I recorded every toxic player I played with in Rocket League, this is the result (part 5) 

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For a car soccer game, things can get pretty spicy out there...
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Apr 28, 2021




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Tobias Åhlander
Tobias Åhlander 2 hours ago
Shouldnt play if you can't handle losing. Also it's not that long, it's not a Fifa match that goes on for 15-20 minutes. It's rocket league 5-15 max
Th1stWizard 4 hours ago
dang I laughed most the vid thx XD
Messipig 10
Messipig 10 5 hours ago
The funny thing is you were playing with pulse evample. He changes his name to slightly washed
James Mackenzie
James Mackenzie 9 hours ago
Idk why but I rly enjoyed that vid.
James Mackenzie
James Mackenzie 9 hours ago
Very satisfying seeing toxic ppl get put in there place
djkevin07 11 hours ago
always coming up with the great content and the awesome humor, keep it up!
GhostHunter 12 hours ago
The end IS so sad😭
Powpow 24 crache
Powpow 24 crache 15 hours ago
Wtf i got te notification that im on the video, but i cant tell when, if someone finds the minute plz type it.
Matthew Palkovich
Matthew Palkovich 15 hours ago
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Vincent Constantino
Vincent Constantino 16 hours ago
honestly these videos make me want to scream but some clips are funny😂
Adal Morales
Adal Morales 17 hours ago
Can ou make them longer please
Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor 18 hours ago
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White Stain
White Stain 21 hour ago
Gotta love 4:58
MrAlex2803 21 hour ago
The players I love the most are the ones who can airdribble the ball all the way across the pitch but aren't able to save the easiest shot let alone rotate properly
Alex Does Stuff
james 3:10 From the same mouth come blessing and cursing. My brothers, these things ought not to be so. (Also Jesus is king God is king.
rvscnsrv Day ago
I like that subnautica gasopod pic
Oli lll
Oli lll Day ago
Whats the first song?
Kathy Taylor
Kathy Taylor Day ago
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Mauricio Rodriguez
Me encanta saber que a todos les pasan estas cosas 😆
Joe P
Joe P Day ago
2019 Sunless: "I'm enough of an asshole to upload a video about the worst teammate ever, but not enough to show everyone his name" 2021 Sunless: "Hey guys I record everything that happens while I play come watch part 5 of me showing people's names" (Please never stop this is my favorite series on US-first)
tails exe
tails exe Day ago
I have a question when did the number 1 rule become a thing? though out all my time of playing RL i have never heard of it
Flash Attack
Flash Attack 2 days ago
I knew he was lying at the end
David Krueger
David Krueger 2 days ago
Rocket League is by far the most RNG game. 4:08 for reference.
Daniel Mohundro
Daniel Mohundro 2 days ago
Sunless: I don't have any friends 1.88 mil subscribers: ........wrong
Taylor A. Pettingill
The sound effects were spot fucking on LOL
Zenfade 2 days ago
music at the beginning?
Ran 2 days ago
i knew sunless was a bronze but i didnt know his teammates were also bronze
Banjo 2 days ago
can we get a video of the most wholesome moments
Bakuretsu 2 days ago
That song is a vibe tho
Someguy 69
Someguy 69 2 days ago
9:07 I felt that 😔
SpoonyWasTaken 3 days ago
Sunless is a master editor
Sean Jennings
Sean Jennings 3 days ago
video idea: an ssl plays a gc at 30fps then a champ at 15 diamond at ten plat at 8 gold at 5
BH 4 days ago
Sunless productions is on another level. Always a joy to watch a simple concept executed so well
K M 4 days ago
10:49 was when i lost my shit
Squidette the waifu c;
Do we have the same teammates?
Devin Seth
Devin Seth 4 days ago
That player who used the force is literally everyone in any game I play
NotASnail 4 days ago
i recorded every every toxic player?
Sir Qak
Sir Qak 4 days ago
All these gcs thinking that they are good I'm diamond 2 and I should be Plat 3
Lucas Faucher
Lucas Faucher 4 days ago
HAHAHAHAH BRO THAT WAS AN INSANE VIDEO LOVE IT. I was crying all the time that was so funny 😂
Jude Harkin
Jude Harkin 4 days ago
What's the third song
Marijn van Bergen
4:46 I think that sligthtly watched guy was Evample
pace maker
pace maker 4 days ago
You're mad skilled my dude keep doing what your doing
Calvinsol05 4 days ago
I love the amount of star wars memes in this one
William Ahern
William Ahern 5 days ago
What’s The Song Called At Chapter 4 “Rage Quit” plz someone tell me
K M 5 days ago
@sunlessKhan what song plays at the beginning?
Speed Demon
Speed Demon 5 days ago
Don't worry! I'll be your Friend! :)
Leak 5 days ago
I hate bad teammates
Hert Bert
Hert Bert 5 days ago
I can be your friend, just share my channel with your millions of subs ¿
Jackson Harris
Jackson Harris 5 days ago
Petition to change this game's name to "Toxic League"
T Pose Scout
T Pose Scout 5 days ago
HarveyJay 5 days ago
why did i laugh so hard at this video
Schnittцель 5 days ago
Hampus Naeselius - The Sewers 9:45
Klu ?
