i still like to eat them though... 

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Spearfishing giant trevally in Bali
My buddy who speared the fish: fliety.freediver
Shot on THIS CAMERA (usually): www.insta360.com/sal/one_r?insrc=INRTFW4
The BEST spearfishing/freediving computer: amzn.to/3doxYLv
My dive mask (with camera mount): amzn.to/2Omg4Po
Some awesome spearfishing/freediving books:
***If you want to learn how to freedive or spearfish, DO NOT TRY IT ALONE. I recommend signing up for a freediving course to learn how to dive safely and find a buddy do dive with ******

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Apr 24, 2021




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Bobby Bobby
Bobby Bobby 8 hours ago
Almost gave it a mercy kill with an attempted knife through the brain move.
Jaywilt420 -_-
Jaywilt420 -_- 8 hours ago
Its funny when they say as fast as they can but they go slow for what Im guessing is the pressure
M Slice Cuber
M Slice Cuber 10 hours ago
Btw... rip fishie bobby he had a good life but HE WAS CHOSEN TO BE FAMOUS BY DIS MAN
Dang 67
Dang 67 10 hours ago
Diver vs diver Divers hunting and killing other divers, that would be a cool movie
DarkWolf M
DarkWolf M 12 hours ago
99% of this video was stabbing the fish and me just like STOP STOP, ITS ALREADY DDDEEEEAAAAAADD唐唐.
The other side Number 9
That's so awesome you destroy the brain first, salute.
Reeaazz Rai
Reeaazz Rai Day ago
Its all good and all. Hopefully there are no tangled fishing line wasted and left after you when you are done fishing. Not saying that you do. Gotta keep our sea and oceans safe bro!!
Axel Sugiarto
Wait... Indonesia? I live there and it's an event for me when a youtuber says Indonesia
this indonesian kid yt
Lol that this is very commen here and very good
I Agree
I Agree Day ago
I feel like the ocean is like the space with alien creatures idfk
Cl!ck Day ago
Its always a good sign when you see a group of people frantically running in the opposite direction, it probably means something excitings happening
Camaro Fish
Camaro Fish Day ago
Am I stupid or cant giant trevallys be dangerous, I vaguely remember something from an episode of river monsters
Sn00pi3 _
Sn00pi3 _ Day ago
Anything is edible if you deep fry it long enough -Richard Watterson
鉊鉊耜葦鉊丞葭 鉊鉊毯鉊冢萵鉊鉊鉊詮艇鉊丞葡鉆鉊鉊
I get mad every day when you say the f word
CODBO1ZMBPs3 hazel209
Huh. Burntt
Cricket012 Day ago
LOL NOAH Day ago
That's so cool
Dylan Jesus
Dylan Jesus Day ago
AH AHH 2 days ago
Ayo, how about something dangerous is coming
憪隞交 2 days ago
dare devils
dare devils 2 days ago
Have you ever seen a mermaid 儭儭儭
dare devils
dare devils Day ago
@Smol Bread yeah ik and idc I'm taking too lol
Smol Bread
Smol Bread Day ago
@dare devils Sheeeesh喫 i still have a boyfriend though lmfao
dare devils
dare devils Day ago
@Smol Bread HAH JOKES ON YOU I'M 14
dare devils
dare devils Day ago
@Smol Bread HAH JOKES ON YOU I'M 14
Smol Bread
Smol Bread Day ago
@dare devils damnnn that was smooth, but jail probably im 15
BlaketheBlock 2 days ago
I always cringe super hard when you dig the knife into the fish's head
Ceeday_ 6ix9ine
Ceeday_ 6ix9ine 2 days ago
I thought this was GTA at first
phrog man
phrog man 2 days ago
Is it a good shot? Other guy:
Raymond Roberts
Raymond Roberts 2 days ago
Jack taste terrible
Armel 2 days ago
It's good that he killed that fish right away before taking it out of the water it's humane and it avoids lactic acid build up in it's meat making it hard and taste a bit bitter.
Wurskind 2 days ago
I love to eat fish but I hate fishermen.. Im a hypocrite.
Baba Hippos Meme Collection
Guy: I caught a fish Karen: Thats animal cruelty! Guy: What is? Karen: You are catching and killing fish for fun! Guy: No, Im gonna fry it when I get home Karen: Eating poor animals is cruel Guy: but youre eating a hamburger
briezzy365 3 days ago
Is it pineapple juice marinade?
rahmat nento
rahmat nento 3 days ago
Indonesia 氣拎氣拎 Saving a million world treasures ,,,
Levy 3 days ago
He said that people dont want to catch the fish because they dont taste good. People should be caring less about damn taste and more about the ecosystem and fishes lives.
