I Made a $50,000 Player Building Competition! 

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Thank you to America’s Dairy Farmers for sponsoring this video! We hosted a 100-player building challenge for $50,000. Who’s gonna have the best farm?!
Check them out! bit.ly/MRBEAST_DMI
This giveaway is not sponsored or administered by DMI. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding the giveaway will be directed to MrBeast and not to America’s Dairy Farmers/DMI.
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Nov 17, 2020




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Preme Hustler
Preme Hustler 13 minutes ago
Crusty435: "I need to tell my Dad! Dad!" Everyone liked that
Janie Noodles
Janie Noodles 26 minutes ago
"Destroy the Timer" I DONT KNOW WHY DAT DUDE SAID IN SUCH A DERPY WAY BUT dnfebfhnwjndhjkjbhajdqh
Chloe S
Chloe S Hour ago
Me being allergic to regular milk:
john schaffer
john schaffer 2 hours ago
I could have won this
Cain Mornin
Cain Mornin 2 hours ago
Anyone drinking milk while watching this 👀
Zosia Górska
Zosia Górska 2 hours ago
I live in poland we have nice farms here
F2P God
F2P God 2 hours ago
Tbh I liked Karl and chandlers the best
Oscar Leaves
Oscar Leaves 3 hours ago
Aydenn Palacios
Aydenn Palacios 3 hours ago
That empty space is 6he guy that died
Ansar Vicky
Ansar Vicky 4 hours ago
CaptainFoot 4 hours ago
ME: DAd mr beast says I need to suport the american dairy farmers DAD: you cant ME: why DAD:YOU are living in sweden ME: BUt MR beast says DAD: no
chady cake
chady cake 4 hours ago
Daphne Smith
Daphne Smith 4 hours ago
I would drink milk but no taste good
Blookie Aviator
Blookie Aviator 5 hours ago
Shiro 6 hours ago
Mr Beast : DRINK MILLLK! Me : I can’t I have allergy ;(
Ayush Swain
Ayush Swain 6 hours ago
I need to tell my dad. I need to tell my day.. DAaaDddd.!!!
Sleepy_ pie
I wish I was here
Aimee Silvestri
Aimee Silvestri 7 hours ago
best among us person gets money for among us
Foggy Seoul
Foggy Seoul 7 hours ago
Mr beast: talking about sponsors Dude in the back: HahHahah Mcdonoldss
MEE 6 10 hours ago
Btw the guy who missed out on the $50 000 is the afk dude stuck in the glass box earlier
Zyqan 10 hours ago
How do you get into these ?
Kala Mala
Kala Mala 10 hours ago
Breme fan: shouts dad and left lol
Pamels Angel
Pamels Angel 10 hours ago
That guy at the end was like "SEE DAD? PLAYING MINECRAFT DOES PAY OFF!"
P P 4 hours ago
How original
Pamels Angel
Pamels Angel 10 hours ago
No one: Not A soul: Chris: MILK
MrBurnee 11 hours ago
MrBeast didnt get the person who built technoblade Not: technoblade farms potatos
Heyyy Was geht
Heyyy Was geht 14 hours ago
The end: „DAD“
Nicole anne Perez
Nicole anne Perez 15 hours ago
Whose pilipino watching mr beast
Sulaiman Jafar Khan
Sulaiman Jafar Khan 15 hours ago
Im always amazed that on these vids MrBeast just gives a command as if it’s voice controlled
BrUh MeMe
BrUh MeMe 15 hours ago
Subscribe me guyss im posting video at 1000 :)))))
Clis 16 hours ago
Maria Teresa Ramirez
I’d like to think the guy who built the among us build is the reason why they’re are so many views on this video
OneHandedGamer 18 hours ago
If u looked at 7:15 right it’s JIMMY!!! Even with the mustache 😝
Hybrid Plays
Hybrid Plays 18 hours ago
You get a $10000 and you get $10000
Nickie Gleason
Nickie Gleason 18 hours ago
Crainer jelly and slogo fan0915
When karl said that the only guy that knows what a farm looks like is chris i was thinking that chris was born in a farm
this is a channel name
1 like = 1 breme
Oreos Milk
Oreos Milk 19 hours ago
NIKOLAS WALTERS 19 hours ago
Jimmy: The sponsor of this video is dairy. People who are diary free: This video may contain Scary images for some viewers watch with cation.
Pawan Shakya
Pawan Shakya 20 hours ago
Annie Allen
Annie Allen 20 hours ago
Im lactose and tolerance
Julie White
Julie White 20 hours ago
ME-mr beast 🐯 ME-I said the real mr beast. ⚡️ ME-perfection. 😎
Cynthia Lyles
Cynthia Lyles 20 hours ago
ofc chris messes with chandler and karl i wish cris can compete in one of the challenges and karl and chandler mess with chirs idec if this gets hate
tom 20 hours ago
These people are so lucky it makes me cry
Maggie Cain
Maggie Cain 21 hour ago
mr. beast: "the sponser of this video is dairy!" carl: "that's uderly insane!" chris: MILK!"
number1townsend 21 hour ago
Chan: KaRl JuSt StArT hOeIn Da GrOuND KaRl: WAT DID YOU JUST CALL ME ChAn: ish a farming tool-
number1townsend 21 hour ago
HoW aRe ThEeSe cOwS dRoPpIn CoCo BeAnZ iS tHaT dOdO
Gavin Regenwether
Gavin Regenwether 22 hours ago
I'm a beef farmer but I appreciate the thankfulness towards farmers. God bless you all and God bless America.
