I Fought A Muay Thai Champion 

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Thai Boxing vs Karate started in 1963, when Kyokushin co-founder Kenji Kurosaki got knocked out by a Muay Thai fighter in Thailand (Bangkok) at Lumpinee Stadium. This sparked the Japanese invention of Kickboxing. As a result, the feud between Karate and Muay Thai escalated. In today's video I aim to end the rivalry by fighting Petch Aek Sitjaopho (Poonnasit Kambung). Enjoy! :)
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Feb 18, 2021




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Jesse Enkamp
Jesse Enkamp 15 days ago
What martial art should I face next? 🤔
Letrando 14 days ago
Felipe Esparza
Felipe Esparza 14 days ago
Jiu Jistu
Hakuryu Team
Hakuryu Team 14 days ago
Jelit Duremdes
Jelit Duremdes 14 days ago
Ryan Garcia
Lawrence 14 days ago
French Savate
SinRitual 15 minutes ago
karate in real fights has too many flaws...this guy has no guard and his stance is limiting his movements and in a real fight his knees and legs are too exposed,,, i do kickboxing and i can tell you that his stance is only ok for semi contact combats were you have to blitz your opponent or play on the speed side... in a full contact combat or in a real muay thai combat he will be destroyed. i sometimes do full contact or light contact combats...i can tell you there's no way i will fight a muay thai fighter because his arts is simply more complete than kick...they can use better the low kicks and they are more prepared, they can use elbow and they can use some clinch and they can use some judo ju jitsu moves while in kick you cannot even clinch. Karate is another level even kyokushinkai is not on the same level than muay thai that is simply now the most complete and stronger martial arts. The proofs are the style in MMA where people have almost no protections... they basically use ju jitsu moves in close combat and kickboxing/muay/boxe punches and kicks with elbow and knees moves. If you see Raymond daniels a real karate and kickboxing champion...when he went to mma he suffered a lot the muay thai moves and low kicks...those are facts and u can find the confirmation of all the things that i said right on youtube. I love all the martial arts...but let's be real, this is only a sparrin... the muay guy is laughing at the other guy
AHMAD JAN Sayghani
AHMAD JAN Sayghani 52 minutes ago
Beutiful 😄😄😄
J Film
J Film Hour ago
My experience of sparring against MT is extremely painfully bruised inner and outer thighs 😳😆
J Film
J Film 2 hours ago
Tadashi Nakamura 😀 Osu.
KNT Channel
KNT Channel 2 hours ago
And the reasom for praying It's to teacher yes like the others comment, but the teacher here mean his own normal teacher and also the ancestors like those who invent it, improve it, include the teacher from the ancient times and etc. That's the meaning of Wai kru And actually it's not just Muay thai that do this, most of the thai culture thing have this too, like the dance, performer things, all have this culture, praying to teachers before using it, it's like showing respect to the art.
KNT Channel
KNT Channel 2 hours ago
Oh, so the reason he lean back on the kick is because that umm... go through with it thing If you block it can probably break your arm And it's kinda too fast to dash dodge if it's muaythai kick?
JoQan 3 hours ago
Poonnsit is so low key it's terryfing.
Марко Стојановић
Sensei Taidji Kase and his student sensei Ilija Jorga went to Thailand to try Ilia's skills. Ilija Jorga beat couple of Thai boxing champions, and main impression was that they are very resilient. Hi has to nock them couple of time before they can not stand up again.
Gabriel Ângelo
Gabriel Ângelo 4 hours ago
Luis de Vera
Luis de Vera 6 hours ago
Karate looks like its based more on control and power while muay Thai looks like its more focused on unleashing more power, in my opinion
HungGamer Official
HungGamer Official 7 hours ago
"Jesse, why do you fight a Muay Thai champion?" Jesse: "Because i want to learn martial art the hard way, so that i can upload clips for you guys to see" Me: "You should've fought Tony Jaa"
Raheem Williams
Raheem Williams 7 hours ago
He's flexible.
