I got a DNA test for my cat! 

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Thanks for checking out BBs results with me! I got the test at Basepaws: basepaws.com/.
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Apr 30, 2021




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MuDdY MuTt
MuDdY MuTt 12 days ago
What happened to the other kitty? You found two right? BB and then another..
ƛƇӇЄԼƠɄS 07 16 hours ago
@Magic noo let the guy have the cat jeez
Abri Rich
Abri Rich Day ago
@Toby Elmer correct
Abri Rich
Abri Rich Day ago
@J Bird she obviously does
A girl walks home alone at night
@J Bird aka Incel.BitterDude_69
Sarah Woods
Sarah Woods 3 days ago
@Gab Smolders well at least it isn’t dead.
BeeZet Hour ago
My tomcat is 1/2 Thai-Siamese and he meows a lot in general [when hes just on the toilet or when hes in another room while we r watching TV (as soon as he is close to us he stops)]. Whenever he doesnt feel well, he does that 'meezing' sound.
Synclare-V. 4 hours ago
Some traits that may be the reason people thinks he's got some maine coon is probably those adorable toe and ear tufts
Anime Lxrd
Anime Lxrd 4 hours ago
BB look's to me like long-haired Grey Tabby
lorraine main
lorraine main 5 hours ago
He gets is blue eyes from the Siamese in him
Mariya M
Mariya M 6 hours ago
His personality is the biggest ragdoll aspect. People-oriented, loving, relaxed. His eye shape and ear tufts also look right. Although overall, seems to have been more influenced in his personality rather than his appearance.
The Kid MC
The Kid MC 9 hours ago
to bad the test is like $130 I wanted to get my cat tested but that's too much for me
Russell Fawcett
Russell Fawcett 10 hours ago
I what a cat now 😭
IV: XX 13 hours ago
Could be a ragdoll
IV: XX 13 hours ago
Based off of the beginning of the video without watching it yet it looks like your cat may be a Norwegian Forest cat or more than likely a coon cat a Maine Coon
Reruntal 18 hours ago
Never really had great experiences to this day with cats but my love for cats started when my grandparent's cat sunny purred at me and snuggled up with me she was a gem of a cat rather than that hisses scratches and ankle bites mean little gremlin cats except the grandparent's cat miss ya sunny!
Latwanna Sidney
Latwanna Sidney 19 hours ago
You have a gorgeous cat
amylimaa 20 hours ago
My cat is spits of BB, they have very similar features, size and colour, i was told she was a Norwegian forest cat when we got her chipped but this is so interesting! tempted to get a test done! and our neighbours also found her as a stray kitten! weve had her for 7 years now and shes the sweetest.
Tv Static
Tv Static 22 hours ago
I want a cat but I can’t because my mom is allergic
Purrylogic's Stuff
Purrylogic's Stuff 23 hours ago
Listening to BB's hungry meows, makes me wanna climb through the screen and feed him xD *EDIT* I just got up to the Meezer(?), and the second cat with the soft voice... oh nooo, my heart D:
The Lazy Outsider
Im just running my fingers through my imaginary beard pretending i knew even one type of cat breed before this video. Ahh yes cat stuffs...
Charlotte Manasco
I knew he was part tabby.
Charlotte Manasco
Isn’t a Peterbald a cat that has no fur?
Sheila Roe
Sheila Roe Day ago
Excellent job with the non-gaming content. You did great! 💖
I play Apex and Sea of Thieves
your boyfriend is the legendary jacksepticeye?
I play Apex and Sea of Thieves
Is your cat a brawl stars fan? Reply to my comment if you know what I mean.
lovethot Day ago
One of the first things I noticed about BB was how vocal he was! My cat never meows, only if he *really* wants something. How interesting, BB is definitely a "meezer" lol 🤣
Raymond Kravitz
DNA results show that he is in fact, a cat.
