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( Guys in today's vlog we received some letters stating that we are being kicked out of our new home and it's because of riding dirt bike ! ) ** MUST WATCH **
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Aaron Chicago
Aaron Chicago 6 hours ago
You can't do that crap in a subdivision.
Thomas Ewing
Thomas Ewing 18 hours ago
Buy a house outside of town and you don't have nothing to worry about
K G 18 hours ago
Move to Texas
Mancave Motorsports
I had marbles for a brain for buying a home in hoa, can't wait to buy land
shameboy shmukd
Quite renting and buy a house with land man
Movements Tv
Movements Tv Day ago
Got alot of noisey neibour
Splash Day ago
To us shit is quiet but in neighborhoods that r used to the quiet r gonna hear that shit loud as the circus💀 it’s probably just a mixture of annoyance and jealousy, ppl r sad
Sid Stephenson
This dude the way he said he prolly broke like brapp you da best US-firstr ever bruh
Eric Hernandez
Hire a lawyer and say everything you just said...That’s some straight racism...They called CPS??!!
Move to Texas Brodie lol
Connor Whitesell
Always gotta play that race card
anthony Sterling
It can be those same nabor smiling in your face Snitching to keep that in mind.
Justin E
Justin E 2 days ago
I told you a HOA is not the way to. Go back to my old comment when you were looking in Jersey. I told you. They will screw you with hoa and won't be able do nothing.
20 20
20 20 2 days ago
F... HOA I’m having to deal with them all the time sick of it bro
Kristina Bolba
Kristina Bolba 2 days ago
HOA won't let you fly a flag what makes you think you can build a track. I personally don't like HOAs I would get out get your own property if you've got the money in your this young get your own property
Wheelieboi Bomillz
I knew they was gonna fuck wit y’all bro wit the shit u like doing and y’all not well established neighbors so they feel like who Tha Fuck they think they are feel me even though u just livin🤷🏾‍♂️....so they complaining all night n day but probably waved and brought u ah fuckin apple pie so on dat note how big ur fam is u might as well start looking at the country side...so stay safe n sucka free cuz they watchin hard even when u believe there not💪🏾💯
John Fanion
John Fanion 2 days ago
You annoyed me inthe first 30 seconds, I sympathize with your neighbors,so ,they shouldn’t have to listen to you having fun and getting warned for every different incident.You could of learned the first times....
Matthew Mcpheron
Matthew Mcpheron 2 days ago
This guy is a joke!
Margie Pittman
Margie Pittman 3 days ago
I thought u got your chains stolen
Margie Pittman
Margie Pittman 3 days ago
Because they jelly of you
Pop Bebo
Pop Bebo 3 days ago
All hater
Paul Gee 415
Paul Gee 415 3 days ago
hoa is not the way
Braxtyn Wofford
Braxtyn Wofford 3 days ago
Fuck em you livin you keep grindin shit fall and get better you tell us better than anybody keep goin forward
donut outdoors
donut outdoors 4 days ago
Its your darker Skin and Tattoos no cap.
XxSAVAGExDan Xx 4 days ago
Damn bro that’s crazy
Bnm Chipa
Bnm Chipa 4 days ago
Jalen Bracken
Jalen Bracken 4 days ago
Blake Conley
Blake Conley 4 days ago
If bro moved here to oklahoma he’d have a land and a mansion we cheap down here 😂😂😂
Sandeepsuravses Suravses
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Frank Stuntz
Frank Stuntz 5 days ago
H.O.A. is a JOKE no lie.
bullet scat 392
bullet scat 392 5 days ago
Bro u should of got a house on some land bro so no one can say shit real talk
Chris Dunston
Chris Dunston 5 days ago
Please no gum.
#nofacenocasetv #nofacenocasetv
You’re arrogance is your main problem 🤦🏾‍♂️look at the man in the mirror 😒👌🏾🤦🏾‍♂️
connor fitzgerald
Bro TBH neibours everywere are just hating
Eazy Out
Eazy Out 5 days ago
There Karen’s
Vivan.B 5 days ago
Done worry! You are my favourite US-firstr and I know everything will be better for you! We all support you!😊❤️❤️🙏😇🕊
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali 5 days ago
That why I look for non hoa communities but at the same time bro gotta be respectful of the neighborhood dawg. First crib huh
Fighterr uzi
Fighterr uzi 5 days ago
we still love yall mane!