Oliver Ross
Oliver Ross 9 hours ago
Big red flag pausing right before cool thing isn’t cool bro
Skylin3 10 hours ago
"Kick boxing was featured in comics and cartoons" *WEEBS: So you have chosen... DEATH*
Nicio Aponte-Andrade
I'm sure you went in knowing that putting your foot anywhere near someone's face is super disrespectful in the buddhist culture, which is most likely why is was on your ass in .2 seconds when you threw that second kick.
MurkoVEVO 12 hours ago
He’s actually THANKING his teacher because we were taught that Muay Thai is a weapon of friends and enemies. In combat your enemy but outside combat your friends.
Ostrichface 12 hours ago
Looks like youre learning some fighting ;)
bradda01 12 hours ago
Drag them down to solo Kata and beat them with experience. The Karate way. Osu. Lol 😉😘
Judo Daimon
Judo Daimon 13 hours ago
Maybe you forgot more boxing skills , in close distance 🤔
RyoHa Gaming
RyoHa Gaming 13 hours ago
very good sparring, love to see their passion to their arts
Chris M. Wistuba Galaz
You rock. I feel kinda motivated and almost need to try martial arts again :c
mathburn1 14 hours ago
This is fun to watch because of the commentary.
Robert Wells
Robert Wells 14 hours ago
This was awesome.
Guillermo Monroy
Guillermo Monroy 15 hours ago
Great video! One thing i noticed is his body is looser until the moment of strike. Your form is excellent, though rigid perhaps by a mix of nerves and the karate style. I certainly would also be very nervous as well fighting a master. His attitude is great.
Super Bored
Super Bored 15 hours ago
I really like the roundhouse comparison, it really sums up the techniques of the two styles. Karate uses a more quick tap to the ribs, while Muay thai is like a fucking baseball bat too the inner organs.
Tyler Brady
Tyler Brady 16 hours ago
Love the background knowledge you spread 🙏🏼
RITZZZ 17 hours ago
Everyone gangster till he fights an mma champ
Justis Davis-Fragas
Justis Davis-Fragas 17 hours ago
Bro come hawaii lol kick boxing is insane out here
tookurjaerbs 17 hours ago
Are you going to start training Muay Thai now? Lol
MW2 Diety
MW2 Diety 18 hours ago
As a whole Karate is better. But if you’re talking fast learning Muay Thai is much simpler too learn, Very very hard too perfect. Karate is alot more complex and is better but takes a lot longer too learn in its entirety. Imho.
Trixzy FTW
Trixzy FTW 19 hours ago
What??? kyo kushin (I hope I wrote it correctly) I was trained this type of karate for like a year
Tom Smith
Tom Smith 19 hours ago
Respect to you both. You are very humble Jessie.
Im doing karate 7 years and normally now i would have black belt but covid19 destroyed us 😭😭
Roland Vogt
Roland Vogt 19 hours ago
One of my favourite films from you. Tak 😁🇩🇰
Male Nurse
Male Nurse 19 hours ago
Easier said than done. Does not matter on what the martial art is practiced, but how skilled the practioner is. Training as a professional fighter since 9 ... well. He seems like agreat person to train with.
ticanic 42
ticanic 42 19 hours ago
devil lonesome
devil lonesome 20 hours ago
Karate looks like showing off techniques. Mauy Thai is trying hurt you.
Fortnight Noub
Fortnight Noub 20 hours ago
amy jeffs
amy jeffs 20 hours ago
i found out quickly when i used to enter all styles competitions as a karate based fighter,that our style needs major modifications to hang with a kickboxer,or thai boxer. The karate guard is not tight enough to protect from hook punches especially...which isnt a technique thrown in karate kumite.I went on to thai/kickbox as well as do karate,which then i believe gives you all the benefits of karate striking, and movement,with a far tighter guard of boxing. Also it adds elbows and clinch knee strikes to you attacking ability..It will make you a far more acomplished fighter.
the deadly war zone
only khabib can beat them all
GoTcHyA Shaedestalker
The humility in this exchange is so refreshing, this is what mixed martial arts is all about.
