I met KSI in real life... 

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I met KSI, Wilbur Soot, GeorgeNotFound & more in real life. It was very awesome.
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- subtitles done by @TalentLacking & Elodie ( elodiegif )
- ending edited by @Wilbur Soot
- in the video: @Wilbur Soot @Vikkstar123 @GeorgeNotFound @KSI
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Today I met Wilbur Soot (creator of the Minecraft But and also You Laugh You Lose challenge), KSI, Vikkstar & GeorgeNotFound in real life! It was so funny and we had lots of laughs and fun and pog. This is a vlog like other vloggers but I am the best vlogger. We had funny moments and even talked about the Dream SMP and our War VS Dream in Minecraft. It was so fun and Pog Champ
If this gets 1,000,000 likes I'll film more vlogs!


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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 99   
THe PErSon ;-;
THe PErSon ;-; 5 minutes ago
Really late to comment this but- I love how George was just standing there waiting for Tommy to notice but Wilbur had to point it out.
notkenplayzXD 9 minutes ago
from big A to big Z
Dr. Dozer
Dr. Dozer 27 minutes ago
I have a feeling he kinda smells
Tavery BG
Tavery BG 38 minutes ago
Toooommmmmmyyy hey
Graal FN
Graal FN 53 minutes ago
Dream: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺😢😭
Graal FN
Graal FN Hour ago
The awkward part was the meet up with vik
SidewaysofieO Hour ago
Tubbos House: Down Wilburs House: Down Vikkstars House: Down Lizzies House: Down Whos next?
Distorted Wario
9:20 that fucking face lmao
Autumn Kelly
Autumn Kelly Hour ago
I was drinking water and tommy said something really fucking funny and I spat it out everywhere :)
donut_ panda_UwU
donut_ panda_UwU 2 hours ago
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 52 minutes ago
Bruh, rly?
Christyanna Roman
Christyanna Roman 2 hours ago
You poor soul wilbur
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 52 minutes ago
Bruh, rly?
Demon -cake•-•
Demon -cake•-• 2 hours ago
itsEmirhan lol
itsEmirhan lol 2 hours ago
brittxny 2 hours ago
ksi’s slap was strong enough to make wilbur’s nose bleed
Jamie Lewis
Jamie Lewis 2 hours ago
*wilbur and tommy fighting * me: *sees 2 cats fighting * also me: i dont see i difference
Łucifer Innit
Łucifer Innit 2 hours ago
Dream NEEDS to watch this if he hasn’t already lol
Weeb oni
Weeb oni 3 hours ago
Brit dose Brit things with Brit you tubers
It,s_Dark 3 hours ago
Did ksi really mean to Punch Him I mean That so Hard It,s Must be hurt why not
Ines Calderon
Ines Calderon 3 hours ago
poor wilbur lmao
Brad McClintic
Brad McClintic 4 hours ago
This is so british idk why
RedCamo 4 hours ago
how tall are you really
Mohamed Ali
Mohamed Ali 4 hours ago
Wilber looks so different without his glasses
Harry Kennedy
Harry Kennedy 4 hours ago
Is will ok
How I expected tommyinnit meeting KSI: :) When KSI punched Wilber: D: 17:25
Aaron michael
Aaron michael 4 hours ago
hope your doing good hope your family is doing good stay safe stay blessed
Alanoud Alotaibi
Alanoud Alotaibi 5 hours ago
What the heck or should I say I love London
Andrea Pantaleo
Andrea Pantaleo 5 hours ago
Gamers visiting outside
ADAM G 5 hours ago
17:26 F
TheAdvertisement 6 hours ago
17:24 I can't tell if that was fake or not did Wilbur legit get punched? Edit: Ok it's fake but holy crap that was acted well.
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 50 minutes ago
@music man he is 9
music man
music man 5 hours ago
how the shit is it good acting wilbur fell the wrong way when punched LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO
_Tokyo_Milk_Shake_ 6 hours ago
Marta jedyna w soim rodzaju
rockingwithben 6 hours ago
Was the punch real
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 50 minutes ago
Yes, so real
TheAdvertisement 6 hours ago
I love how George is shorter than Tommy lol.
Samad Mirza
Samad Mirza 6 hours ago
Imagine next vlog meeting dream irl
Gabriela Capcha Ch.
KSI: **Hits wilbur** Me: Well, this is One of the One thoundsand million ways to die
xGaming Wolfx
xGaming Wolfx 7 hours ago
Vik: Do you want to borrow the house or the knives? Tommy: YES!
Upahar Pradhan
Upahar Pradhan 7 hours ago
Tommy u are gonna be in the swedish tiktok
sequelz&editz 7 hours ago
was vik in a fucking hotel
IndianDragon Gaming
its this house
MR Legend717
MR Legend717 7 hours ago
Bro just imagine getting knocked the FUCK out by KSI
ORANG ANJAY 8 hours ago
Bro Wear mask
Shrimpdude McPinkface
tommy innit makes london 1000% funnier
Bewie 8 hours ago
17:26 Well be right back
grandslayer21 9 hours ago
Why is george like shawnmendes WTF
chrJs_ 9 hours ago
8:45 yep they are real brothers
Thilde Avlastenok Jeppesen
Tommy's laugh is literallly the Best 😭🤷🏽‍♀️🤚🏽
Chaz 10 hours ago
F wilbur
MarekP1ks3lowy SUBSCRIBE
Pov: just an normal day at *LOndOn*
Steven Julianto
Steven Julianto 12 hours ago
17:26 R.I.P
Donald Tump
Donald Tump 12 hours ago
9:20 that face🤣🤣🤣🤣
Groszek 13 hours ago
Wtf happened at the end
Homelywriter 14 hours ago
5th time watching and I wish I were friends with someone like tommy lol such a good and funny friend
JiminChimmy music
JiminChimmy music 14 hours ago
Omg my birth day is June 24 and you will post your vlog in June first Love from Philippines
sprvng 15 hours ago
i love how 1/2 of the video is them running
Ikkpipling 16 hours ago
omg look at the likes._.
