I Missed This Entirely and I Can’t Unsee It... 

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In order to take a break and step back from everything that they found in the last episode, the team dives head-first into the Reddit again to see what the fans have found, both in the way of new discoveries and hilarious distracting memes. However, relating to the former, the team makes an interesting new connection when it comes to the Syntec logo, and the speculation on what that might mean as a whole becomes front and center.
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The following story was created for entertainment purposes only and may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised. This story and it's characters are fictitious. Certain long-standing institutions, agencies, and public offices are mentioned, but the characters involved are wholly imaginary. Do not contact, engage with, or approach anyone or any company not directly linked in the description or confirmed to be a part of the story.
If this new disclaimer confused you, watch this video, but be careful, it will break the spell, if you would rather not know, disregard this message and keep having fun! us-first.info/player/video/nJVpYIGiqX-Ugn0.html
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Feb 22, 2021




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Comments 100   
ana beltran
ana beltran 50 minutes ago
bild sam a snack room
bigmo44030o Hour ago
Try to look up the name to death in you business area
MultiMotionz 2 hours ago
D is syphus parnter i know this because when you where texting him he told you
Lucky CEO
Lucky CEO 3 hours ago
Me when I watch a trailer 👁👄👁 This is dramatic, I Love it!
Randiel Colon
Randiel Colon 11 hours ago
Is nobody else going to talk about how woods just showed his Hershey bar to us
Goldgod 11 hours ago
Bring time travel to the mix
Goldgod 11 hours ago
I want to see woods be syphus who went back in time and became syphus
Arianna Mae
Arianna Mae 11 hours ago
That civil war meme just feels real now, since the tape video
Goldgod 11 hours ago
863 is the number of pages Matt's book will have
MR. RED 12 hours ago
My theory is that in the end woods is going back in time and will be cyphus
MR. RED 12 hours ago
I kinda feel relieved that it's not real hehe
NexusSin 13 hours ago
Matt does have those cheeks though, his head is just bigger. Huehuehue
F W 13 hours ago
No one: Me: (watching this after I saw the newest one) D doesn't seem to care about the subjects as much as she does her self. so she doesn't sound trust worthy. I don't think anyone who has contacted you is trust worthy
jwilshh 15 hours ago
SoccerRoo103 15 hours ago
My theory is that 863 was the person who broken and injected the serum
Twiztid King 420
Twiztid King 420 16 hours ago
This feels like the matrix pick your own destiny the red pill or the blue pill
M&M 100
M&M 100 16 hours ago
You said you recognized the shape So maybe it was snakes But we don’t know cause we didn’t see it Edit: I just looked back at the logo, it’s a 3 leaf clover ☘️ or 3 heart ♥️ what ever it’s is lol
Avery Birtman
Avery Birtman 17 hours ago
I don't have data and my Wi-Fi has been out for 13 days so I have a quite a lot to catch up on.
truetype80 19 hours ago
FINALLY they admit it's all been bullshit
Joy Mackay
Joy Mackay 19 hours ago
Wait what if the 3 digit codes on the keys are the keys to the rooms of patients 🤔 or keys to the surum to the Patient
Jaq Newell
Jaq Newell 20 hours ago
I found current day syntec it's a gaming channel called syntac
Julian Weaver
Julian Weaver 20 hours ago
In time stamp 14:48 y'are talking about the keys the numbers on them could be to a specific room that was labeled as the patients name too like patient 863 was in room or whatever they were in 863
Rowan Lasher
Rowan Lasher 20 hours ago
how about you ask talk to your parents samantha
ShadowMaze Gaming
ShadowMaze Gaming 21 hour ago
5:08 who knows more about sam matt or syhpus lol
Onikia Herme
Onikia Herme 21 hour ago
The logo that was on the document is the same logo on the cup, because like everyone said it looked like a red heart it’s actually just their logo
George Martinez
George Martinez 21 hour ago
21:52 Sing it, sister, when Matthias and Sam ran 4 mph.❤️
Mythic SHADOW 22 hours ago
28:25 OHHHHHH It's a green screen!? I thought it was a built set!