Diego Rodríguez
Diego Rodríguez 22 hours ago
you know both are great martial artists because they know the most important thing after all is RESPECT
thug nation 420
thug nation 420 22 hours ago
go to mma gym so they can beat you up
P Bas2020
P Bas2020 23 hours ago
That ritual is called the Wy Kru, highly based on their superstitions of good luck and fortune when fighting. Dave LeDuc of lethwei also uses the jabbing kick all the time
Rockin' Roland
Rockin' Roland 23 hours ago
Best advice: Do not engage.
CYPHER Day ago
Thanks for fillin me up with lots and lots of knowledge
SonicArtZ l Designer Clan
Its funny to see that karate seems do not know anything about muay thai like this weird sounds are not a mindgame Its the same like the " SH SH SH " Boxer do all the time But muay thai use other grunts then in boxing/karate and all the sports Some say its even better to do muay thai sound but its a lot heavier ( Just search for muay thai grunts ) If its better idk Il stay with the " Sh " till im better in muay thai :) ( No hate! )
Dimitry Kingship
muay thai is very much better than karate unless a mma fighter who understand a mix martial art will be better ..
TJ Day ago
sport karate joker? l0l0l0l0l
J caS
J caS Day ago
The beauty of martial arts.
Chaon Shawn Xan
Fight? I​ wouldn't​ calling​ it​ that.
David Berenyi
Jesse: ‘Hi bro, I am about to fight a Muay Tahi champion, what advice do you have for me? Oliver: ‘Just don’t do it’
Sanuy Huakun
Sanuy Huakun Day ago
เหมือนมวยไทยปลอม ต้องเอาbuakaw
Newbie ATX
Newbie ATX Day ago
Wushu, Karate and Tkd thinks in terms of continuous linear systems and kuzushi. Boxing and muay tai are static, they maintain limited but very firm grounding .There is no kuzushi or exploiting movement imbalances on each step and retreat. Try fighting sanda or kick boxing ...
drake hatter
drake hatter Day ago
Soon as that second round kick landed he was like "oh hell nah"😂😂
Phil Powell
Phil Powell Day ago
I don't usually watch your video's! But this video to me is the best video that you hav ever made !! THANK YOU 😁
Jesse Enkamp
Jesse Enkamp Day ago
Thanks a lot! 🙏
trorisk Day ago
the "jab" low kick look like the savate kick "le chassé". There are also forbidden blows in savates that are not in muay thai which makes both boxes very complementary.
jgatchal jgatchal
I was hoping for a shoryuken to the chest causing a giant scar.
Kuwy Jitsu
Kuwy Jitsu Day ago
Awesome video! Would love to see you try some Jiu Jitsu.
Jesse Enkamp
Jesse Enkamp Day ago
I love Jiu Jitsu!
Im really tired of art vs art discussion, "Which one is THE best".. I'd say it like this, Any martial art can offer something useful. Its about having an open mind and love what you do.
Joseph Pruitt
Wow muay Thai guy can't control his feelings. Gets hit in the head and imedetly gets pissed off
Danilo Pablo
Danilo Pablo Day ago
Poonnasit fighting stance is amazing, would be a great fighting game character.
Anumat Sittiho
That 'woo woo' noise is sound when Thai boxers throw punches like boxing and karate. It a sound that Thai people make when we satisfy with something.
Johnny Knowles
This is so awesome man
Amal Alaskarov
Great job at staying in character 🙏🙏
The Wizard
The Wizard Day ago
Why would you fight a real fighter 😂
Jesse Enkamp
Jesse Enkamp Day ago
For your entertainment!
Gary Host
Gary Host Day ago
All the weird noises and laughing are because Thai fighters never spar hard. Sparring is playing. Thai people save the fight for the fight, sparing is just for training muscle memory.
ShadoW Day ago
4:21 he literally looks like the most innocent man and then you see him fight
The Jerald McClain Show
Hey Jesse, love your channel. I'm the guy who's always saying that you're going to be the guy who saves Karate in the new era of BJJ/MMA dominance. So, my black belt was in Isshinryu and I've dabbled in Mixed Martial Arts and TaeKwonDo. I've NEVER liked the axe-kick because if your opponent catches said kick they can take out your supporting leg or worse, hyper-extend the axe-kicking leg. My question is, do you personally see value in the axe-kick?
charles graves
i think the main reason karate does win against what ever is because there is less sport technique behind it. if it was you or him being able to walk out alive its anyones game but since it was sport you had to Jesse needed to move more and needed to be more aggressive
Kashiho Kasugano
Almost read it as Kuroki Gensai
Johnny Blaze
Johnny Blaze Day ago
White dude looks like his kicks are strong and effortless, and if he unleashed it for real, it would definitely fuck your ass all the way up! 🤕
Bound Boxing Blogs
soo a white man is going to restore the honor of karate
Fellow Traveler
Great content! And yeah man you lost but you got a New subscriber.
