Do this again but then actually add a real prize so they don’t know
Sincere Grant
Sincere Grant 16 days ago
Yessssiiiirrrrr moochie does it again the bangers are coming and when he took there stuff and made them play for it🤣🤣🤣💯💯💯
Synergy 16 days ago
Dzamel Samardzic
Dzamel Samardzic 16 days ago
Moochie not only a hooper hooper he a stealer stealer
Jacob Vega
Jacob Vega 16 days ago
James literally ruined the video
John Scizzorz
John Scizzorz 16 days ago
Y’all are super ungrateful 😂😂. Kris was funny asf in this video
Tracy McSwain
Tracy McSwain 16 days ago
That is a great video to do with them in life. right know today okay.
Rory Hume
Rory Hume 16 days ago
why does james look like addison rae with those pants
Major Metz
Major Metz 16 days ago
You should do guessing nba players buy there nicknames
TAHZH CATES 16 days ago
No way kris wears a size 12
Marty Veloso
Marty Veloso 16 days ago
Moochie do this again soon but the last gift is a legit fire shoe that nobody owns yet.. Make them regret slacking off after the first game lol
Luke Dunxan
Luke Dunxan 16 days ago
why jesser have to disrespect jeff like that 13:30
Luke Dunxan
Luke Dunxan 16 days ago
this was a banger
Keyboard Warrior
Keyboard Warrior 16 days ago
Is it bad that Kris actually carried and narrated MOOCHIES video lol
Tony Salvatelli
Tony Salvatelli 16 days ago
John 3:16-21.
Micah Stewart
Micah Stewart 16 days ago
Kris: Now this is where we draw the line, those are mine James: woah there, you just said those were his Kris : Gotta Blast 💥
Lovenson Pierre
Lovenson Pierre 16 days ago
Okay the thumbnail
Byron Martin
Byron Martin 16 days ago
Need more of these vids 😂
i like to sleep 10hrs a day.
Bro this is a Kris video hahahah
VlogsWithMattLacap 16 days ago
VlogsWithMattLacap 16 days ago
Hunter Phipps
Hunter Phipps 16 days ago
Jidel cheated
John Alvarado
John Alvarado 16 days ago
this is hilarious cus zack wanted to say those shoes are wack but didn't wanna hurt james feelings lmao
Casey Roll
Casey Roll 16 days ago
Mooch is always be funny and stealing things and making them 1v1 for their own things
Charlie Edmonds
Charlie Edmonds 16 days ago
Philippe Plante-Pierre
Your should try the same thing but everybody is putting something on the line
kanaperks 16 days ago
James such a cry baby
Mateo Arce
Mateo Arce 16 days ago
10:42 the laugh track lmao💀
King SB
King SB 16 days ago
Kris doing too much in the vid with those reactions
jackson clark
jackson clark 16 days ago
kris made this video had me geekin the whole time
George Moran
George Moran 16 days ago
bruh when kris says “gotta blast”
Shawn Tu
Shawn Tu 16 days ago
JaBomb 16 days ago
Moochie ahaaaah
Daniel Simpson
Daniel Simpson 16 days ago
Jesses face when he saw the nerfs 😳
Kael Degenhart
Kael Degenhart 16 days ago
Kris always doin to much
xvirxhalx 16 days ago
i cant even lie i was dying during this jus cuz of zack nd james's face for half the video
Vishnu T
Vishnu T 16 days ago
10:42 What we're all thinking
adot_ovoxo 16 days ago
Kris was hilarious in this vid
Carter Freeze
Carter Freeze 16 days ago
Tell ya bois to do sneaker collection vids haven't seen the updated collections
The Fun -_-guy
The Fun -_-guy 16 days ago
Is it just me or do y’all like when Moochie makes this kinda vid???
Glob Glob
Glob Glob 16 days ago
Moochie growing that 6ix9ine beard
Kurston Goff
Kurston Goff 16 days ago
Mitchell looking like Heath hussar !
Synthz 16 days ago
Michael Eddy
Michael Eddy 16 days ago
“James shut the f*** up” 😂😂
Duarte Moreira
Duarte Moreira 16 days ago
Should do a video where you actually buy shoes exactly the same so they would be really confused
iDrxy 16 days ago
Nicholas Evans
Nicholas Evans 16 days ago
Yessssssir KRIS, JAMES STFU!!!
Sigal Legend
Sigal Legend 16 days ago
My respect for kris at 10:40 📈
Keion W.R.
Keion W.R. 16 days ago
Running out of ideas I see
ItsJoe 16 days ago
If yall are reading this just know you're amazing and I hope you continue to reach and continue to achieve your goals. Love you all!
Tobias Gudim
Tobias Gudim 16 days ago
Looking good with the beard, hat and the mullet!! Keep rocking the beard man!🇳🇴