I knew exactly what she wanted #Shorts 😂 

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I knew exactly what she wanted #Shorts 😂


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Apr 27, 2021




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Tameka Davis
Tameka Davis 6 hours ago
That was so funny
Nylah's funny world of laughter
I went off that damn thing and hid cause I know I know that she mad she really mad
Anna Belk
Anna Belk 9 days ago
Boy let that girl get some
Kojo 9 days ago
The first time got me nervous
Chocolate Notes
Chocolate Notes 10 days ago
If that bootie was juicy he will knock it off to Zimbabwe
Marwa A
Marwa A 10 days ago
I'm dying
Tony Hall
Tony Hall 10 days ago
Those jeans are 🔥 on you. Great job Marco. Living Life 💙
Tariana Robinson
Tariana Robinson 11 days ago
U guys are the best 👌 💓.
Free drinks Tomorrow
This type of video is what makes hate being fucking single
Victoria sqaud
Victoria sqaud 11 days ago
She turned around quick, I would have told him "I will think about it"
Debow Suddenly Abundance
Y’all play to much, lol
Gemma Jones
Gemma Jones 11 days ago
Sad people
Yareli Karyme
Yareli Karyme 11 days ago
No,no nutella😂😂😂😂😂
علاء حمزه
علاء حمزه 11 days ago
adbullah mamun
adbullah mamun 11 days ago
Love you all family
adbullah mamun
adbullah mamun 11 days ago
Very beautiful couple
akshat saklani
akshat saklani 11 days ago
Her voice is really cute
Jackie Loftis
Jackie Loftis 11 days ago
So stinking cute!
ishan R
ishan R 11 days ago
Lucky to have such a naughty tomantic wife
Jacian Felder
Jacian Felder 11 days ago
Note to self "always give your girl a good slap in the morning"
Windie Mariku
Windie Mariku 11 days ago
I love this couple sooo much🥰🥰🥰
MGTOW INC. 11 days ago
Coach Greg Adams, Darius McCullough and Alpha Male Strategies please check them out NOW
Flaxe HD
Flaxe HD 12 days ago
Nobody gonna talk about how he eats nuttela with his hands
Iyana White
Iyana White 12 days ago
Said Benbwya
Said Benbwya 13 days ago
I am sorry but who leaves Nutella in the fridge
Feroz Wani
Feroz Wani 13 days ago
I am happy to see you happy guyz may you always be happy together ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
john doe
john doe 13 days ago
Who's house are they babysitting?
Jason Drennen
Jason Drennen 13 days ago
He seemed gay to me. Us older guys have a tough time figuring it out nowadays. You know with the whole skinny jean thing.
DARKASM The transgender
And then it went from a US-first video to a corn hub ad
Mitchell Dunn
Mitchell Dunn 13 days ago
My better half does that also. It's a sexy time ploy lol.
yulitza rivera
yulitza rivera 13 days ago
The fact that they had the Nutella in the fridge is immaculate I thought I was the only person ❤️ ❤️
Yasco Dmg
Yasco Dmg 13 days ago
Why’s the Nutella in the fridge tho?
Reghan Greenwood
Reghan Greenwood 13 days ago
Awww. She so sad
Anorn 13 days ago
Puts phone, has a prank channel, the wife is surprised.
KVNG2 GROOVY 13 days ago
“Swerve game crazy”😂😂😂😂
Michael Larsonc k
Michael Larsonc k 13 days ago
When you die you will be judged by JESUS CHRIST
Cole Bien
Cole Bien 13 days ago
If he was mad, why would he smack her butt? Like that retitled be violence and not play, so clearly he's not mad🙄. Also, sucking your fingers loudly is disgusting.🤮
Varnaa 13 days ago
Is that what women do 😂, now it all makes sense🤔
Travis Benderpuff
Travis Benderpuff 13 days ago
Why they wearing shoes in the house
Graham Jones
Graham Jones 13 days ago
Why is the black guy in the white woman's house? Is he the cleaner?
Fernando Parra
Fernando Parra 13 days ago
They know these are just videos and play along like they don't know these are videos
phil5301 13 days ago
I'm starting to like this couple.
A.a.g. 13 days ago
I think you want it more
Lolz Z
Lolz Z 13 days ago
Cameras are invisible this days
Malachirz Lewis
Malachirz Lewis 13 days ago
LOL she literally said smack it for me!!!!!!
Incognita Me
Incognita Me 13 days ago
First off I hope he doesn't plan on putting that back in the refrigerator after he done licked his fingers and put it back in the Nutella
ap cloud Lora
ap cloud Lora 13 days ago
Use a spoon don't use the same finger twice
BatonRougeBj 13 days ago
"no no Nutella"😂😂 I love this channel
