I got a 1400HP Engine for the Police Car 

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I got a 1400hp Hemi Engine for the police car.
Engine builder: www.modernmusclextreme.com/
Holly intake www.holley.com/
Instagram: westengw​
Facebook: westengw

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Feb 19, 2021




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Daniel Chavez
Daniel Chavez 10 days ago
The intro. Spot on. That's the best freakin intro ever
B711-HD 7 days ago
Dalton Leonard
Dalton Leonard 7 days ago
Sure is. anyone else notice the army truck right after that
Jay Cameron
Jay Cameron 9 days ago
That’s the perfect car for the Cannon ball run 👍👍😎😎
Luis Palacios
Luis Palacios 9 days ago
Pi Prince Albert - 54
Echoicpluto 7359
Echoicpluto 7359 9 days ago
Chase Nothing
Chase Nothing 35 minutes ago
No stack make it clean as hell!
David Peters
David Peters 2 hours ago
Ohhhhhh man thats gonna be so awesome im so stoked about seeing this come along and thats gonna be a bad ass car
Bobby Sweet
Bobby Sweet 2 hours ago
Cop car against the smoke Stang lol
zach schoels
zach schoels 4 hours ago
Super late comment probably wont getvread but you guys need to look up john deere motor on 1969 GMC truck. Maybe a new project for yall....
Colten Krob
Colten Krob 4 hours ago
Hey officer *smashes window* 0:30
Back40 Project Progress
They sell good hand brake kots for $75
Ron Jones
Ron Jones 5 hours ago
When you’re done you should consider donating the car to a police department. Our PD is struggling with an aging fleet and no funds for newer vehicles.
Zombiedragon 277
Zombiedragon 277 6 hours ago
Where’s the big blue tractor
WYFT 9 hours ago
Engine came form Virginia didn’t it? :)
John Collins
John Collins 9 hours ago
What is that sitting next to the smoke stang? I wanna see that be supped up
YLL Kastrati
YLL Kastrati 10 hours ago
Cant wait🥵
Not Dialed
Not Dialed 12 hours ago
The beaterbuilt lmaoo 🤣🤣🤣
Daher Zaidan
Daher Zaidan 16 hours ago
You got me subscribing at That is rednick for more power
linus jörgensen
linus jörgensen 22 hours ago
i have never seen a man that happy in my life
itz skullz
itz skullz 23 hours ago
I swear I saw you on tik tok
Trevor Rushing
Trevor Rushing 23 hours ago
Can I please have the 5.7 motor cause have have a police charger as well and blew a head gasket and want to just go ahead and change the whole motor
Jon Hines
Jon Hines Day ago
Sickest build idea
Daniel Parkin
asif i see u on tictok then see u on here
Isaac LeBlanc
You guys should try to get this on hoonigan vs the world once it’s done
Kim Madison
Kim Madison Day ago
🙏🏽wish I had this for my 2006 lx Vic 🦾
“Holes” hahaha
Max wassabi
Max wassabi Day ago
POV: You’re here from tik tok
Bods 511
Bods 511 Day ago
Hey Weston blow up the old motor
Raydel Hernandez
Chase's Random Channel
this is my first video I've watched of your channel, and about 1 minute in, I'm already subbed
Brandon S
Brandon S Day ago
In southern Minnesota we have a thing called blended fuel. I know you guys don’t see cold that often, but it don’t cost that much extra. Can’t wait to see this build!
Ashton Dagenais
hahahah he was saying how cold it was so i thought it was cold but then he said the temp lol it’s been -40 and -50 with wind chill the past week
Adrian Newman
That peterbuilt sounds good. Thats a sexy looking hemi
Tyler Garris
Tyler Garris Day ago
Hey are you doing a giveaway of money on Facebook right now
This vs. Neighbor. Pls.
asambi69 Day ago
Don't these motors eat cams for breakfast?.
Tuz Day ago
The Race Kid
The Race Kid Day ago
How long do you think it will take?
Join Me
Join Me Day ago
Yes we Canadians are currently a special breed
DatBoi Entertainment
Donald Shetter
Better order another tcase. You might want to check the transmission outgear betweenthe trans and the tcase. I've had a bunch (mainly cop cars) were the 30mm 12pt nut comes loose from the gear!
CreatureB8 _
CreatureB8 _ Day ago
Dident I see you on tic tok? Or was that someone else?
Westen Champlin
I have been post on there more recently
Jamison Cover
Liam Jerkins
Liam Jerkins 2 days ago
I love seeing how happy Weston is about his projects like at 12:46 with the intake, and he is speechless!
Cheezebits 2 days ago
This man is the meatcanyon of cars.
GummySnap 2 days ago
is that a former kansas hwp car?
Kode Aldridge
Kode Aldridge 2 days ago
here from tiktok 😁
King Clicks
King Clicks 2 days ago
“Go fast speed parts”
gagago gaming
gagago gaming 2 days ago
Put a mini diesel in the forklift
OneOceanThree Respond Code 3-7
Should of blureed out the JHON DEER truck cuz NOW I LNOW WERE U LIVE LEL
Owens Dill
Owens Dill 2 days ago
Rip front and rear diff
Wyatt Carson
Wyatt Carson 2 days ago
Funny i didn't know peterbilts had cooled seats 😆
Gagey Boy
Gagey Boy 2 days ago
0:31 lol
SomeRandomGuy 2 days ago
I wanna do this to my Crown Vic now 😂😂
Renee Mulrooney
Renee Mulrooney 2 days ago
Sirously a 1400HP hemi uhhh and orange.
Alpha Male
Alpha Male 2 days ago
