I Learned to do Dream's Insane Boat MLG 

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Description time! here are some pretty cool links :)
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Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a Boat MLG / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin


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Apr 24, 2021




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Dream 20 days ago
this was an amazingly well done video, and in such a short time, earned a sub :)
Nicko 11 days ago
kaneki haise
kaneki haise 15 days ago
@Selcouth Dood lol
Isaiah Roberts
Isaiah Roberts 16 days ago
tomye 20 days ago
Ford Gaihe
Ford Gaihe 20 days ago
Hi dream
Erhes Bayrbat
Erhes Bayrbat 31 minute ago
So many people are saying its fake but you prove its real
Junn Hoi
Junn Hoi Hour ago
This is possible, but crafting a boat in 8 milliseconds is impossible without editing.
Frosty_Play Hour ago
PC Playets- easy Mobile Players- impossible
Kid cuber
Kid cuber 2 hours ago
When I did it I did it first try
Just1n Gaming
Just1n Gaming 3 hours ago
a new legend has been born
Respect, guys
I love this youtuber's voice and his IQ and himself, earned another sub! :-)
Why doesn't he jump land on the crafting table, making hunters impossible to get there and kill him
Get Saved Today
Get Saved Today 9 hours ago
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AaravZ 9 hours ago
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w1ld 10 hours ago
can dream please go away this rubbish is always in my recommended
CHALI NJ 10 hours ago
Omg u get my respect...
Rodrick 1
Rodrick 1 10 hours ago
rekraP spelled backwards is Parker! That me named!
-Pokeball- 11 hours ago
Do the boat clutch but Bedrock Edition
oHobo 11 hours ago
But you didn’t craft it on the other pillar you just did it as soon as you jumped off which gives you like over 2x more time. Still gj.
Kizrhey Cañete
Kizrhey Cañete 12 hours ago
at attempt one i would've probably just crippled into a ball of sadness
Bartek Gryczka
Bartek Gryczka 12 hours ago
i do this is it possible
Danilo Braga
Danilo Braga 13 hours ago
He broke the record of dying 😂
Castipro 14 hours ago
dream commented im like what
Aidan Spurgeon
Aidan Spurgeon 14 hours ago
Brooo I saw this when I came out and it has 5.4 mil views?
TheNarrowz 15 hours ago
Did you get copyright from background music?
TheNarrowz 15 hours ago
What is background sound?
Random Car
Random Car 15 hours ago
Get ready for dream to craft a hay bale and clutch it... No doubts dream will pull this of
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 16 hours ago
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Familie Strkljevic
Familie Strkljevic 16 hours ago
What Video was that? Link please 😊
Elijah Snorten
Elijah Snorten 17 hours ago
wait he did it no way
Elijah Snorten
Elijah Snorten 17 hours ago
Elijah Snorten
Elijah Snorten 17 hours ago
KubixTheMiner ,
KubixTheMiner , 17 hours ago
Your so clutchy i know you dream on alt account
net check
net check 17 hours ago
But bro dream did it in first try
Santi the Seal
Santi the Seal 19 hours ago
You weren't as "lucky"
LemonPogger 19 hours ago
lol imagine saying everything is staged without prove don't even tell me he did it first try he have a server just for the training
Benjamin Bryant
Benjamin Bryant 20 hours ago
Not bad
Lee Toka
Lee Toka 21 hour ago
yOU JUST EARN MORE THAN 100K subs congrats!
Rohit Venkatesh
Rohit Venkatesh 22 hours ago
Man this guy is insane
Dr.Tissa Ravinda Perera
wow that was amazing
Kobalt69 22 hours ago
name of the music?
Fan Gamer
Fan Gamer 22 hours ago
Never not
Yishai Zuriel
0:03 that, was fake
Rogaś_ [GD]
Rogaś_ [GD] Day ago
Dream have hacks bois :)
BadBoyHalo Dream
CHHOU Day ago
Rayhan Chen
Rayhan Chen Day ago
Dream boat clutch is stage
Never Serious
Dream deleted his comment
Omer Yusuf Unsal
Your sound is soo cute . Nice job!
Cecilia Sedotes
Nikuniu Day ago
we should appreciate how determine he is to copy dream boat trick
湮滅青蓮 Day ago
why he sound like same as dream when he says OH