Wheezer007_ 2 days ago
Do you want to sniff a Cow's fart to prevent Global Warming tho?
Avery brady
Avery brady 3 days ago
Its amazing how terrible your aim is. I know a few people personally that almost always hit a headshot. When you hit body shots, you ruin the meat, you make the fish suffer for however long it takes you to actually kill it, and it gives sharks and other predators the juiciest looking piece of food just frantically flopping around in the water. Why not just have patience, take your time on the shot, if you miss your opportunity, oh well. Theres plenty of fish in the sea.
VenTEA 2 days ago
Id like to see you do better
zincbak warrior
zincbak warrior 3 days ago
im sure youre very experienced with spear fishing eh? im sure youve never missed? eh?
Howard The Alien
Howard The Alien 3 days ago
Its always a good sign to see your bud- His friend: SSSHHAAARRRKKK Him: as I was saying its always great to see them swimming so fast like there life depends on it
Ethan H
Ethan H 3 days ago
It made me slightly shudder when it flopped as it got put on the boat, you know, after being stabbed in the brain
Redcat-V 3 days ago
I have a question, have you ever caught a shark and ate it?
Tay Tay
Tay Tay 3 days ago
Is it a good shot? him: the smile tho朮
Josiah Lee
Josiah Lee 3 days ago
You brained it but it was still flopping. You did a bad job mate.
The muscles still move, like a octupus
Ville Garv矇n
Ville Garv矇n 3 days ago
They will always do that. They r not alive they r just having spasms or something idk
Jurassic Brawl
Jurassic Brawl 3 days ago
You sounds like Rey brawl stars
Kim Bald Un
Kim Bald Un 4 days ago
I thought you would shoot your friend in the head at the beginning of the video
Norbert Defan
Norbert Defan 4 days ago
I know what you mean buddy
richard 4 days ago
Nah thats a GT
SkyGames 4 days ago
My head hurt when he dug the knife into its head..
Aiden Sellers
Aiden Sellers 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure you not supposed to swim up very fast when diving
zincbak warrior
zincbak warrior 3 days ago
youre thinking about extremely deep diving, and in that case, your blood will boil as air bubbles start to form from the decompression
Ville Garv矇n
Ville Garv矇n 3 days ago
That is the opposite on what u should do lmao
Brenda Herrera
Brenda Herrera 4 days ago
You should try and aim at the fin but also the body
dacca007 4 days ago
How do I tell US-first to STOP putting your annoying videos up for me to watch?
dacca007 2 days ago
@spodose noted.....shit I did it again 丹領儭
spodose 3 days ago
@dacca007 well you're here commenting on his video, increasing his engagement which pushes the video out even more. So you're not doing yourself a favor
Captain SmolletKermit
@dacca007 what don't you like about the videos?
dacca007 3 days ago
@KGB I obviously dont watch them dumbass, youtube keeps pushing them in the feed and I keep skipping them....there is no "Not interested" option to select...
KGB 4 days ago
Then don't watch them?
cole Cadwell
cole Cadwell 4 days ago
Get a grill
Vanced Yt
Vanced Yt 4 days ago
Ameuh-ricAH. The birth place of aids!!!
Captain SmolletKermit
Ok..... and this is related to what exactly?
Ainz Lee
Ainz Lee 4 days ago
Nice ulua now you can take um home and flex on um 不踢
Shooting fishing Ireland Reidy
I go spear fishing too
Shiro Indo
Shiro Indo 4 days ago
Also indonesia really likes to cook shit you wouldn't expect to look good but tastes like the last supper
Shiro Indo
Shiro Indo 4 days ago
It's great to hear that you are enjoying our country's sea food since we basically live of off them
Charlie Wilkinson
Cool thing here in San Diego Cali there is a restaurant that you can bring fresh meat to or veggies or etc. and they have no paying fee you give them the food then they cook it and you get it.
PavleTheDoge 4 days ago
Imagine you were the fish
zincbak warrior
zincbak warrior 3 days ago
@JAYSON CARRENDER average christian
Id tel god thanks he didnt give us pains sensors
Trout River
Trout River 4 days ago
When your too useless to catch a fish with a rod and line. Im all for fishing but this just looks boring as hell .