Anthony Llewellyn
Anthony Llewellyn 17 hours ago
I love you 😘
Lunar64 17 hours ago
Some random person in London watching 2 grown men and a child running like they are drunk saying they are gonna meet KSI...
Roaa aldolymi
Roaa aldolymi 17 hours ago
Wilbur: older brother Goggy: Tommy’s friend who happens to get along with Will Ksi: school bully FatherInnit: himself viik:the babysitter
ADRIAN MORENO 19 hours ago
Why did ski punch will wilbur?
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 49 minutes ago
Ski was not in this video
I am a child I am a bully (Maybe) I am a 8 year old 😎💅 I am nobody I am someone ded I am someone that swears
Sofie Van Boheemen
Sofie Van Boheemen 19 hours ago
So I remember when Vik called him a lil baby child for crying then seeing this and seeing how much taller tommyinit is compared to vik vikkstar should be scared
SMH2 Sketches
SMH2 Sketches 19 hours ago
5:26 Father and son meet up after son is put up for adoption
FYXTXX 20 hours ago
my classmate lives in london and shes a fan..
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 48 minutes ago
No one cares
Nicholas Schnee
Nicholas Schnee 20 hours ago
3:38 is this what Australians see?
EZ-Flix 21 hour ago
We hit that 1M likes!
is clap him dang lol
Tiago akihiro fujita
Is Ksi trying to kiss tommy on the tumbhnail.
Skye Bunni
Skye Bunni 22 hours ago
is will ok???????????????????????????????
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 48 minutes ago
@Phil Harvey he is 9
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
Dude it’s staged
Gorilla tiene
Gorilla tiene 22 hours ago
Look behind you
Hannah B
Hannah B 22 hours ago
Poor Wilbur;-;
MickeyBoi 18 hours ago
Bro do you have one brain cell
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
It’s staged lmao
le tuan
le tuan 22 hours ago
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Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
Not even gonna ask that this is or why it’s here
popshady 22 hours ago
Bro the funny thing is my name is actually phillip
SIKE Playz
SIKE Playz 23 hours ago
Ah yes. Tommyinnit, the SIMP, visits Vik for the first time.
Elite double A
Elite double A 23 hours ago
If you were wondering yes that punch is fake I slowed it down and it didn’t even touch him and if it did his head would have turned
Dragon05 23 hours ago
I hate KSI he sucks for punching a innocent guy
Michael campoverde
Michael campoverde 47 minutes ago
Ur 9 I bet
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
Dude it’s ataged
Jessica Watson-Gibbs
I honestly hate KSI now >:C
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
It’s staged my gosh.
Lucjan Velasco
Diby the carno
is it weird that the thing that stood out most to me in this video was the use of flying battery zone's music
Shan Day ago
It’s because of u the pain in my braces have vanished into laughter :))
Raging Cows
Raging Cows Day ago
You've seen the height difference between Tommy and Vic, and the difference between Tommy and Wilbur, but what I wanna see, is Wilbur and Ranboo standing next to each other o-o Ranboos a tall boi
Teo Rodriguez
rip wilbur soot
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
Anak Hebat
Anak Hebat Day ago
Tommy is lying if he 6'3 tall, he 6'1 tall, willbur is 6'5, dream is 6'2, tommy is 6'1, so tommy is the shortest youtuber
Shola Franklin
this was on my b day! I know this is late but thanks for the laughs
Spoiled Cheese
tbh poor wilbur
Crimson Mari
Crimson Mari Day ago
KSI punched Wilbur so hard he fell daintily like a girl LMAO-
idkaurea Day ago
9:30 pllssss he looks so innocent 😭😭🤚🏻
annie mcnuggets
annie mcnuggets
oh my goodness... ive walked where tommy has walked
Alex Gonzales
otw to see the queen is she single 😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😭😭
17:25 Ouch.
Bassam Day ago
0:00 here u go
Mini Mastermind
This should not be anywhere near as fun as it is watch
Boi Gamer
Boi Gamer Day ago
17:26 is Wilber okay
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
Wilbur explained this too, and how he edited the whole punch thing,
Nirfxn Day ago
Ive seen to many comments, this was fake and acted. Ksi even explained it on one of his videos if he punched him in the leftward direction why did he go right. Simple answer is its fake. Please spread this
That one kid who sits in a corner and does nothing
wilbur: the oldest kid in the family gogy: the middle child tommy: the youngest child Vikstar: the dad Ksi: the bully
Just s random youtuber /:
Poor little willbur...😭😭😭
Phil Harvey
Phil Harvey 21 hour ago
Dream SMP
Dream SMP Day ago
I love how he says it took so long it was like 2 hours when I’m over here driving like 3 hours every Saturday for my brothers soccer tournament the way there and back 🙂
Commenter •••
It’s funny how little human interaction these people have had 😭😭
mizuki neow
mizuki neow Day ago
13:09 chicken wing
Not me seeing my local park
Standard Buster
I could probably beat tommy in a fight.