I speedrun mining an entire chunk in minecraft 

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why did I do this speedrun?
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Edited by: @The Suited Bird
Watch the world record speedrun here: us-first.info/player/video/hdp3mIt3pmyVlWQ.html
My channel generally focuses on a more casual side of speedruns. With these videos I want to show off cool speedruns, explain how they work, and entertain. Hopefully you enjoy the content and maybe even take up speedrunning yourself, because it is truly a lot of fun!
Today we tried the speedrun of mining a chunk in minecraft. What possessed me to do this? I'm not sure. But it was something... If you don't know, a chunk is a 256-block (384-block in minecraft 1.17) tall 16×16 segment of a Minecraft world. Chunks are the method used by the world generator to divide maps into manageable pieces. Therefore, in total I mined around 16,000 blocks. What is my life?
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speedrun / speedrunner of Minecraft against literally the worst minecraft speedrunning challenge of all time. It was pretty funny how much I went insane though...
#EazySpeezy #Minecraft #Speedrun


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Feb 21, 2021




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EazySpeezy 6 days ago
Just so everyone knows, I am working on getting world record. The thing is, you need a lot of luck to do it and I'm not gonna grind the category 8 hours a day because I care about my sanity. I'm doing the attempts a few days a week on my Twitch though so EVENTUALLY we'll get it or I will die trying... Yeah this might take a while. (Also watch it live at twitch.tv/EazySpeezy )
LOMe Zack
LOMe Zack 18 hours ago
If you stack up or place blocks, dont Use Cobblestone, it takes the longest to mine. Use Gravel or sand if available, u can mlg down and take it all with a torch
Glitzy Line5
Glitzy Line5 Day ago
Ameer Day ago
You hit 1 mil views
BTF_Flotsam Day ago
@Cyan Akabane He would have to lose 15 thousand subscribers to do the challenge. He isn't losing them, it's just a really good example of a funny challenge gimmick.
Cyan Akabane
Cyan Akabane Day ago
@BTF_Flotsam bro im a very simple guy and i dont understand wut u said so could ya plz explain cuz me stupid no understand Like is he losing 15k or whats happening im so lost
dead memer
dead memer Hour ago
do the world record B
Noddle Lebowski
Noddle Lebowski 2 hours ago
speedrun ratatouille
Vivid Mango
Vivid Mango 4 hours ago
Alternative title: getting cobblestone for tommyinnits tower speedrun
Airplane Lord
Airplane Lord 5 hours ago
can you speedrun making pasta casserole?
El Pendejo
El Pendejo 6 hours ago
I like editor
Myself Stupid
Myself Stupid 6 hours ago
Your casserole sounds delicious editor lol 💀🤌 chef
Rice Rice
Rice Rice 6 hours ago
Was the casserole good?
SethPlayz 72
SethPlayz 72 9 hours ago
It got 100k world record time
espotix 7 hours ago
Jeheh Hejdhdh
Jeheh Hejdhdh 12 hours ago
Dude I bet you went to the tallest Y coords ever, I bet the key is going to a desert biome and just fall into a ravine
Gunner Shifflet
Gunner Shifflet 13 hours ago
Yo someone contact RoughHouse they got competition.
Alex Fierro
Alex Fierro 13 hours ago
Nobody: Eazy to the enderman: We stand here amongst MY ACHIEVEMENT, NOT YOURS!
Katakana Productions
Justin See
Justin See 15 hours ago
speedrun hypixel
Maarten Mert Wildenberg
Uh oh 100k likes
Ailin 18 hours ago
9:42 AeonAir moment
Ded Syraous
Ded Syraous 19 hours ago
Literally a week, and he has to get world record lmao
Pieface Roblox
Pieface Roblox 19 hours ago
Soooo... mining an entire chunk takes longer than killing Ms. Dragon?
Spencer Wright
Spencer Wright 19 hours ago
The editor is now my freind no changing my mind. And also next time you play wii sports with your family destroy there souls
noobpoob 20 hours ago
Hi for mr. Editor :)
PotatoMC 21 hour ago
Can you ask your editor for the recipe of the pasta casserole :)
andreツ 22 hours ago
imagen doing this in 1.17
Ooosie E
Ooosie E Day ago
I was like if he hits the cat im ending watching this 😂😂
Fabian Sigfridsson 9B
check out "Stingin" he digs out a hole with a 333 block radius but that still impressive
Fabian Sigfridsson 9B
he is on twitch and has no video on that on youtube
Elisa Haugen
Elisa Haugen Day ago
Can I have the receipt for the pasta casserole
cactus ed
cactus ed Day ago
Dude sounds like bad boy halo
No One
No One Day ago
Damn that casserole sound good wanna send some?
Buff Kermit
Buff Kermit Day ago
Commenters note: The editor is really pog and I wish I could’ve eaten some of that casserole
kellen liame
kellen liame Day ago
When is the world record easy speezy?
I like he talks about everything like we don’t know what he’s doing
Melanchollu Day ago
A proud member of Ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1060 gang. GTX 1060 BOYS RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aqua Inferno
Aqua Inferno Day ago
isnt it great to just be taller-EazySpeezy 2021
Curiosity Dog
The editor’s notes made my day
Stacie Mohler
0:58 all Irish people are mad at you
Titanit Titanit
This doesn't look painful for me mining an entire chunk in 3 hours. but what is more painful and fun for me is Mining obsidian in 6-10 second without any break by 5-6 hours every day and 8-13 hours in weekend and 6-14 hours in holiday for 8 damn great months on a sever that doesn't exist anymore.