꧁Hayaboo꧂ 22 hours ago
Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson 22 hours ago
I live in VA so when I figured out you lived in North Carolina I was like omg
SpectralPlanets 22 hours ago
i’m lactose intolerant dude
Unbreakable & shadow
“How old are you?” Me: *an age* U-U
Lourdes Mirlourdes
Lourdes Mirlourdes 23 hours ago
Do one of these but among us themed.
Jason Chui
Jason Chui 23 hours ago
No one: Not A soul: Chris: MILK
NACTRAN 23 hours ago
“HAHA I DRINK MILK SO COVID can not affect me
Andie Reynolds
This kid legit made his family so proud with his minecraft building skills
Mahmoud Khaled l محمود خالد
The guy who got 23 made a better one
Rachel T.
Rachel T. Day ago
I has a friend that lives on their family owned farm... A cow licked me :D
RatFanfics Day ago
Him with his sponsors. So many facts I like it!
_LolMaster5076 _
Mrbeast: Drink dairy Me: But but Im laktosintolerant
Mr Nations
Mr Nations Day ago
Little girl: look at all of those!... interrupting me beast : red barns
Chayce Becker
Chandler is this doodoo🤣🤣🤣
Hamilton Arraou
8:29 "its a crop duster that way they dont get any bugs or any other bad crops on them" Yep bugs are crops now i totally agree lmao
bts armyy
bts armyy Day ago
0:19 is that dream who has channel name dream behind the mrbeast?????
Packy’s World 2.0
I died when chandler said Karl just how the ground Karl: what do you just call me?
jesse sweezer
Breme Farm
it's Kausar
it's Kausar Day ago
My fav part was " ah jimmy I was expecting u"
Myron Van Lint
It’s impossible for a farm with animals to be co2 neutral
Cian Mcillaney
i am sad aver one is city
DarkSoul Day ago
But how do you give all people their money or their prizes they win??
Gracie Pepper
I’m thinking about how fun this would be to have actually been in
Yusuf Rashid
Yusuf Rashid Day ago
What if that child's dad is a dairy farmer I mean like it would the first time a sponsor gets the money
Just Angel
Just Angel Day ago
Great video about minecraft
Dipdipd 1199
Dipdipd 1199 Day ago
Why do you west your money😂😂😂😂
frances adams
hiiiiii i watch your videos 24 7
ItzXull Jordan
Jimmy: drink milk! Me:literally eating cereal
JakeJake FulwoodFulwood
Chris: someone has actually created a farm!!! Me: isn’t that what everyone’s doing?
Kyle Hankins
Kyle Hankins Day ago
I would have made a greenhouse
Finn Human
Finn Human Day ago
Thats a fake content man please change ur script and be real !!
Claire Bear
Claire Bear Day ago
MrBeast: talking about drinking milk Me: drinking milk. H-how did he know
Tyler Stricklin
I've been here since 20,000 subs
i think Karl and Chand could have gotten the dyb 9bias) like if true
Luka Marijan
Luka Marijan Day ago
Dani should watch this video
FingerMyBum Day ago
Im pretty sure that the duster was his dads idea thats why he got so happy
Aven Playze
Aven Playze Day ago
Bruh!! Duh
Jenny and Bubby Char
Please do the most best among us map gets 60000 dollars
Mr Rosales
Mr Rosales Day ago
2:38 you can see mr beast talking while some dude is making the mcdonalds logo in the backround
XxCloudySkiesxX- AniGrey
I need to tell my dad, I need to tell my dad, DADDD!!
Oscar Villarreal
I hate people than complain how they choose because is his money and he decided who give his MONEY
Max van Alphen
Hee Falley
Hee Falley Day ago
Glad that kid got his collage paid,he got justice after so long time
Selena Cox
Selena Cox Day ago
That guy at the end was like "SEE DAD? PLAYING MINECRAFT DOES PAY OFF!"
Squirrel Life
I’m lactose intolerant
4:08 I think that is the plot for the guy that was stuck on the top with all the glass but Chris killed him
Rich & Emily Hill
zz xx
zz xx Day ago
Random ytubers: squarespace pewdiepie: gfuel mr beast: MILK!
Mark Bulotano
How do you go to that?
Elizabeth Meyer
MrBeast: Build the best farm. Me: **Builds the most efficient automated farm you can**
roblox is love roblox is life
how are these cows dropping coco beans!? is that doo doo? - chandler 2020