I LET HER WIN ❤️ #shorts 

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Apr 25, 2021




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Eray Sari
Eray Sari 6 minutes ago
twe Dowg be like: Woa waz goink on hiea
wedona Sangma
wedona Sangma 29 minutes ago
When her dog is not cheering up he is always there for him like him I also love dogs
miku miku
miku miku 35 minutes ago
Rachidy La lione
Rachidy La lione 57 minutes ago
azilia06 Hour ago
telma mendez
telma mendez Hour ago
So cute 🥰
•[]dark mocha[]•
Wait- can dogs have candy?
aflia lopi
aflia lopi Hour ago
犬用なのか知らんけどグミあげて大丈夫?  ╭━━━━━━╮  ┃  ’ω’   ┃  ┃      ┃  ┃┃   ┃ ┃  ┃┃   ┃ ┃  ┃┃   ┃ ┃  ╰┫   ╰┳╯   ┃ ┃  ┃   ┃ ┃  ┃   ┃ ┃  ┃  ╭┛╭┛  ┃  ┗━┻━━━╯
Espo Cz
Espo Cz 2 hours ago
The dog could die
fruit fly
fruit fly 2 hours ago
omg its so cute tf I'm going to cry
Maia Nicole
Maia Nicole 2 hours ago
Xiovendomar kirindongo
Melina Wahl
Melina Wahl 2 hours ago
bist du wolwecin
Andres Medina
Andres Medina 2 hours ago
Slinky 😔😔😔
Nela Urbaníková
jimbaro 2 hours ago
When you don't have friends
Lolo Kolo
Lolo Kolo 2 hours ago
So i saw the numbers of the likes and this shit got 1.5 million likes😀
Ahmed Mabrouki
Ahmed Mabrouki 2 hours ago
Zhansezim 2 hours ago
Synonyms for symbol
asasas098 2 hours ago
But a doge can beat him super easily
Li lee Peh li lee
Li lee Peh li lee 2 hours ago
You are being a nice owner
IceEfeYT 2 hours ago
The Dog=Tf you doing man
ทิม ฝอยทองพรมราช
Софья Макарова
Dxddy Minato
Dxddy Minato 3 hours ago
Dogs can eat fruit rollups 😳😳
Haley 3 hours ago
Him: let me cut it that way u can win me: what the heck
Genonize 3 hours ago
dog i want just rest dudee
Mehra Mk
Mehra Mk 3 hours ago
Now you will win this game
Sxmply Crafty
Sxmply Crafty 3 hours ago
what do you mean he let the dog win? the dog did it itself???
Sandra Ayman
Sandra Ayman 3 hours ago
uchiha itachi
uchiha itachi 3 hours ago
Shubham Malik
Shubham Malik 3 hours ago
He- let's play Dog- I don't want to play with a cheater 😂😂
Şadiye Kurtuluş
Şadiye Kurtuluş
Ivan Garcia
Ivan Garcia 3 hours ago
Elma Dzaferagic
Elma Dzaferagic 4 hours ago
Me:wat are u doing to the dog he looks tired wat did u do to him The dog:Help me- Him:DOGGY MY SWEETY LETS GO PLAY FOOTBALL The dog: OH HELL NO me:better run doggy Him:Closes dogs eyes The dog: WAT r u letting me sleep? Him: COME ON HIT THE BALL WITH THEME FUT the dog hits a bit it didnt even move Him:PUSHES BALL AND SAYS:YAY U WONN
Ashlyn Lemire
Ashlyn Lemire 4 hours ago
Ahhh to cute
army I purple u
army I purple u 4 hours ago
Well that was good
yhhj hhft
yhhj hhft 4 hours ago
Brendy Daniela Moreno Amaya
Anthony Mendoza
Anthony Mendoza 4 hours ago
Que lindo 💗💗💗
Bob The builder
Bob The builder 4 hours ago
The dogs like idc
Adjie Gerona
Adjie Gerona 4 hours ago
Otdywpx xbwos
Супер Қыз
Как милашка 🥺
Nitsy C
Nitsy C 5 hours ago
That's kind and the dog is so cute and always be kind to other people who are poor and in Trouble and the music is so good and it goes with the kindness and I love God and Dogs and people who are good and I love your videos ❤❤❤😁
Apollo 5 hours ago
Wow 😮😮
_ᗩᗰEYᗩ _
Тем временем собака: Что происходит?.