Osiris 22 hours ago
I got a unknown call while watching this and it scared me
jordi Greenan
jordi Greenan 22 hours ago
and also what was the warning at the beggining
jordi Greenan
jordi Greenan 22 hours ago
this is just one key
Stephanie Pierce
Stephanie Pierce 23 hours ago
Does anyone else notice that the symbol of syntech is 3 infinite signs with with 3 snake heads pointing to each other? Comment or like if you agree or tell if you dont
Single Bullet
What if nelson is d.s best friend but then nelson betrayed d
Marco Fusaro
Marco Fusaro Day ago
26:39 Let's just give a thumbs up for SYFICE
Chen Lezhan
Chen Lezhan Day ago
I know how :they made project pegasus possible
QT Venoms ツ
Wait this whole series isn’t real this kinda hurts
Mary Frazier
Mary Frazier Day ago
Sam's mom or maybe her dad was a patient
keenan green
keenan green Day ago
You can make 863 from the logo with the snakes is anyone else seeing what I'm seeing?
Kash Warmbier
Matthias: this is all not real Me: my whole life is a lie
Zoe Gabriel
Zoe Gabriel Day ago
by Zoe
Shan Tan
Shan Tan Day ago
4:41 let me just help you samantha. Mathias knew all these so technically syphus did too. :)
PhantomWolf KS
Well if since we know here B-Day we can celebrate it!
J May
J May Day ago
I love Sam, she is the type of person I would want to be best friends with.
Teddy Sparrow
So you burned a hole through your 2nd floor just for this!?
Mythic Universe
23:51 can we just appreciate woods in the back of Matt just waving and like glorifying his chocolate bar?
Jerry Perkins
Ayo hold up London
REE Kid Day ago
You should ask the LAPD guy to do a persons check or whatever it’s called
Tita_0525 Day ago
I know this is a skit, but wow I would love to do this escape room!😂😂
Ryan Williams
Jane B
Jane B Day ago
I meant to say arent nor are my bad
Drewtotero Day ago
Matt- Sam do you use US-first in light mode Me- now I know why she’s a person of interest
Drewtotero Day ago
I think we all know we need a how they made it series
Matt could syntec be trying to make super people and life’s blood was a thing to upgrade humanity
Love ur vids
On the date's the Y's are also written differently. I do that though...like I switch how I write my t's u's and y's a lot
Jiya Mashruwala
Jiya Mashruwala 2 days ago
At 7:37 when Matt started talking about sleep I actually wanted to hear
Syphus 590
Syphus 590 2 days ago
Syphus, merrill T. Altadena, CA, license number A 19993, ACTIONS: surrendered, date: 10/10/2014, reasons: reasonable suspicion of illegal human experimentation
Barrett Richter
Barrett Richter 2 days ago
Strange theory but the could be time travelers and Sam caught them in the future so there trying to stop it in the past also the life’s blood could be how you tune travel pls like so Mathias sees it thx
XaltyHimself 2 days ago
But what is the serum because that didnt look like a prop and im still going to watch these and be super involved i just wont be scared and looking over my shoulder
Krishna Bharadwaj
Well I know this is real you can't fool us, Doug, if this wasn't real you would have told us earlier, there are multiple instances where you told us this is real and now you're like bam this is not real I personally cannot believe that this is not real. Edit: I have seen you act and Matthias is good at acting but woods and sam are...... lets say not designed for the acting purpose.
King Ranch
King Ranch 2 days ago
The snake symbol has the infinite symbol 3 times
Potato Chip
Potato Chip 2 days ago
I’ve seen so many 2003 Mercury mountaineers I’m like Suphus that you
A Robot
A Robot 2 days ago
Time travel
Livv C
Livv C 2 days ago
I knew it. Crying
MØHAMMAĐ AŁI 2 days ago
Umm guys i searched Nelson Syphus on US-first and it showed up. I watched the videos and i think it could help Matt. Plzz like this so matt can see it.
Chubbz for Dubbz
Chubbz for Dubbz 2 days ago
Anybody else wanna hear about that sleep debt thing?
UDED_DoMo 2 days ago
They said internet wasn’t released in 1997 but I just looked it up and internet was released to the public on April 30, 1993
BlueBird Squad
BlueBird Squad 2 days ago
Wait so this stuff I'd made up? If not sorry but just wondering
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 days ago
Now that its been stated none of this isn't real PLEASE make a blooper real PLEASE we need to know how hard you laughed when "Syphus" started screaming in Sam's offic
Hannah Paterson
Hannah Paterson 2 days ago
At -17:05-- everyone's blood type is either A+ A- B+ or B- with one being AB+ and one being O- but none being O+ which is the most common blood type...
