I made steak tacos using green corn tortillas 

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Green Corn Tortillas from Pinole Blue:

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Apr 3, 2021




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Lisa Nguyen
Lisa Nguyen 19 days ago
Almost to 700k! Thank you everyone for the support! Also, if you want to see a bunch of videos about the tortillas, please follow my friends at Pinole Blue! us-first.info/more/CUOoTMQB750mliNavFdBPg
Frida Paola
Frida Paola 2 days ago
Ya somos 839k!!!!
Markplier 4 days ago
How can I get those nodles
cosmo ingarra
cosmo ingarra 6 days ago
Does going to the bathroom suck. I love eating spicy food i dont eat nearly as spicy stuff as you but going to the bathroom kinda sucks. I can only imagine what you might go therw.
The Hawaiian Wolf
You should open a restaurant!!
Mbblgryopi Zviaajpwnr
Alberth Sanchez
Alberth Sanchez 5 hours ago
That beef winked at me before the bite
Bryce Kromoredjo
Bryce Kromoredjo 7 hours ago
You should try the bara snack. It is an Indian themed donut, and is supposed to be eaten with chittani, a delicious creamy thick sauce, made most of the time out of Mango.
Jinks ImPretty
Jinks ImPretty 12 hours ago
The Meat Looks Good , But Cook Mines More TBH I’m Just Being Honest But Over All Looks Amazing
*shocc* ._.
*shocc* ._. 15 hours ago
This made me drool all over my phone screen like GIRL that looks good as hell! :0
coke and mentos
coke and mentos 20 hours ago
bruh your voice is just so satisfying I-
Animera 21 hour ago
Once when I was cooking with oil it sprayed at me and I didn’t have the pan all the way on the stove and I fell on the floor and so did the pan.. I got hot oil all over me- um I tried cooking with oil again and it went surprising good
Sulaiman Murad
Sulaiman Murad 22 hours ago
Look so good
Make Money Morawski
Gotta show that onion and cilantro some more love!
Dark Sorcerer
It sound like she has nasal congestion
Diego Gutierrez
What kind of bootleg ass taco is that?
Tamara Bradshaw
Looked pretty darn yummy
belu menna
belu menna Day ago
you gringos definitely have a problem with meat cooking ffs it's always so raw??? cook that shit yall gonna get sick or something
Lady Kay
Lady Kay Day ago
Please cook the meat for at least 5 more minutes LOL
Tricky The Clown
Me not knowing anything about cooking: is she using a flame thrower?
DraxSZ Plays
DraxSZ Plays Day ago
I wanted to ask can we cut it horizontally to make it thinner Thus, making it cook better? Sorry for any grammer mistakes
Alina Vielma
Alina Vielma Day ago
Girl....I love you, but we have GOT to talk about your lack of seasoning and that raw ass tortilla lmfao 🤣😭🤔🌮🌮🌮
Sassy Frassy
Sassy Frassy Day ago
Sis, you should try “THAT DUDE CAN COOK” on US-first-his Rosemary salt recipe! Use it on meat. It is INCROYABLE!
MagesEatAtJerrysTacos _
I know this is late but for this kind of steak a marinade or dry rub will help tenderize it really well!
F15smtd se
F15smtd se Day ago
Preston 2 days ago
Sear the meat first
charlie-chan stinson
as mexican I approved this tacos 🤭 it looks delicious, but whit more cilantro could be better
Taft Rockwood
Taft Rockwood 2 days ago
Why was the meat purple? WHY WAS THE MEAT PURPLE?
FlowxRD 2 days ago
10 out 10 is raw meat
Pete Olivarez
Pete Olivarez 2 days ago
Still pretty pink to me.
kele chips
kele chips 2 days ago
Small tip: all Mexicans pickle thier carrots with jalapeños
I Can Fix That
I Can Fix That 2 days ago
Idc her voice is mad annoying but I like the vids....