Jesse Enkamp
Jesse Enkamp Day ago
champion3433 Day ago
I took both kickboxing and muay thai in the same gym so I learned boxing/kartee and muay thai in tandem, it's weird for me to think of them as separate.
Daigo Belmont
Daigo Belmont 2 days ago
i think the muay ta fighter just enjoy the fight xD
Lester Jones
Lester Jones 2 days ago
Karate practitioners always keep their hand guard low and most of them never follow up with their kicks because they are so used to skin contact kicks and punches and not to the face but only to the chest (kumite rules). Henceforth making karate a somewhat obsolete art form unless you practise it with other full contact striking art forms like muay thai or Dutch kickboxing. Even though these styles have been influenced by karate itself, the rules of these combat styles allow for more freedom to dish out damage.
Blunt Beagle
Blunt Beagle 2 days ago
What i want to know is why you fight in a karate style?
Hoki Moki
Hoki Moki 2 days ago
Muay thai 👌💪🙌
He did not pray to the gods. But I paid respect to his Muay Thai teacher. It's a tradition to do these things. Sorry I may have typed something strange. I am using google translate.
Pasko Madcap
Pasko Madcap 2 days ago
U don't know even Karate,thats funny 😄🤣
Thai guy
Thai guy 2 days ago
5.14 the thing he do is "ไหว้ครู" or pray for teacher you can tell what part of Thailand or sub-style of him by look at this movement if you familar with muay thai enough It is culture form ancient that we fight in the ground not in the ring so fighter need to look around the ground for know how surface it is and take adventage with it
Navi Sacdalan
Navi Sacdalan 2 days ago
he was summoning fighting demons
Everardo Benitez
Everardo Benitez 2 days ago
Hitting the head in Muay Thai is disrespectful Senpai. Especially since it was a spar
Tech leanghorng
Tech leanghorng 2 days ago
5:00 that is tradition from Cambodia from the art called” bokator” it is about asking the spiritual to save and make you stronger...
จิ๊กโก๋ บ้านนอก
We called Wai Kru ใหว้ครู​ in Thailand
gg io
gg io 2 days ago
5:58 I'm surprised you've never seen a teep to the thigh before. They're a common technique in Muay Thai.
wheelmanstan 2 days ago
similar kicks...only mui thai looks intent on destroying rather than looking cool
Muchas gracias sensei, usted hace una admirable labor educativa. oss
- Tzadakim -
- Tzadakim - 2 days ago
Only one who can do karate justice in the UFC against Muay Thai is Wonderboy.
Haitini Stein
Haitini Stein 2 days ago
Whatch saenchai train..really dangerous
Justin Lujan
Justin Lujan 2 days ago
10:57-11:14. Sage advice.
Zombie Slaya
Zombie Slaya 2 days ago
Sorry but if a Muay Thai artist and karate artist faced off Muay Thai would murder every time
Paolo Valbuena
Paolo Valbuena 2 days ago
My phone hanged at exactly 2:46. I thought I was being trolled.
OpnDoarPlcy 2 days ago
Why are Nok Muay's always stripped of half of their arsenal when they fight Karateka's?
Real American Negro
When you got that head kick he got excited and had to catch himself.
Real American Negro
The difference was really experience and many Karate people simply don't know how to deal with leg kicks.
bu qtair
bu qtair 2 days ago
Much respect to you for all your efforts. Unbiased, accepting of international historical influences, fair, and investigative. Thanks for real. Good work.
แสนสะท้าน 11มิลลิเมตร
What TF pet aek it ther miss your guy.
YoSma 2 days ago
Dude let me watch the sparring dont interrupt I have eyes also goddamn...