Charlotte Black
Charlotte Black 2 days ago
what if the numbers on all the keys are like specific to rooms that patients were in like a lock box of room key
Charlotte Black
Charlotte Black 2 days ago
and thats why the two main numbers are so important because they were successful tests
Brxised 2 days ago
What do u mean it’s out now
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 days ago
ghosts of the failed patients that died.😐
Mr Marvel R29
Mr Marvel R29 2 days ago
This should be on NETFLIX 😊
jetpackhorse53 yt
Sam I did what you said, I screenshot woods and no one's gonna do anything about it
MimiFox 2 days ago
I mean...I can't be the only one who saw that coming right? I mean the whole thing is awesome but a little out of the scope of reality at this point.
Elijah Pekarek
Elijah Pekarek 2 days ago
Yes, my poat was in the vid by someone else nice
Lizett Vasquez
Lizett Vasquez 2 days ago
I know it’s a few days late but a couple videos ago it said something like “they will make a request” and something like “don’t follow the request” but John Doe “requested” to put stuff in the “drop”. I’m kind of thinking John Doe is the one that “contacted” y’all. “-D” didn’t really “contact” it was more of sending clues. John Doe emailed which is directly contacting y’all.
Winter Falls
Winter Falls 2 days ago
With Cyphus, I do think that he is Nelson’s son. There could be a lot more to the story about Cyphus and “Nelson.” Cyphus is probably trying to find his fathers items or something could’ve happened to his dad in that building and is trying to find clues as well.
intern doug
intern doug 2 days ago
you lie and get away with it
Denise 2 days ago
Honestly, this disclaimer kind of ruined this for me. I understand, but now I have completely lost interest
Logan vog's
Logan vog's 2 days ago
Nick Hawkins
Nick Hawkins 2 days ago
That is the medusa symbol
gaiothy 1018
gaiothy 1018 2 days ago
i wish they make more series's like this after this one is done, watching this was more engaging than anything i've watched and get rid of the vlogs and make it a scary stories channel because come on vlogs who watches those
Samantha Blanchette
If they we chosen as the computer said could you use you names as a the " PROMPT NEEDED" and see what happens
BTS ARMY KooKoo 2 days ago
My question is why did you burn a hole through your wall
Jonah Harreld
Jonah Harreld 2 days ago
You know how sometimes you wish you could be friends with people like this but then you realize “what would they see in me?” It’s kinda sad to think about
Samuel Kobik
Samuel Kobik 2 days ago
Yo u know how in past ghost and over night videos the broom fell over and and u guys saw a person walk through the red lines and the window exploded. What if those are the ghosts of the failed patients that died.😐
Mango Time
Mango Time 2 days ago
No one Woods advertising Hershey
Mango Time
Mango Time 2 days ago
Ummm does D have a crush on Sam like I’m the old videos that had Sam leaving the where house and now information he simping
Jane B
Jane B 2 days ago
Me when I hear that it is not real: Hello sadness my old friend. (I know those are the official lyrics)
Kelley Erickson
Kelley Erickson 2 days ago
I am here early early
Kelley Erickson
Kelley Erickson 2 days ago
This is so crazy
Kelley Erickson
Kelley Erickson 2 days ago
Kelley Erickson
Kelley Erickson 2 days ago
I’m here early
Mason Hobbs
Mason Hobbs 2 days ago
To sams comment everyone has a game plan till they get punched in the mouth
Raul Mora
Raul Mora 2 days ago
COVID Sam COVID is still around. Lol
ll Trapz ll
ll Trapz ll 2 days ago
Matt with bald hair looks like a gym teacher lol
Patricia Perez
Patricia Perez 2 days ago
That black on the cup are 3 snakes
paeten brown
paeten brown 2 days ago
theory: matt and his team were threatened for making these videos, and now has to say that they are set up for their safety, because obviously if he stopped making these videos overall, something would have to be going on, and people would figure out its government/criminal involved.
drewbarrymore12 2 days ago
What if D and syphas are a undercover name
ll Trapz ll
ll Trapz ll 2 days ago
Wait on the Apple ll it they asked why and the Apple ll said you were chosen FOR THEM! So I think there is more of this happening to other ppl in the other units bc they didn’t say Nelson Syphus picked them
Will Pilon [Student]
With all the keys being labeled with numbers and if they are patient then every key would open a different thing causing there being that many locks about others patient
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