Evan Elwin
Evan Elwin 2 days ago
Ur food vids make me hungry
Billy Jones
Billy Jones 2 days ago
tortilla aint even cooked
PAULO CELMO PC 2 days ago
Ta cru
railyn recto
railyn recto 2 days ago
yum my dad likes steak its the perfect meal for my dad 🌼🌸
Jaime Jaime
Jaime Jaime 2 days ago
It’s pink
Dazzy Dutch
Dazzy Dutch 2 days ago
Booooo this is a Notco
Chinonyelum Osakwe
Hmmm...but aren't you meant to preheat the oven before putting in the steak 🤔
Aqua Onion
Aqua Onion 2 days ago
alex wolfson
alex wolfson 3 days ago
Why do you sound like you have sushi rice in your nose
H53lsewell 3 days ago
I’m a vegetarian but I crave meat honestly it’s so hard
Aqua Onion
Aqua Onion 2 days ago
My D is
Nurul Fatehah
Nurul Fatehah 3 days ago
Her voice is better than mine when I'm singing LOL
Cheeez 3 days ago
When I look at this steak I wonder how people are vegans. It look so good!!!!
Sunsun DKS
Sunsun DKS 3 days ago
Yeah shouldve put the shallots after yhe steak was brown
Jobert 3 days ago
maybe baste the compound butter on your steak in the skillet? add garlic and thyme/rosemary.
MenaceX93 3 days ago
Coulda used a better steak than a chuck lol
Kay Duchess
Kay Duchess 3 days ago
That steak was perfectly cooked ❤️❤️❤️
Mike 3 days ago
She needs to unblock her nose
Taver Nello
Taver Nello 3 days ago
If u don't know jow to make a steak just open google and search..u use the phone for this video crap..use it to improve your skills amd knowledge cause omg..u need some
Jakob Canto
Jakob Canto 3 days ago
Just being honest that didn’t look tasty you should cook with that butter not just heat it on top
Adelle Isabelle
Adelle Isabelle 3 days ago
Why u always sound like u got a blocked nose
3ink 4 days ago
I have these at my city market they make excellent steaks
Mr Potato will touch u sexually
Stop im hungry now
Trey’s World
Trey’s World 4 days ago
Cheap jk bits alright
Sloth Man
Sloth Man 4 days ago
“Extremely hot ghost chili salsa” that shit probably same heat as red hot don’t get yourself too excited
Ralf Schuchard
Ralf Schuchard 4 days ago
She always Sounds like shes sick
Trenton James
Trenton James 4 days ago
How you mess around and make a phenomenal taco
RAJEEKA 4 days ago
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Fatemah Moatasim
Fatemah Moatasim 4 days ago
Make your nephew do the voice over 💗
cantthinkofausername lol
What is it with asians and price cuts, they really like their good deals huh
cookiemama 4 days ago
Bro her kids would be soooo lucky
sophia Mascarenas
I'm going to make this for my mom it looks good😁
Ellen Thewessen
Ellen Thewessen 5 days ago
You need to be on hot ones!!!
DaniLovesArt12 Dim
Shouldnt u cut the beef into pieces?
womfy 6 days ago
“compound butter” kill me now
Isaiah Ames
Isaiah Ames 6 days ago
Are you from the wichita, ks area? I noticed the Dillons grocery store stamp on the meet
Kontenkletser 6 days ago
To be honest... the steak looks amazing.. However I am not really appealed to the green corn tortilla..
Kayleigh Schultz
Kayleigh Schultz 6 days ago
How do you make this compound butter?!?!! I NEED to know! Pleaseeeee
Ashley Brodeur
Ashley Brodeur 6 days ago
I need a steak recipe from you and that butter 😍😍😍😍
The Hawaiian Wolf
You should open a restaurant!!
fREak yOU
fREak yOU 6 days ago
I'm was so scared of seeing the beef moving while your slapping and marinating it
Reckanater 6 days ago
why don't you go to masterchef u seem to be a really great chef
Sc row
Sc row 6 days ago
Stick to the spicy challenges instead of copying exactly what Max Nick and the golden balance do.