Bryony V
Bryony V Day ago
I thought BB was a ragdoll as hes slightly smaller than a norweigan forest and maine coon. BB is adorable and I think that mixed breeds are soooo muh prettier than pure bred
Paula Glad
Paula Glad Day ago
soo he is what in sweden is known as a "bond katt" its a cat that is keept in the barn to keep the mice and rat population down and is alowed to breed with who and what ever
Melanie Kitskan
BB is best boi
haha yea man chinky King kong
She has a call me Kevin laugh
Angelica Rodriguez
brandon day
brandon day Day ago
1:58 her: "whenever people find my channel I show them my cat" me: "shes talking about me lol show me cat" :)
BabyDevil Day ago
Bruh there is some thing in my Brian which is telling me bb is made in lab😂 how can bb have so many dnassssssssssss
BabyDevil Day ago
The fact that peterbald is a fur less but is found in Russia damn nature is Fucking amazing
BabyDevil Day ago
Damn bb's real dad was a player 😂
Kermit Gaming
Your boyfriend looks cool he should start a US-first Channel🤔🤔
p o t a t o
p o t a t o Day ago
I know righttt!
Xanthipuss ofSparta
Siberian Tabby is probably most likely if you found him in Japan. I would call him a Moggy.
Gena Mayhew
Gena Mayhew 2 days ago
I don't think you got enough kitty spit on the swab. U should get a different brand of test and get more spit make sure it's super wet then see what that test says and compare the 2 tests! I think they are throwing everything in just to confuse. Don't believe it get a 2nd one to compare and make another video about it. I had a Norwegian Forest Cat (Max) for 18yrs they are big and long with lots of fur. He was up to 25lbs but we got him down to about 20lbs. He was super smart and loving.😻#COMPARE
Amanda Gereda
Amanda Gereda 2 days ago
You are a comfort zone, thanks for making more content for us 🖤
Nick Muollo
Nick Muollo 2 days ago
i have a conspiracy that the neighbors cat is actually BB's younger sibling..... The ex probably disowned them and he got adopted by your neighbors
S T Ø R M 2 days ago
BB is a gift from the heavens
Bre Hates
Bre Hates 2 days ago
He's such a cutie
VERSACE KAT 2 days ago
I have a sliver spot tabby and a marble tabby. I wanna try this test on my marble tabby because he’s a stray too .
Kropout 2 days ago
report : Norwegian forest cat gab : there's some of that in my BB report :ragdoll gab : definetly BB report : peterbald gab : that's my BB report : golden retriver gab : yeah, that's definetly it
Aimee 2 days ago
I didn't realize it wasn't normal for cats to just go limp when picked up like that
Inazo Nitobe
Inazo Nitobe 2 days ago
It's all fun and games until it comes back Dog and you see the zipper on her back.
Biggy Motion
Biggy Motion 2 days ago
My cat was the product of a rag doll and random streetcat. I call her my Halloween cat due to the mix of white black and orange.
Megan Renee
Megan Renee 2 days ago
BB has eyes that could make me do a crime
Unicorn Pack
Unicorn Pack 2 days ago
omgahh my cat is 6 years old too! i dont know her breed either not a special one but she is very cute aswell
Waysif 2 days ago
You look like if Tyga was a woman
Free s.
Free s. 2 days ago
dude the cat looks identical to my cat lmaoo, its like i'm seeing my own cat chilling with someone else
Z4CK 0512
Z4CK 0512 3 days ago
you don't have to say "my cat" WE know who BB is
Marlynna Hoke
Marlynna Hoke 3 days ago
All the cat cafe's in japan probably have made the mixed cats over there very exotic honestly.
Bluebird 3 days ago
When a cat is a mix of breeds, they're identified as 'domestic'. So his official breed is a 'long haired domestic'. His markings are a brown tabby. But tabby isn't a breed. I have a short haired domestic brown tabby cat. His name is Charlie.
Morgan Morin
Morgan Morin 3 days ago
What size are your gauges?
Saul McGill
Saul McGill 3 days ago
Your boyfriend is jacksepticeye?