Richard Crespo
Richard Crespo 5 days ago
Sounds like Florida? If so they ass for that 🤣
Luke Robson
Luke Robson 6 days ago
You got your little kid on a four wheeler going 20 miles per hour that’s why bro what you going to do if she falls off going 20 miles per hour and breaks her neck smh that’s why people calling on you
James Sales
James Sales 6 days ago
Texas bruh !
Dully Games
Dully Games 6 days ago
Humble ya self bro 🤦🏾‍♂️
Dully Games
Dully Games 6 days ago
Getting robbed now this 🤦🏾‍♂️
Isatnt 6 days ago
mistake number one: moved into a neighborhood with HOA
The Great
The Great 6 days ago
People r weird now Fr they don’t got no chill for letting people be themselves 🤣😭
Nav Jr
Nav Jr 6 days ago
that's the problem we are from the hood ! once we get to a new neighborhood and its nice asf, the stuff that was okay back then isnt always okay with these new houses and if you guys are renting its even worse
Jim Shorts
Jim Shorts 6 days ago
Florida don’t play when it comes to cps .... watch your backs ... they’ll be tryin to take your baby ... f them ...
Darren Hunt
Darren Hunt 6 days ago
Because you're rich you can do what you like....... I used to like watching your videos but that 1 comment just shows exactly what sort of person you are........ You think you're better than everybody else and can do what you like because you have money you probably think your better or more important the most of your fans that helped achieve this wealth just because you have money...... Last video of yours all be watching 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
naizeah blanco
naizeah blanco 6 days ago
I though he got robbed 6 days ago now it’s 4 days when I’m watching this video and now he got jewelry
Pedro Lopez
Pedro Lopez 6 days ago
Buy don’t rent
Randy Jimenez
Randy Jimenez 6 days ago
Don’t blame it on race lol.
Honda Riding
Honda Riding 6 days ago
🔴Hey, I love your content. You inspired me to post my own dirt biking videos. It would mean a lot if you would check it out! Thx 🔴
Rique Santana
Rique Santana 7 days ago
Once you at a higher level people gone hate. Bless up 🙏
M1000 RR
M1000 RR 7 days ago
Dfromthehunids NFO
Time for a country house
Raes Cash
Raes Cash 7 days ago
Get a house with Acres or build yourself a place. Like to watch that in the making.
Jordan Darcy
Jordan Darcy 7 days ago
The benefits of living in the country I’ve never had one complaint about my banshee and it has aftermarket exhaust if I lived in town I’d probably have a cop behind me in like a half hour
James Vengren
James Vengren 7 days ago
Sue for false charges you can’t call child protective services with out prof sue the shit out of them
Richard Barraza
Richard Barraza 7 days ago
You water heater plumbing is wrong . Should be copper and pex should be inside the walls 😆
Anthony Sterling
Anthony Sterling 7 days ago
No your braking ever rule off rip lmao you signed a contract.. for fck your ppl should have turned you away from a hoa I guarantee you there are hundreds of comments of when you announce getting a house in a Hoa
Rod And The Family
I’m from Miami and is because of wow you are keep making them mad
Cuz Cuz
Cuz Cuz 7 days ago
My dude... You need some property out there... A nice compound... Build yourself a pond like Roman... Bike track & all... #Salute #bSquad #StayBlessed #DontAskWhyItsJustCuz
Tallys Rezende
Tallys Rezende 7 days ago
Brapp quit playin u got enough money to buy a nice ass house with no neighbors around
Harry Padilla tuyftv
Some people are just haters and bums and since they not living the young and good life like you they don’t want you to have your fun keep your head up and keep doing bro bro 💯💯💯💯💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
Big Litto
Big Litto 7 days ago
because the neighbors are white they dont like any mixed people or people of color
Kenzie-morgan Oliver
U should get every bike out that u own and ride them up n down the street before u leave 🤣🤣🤣
Quincy Aquino
Quincy Aquino 7 days ago
Lake Nona different
Eric Garner
Eric Garner 7 days ago
This is why you don't move anywhere that has a HOA.
wheel T
wheel T 7 days ago
You need to move to southern AL with them dirt bikes no one should be Trippin
wheel T
wheel T 7 days ago
Lol real talk they trippin
GLOCK GOONXx 7 days ago
Move too Philly houses are cheaper with a big ass back yard .
