I Spent $150,000 On This Pokémon Card 

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That was intense... love you Gary thank you!!
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I’m a 25 year old manchild living in Los Angeles. This is my life.


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Oct 14, 2020




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young helmet
young helmet 8 minutes ago
Why did I cry
Cyrus Ahmed
Cyrus Ahmed 10 minutes ago
Those cards are worth more than everything i have and all my money
Bubby890 24 minutes ago
Logan: we probably spent it all in the casino
I need money Please subscribe
I love u
Luca Is cool
Luca Is cool 33 minutes ago
This is so intense
Zeynep Karaman
Zeynep Karaman 59 minutes ago
Enes batur
Zeynep Karaman
Zeynep Karaman 59 minutes ago
Ayem Enes Batur a abone ol
Darth Katdair
Darth Katdair Hour ago
Fuck yeahhh!!!! Good for you manj!! So sick to watch 👏
shrow fn
shrow fn Hour ago
Who steal listen his songs
Shubh Srivastava
Lana looked so bored even tho she was witnessing history
Andrew Lorenzen
It was fake, or was that video fake
Takong Singkom
Just Fuck your pokemon card : just think with that money how many hungar people sleep with full stomach.
arckii 37 minutes ago
Lmao. He donated the same amount of money for Mental Health from a Pokémon stream :/ Y’all hate for nothing
1luv08 Hour ago
bruh why someone from la cant smoke him already come on
Proud Yal
Proud Yal Hour ago
dont show him genshin impact
i cried at the end of pokemon 2000 when ash turned to stone and the pokemon's tears bring him back. But today...... i cried even harder at this video
Adham Eissa
Adham Eissa Hour ago
كسم التفاهة
Roadmen_cuhz Hour ago
Ur not funny
Cal Hour ago
Ouch 🤕
Ben L
Ben L 2 hours ago
This is an amazing video man. I've been a fan pokemon and you for a while. What an awesome insight into the collecting world.
Yanos Hour ago
you couldnt have been a fan of him that long, third graders are only so old
Among Us Gameplay
Among Us Gameplay 2 hours ago
Where is ginger the giant
E bot E
E bot E 2 hours ago
I have the rarest kind of Pokémon lady rn
sert diy
sert diy 2 hours ago
Good 😀 making clips very useful Looks good to follow .... I love it. 😀 I just started making DIY clips.
Nicholas Ferreira
Nicholas Ferreira 2 hours ago
Top Sant.
Top Sant. 2 hours ago
Hence, money can buy happiness
Jason Burke
Jason Burke 3 hours ago
This dude is so smart. These videos are increasing the price of Pokémon cards massively
J W 3 hours ago
I think this is gonna turn in to a Pokémon channel
Alejandro Sosa
Alejandro Sosa 3 hours ago
Damn its been years since I actually enjoyed a logan paul video... This was actually a very good video🤷🤷
Sensei GB
Sensei GB 3 hours ago
Is it true he was scammed and it was a fake card
arckii 36 minutes ago
His Pikachu illustration card was fake. He punched a fuckin window because of it lol. This charizard is real tho.
Yanos Hour ago
yes, he was scammed, just like you were scammed of precious time by watching this video
KING SIZE 3 hours ago
So he just has 10 million sitting in his house huh???
Nyala Johnston
Nyala Johnston 3 hours ago
My name is Logan
Sebastian Vera
Sebastian Vera 3 hours ago
What happened to Andy
One Mike
One Mike 3 hours ago
And the challenge game
Crazy Stitch
Crazy Stitch 3 hours ago
who else is here from dangelo wallace
The Horror
The Horror 3 hours ago
Dude that is worth 1,000$ not 150,000 cause I have the card I didn't pay for it but you got ripped off
arckii 35 minutes ago
Yours is prob not 1st edition.
Jim Jones
Jim Jones 3 hours ago
thought i'd check in to see what you doing these days and I can see after getting bashed lol you back doing youtube vids lol, this is all you can ever be and do looser
matt mccleary
matt mccleary 3 hours ago
Hey whatever happened to your child named Ginger it’s been a while since we’ve seen her
phrog mcphrogger
phrog mcphrogger 3 hours ago
I have autism, this vid cured it And replaced it with aids, cancer, yeast infection and HIV, thank you
Mrsavage Gaming
Mrsavage Gaming 4 hours ago
Flora _777
Flora _777 4 hours ago
Jose Reynosa
Jose Reynosa 4 hours ago
Vampires GAmers
Vampires GAmers 4 hours ago
Plz help siyona Shrestha plzzz
FastFish 21
FastFish 21 4 hours ago
Logan: I want to buy stuff that will make me more money in the future Also logan: I will never sell this card
Nicholas Laycock
Nicholas Laycock 4 hours ago
What happened to Ginger the giant your dog
Omar Urrea
Omar Urrea 4 hours ago