Siow Day ago
Are we not gonna talk about how rekrap did that same thing for over 300 times not including the crafting (I think) and dream just did it at his first try? Not to mention how dream was facing backwards and sapnap hit him?
Cheese Channel
vociile Day ago
gg boiz
tiffy_ tot
tiffy_ tot Day ago
Even if dream staged it, it’s still super impressive
ZTERF Day ago
dream has a game that can speed up his finger
Gyan Wilkins
Gyan Wilkins Day ago
Confirmation dream's speedruns are not fake and not impossible
• Ꝅeiroꝃie̱Playz •
im just wonder how Dream even thought of the mlg lmao
Itz_Wrist Day ago
Song please!😊
froxy Day ago
Bruh u didnt even use the crafting table on the other beam
Regine Avery Guleng
Seed 3388 Do the seed :3
Sharmoy Day ago
Death count be like:
Griffin VR
Griffin VR Day ago
Look very close at the thumbnail
Sponker Day ago
nico eewf
nico eewf Day ago
For me its is ACTUALLY impossible cause i am in bedrock and in bedrock you also need a wooden shovel to craft a boat😅😅
nico eewf
nico eewf 10 hours ago
I dont know but for me i do
nico eewf
nico eewf 10 hours ago
@Gyan Wilkins Well maybe its because i m in pe
Gyan Wilkins
Gyan Wilkins Day ago
I play bedrock too and that's a lie no wooden shovel
mateus josé
mateus josé Day ago
Can you link me the video?
iman goli
iman goli Day ago
iman goli
iman goli Day ago
Your good dream and...
iman goli
iman goli Day ago
It was so good!!
Shin Hsu
Shin Hsu Day ago
Uhh maybe get a platform?
Shin Hsu
Shin Hsu Day ago
Then you can you can run hit it then get it?
Not_Martoo Day ago
Alaan554_yt8 2
I’ve been subbed
Jaden Wong
Jaden Wong Day ago
just saying this would be a lot easier if u used auto gui instead of large :)
YeetCat Day ago
what u edit with
Ali Mubarak
Ali Mubarak Day ago
I did it it took me 2days of real life if you add the hours
Odel Banuelos
you did good but you made it from the right and not the left but over all that was insane
cassie Rzgar
cassie Rzgar Day ago
T-MAN M Day ago
You do realize Dream faked it right?
T-MAN M Day ago
Don't care he staged it
Randa Bazyan
Randa Bazyan Day ago
What’s the vid name?
Isla Crafts
Isla Crafts Day ago
Imagine dream having to practice for this long in the middle of the manhunt 🤣
Mr Tech
Mr Tech Day ago
But u can't do it how dream did Means altough u learnt but dream did the plan while jumping means he did the plan in seconds when he didn't know he had to craft while falling And that timing is very important Im noob in minecraft I don't even use water bucket properly But can u imagine how fast is dreams mind that he did the plan in seconds
Aarav Mehta
Aarav Mehta Day ago
@dream we know u cheated the boat was in your hot bar before u crafted it in the background
Big Macs93
Big Macs93 Day ago
If you didn't know, for some reason theres a glitch, where if you jump on a crafting table and open the crafting grid, it negates all fall damage, I tried the boat clutch and just discovered this, so if you are falling down to your death, use a crafting table and open the crafting grid.
Mauricio Crack animator
9A34 saiyugan jegan
Hey @dream give this man the ip of the dream sumo as an award I believe he can do it
YeetusGrid Day ago
Alternate title: How I became fast at crafting boats
Mario is MLG
Mario is MLG Day ago
kwee Day ago
sheeeesh that was insane
The muffinteers
No one gonna talk about him crafting a boat with cobblestone
Lieutenant General
what editing software do you use?
Dewana Staten
If Dream's clutch was a subject at school, this guy would get TOP MARKS
punita dev
punita dev Day ago
And here i am tryna master it in mcpe
Wen Xiang Law
I think that if u make more dream clutch videos, u can make more views
Super cel
Super cel Day ago
Dream did it with crafting it later and had less time
Super cel
Super cel Day ago
It is so cool but it isn’t the original one
Keerthan Day ago
Everyone: hi dream Me: bye dream
NotKyraneii Day ago
too good very intresting
Daniel Ding
Daniel Ding Day ago
This was the video that made it happen
Aditya Kumar
Aditya Kumar Day ago
Why does he sound like chris from the Mr. Beast crew at 5:13??