Klu ? 5 days ago
im in danger.
Zewillo 5 days ago
8:14 I wouldn’t call that salt, just bants
Zewillo 5 days ago
1:33 okay, but that’s just kinda funny
Nebularis 5 days ago
Who else was very confused when it said caress my jugs, thanks sunless but I'll pass
Trelax 5 days ago
imagine voice chat coming back with those guys...
Miles Tulett
Miles Tulett 5 days ago
Normally a big fan, but the lack of commentary kind of made this very same-same after the first minute or so. I was waiting for the video to start and it never did. Sorry :/
Unknown Plite
Unknown Plite 6 days ago
Don’t do that 3s shit at the end that is the most vile thing anyone can do. Don’t put someone in a ranked match if they don’t want to be put in a ranked match. My respect for you went down a little there.
Naruto's 4069th shadow clone
Clark 6 days ago
When he pulled out that baseball clip, i just shouted "Fuck you... sunless"
Felype Anthony Lopes
This video show all my matchs in champion 1
Marcus Rucker
Marcus Rucker 6 days ago
Rocket league is one of the few games where nothing is ever your fault
ROBLOX Reckless1111
the dumbest thing that ever happened to me in rl was when I was playing 1v1s and a kid got mad and asked to 1v1. Just think about it
Cooling 6 days ago
Sunless we could be friends ur not alone wooooo
Eternal 6 days ago
I've got matched with the as seen on sunless kid and waxed his shit xDDDDD
Roki 6 days ago
Happens😂 i feel ya
Artezan 6 days ago
It’s funny cuz it’s so damnnnn relatable
Alex 6 days ago
You must have either not played very much or not recorded very much because this level of toxicity was quite tame.
LukiePai 6 days ago
you have us sunless lol
Anthony Anthony
Anthony Anthony 7 days ago
To be honest sunless is the best rocket league youtuber and if he posted more be be even better
Andrew Perazzo
Andrew Perazzo 7 days ago
Report every toxic, lets make this game better!
Deacon Frost
Deacon Frost 7 days ago
I think the cadence of these videos is dropping because it takes Sunless too long to get the winning 1v1 clips.
The pile of Pyles
I love this video 😄😄
Mathew Flinner
Mathew Flinner 7 days ago
Yk I’d go nuts if any of those things would happen to me.
ScOpzy-_- 7 days ago
What is his Gold octane preset
Dragons 321
Dragons 321 7 days ago
I've been scammed like 20 times so I stopped trading
Sebastian Valles
Sebastian Valles 7 days ago
This video gives me pain... mentally. Always happens to me, I get what a saved most but still, pain.
aj is a weirdo
aj is a weirdo 7 days ago
u should maybe put all the eposodes in one
S T 7 days ago
What a save!
7LopE 7 days ago
sunless i love you music taste ngl
Cesar Cuevas
Cesar Cuevas 8 days ago
Last part felt you there
Vigo 8 days ago
9:08 lmao I love doing that. That's the best way to deal with toxics. Its so funny just being nice and polite to them BC they get even more mad that their not getting a reaction.
Evan mauk
Evan mauk 8 days ago
this games community is so amazingly toxic when they do the things they're flaming you for
Thomas Fowler
Thomas Fowler 8 days ago
i love the editing on these vids, from r2d2 to the rabid dog
Kaflash _
Kaflash _ 8 days ago
nice. This vid was amazing sunless keep up the great work buddy
Frundae 8 days ago
Lmao, I know bax
Noah Butler
Noah Butler 8 days ago
Seeing him get so confused about the ball going through his car made me laugh so hard. That happens to me multiple times a game.
Archmage Madara
Archmage Madara 8 days ago
Bruh, how many times I go for mid boost after kick off to realise it's not there and neither is corner boost...
Elitas 8 days ago
"Just kidding, i dont have any friends"
22Martim09 8 days ago
Fastest 17 minutes of my life
U Busa2006
U Busa2006 8 days ago
In minute 4:20 watch closely
emil 8 days ago
I am the one who should forfeit not you with 20 points.
CG | Rusty
CG | Rusty 8 days ago
most of these arn't even toxicitiy, it's just bad plays
Raymond Leeman
Raymond Leeman 8 days ago
Those zombie dog growls kept me in tears 😂
Cai Østerby
Cai Østerby 8 days ago
Potentiale title: i recorded myself
Hugo Fernández Domínguez
I cant see this anymore omg
Christoffer hald Andersen
Name of that first song?
Sijo Pbr
Sijo Pbr 8 days ago
Your actually shit even a toddler can beat you
Seagull 9 days ago
When I got bronze 3 it was a 2v1 and I was alone and one of the enermy team called me a trash can Beats them in a 2v1..... Me: you just lost to a trash can
INFØ PIYUSH 9 days ago
Watching this , it looks like they are also just starting like me . You can't blame them , they just have the ball cam setting! (jokingly)