Mike Shearrill
Mike Shearrill 5 hours ago
UUH I don't think you can feed him that😑😐
Irad Fernandl
Irad Fernandl 5 hours ago
Bro eres el amo
Leena Teerbhohan
Leena Teerbhohan 5 hours ago
Vane •.STUDIO.•
Awww the dog 💖so bootiful
Hanz Lopez
Hanz Lopez 6 hours ago
Hat was nice
Monica Bernardes
Monica Bernardes 6 hours ago
Bora your dog is going to die because dogs can I eat three stupid
Monica Bernardes
Monica Bernardes 6 hours ago
Dogs are not allowed to eat candy a few days your dog is going to get weaker and die
Fabiola Barajas
Fabiola Barajas 6 hours ago
cgfbvcgg cyfb g
cgfbvcgg cyfb g 6 hours ago
I like this he wins her dog any round that's so cool and I know he loves his dog very much 👍🏻🥰🥰
Maheswara Jonnala
Maheswara Jonnala 6 hours ago
Aww now that's how you have to be kind to your pet
Jimmy Ayala
Jimmy Ayala 6 hours ago
Hum hum ♥️♥️
Eliana Regina
Eliana Regina 6 hours ago
Amém 😍
aizawa mic
aizawa mic 6 hours ago
When u do loney
Nitya Kapur
Nitya Kapur 6 hours ago
This guy has a caring heart!❤
Big Brains
Big Brains 6 hours ago
If I hear this song one more time
Hana Jabbar
Hana Jabbar 6 hours ago
Dogs can’t eat candy, this is harm to the dog, the dog is in pain
Really stupid
Really stupid 6 hours ago
Really stupid
Really stupid 6 hours ago
I know
Maria Maidana
Maria Maidana 6 hours ago
Hola soy celeste 💗💗💕😍😊
Ashley Saw
Ashley Saw 6 hours ago
Adalcinda Aguirre
Adalcinda Aguirre 6 hours ago
Esta bonitos
Ke'Shoun Lewis
Ke'Shoun Lewis 6 hours ago
Maria Erika Castañeda de laRosa
scg movil1
scg movil1 7 hours ago
La cuarentena no le a hacho bien a todods
Sandra DiaZ
Sandra DiaZ 7 hours ago
que lindo él perro voy allrar
Thomas David 701 JM
♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍🤩💓💖❤️ eres con tu perrito
Viani Blas
Viani Blas 7 hours ago
Se quieren mucho verdad eres muy lindo Te quiero mucho
꧁Lolo Chan꧂
Que fofuu
paulo 7 hours ago
Bella TV
Bella TV 7 hours ago
Najla Najla
Najla Najla 7 hours ago
Torockas 7 hours ago
R u shire dogs can even eat that?
the ugly bean
the ugly bean 7 hours ago
I think the the dog wanted the whole thing
Yogui Gómez
Yogui Gómez 7 hours ago
alexa txunamy josh lev gamer Abarca
Awwww so cute dog and nice 🥰
*W E B I W A B O*
Alberto Ibañez
Alberto Ibañez 7 hours ago
Jennifer Monterroso
Shirly Solano
Shirly Solano 7 hours ago
Franco Game
Franco Game 8 hours ago
Toua Yang
Toua Yang 8 hours ago
Aww he be nice too Dog
Wendy 8 hours ago
Eu quando morar sozinha:
DAOS Castro Bravo
DAOS Castro Bravo 8 hours ago
Aww the owner is letting the dog win 💗💗💗
Brooklynn Waltz
Brooklynn Waltz 8 hours ago
Awwww so cute and kind
Wafa Taher
Wafa Taher 8 hours ago
انصحاكوم لا تجيبو كلب بي كون في شيطن وربي هاذي نصاحه وربي بس احب الى كلب 🐶
San Lorenzo
San Lorenzo 8 hours ago
HERIBERTO ROMO 8 hours ago
YAY 😁 Dog you WON
8 hours ago
Misael Jimenez
Misael Jimenez 8 hours ago
Violeta Lobos
Violeta Lobos 8 hours ago
Awwww 💞😔✨
Taylor F.
Taylor F. 9 hours ago
I love it
Taylor F.
Taylor F. 9 hours ago
Why is the better than all the others
Cookie Gamez
Cookie Gamez 9 hours ago
When you have no friends to do this with;