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi 4 days ago
It's all fun and games until he says no there was a shark
LAND OF WONDER 5 days ago
The bleep my ears
Kelly Jones
Kelly Jones 5 days ago
I'm hungry now
ProfessorAngi 5 days ago
Ngl that was a very small Giant Trevally
Pro Gamer123
Pro Gamer123 5 days ago
I love how he missed the beep at the end love the vid
Tobi Uchiha
Tobi Uchiha 5 days ago
Thats cruel the fish is alive and you just let it feel pain and slowly die Im not a vegan but damn
Tobi Uchiha
Tobi Uchiha 3 days ago
@Captain SmolletKermit never said I hated it???
Captain SmolletKermit
Learn about what you hate on before hating on ot
KGB 4 days ago
Fish can't feel pain in the first place
Imanidiot 5 days ago
He stabbed it brain to make sure they wont feel anymore pain. He keeps it consistent every time he spear fishes. Shot to the head clean or knife to the head.
CytruzErizonit 5 days ago
I love these shorts not only are the entertaining but I know they consume the fish they kill so there not hunting for fun
LA_assassain 5 days ago
Who else liked it when he stabbed the knife into the fish head
peanut dog animations
I remember a speargun in a Lego set and it dont look like what your using.
peanut dog animations
@Captain SmolletKermit idk
Captain SmolletKermit
Are you fact checking stuff to legos?
Hielo Kasama
Hielo Kasama 5 days ago
Crazy though, yall good for not running it straight up and hurting yourselfs
BlickInMyBoot 5 days ago
Imagine enjoying a swim and you just get shot
Captain SmolletKermit
Yeah that would be so fun
Dimondov 5 days ago
Im actually really glad that no one is complaining of "Oh HE iS tORtUriNg THe fIsH."
Ville Garv矇n
@Chicken Man i fish mostly trout and grayling
Ville Garv矇n
@Chicken Man over 5kg its not resonable but under that its not that hard
Chicken Man
Chicken Man Day ago
@Ville Garv矇n how do you even manage to snap the neck of a fish bro
Atomic Dice
Atomic Dice 3 days ago
Oh HE iS tORtUriNg THe fIsH!!!
Nicko 3 days ago
@Ville Garv矇n no dude he stabs its brain with a knife which kills the fish instantly
SteakLake 5 days ago
Well hey what can I say indonesia can do almost anything. We even enjoy durian :) I mean they are sweat ngl
peekeeper 5 days ago
That weird fish at the beginning looks tasty
Dr k
Dr k 5 days ago
If you see me scrambling quick to the surface .... Im running from jaws.... so HELP!!!!!!!
MULLETMAN 5 days ago
Just try fishing lol
The vessel of I am
The fish started at us as the 3rd insertion entered his head. I felt so guilty.
Black Itadori
Black Itadori 5 days ago
When he was underwater I thought it was a video game and said shoot him until he came up and I realized it was real
PIKACHU 5 days ago
I seen the title and then looked at the vid and I thought u was talking about humnas
will brown
will brown 5 days ago
The vegans are foaming at the moutg
spodose 5 days ago
Surprisingly did not see any triggered 15 year old tiktok girls
Captain SmolletKermit
There's a few if you sort comments by newest first
Gamer twins
Gamer twins 5 days ago
Have you ever came across a shark?