10. I komang ardi wijaya
*You are not his mother*
Kim Costello
Kim Costello 3 days ago
idk about anyone else but i prefer "mutts" to purebred animals, it's so much more interesting to see a mix of different types come together to make one
Shamop Wampar
Shamop Wampar 3 days ago
She looks kinda like cristin milioti ?
Alexis Flory
Alexis Flory 3 days ago
Does he really enjoy being picked up?
Marina Adams
Marina Adams 3 days ago
I definitely seen the ragdoll in him with his mane and his head shape
Stan Szeto
Stan Szeto 3 days ago
You are a gamer. Gamers try things. How about a dog's DNA test on BB? Since you are going to DNA yourself, also send BB's.
MrSparsilis 3 days ago
She is a main kooon it's easy
Mali Williams
Mali Williams 3 days ago
I feel like your voice has changed. Like your accent is slightly different 🤔 idunnno
nataliavenie 3 days ago
Oo i wanna get this!! My cat actually looks almost exactly like him. Same big green eyes, same fur length, same color. A lot of times she looks a lot like a maine coon to me. Shes average size but I also adopted one of her kittens. He looks lile any othershort haired orange tabby, except hes huge. Skinny, but huge head, long body, long legs. Im very curious as to what both of them might be
Jun 3 days ago
aaaaa so FLUFFY AND CUTE ;W;
Lyla Winters
Lyla Winters 4 days ago
You are honestly so wholesome and your content is adorable, even the horror games. Love you!!
AngelRose 4 days ago
you should try another test to see if you get the same or try this test again. Because if you get the same then you know you can trust it some of this DNA test idk?
caboose9339 4 days ago
Mutts and strays are the best! All that genetic variation means they hardly ever have "common" diseases that pure bred animals get, plus they're always cute!
Daniel Davila
Daniel Davila 4 days ago
The dislikes are from the people that said he was Norwegian Forest Cat.
Jacob Stark
Jacob Stark 4 days ago
"BB That's you!" *Aggressive Meow of Agreement*
MissMaddieMack 4 days ago
BB walked off screen as my cat walked into my peripherals and scared me
Jawachii S.
Jawachii S. 4 days ago
I used to have Siberian cat when I was young & I thought BB was Siberian too.
Erik Nilsson
Erik Nilsson 4 days ago
I've never had a cat that just hangs like that when you pick them up. They usually try to squirm into a better position or something.
indisguise96 4 days ago
I've always wanted a DNA test for my kitty. SO many people think she's Maine Coon. She was found in a window well in the midst of Minnesota winter like 2 years ago. So she's just a mystery. If anyone wants to see pictures of her, I made an Instagram just for her @bubbie_stubbytail
puertarica100 4 days ago
Pretty Cool! Man now I wanna go get one for my cat!!! :)
NatCat 4 days ago
The way he was licking your face 🥺
Amber Avon
Amber Avon 4 days ago
Decided to do some of these breeds in Sims 4. Mixed them and it looks like BB. I didnt have the hairless one so used Egyptian Mau instead. But still looks like BB
Anthony Austin
Anthony Austin 4 days ago
i have the same breed and i dont know what breed it is either!
KillerKitten 4 days ago
Most cats are mixed breeds. We call them domestic shorthairs, domestic medium hairs and domestic long hairs. tabby is a color not breed btw as well for those confused . Cat breeds are Siamese, Maine coon, Norwegian forest etc. :0 BB would be called a domestic medium hair :)
Salem 4 days ago
My cats usually complained or got on my shoulder. Always depended on their moods. They were just usual European house cats with just a tiiiiny bit of Maine coon as far as we know.
Topcat VR
Topcat VR 4 days ago
good vid
mikau15 4 days ago
I can see Peterbald in the nose and eyes, it's really prominent in the shape!