lets break the algorithm for 1.17 lol
Slingming Day ago
Your meal sounds delicious editor
Welp he gonna grind for wr
autheli Day ago
one time i did this in survival, and made it into a hot tub, i made every block inside it a water source block
autheli Day ago
can u make me a casserole
Rafael Parejo garcia
100k likes, waiting for the wr
Kajnake Day ago
Editor sounds like a really cool and nice person
Bob Moles
Bob Moles Day ago
You should have used the TNT on dirt and gravel
Lyra H. Strings
I once mined out a 200 block diameter hole down to bedrock from y=63 on a server with the help of a few people... We went through a few phases of people losing and gaining interest again. I built a sorting system to process the sheer amount of material we would have. It works out to about 2 million blocks, lmao, and we tried to save most of it. Many people weren't in on the idea of trying to save the materials and a lot of it was lost.
Freeman Bg - TV
Ok . Now you are crazy 😂
Nathan Nagle
Nathan Nagle Day ago
It get 100k likes
Kārlis Ušpelis
"this video will never get 100'000 likes." A few days later. "Guess we know what i will be streaming for the Next week."
TamBrix22 Day ago
Give that editor a raise!
I want to adopt the editor 😭
Tanner Fandrich
I can't believe that there were no diamonds in that entire chunk
Festus Happy
Festus Happy Day ago
where is the recipe of your pasta casserole?
Benjamin O Mahony
*Potatoes are terrible* ANGRY IRISH NOISES
mincraft 123
mincraft 123 Day ago
thought u got world record
Yjiokhi 447
Yjiokhi 447 Day ago
I really love the editor's notes
ja lopy
ja lopy Day ago
You need to pay your editor more. They can't even afford real crab for their good casserole. :)
Brandon J
Brandon J 2 days ago
Good luck beating the world record
IThinkzz 2 days ago
The best way to do this is to fill a chunk of the ocean with sand to drain out the water
steampunk hulk
steampunk hulk 2 days ago
Who tf managed to mine the chunk in an hour 30
steampunk hulk
steampunk hulk 2 days ago
You good sir, have gained a subscriber from your hard work
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 2 days ago
I want 3 million views!!!!!!! I comment to help statistics
Edgar Mendoza
Edgar Mendoza 2 days ago
This too
Edgar Mendoza
Edgar Mendoza 2 days ago
This is for algorithm
Aether 2 days ago
*Irish flag slowly appearing* potatoes..
General Jake
General Jake 2 days ago
eazy was loosing his mind twitch chat was prob board the editor just had a good meal
Ida Fischer
Ida Fischer 2 days ago
I want that crab casserole recipe from the editor.
Lego Watto
Lego Watto 2 days ago
EazySpeezy been real quiet since 100k likes been dropped on this video... (Actually he hasn't, he's made a comment saying he's gonna do what he promised in the vid but I've always wanted to say this lmao.)
No_Name_ 25
No_Name_ 25 2 days ago
Can I get the recipe for that casserole tho?? And good luck on the wr 😂
Mortis Main
Mortis Main 2 days ago
Nope I love it
k. 2 days ago
Its getting 3 million views
UnFusion Ghost
UnFusion Ghost 2 days ago
Eazy should speedrun crleste
ShadowMixe 2 days ago
My question is why didn’t you do this in the nether after you got efficiency 5 pickaxe, that would’ve been way way faster
Freezing Fire
Freezing Fire 2 days ago
Good thing you didn't do it in the newest snapshots... The lowest Y level became -64
jan Ana
jan Ana 2 days ago
Good editor
Mad Czech Gamer
Mad Czech Gamer 2 days ago
Like for the editor's fake crab
Dave Falcon
Dave Falcon 2 days ago
Imagine him haveing to do this in 1.17
roke 2 days ago
whats the seed
PokeCam 2 days ago
Eazy give your editor a raise so they can afford crab
Hunter Imler
Hunter Imler 2 days ago
Now do it again in pocket edition
ToTallyNormal 2 days ago
I want more of the editor in videos
ItsNerf OrNothing
GL with WR. I will bring a casserole
aaziikaaa 2 days ago
Why didnt he pick a chunk with a ravine
Turbo Trix
Turbo Trix 2 days ago
Whes the world record
01Vince 2 days ago
I want mathox to have the wr But you could be second. Okay?
foofy the furry
foofy the furry 2 days ago
5:48 then move to louisinana! (or however the !@#$%^&* you spell it)
Sahil 2 days ago
I want to see this man suffer with 1.17 and digging to -64
Squige 2 days ago
You're not a Minecraft US-firstr, you got a 1060 instead of a 3090 and ryzen 5 260p instead of a ryzen 9 or tread ripper
Moth 2 days ago
I hope the pasta casserole was tasty!
Studio Szaleństwa Szakal - Gaming Channel
Eazy must do a co-op Overcooked 2 speedrun video with his editor
Ranjan Bhattacharya
why are the editors notes the best part of the video
TheMaither 2 days ago
speedrun unclear you need mine bedrock
Jonas Gömpel
Jonas Gömpel 2 days ago
There is this mode "Punch a chunk". try this^^
Corrine Relunia
Corrine Relunia 2 days ago
*Editor's note:* *Talks about food* *Me:* You don't have friends do you? *Edit:* Grammar and spelling
Alexandru Macedon
Die Zombie 1970
Die Zombie 1970 3 days ago
Yo the editor’s pasta casserole sounds amazing.
Subbd Gaming
Subbd Gaming 3 days ago
Haha lol 999k views
Vioco 3 days ago
Is tnt duping allowed? If so, that'd be a good strat.
Lord Of Puns
Lord Of Puns 3 days ago
I checked the rules, why not start mining in a ridge, most of the blocks are already cut out?
Logan Bodley
Logan Bodley 3 days ago
I love how he’s talking about casserole the whole damn time lapse 😂
Ch1mp's chump change
This is literally what all of my survival worlds are, a massive hole to bedrock, sizes 16x16 and up