I Got A Notification From My Robotic Vacuum App Saying That It Was Stuck tiktok stephaniehickman03 

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I Got A Notification From My Robotic Vacuum App Saying That It Was Stuck tiktok stephaniehickman03
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Mar 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
CrazyCatsXDDシ 16 hours ago
Step vaccuum I'm stuck😏
Travis 17 hours ago
All of the cussing is extremely trashy
Ali Sassmannshausen
Ali Sassmannshausen 23 hours ago
Was going to say like damn how big is your place and if doors were shut how it get on that room.? I guess it’s that puff dragon magic
Kamdus TDC
Kamdus TDC Day ago
Robot should be programmed to scream “help me! heeeelp me!!” like The Fly 😂
livi k
livi k Day ago
You really just wanted to flex
Music In Me
Music In Me Day ago
I died with the "I'm not in the mood to play hide and seek with a vacuum cleaner" 😂
SK Suppressor
More work typing loose instead of lose if you ever wanted to think about what you are doing.
Sammi 2 days ago
Ours gets stuck on the rug. It says he got stuck “on a cliff” it’s hilarious 😂 he can go over the little dividers between the wood and tile no problem but one super thin rug and he’s completely incapacitated.
shockness 2 days ago
check the laindry room
KJaxPack 2 days ago
People that use that damn computer voice shit is the most cringe shit ever! Fucking stop it!
Amane 3462
Amane 3462 2 days ago
You really gotta cuss every sentence to emphasize your distress, otherwise we wouldnt understand how mad you are obviously
Jasmira frea Tuan
Don't worry just call step-vacuum it will surely find and suck more dirt
sp3ctr 2 days ago
I guarantee either someone took it or it just hopped dimensions
SNImportant 2 days ago
Give up
Redford Wallis
Redford Wallis 2 days ago
This guy sounds like a bundle of joy
Gaming with BUDI
Gaming with BUDI 2 days ago
Dont call the machine who cleans your house a piece of sh** it does its best
Mike Roadblock
Mike Roadblock 2 days ago
Burn your over stuffed house down.
Lea821_ 2 days ago
HhhhhEeeeeeEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEp this is insane
Натханиел Хавтхорне
Watch your language bro
EYO ThirdEH 2 days ago
check the laundry washing and drying area
Slurm 2 days ago
She sounds abusive towards her robot
Elisabeth Clark
Elisabeth Clark 2 days ago
Was that a Beatles reference I saw in there??😂
billy apicella
billy apicella 2 days ago
This was the most unsatisfactory vine i have seen
BMO YT 3 days ago
I love hide and seek but im lonley pls give me a stupid roomba
Kynsipalatuote On
Whole video was waste of time
AdminCreeper Games
Maybe you should take a vacuum instead and do things yourself the right way
7 3 days ago
What a stupid video
Zaku 23
Zaku 23 3 days ago
I know they’re flexing but tbh it’s a nice house
leva mesui
leva mesui 3 days ago
She so disrespectful to the vacuum
Jraysen Moreno
Jraysen Moreno 3 days ago
Mark Bowman
Mark Bowman 3 days ago
no need for the bad language totally out of taste!
Caleb Sarmiento
Caleb Sarmiento 3 days ago
Check the washing machine 😳
Mark6O9 3 days ago
Why would you buy a roomba when you can clean the floors yourself
Jovan Immanuel
Jovan Immanuel 3 days ago
I have no words.. Wait i do *C R I N G E*
Rezz 3 days ago
She forgot to check the washing machine
Sombrawolf 3 days ago
The cussing is real
Sam Swag man
Sam Swag man 3 days ago
You were just flexing your house smh
KING EGGROLLS 3 days ago
How tf are we suppose to help
Spook! 3 days ago
Bombskwad 92
Bombskwad 92 3 days ago
"On today's episode of my parents are rich, I pretend like I can't find our $500 robo vaccum and flex the whole house"
Max Burger Burger
wehhhhhg my automatic vacuum that cleans my big ass house is bwoken wehhhhhh
TheRobloxMemer 3 days ago
Boys trying to find a girlfriend:
bruh this is not even worth posting, who tf cares
Joshua Wright
Joshua Wright 3 days ago
Heeeeeeeeep..... That robot voice has me in stitches
Dionisios Giakoumelos
I hate people that use the bot voice
Natalie Flora
Natalie Flora 3 days ago
Just vacuum the floors yourself and stop being a lazy ass person
Brady Jordan
Brady Jordan 3 days ago
Text to speech cursing is hilarious
Willy 3 days ago
Why don’t they add a speaker on the robot and have be able to play a sound
*Cxral Reef*
*Cxral Reef* 3 days ago
Btw they ended up finding it under a laundry basket thing after like 3-5 days or something (my memory is bad lol)
Moore N.