christopher vasquez
9:35 thats what i was about to say. #facts
J J 7 days ago
Hey the best thing you could do move somewhere was country Ocala you know places like that but in Orlando Orlando Orlando you not going to get to slide on that cuz everywhere you go you going to have somebody in your ass over your toys and I'm telling you cuz I been here many many years and I'm still going through it I'm still getting chased by name is getting chased by police I mean it's crazy out here for you to have fun with your toys but I don't give a fuk I still do me so you do what you got to do my man
J J 7 days ago
Believe me they not cool with you don't believe that BS they the ones making it hard on you they just don't have the balls to tell you in your face people in Florida I like that bro
J J 7 days ago
Don't believe what your neighbors say your neighbor is the first one complaining people here be scared to tell you stuff on your face and they play it off like na na. Don't bother me but they the first one complaining believe that I've been here for over 20 years and that's how people is out here in Florida people are stupid yo
J J 7 days ago
If you leave here in Orlando in the neighborhood where they have home owner association that's going to be a pain in the ass for you they go to complain for you about farting anyting your yard is too is not important anyting your car is not supposed to be parked that way here in Orlando they going to mess with you over everything the best thing you could do go somewhere that they don't have homeowners association cuz if you stay somewhere that they have it you not going anywhere you going to have trouble every day
Matt2x Gang
Matt2x Gang 7 days ago
HOA neighborhood are usually racist people 😂😂 I live in a HOA neighborhood and the president was racist on the first day 😂😂😂
Matt2x Gang
Matt2x Gang 7 days ago
HOA sucks I hate that shit 😂😂 these haters on here 😅😂
HacksForDayz215 8 days ago
These are all things you should have knowed buying your house
Scott Mallery
Scott Mallery 8 days ago
WHEN HE SAID DADDY DONT PLAY I was yeah that’s a good father right there💯💯
Yeyo Real Deal
Yeyo Real Deal 8 days ago
Orlando wasn't for you and your family .... F... them people
Evecks 8 days ago
Man just move to Texas near like Austin but out of the city cheap nice houses and I little cheaper land
M G37
M G37 8 days ago
Most neighborhoods in Florida are HOA. Move somewhere with land even if its almost in the middle of nowhere but its the best thing. You do whatever you want and no one can tell you shit and you'll be paying what youre paying right now
Ngenious James
Ngenious James 8 days ago
Sell the house for below market value to mess up they property value lol
Rico Villanueva
Rico Villanueva 8 days ago
I mean, it is HOA. This should have been common sense.
Manny's World
Manny's World 8 days ago
You should do a big bike ride out throw all that area when your moving
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez 8 days ago
I like dude but damn bro don't put homeless if u know damn well u still have US-first income and u can get a house at least a good one man because theirs really people out there homeless just saying
Enrique Vargas
Enrique Vargas 8 days ago
Be very careful going forward..... You definitely experiencing alot of hate..... Just stay on your P's and Q's
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph 8 days ago
my guy its plain jelouseee
Albert Hollis
Albert Hollis 8 days ago
Downsouth from westpalm beach to ghouls you do wat you want an nobody cares they mind they business
A Soldierz Genetics
That’s the crappy part about being involved with a HOA! You should just buy 10 acres, and build on it. That way you’ll have some space from neighbors. I wish you and the family the best bro🙏
Gerald Blacher
Gerald Blacher 8 days ago
nd stop saying youre rich bro you too old for that.... you’re SUCCESSFUL now 💯keep posting bro
Gerald Blacher
Gerald Blacher 8 days ago
ONCE AGAIN you’re young nd successful people are watching you bro 💯get you some land to where cant nobody tell you shit!! #itssimple
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez 8 days ago
you guys live in story park
Ray Hernandez
Ray Hernandez 8 days ago
do you live in lake nona
Morglo Beats
Morglo Beats 8 days ago
This doesn’t surprise me
DUB9BUBZ 8 days ago
One thing after another bro but you just gone come up even harder #roadtoamill #BSQUAD🤟🏽🔥
Jared Raynor
Jared Raynor 8 days ago
Time for property in the Carolinas or Georgia
Antoine Powell
Antoine Powell 8 days ago
Don’t move next to white people
PCE Private Consulting
HOAs are designed to keep “us” out. When someone like yourself makes it into the bubble you’re targeted from day one as you’ve seen. Y’all best bet is to move to the country and get some acreage so that y’all can live the life you want to live.