Really happy to see fatso Sam -el- Tarley drive .. Nice🤟
Azim Hagarthson
Azim Hagarthson 2 days ago
I love the peterbuilt
dustin 2 days ago
And to this day u still don't have a chrome Intake lol its pollsished aluminum
sky boi
sky boi 2 days ago
As a Canadian I say how are you cold i could lay in snow and be perfectly warm
No Why
No Why Day ago
Right lol
Dustin Townsend
Dustin Townsend 2 days ago
Your the fuckin man keep it up 💯
William Moore
William Moore 2 days ago
I can not wait to see this video of that 1500 HP engine put in that charger, I am so stoked to see the finished project and That’s a beautiful chrome intake from Holly!! Even I got excited with you when you pulled it out of the box
Voaqes 2 days ago
HVe you ever met a real canaidian
Voaqes 2 days ago
We don’t sound like that
reno flames
reno flames 2 days ago
Impressive Weston. Everyone is going to be jealous...
Steven Bohannon
Steven Bohannon 2 days ago
Hey Westen your Rover is the SUV of the year for 2021 via Mortor Trend mag really cool bud have a good time this year with that "toy" engine yu got later Rev
Huncho Peez
Huncho Peez 2 days ago
saw this on tiktok i had to check it out
RaZe_ Redneck
RaZe_ Redneck 3 days ago
Hello from TikTok😁
curtiss lemieux
curtiss lemieux 3 days ago
Wait what state does he live in????
Illya Kovalevych
Illya Kovalevych 3 days ago
Westen I just found out in the back of a cop or state trooper in the seat buckle there should be a master key for hand cuffs
world at war veteran
I feel dumb asking but what is the car model and brand?
Z.F.R 3 days ago
Westen man we've been living this peaceful hot ((-16°c) average where i live) winter for almost 430 years now.
AngeliqueKaga 3 days ago
So you're shop has no source of heat?
colby curry
colby curry 3 days ago
Your place isn’t hard to find. I found it on google maps in like 30mins lol
Tropical Starlight City
shadow thedeadly
shadow thedeadly 3 days ago
I'd love it if cops announced like this during a chase
DARKESTDREAMS21 3 days ago
"Do Not Stack" would be an excellent decal for the hood right next to the pipes. Just sayin.
Hector Lugo
Hector Lugo 3 days ago
You are so funny, I'm a big fan of your work, love your videos! Oh & by the way, are you giving away $5000 on Facebook, by any chance? There's someone saying that is you, I just want to make sure, it is you, & not a scam.
Justin Gollnick
Justin Gollnick 3 days ago
Gymkayna who??
Who else saw this on tik tok
Michelle Hayward
Michelle Hayward 3 days ago
You should cummins swap the police cer
Will Brew
Will Brew 3 days ago
It was the forklift for me
I Spent Way Too Much Money on War Thunder
I may be the only one, but I'm just sayin, cummins swapped 3rd gen camaro
Rick K
Rick K 3 days ago
FYI, don’t need to use brakes on rear wheel drive vehicles, just stomp on he gas!...
Rick K
Rick K 2 days ago
@Hank Clingingsmith were did we meet in Kirskville at the airport Hank?
Hank Clingingsmith
It is all wheel drive
Jacob 3 days ago
I like how he broke that window for one skit lmfao
guy_with_a_4.6 3 days ago
The better version of whistling diesel..love this guy!
Jesse Boag
Jesse Boag 3 days ago
Hood...you mean, restrictor plate .
Cameron swan
Cameron swan 3 days ago
is it 1500hp straight from the box? or will it handle up to 1500hp with boost?
Gman 1224
Gman 1224 3 days ago
Bro it’s the mechanical Seth Rogan
Drake Turner
Drake Turner 3 days ago
Manisandjr8 3 days ago
If that AWD system breaks you may want to consider switching to a track hawks drivetrain, there’s some videos around of people running 1100hp through them, I don’t know if they are built or not but regardless there would be some more options for you
Charles Hauer
Charles Hauer 3 days ago
This thing is going to the next hoonycorn
Gabriel Caudill26
i was wondering where the peterbilt was
Param Gujjar
Param Gujjar 3 days ago
The truck is longer than the trailer attached to it 😂😂
Angry Folks
Angry Folks 3 days ago
i been looking for a charger for so long and now that i see westen doing this it made me click off the video yesterday in a rage 😂
Luke Middaugh
Luke Middaugh 3 days ago
Lol don't kill me with the canadain and yes we built different 🤣 killer vid
Sweetsider 3 days ago
as a canadian.... id strongly recommend a surplus parachute and a tiger torch.
Weslee Miller
Weslee Miller 3 days ago
Weslee Miller
Weslee Miller 3 days ago
julio baeza
julio baeza 3 days ago
Let me keep that 5.7 so I can throw it in my 18 challenger sxt plus 🤣
Invincibletro 3 days ago
You still don't have a chrome intake... She's billet baby!
AsianBoy 509
AsianBoy 509 4 days ago
This guy is low key funny 😆
Purple hunter
Purple hunter 4 days ago
Why did is see this on tic tok first
kris hayward
kris hayward 4 days ago
Alright you crazy SOB you won me over with this video! Subscribed!
Boosted Metal Mafia
Boosted Metal Mafia
Boosted Metal Mafia
Have you seen the 2016 challenger we are building at Austin's Metal Mafia 426 hemi with twin pecision 64mm
Boosted Metal Mafia
Boosted Metal Mafia