Marko Polo
Marko Polo 5 days ago
I don't even like eating fish except like salmon or tinned tuna but your videos are addictive to watch
Pel-Um Bandung
Pel-Um Bandung 5 days ago
Here in Indonesia we have tons of way to cook a fish since our ancestors is a sailors, and believe me our way of grilled fish is the best And travelly species is one of our favorite, specially diamond travelly, we mainly use turminic (like the video shown) to cook the fish and other spices My recommendation, try asking the local to cook spanish mackerel you freshly catch into a grilled, a fried, a stew and soup (a decent size fish is enough to make all those), and i believe you will fall in love even more with our culinary worlds
Gabriel Lightsworn
By something exciting you mean megalodon coming up from the seafloor gotcha nope I'm staying on dry land you guys have fun with that more fish for you as they say more fish in the sea
Gabriel Lightsworn
@JAYSON CARRENDER so when you do ReDiscover the megalodon will you remember us little guys and gals I mean it is of course if it doesn't eat you first if it doesn't eat you then please remember us if it does eat you then I did not tell you to go down there and I hold no legal repercussion forward but if it doesn't eat you dude you're going to be famous for all you know you could be the megalodon whisperer you ever thought about that I mean horses some can train dogs you could literally train an army of killer sharks then again I don't want to give you any ideas so let's not go down that James Bond route right now
Gabriel Lightsworn
@JAYSON CARRENDER one thing Christianity science and evolution is taught me is nothing is truly ever extinct it's simply evolves into something else now whether that's something worse or something better remains to be seen I mean think about it like this a few hundred years ago the giant squid was no more than a myth a few thousand years ago you truly believe that you were the only thing in this entire galaxy and up until a few minutes ago you didn't know that in our entire universe there are billions of other galaxies do we really want to say that something doesn't exist anymore simply because we can't see it at best we just haven't found it or the rest of it monstrosity of children and let's be honest evolution would prove that that thing could have evolved and survived how would it have changed remains to be seen them now I know this all sounds like a dumbass rat but think about it like this how awesome would it be if you would have wanted to find or if you would have want to ReDiscover something don't sell yourself short you may be the reason we find out that megalodon evolved into I don't know maybe a chicken or something or a shark hybrid just kill it with fire now please
You know the megaldon is long extinct
XxIcy_BoixX ;D
XxIcy_BoixX ;D 5 days ago
I DONT KNOW HOW THEY DO IT BUT ITS FUCKIN DELICOUS *shows whole fish getting grilled*
Jantina Howard
Jantina Howard 5 days ago
klips_gaming 5 days ago
Kinda sad ngl
Ville Garv矇n
Ville Garv矇n 3 days ago
@Captain SmolletKermit i feel ya
Captain SmolletKermit
@Ville Garv矇n yeah I just reread my comment and don't really understand it either. Like when you can't read your own handwriting in school or something
Ville Garv矇n
Ville Garv矇n 3 days ago
@Captain SmolletKermit i had a stroke whilst reading that wth do u mean (I probably didnt understand bc im stupid lmao )
Captain SmolletKermit
@Ville Garv矇n you know, one singular fish that was going to get eaten by something else at some point. I can't imagine the kind of trauma this person would go through if they realised people die too.
Ville Garv矇n
Ville Garv矇n 3 days ago
Jacob Dulac
Jacob Dulac 5 days ago
That looks like a piranha
Jack Price
Jack Price 5 days ago
It does look wrong that you are stabbing the brain of the fish but it is still better to put it to death quicker than to have it suffer
pumpkin 5 days ago
They all look tasty but why aren't they getting the humans, that looks way better
GhaniGaming 5 days ago
I wonder if because you mentioned Indonesia if Indonesians are here? (besides yours truly) edit: called it
DigBom 5 days ago
Dont rush up to the surface too fast youll get sick, and in some cases dangerous.
Klement Ezra Suhartanto
Indo wow :)
Bob Ross
Bob Ross 5 days ago
Have you ever had your spear go clean through a fish?
Devoid Buckler
Devoid Buckler 5 days ago
Bro I like your videos its like what my father was doing when he was young He is from Visayas part of the Philippines and he told me that when he was young he would go spearfishing for food and after he gets fish he would go to some small islands and get bananas or anything that is edible in that small island after that he goes to sleep in the same island He was like a survivalist and his stories was so cool
gerrick bohayo
gerrick bohayo 6 days ago
Did you eat fish daily really i dont think so hmm
I am just a fish
I am just a fish 6 days ago
One day i will get my revenge
Captain SmolletKermit
It will be hard to get a harpoon through us humans skulls, but I believe in you.
Dirty deeds Done dirt cheap
Ikan bakar itu cuman dibakar pake kecap manis doang uenak banget kalau dimakan kayak gitu
Latino Loco
Latino Loco 6 days ago
now ive been seeing your videos sometimes and aye you need to improve your shoot game
Ayden Sheehan
Ayden Sheehan 6 days ago
TAF TNUC 6 days ago
Thought gt was a sport fish of no eating quality
Dimas Valentino
Dimas Valentino 6 days ago
Indonesia 氣
Rick Richards
Rick Richards 6 days ago
He stabs the head as part of the ikejime fish killing method from Japan. But he forgot to sever the spinal cord connection and thats why the fish is still moving. And after that would be exsanguination
farrel purwoko
farrel purwoko 6 days ago
I dont know if anyone have ever pointed this out to you, but your voice is really similar to youtube channel "NileBlue" and "NileRed"
farrel purwoko
farrel purwoko 6 days ago
Probably the secret ingredients of every indonesian dish MICIN (Thats MSG, micin is how indo people call it)
My 50 Cal Exploded
He officially quit