Yoo bro I had one of Those bro and I was like 8 or 10 when I was into Pokémon and looking back now to see how rare they are is so crazy
Max Hine
Max Hine 4 hours ago
i feel like i just watch an anime
MysticalGodz 5 hours ago
Mr Bonny
Mr Bonny 5 hours ago
Alguém br??
Myles Gaming Poppie :D
I reespect Pokémon cards
Evan_the_dark bomber
Wait if you are a og from smosh they got one
Peter Irwin
Peter Irwin 6 hours ago
1:04 yeah I still can't take an L from the ksi fight
loghead 911
loghead 911 6 hours ago
Bruh this man dont care bout no cards he was on pawnstars trying to sell these for half a mil lmao
Fish_Nite 6 hours ago
Jasmine riesch
Jasmine riesch 6 hours ago
Hew do u think is more funny George or Mike smash a like if u think both
i love logan so much
SMARTIESBOI YT 6 hours ago
Garry definitely hit that day🤣
Samuel Horenkamp
Samuel Horenkamp 6 hours ago
Fight KSI
6xG 6 hours ago
I feel like it was a lot of pressure on Garry as there was cameras on him, and he had a lot on him. As he’s been offered way more than what Logan has but there wasn’t any cameras on him during those offers.
Blossom 6 hours ago
pokemon needs more hype, but don't have logan paul ruin it's name
Cosbyslide 7 hours ago
Aight bois whos goin to la wit me 💰💰🔫🔫
X S-23
X S-23 7 hours ago
Kaiba with the briefcase
Marlo The Sauce God
Didn’t KSI dropped you in a boxing match🤔😂
willow ames
willow ames 7 hours ago
the thing is i have a card thats almost totally like that one sooooo can i have half a milloin dollars just joking but i do have almost the exact same card
1100 7 hours ago
Ramo Ya salame
TheElaineRocks 8 hours ago
Logan I have a mega charizard and idk wat to do with it so I don't think u have not completed the Pokemon cards yet
tennis time
tennis time 8 hours ago
Ligan is making his. Ard worth more.
Jv Nr
Jv Nr 8 hours ago
Kaitlyn Bennett owned your stupid dumb ass 🤣🤣
mazz squad
mazz squad 8 hours ago
who else came from funny mike video?
Kyle Zeoli
Kyle Zeoli 8 hours ago
I miss ginger
Nikolaj Willadsen
Nikolaj Willadsen 8 hours ago
Kinda getting the wolf of wallstreet vibe from the way he explained the story
Diavolo 8 hours ago
omg even logan paul is at las vegas i live there too nice to meet you!- NOW GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE
Abrilplayzroblox YT
Last year I went to his channel He had 22.21 subscribers Now he has some
DREW COWLEY 8 hours ago
Can you please make more Pokémon video
Drippy_Zerry 8 hours ago
Who’s here form funnymike
Paul McKillop
Paul McKillop 8 hours ago
I’m selling a Pokémon card for 2. 500 dollars
Filip 2345
Filip 2345 8 hours ago
That's so sick
vega 8 hours ago
and lana roahdes?
100k without no vidéo
Let make a challenge if my channel 100k i will give a 1'000 dollar 🤑
100k without no vidéo
S abonné
Big Smoke
Big Smoke 9 hours ago
People still watch Logan Paul?😂😂
kabir vivanco
kabir vivanco 9 hours ago
UnKnown_JK 9 hours ago
They shaked hands while the world is being destroyed by a virus 🦠🦠
OMGitsAliA9900 10 hours ago
Remember you Santa diss track
Marius 10 hours ago
Lana just sitting there
xxslump _2hard
xxslump _2hard 10 hours ago
Wait u said that that cost 115,00 ???? I had one of those in elementary the exact one and now I don’t have it ..... I’m bouta cry I just missed out on $115,000
xxslump _2hard
xxslump _2hard 10 hours ago
And if u think I’m lying I swear on my life and everyone I love
Tomorah Clark
Tomorah Clark 10 hours ago
Guys get THE MERCH its amazing lol and also Jake is ugly sorry itsjust that his face looks burnt so ya Logan is better
Jeezz Zess
Jeezz Zess 10 hours ago
I have something to show u with my pokemon card
jstar 6666
jstar 6666 10 hours ago
عقرب geming
عقرب geming 10 hours ago
مين جاي من انسايد
Karol Młynarski
Karol Młynarski 10 hours ago
Why you cant do Daily?
lyndy101 10 hours ago
Bro why you show him pull out the stack of cards...dumb.
James Burten
James Burten 11 hours ago
But it's a gx
James Burten
James Burten 11 hours ago
I got a charzard
Cute Kiki
Cute Kiki 11 hours ago
Hi I'm Kiki I'm 2 years old, I'm new to youtube can you help me cross 1000 subcribers?❤❤❤❤
XolarWtf 11 hours ago
Who else came here from funnymike
alex francis
alex francis 11 hours ago
Yoo hiii man be a M
Ryan Waters
Ryan Waters 11 hours ago
He got scammed 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jazzy. Johal.
Jazzy. Johal. 11 hours ago
Logan’s about to get robbed 😂
Harold Zaford
Harold Zaford 11 hours ago
Gamemaster99 11 hours ago
I prefer Logan with the beard