Yazzy_ Reacts 1
Yazzy_ Reacts 1 13 days ago
Her voice is wayyyyyy different then her laugh
Victor G
Victor G 13 days ago
I notice in the states you guys wear shoes in the house it’s really weird lol and dirty
Mike Mal
Mike Mal 13 days ago
Not sure if this a nutella add or not
Death Wolf 9987
Death Wolf 9987 13 days ago
I was so confused at first
Jeniya Lloyd
Jeniya Lloyd 13 days ago
Yase U to get
Jasmine D
Jasmine D 13 days ago
When she said Marco I thought Marco was going to say polo
Nass 76 2.0
Nass 76 2.0 13 days ago
Nutella in a fridge ?
This people suck
Nikolas lima
Nikolas lima 13 days ago
Email from air b&b: you are removed from the renters list due to profiting off of the owners home
George Esquivel
George Esquivel 13 days ago
Yugiohsspin TCG
Yugiohsspin TCG 13 days ago
Mom can we have acting? Skip the lines Acting at home:
Joan AM
Joan AM 13 days ago
Terrence Barber
Terrence Barber 14 days ago
Starting to get annoying
zakrya mahmood
zakrya mahmood 14 days ago
Soo forced
Anderson’s Beagles
Mood 😎😎😎
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch 14 days ago
When its just a given ur man smacks ur booty when he come by it does feel off when they dont do it
Estrella Riojas
Estrella Riojas 14 days ago
Jeans and other items just JJ been killer killer JFK
Black Phoenix
Black Phoenix 14 days ago
This is how couples should be with each other. People make relationships complicated because they afraid to just be in one.
Miraflor Plaza
Miraflor Plaza 14 days ago
Smoke Weed
Smoke Weed 14 days ago
Y’all gotta go back to acting school
eZ 14 days ago
Them bitches asking why we mad makes us even more mad😂
Thelightgamer 1
Thelightgamer 1 14 days ago
Now thats a good bf
That's how my girl be she always pushin it out jus yo get that smack real quick lil pick em upper
Confused Slav
Confused Slav 14 days ago
Who puts nutella in the fridge
Boss265 14 days ago
Marco: *decided not to assualt her* Her: “are u mad at me 🥺??”
gh0st_pellets 13 days ago
Bruh theyre married im dead
Travis Benderpuff
Travis Benderpuff 13 days ago
They’re married
Move Er
Move Er 14 days ago
Great acting not
A Stoic's Door
A Stoic's Door 14 days ago
Omg if she's actually like that, that would drive me nuts. "What? I'm hungry, get yo a** out of my way."
Holden Clark
Holden Clark 14 days ago
Dude can play with his girl like this but ion even gotta girl😭
Penioni Toga
Penioni Toga 14 days ago
Hahaha such a cute couple
le trollge
le trollge 14 days ago
Person: im cassually mad as its the teenager law to be mad and depressed for no reason
Richa Chauhan
Richa Chauhan 14 days ago
other : boy - are you mad at me * confused af * this unique couple : girl - are you mad at me * confused *
Flawless Speed
Flawless Speed 14 days ago
Wtf did he just lick his finger Ian’s put it in the Nutella jar
Wass Good
Wass Good 14 days ago
His pants tight tbh
#GL0STARZ ENT! 14 days ago
Angeles Godoy Herrera
Ruben Saraiva
Ruben Saraiva 14 days ago
My nigga got the same shoes as me 😭😭😭. Ik no one cares but this is 2 much of a coincidence 😂😂😂😭
MindBlowing Questions
“What I’m Mad about”
REAL LOVE 14 days ago
Did Marco says "MPA KONPRANN" in creole??
Ezel Grier
Ezel Grier 14 days ago
I would ate it all in the kitchen i don't waste my meals mmmmm
Frogmanpipes 14 days ago
She's gotta grandma flat as$
1Chris 14 days ago
This guy keep Nutella in the freezer
mikwayh1 14 days ago
My wife does the same thing.
F R P 14 days ago
Why the soul's on his shoes so thick😄😁
flamingpie herman
flamingpie herman 14 days ago
Never be so insecure that you have to have your spouse or boyfriend justify why they act a certain way.
Ja Ra
Ja Ra 14 days ago
Nice rental
Kirell Ferdinand
Kirell Ferdinand 14 days ago
Me seeing him eating Nutella made me decide to go get my Nutella 😭😩
Menibor1 14 days ago
Fakest couple on the internet
Nicolas Kim
Nicolas Kim 14 days ago
Man Americans wearing shoes inside the house always make me 💀
Kim Essex
Kim Essex 14 days ago
MsKi 29
MsKi 29 14 days ago
“ swerve game crazy!” 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Deniz Özyay
Deniz Özyay 14 days ago
Not even funny when people act when stealing a trend
Michael Richardson
Michael Richardson 14 days ago
Why would anyone like this?
NO MERCY!!! #Shorts