Nicole Renee
Nicole Renee 4 days ago
Cats are a lot harder to pinpoint to a specific breed than dogs. Something about their genetics and technically a cat can have multiple babies that could be different such as calico, domestic short hairs and domestic long hairs. Everyone thinks my cat must be a purebred (pure white long haired cat but not a Persian) but she had a calico sister, a tux brother and some other colored siblings (she and her siblings where a whoops litter born to a barn cat)
TheSkyWolf 4 days ago
It might seem a bit ridiculous for there to be savannah genes in a stray, however, my youngest cat Kali has pretty dominant savannah genes and she was a stray, born into the colony that lives in my apartment complex. On top of that I live in a middle of nowhere California town that's barely 17 sq mi, so if those genes can be kicking it around here they could be anywhere.
CatzyYo 97
CatzyYo 97 4 days ago
Awww I miss Quiet 🥰🥰❤❤
Samantha Portell
Samantha Portell 4 days ago
BB took a DNA test, turns out, he’s 100%, that cat.
MatterIsNotSolid 4 days ago
Can those tests determine non-domestic cat DNA? Pretty sure I have a cat that is part bobcat.
Pieter Vanwoezik
Pieter Vanwoezik 4 days ago
Mijn kater heeft dat ook elke dag of avond doet hij dit🙀😹
ii_moonsama 4 days ago
ayo........ what breed is BB? ;P
Walid Ahmed
Walid Ahmed 4 days ago
I love you
Nicole Huff
Nicole Huff 4 days ago
I woke my cat up to test if he does the ragdoll thing and I can confidently inform you that he does not. He squirms until he is for sure he won't be dropped, not that I've ever dropped him.
jera ruin
jera ruin 4 days ago
Ellen Wheeler
Ellen Wheeler 4 days ago
Your content is so wholesome (and BB is beautiful) thank you Gab
Candace Miville
Candace Miville 5 days ago
The ragdoll pickup, really depends on the cat. I have grown up with cats that adopted my family while I was growing up. Most of them would ragdoll when picked up. One to the point of him laying on my mom's shoulders like a loose scarf, while she was doing things around the house. Others loved to be carried like a baby. I think out of the dozens that my family took care of over the years. Only one was really not into kids and just adults. So I didn't interact with that cat as much.
Lewis Attard
Lewis Attard 5 days ago
I love your laugh
Skylar W
Skylar W 5 days ago
I really want to try this with my cat now! He looks a lot like BB and my family assumed he had mainecoon in him for the same reasons as you with BB
ItsCmonster27 5 days ago
I don’t really feel like 30 mins but I’m interested
Willow D Crawford
What happened with his sibling ? Gave to a friend 🥺
- ST Studios -
- ST Studios - 5 days ago
It could be that Peterbald was a dormant gene in one of bbs parents so he could have a lot of the breed in him but the other breed traits are far more dominant meaning that the other genetic factors take over bbs appearance but it is there either in temperament or just dormant all together if you really want to know more as a veterinary nurse I would highly suggest doing further research into the characteristics of each of his most dominant breed traits as it's always interesting and it helps you to better understand your amazingly floofy and adorable kitty
- ST Studios -
- ST Studios - 5 days ago
also, ragdoll/ragdoll mixed cats are my favorite cat to treat for the fact that injuries are just a normal thing in my line of work, and the only cat breed that has not lashed out at me during a vet visit is, in fact, the ragdoll breed, however, I have only ever been scratched once by a tortoiseshell breed so I like treating them a lot too but that could be because I have one myself and she is just the sweetest angel so I am kinda biased...
Reena Yeo
Reena Yeo 5 days ago
BB is just a mix of every thing good & cute hehehe is a cute and lovely kitty hehehe also love u smile hehehe smile more 😊
Madison Zirnheld
Madison Zirnheld 5 days ago
You should play Before Your Eyes it’s a short (1 hour 30 min) story and choice based game that uses your webcam to view your blinking. Everytime you blink you fast forward through your memories ! Pewdiepie played it and it was just a wholesome philosophical game that is so unique.
LibraMusic 5 days ago
Gab takes over Meme time next and sean cant do nothing
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