Mother of JUDAAA
Mother of JUDAAA 6 days ago
Raw meat....
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann 6 days ago
Whüääh meat quality mcdonalds level 🤢🤮
Jason Beeper
Jason Beeper 6 days ago
Why didn‘t she take that silver skin off brooo
Boom Stick4287
Boom Stick4287 7 days ago
I've seen too much of amish mafia because when I saw green corn tortillas I thought they meant weed tortillas 🤣🤣🤣
Prax 7 days ago
If you dont chop the onions they wont burn, just crush
Mixup Norris!!
Mixup Norris!! 7 days ago
yum yam 🤤
URdogsToeNail 69
URdogsToeNail 69 7 days ago
When ever I have meat which is most days I season it with at least 2 things but if I can I use more I use Cajun,Himalayan pink salt, black pepper and rosemary and in the side I like chicken flavoured noodles u should try it
David Prince
David Prince 7 days ago
I didn’t literally run to your house and eat that with you
David Prince
David Prince 7 days ago
I rather did that if I was a grown-up but I’m not a grown-up I’m a kid
David Prince
David Prince 7 days ago
That is so smart
Mbblgryopi Zviaajpwnr
Yahoru 8 days ago
It's somewhat wholesome to see that such a level of cooking can gain so many viewers
Super gamer Deral
This womans whole life is spice
juicy wolf pp
juicy wolf pp 8 days ago
Eeeeeeeee yummy
Cookin with Bae
Cookin with Bae 8 days ago
Meat is not cooked
Ben Jamin
Ben Jamin 8 days ago
y would u ever add shallots in the pan searing steak🤦🏿‍♂️
Ashley Hamilton
Ashley Hamilton 8 days ago
Please cook for me😋😋 lol looks so yummy 🙃👍
Lmao _admiral
Lmao _admiral 8 days ago
You always sound congested
M E M E TRASHHH 8 days ago
Si te acercas un poco a la carne aun puedes oírla decir muuuu xd
Lizardo Mariana
Lizardo Mariana 8 days ago
Omg that looks not good 😬
Niharika Thapa
Niharika Thapa 8 days ago
What??? that meat was raw isn't it?
Niharika Thapa
Niharika Thapa 7 days ago
@Gobi Fortnite If you are an Indian then you must understand that steak was raw, How can you negate that, as an Indian I won't try out that raw meat.
Gobi Fortnite
Gobi Fortnite 7 days ago
Idk which one
Gobi Fortnite
Gobi Fortnite 7 days ago
@Niharika Thapa oh ok. I’m Indian too but I heard steak like those are considered rare or medium-rare
Niharika Thapa
Niharika Thapa 7 days ago
@Gobi Fortnite For Indian people that meat is definitely raw.
Gobi Fortnite
Gobi Fortnite 8 days ago
I don’t eat meat but I’m pretty sure that’s not raw
machell mamawuebaso
No se como acabe aquí pero buen taco supongo
LoveAndSnapple 9 days ago
Is anyone else’s mouth watering?
Mr. Nobody
Mr. Nobody 9 days ago
Hot sauce on a steak?!?!?
A C 9 days ago
That looks horrible
José Isaias Rubio Medina
Los tacos no llevan zanahorias así, deben ser tipo las que vienen en los chiles en vinagre 😩
Eli Elii
Eli Elii 9 days ago
Steak not even done
ratlobber 9 days ago
she using the hell out that compound butter like damn shawty RELAX
SYED AMMAJAAN 9 days ago
Raw meat
Nyamouch Jay
Nyamouch Jay 9 days ago
10/10 I would put that shit right back on😳
Xenostra 9 days ago
Idk I think tacos need seasonings. At least I like mine with some herbs and spices like dry rub kinda
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