Moore N. 3 days ago
Damn that’s a lot of cursing
Sébastien the deer god
My time has been wasted
FU2 man
FU2 man 3 days ago
Maybe don't have a big ass f****** house
Daniel Silberberg
how about if u think ur commentary is funny...TALK! Nobody talks anymore! Enough with the robotic fucking siri voices!
Goatinanovercoat 4 days ago
What level of the backrooms was she searching?
Viking Power
Viking Power 4 days ago
Time for a new vaccume.
benjamin lundell
benjamin lundell 4 days ago
Oh you poor thing. First world problems are just the worst. GTFO.
Mahesh Rathod
Mahesh Rathod 4 days ago
So did you find it in the end?!
Joel R
Joel R 4 days ago
Yeah because the world is an experiencing other problems right now that are a lot more important than all these little problems that all these people keep fucking posting you want to talk about pissing people off and getting angry these stupid types of videos pissed me off and get me angry because it is continuous this world has so many more problems and your posh ass issue you can't find your automatic vacuum cleaner people like this are what is wrong with this world these days
Nate Taylor
Nate Taylor 4 days ago
All that money on a lazy invention and you can't even Bluetooth ping the shit
Jake The snake
Jake The snake 4 days ago
They beep.... So either it's dead....or she's dumb.
DA BEST 4 days ago
Lastly, Ladies and Gentlemen you have seen the house but not the vaccum thing we were all looking for.
DogX 4 days ago
This voice is so cringe wtf
NickleBerry 4 days ago
Why the robotic voice it’s so annoying
Snave 4 days ago
Tick tock tts is cancer.
David Reynoso
David Reynoso 4 days ago
where you at, step-hoover
08周安琪】 4 days ago
If you guys wanna know where it was, it was behind the laundry baskets
Vly Led to
Vly Led to 4 days ago
I like how he or she is pissed right now
Daniel Wheez
Daniel Wheez 4 days ago
Are people too lazy to speak? That damn robotic voice is like hell
Robot Akash
Robot Akash 4 days ago
Chark 4 days ago
Pro tip, vacuum the floor yourself and stop being lazy.
Boobum rules
Boobum rules 4 days ago
Does this person have to swear every sentence
Michael Taylor
Michael Taylor 4 days ago
Yo that roomba needs to run away. ain't no way that's a ranch house and he gotta clean all that shit all day long.
angell 4 days ago
dude how big is this fucking house
WhoVoo 4 days ago
Sky net has begun!
Fefe Ortiz
Fefe Ortiz 4 days ago
I am cracking tf up off of this shit !
Delta354DLC Martin
Did you ever find it yet? LOL
Joid15 4 days ago
Screw it. I guess your buying a new one
Ibuki Mioda
Ibuki Mioda 4 days ago
God of Dreamzzz
God of Dreamzzz 4 days ago
Roombas are the NSA
Alexander B
Alexander B 4 days ago
Just use a normal vacuum
BOMBERCOLE 4 days ago
Can u kep it pg
Marie Slabbert
Marie Slabbert 4 days ago
What is the matter with all this swearing??? It does not make the video any more interesting. 😡😡😡😡😡🤮🤮🤮
ImSaddie 4 days ago
SkullSquad Ghostify
This person has a swear word in every sentence they say. That's kind of sad if they can't hold themselves back from swearing for one sentence.
The FxT
The FxT 2 days ago
Damn. Kinda sad that you care
mbellicose 4 days ago
Vacuum : gets stuck Person : fuck this world
Oleksandra Bakun
Oleksandra Bakun 4 days ago
Hm. I might reconsider wanting an automated vacuum :-/
Emma 4 days ago
Why is no one talking about the “HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP”!!?! I’m dying!!! 😂
boogie 4 hours ago
Marina Mears
Marina Mears Day ago
Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo 2 days ago
that’s funny?
redant89 4 days ago
Moral of the story vacuum you’re self 🤣
Nicole Murray
Nicole Murray 4 days ago
Did she ever find it u can't just leave us hanging like that it's fucking rude
Forest Turtle3601
I hate the goddamn text to speech voice. Such a god awful annoying trend
NeoN 5 days ago
“Hey Siri how do I show off my house without looking like a douchebag?”
Re Birth
Re Birth 3 days ago
Haha funny
Yenat Mott
Yenat Mott 3 days ago
Still totally looks like a douche trying to show off their house
Blurry blues
Blurry blues 3 days ago
Minecraft gamer girl
Not TheTruth
Not TheTruth 5 days ago
Im dont know any vaccum brands but they should add speakers or something so that everytime its stuck you can play music so you can find it easy
Taban Ayesha
Taban Ayesha 5 days ago
U don't need to use so many bad words tho
EsileFN 5 days ago
about to get robbed showed their whole house gg
Tom C.
Tom C. 5 days ago
Disgusting how you talk. Living in such a nice place but having no class
MrBubléYTSon YT
MrBubléYTSon YT 5 days ago
lmao just buy another One BoOmEr
Scott Goodman
Scott Goodman 5 days ago
And still can't talk with out using vulgar language.