I Forced Mere to Drive the 5 Ton.... 

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Apr 29, 2021




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Dshaf23 18 hours ago
You should’ve had Lincoln be your driver
race4598 Day ago
I don't know if you've seen it yet Matt, but your spare for your trailer looks to have a torn sidewall. Check 10:23 and you'll see what I'm talking about
Sean Hume
Sean Hume 2 days ago
Supercharged all
Danny Groeneveld
Danny Groeneveld 3 days ago
Kinda feel like this was the same thing as when a dude hands a little lady a 12 guage shotgun and just says go for it.
I once got 24 injections in neck & lower back due to car accident. I know the feeling.
Pross5757 4 days ago
Matt: you look tits
Double Dare Fan
Double Dare Fan 5 days ago
16:00 YEOWCH!
Shawn Lincoln
Shawn Lincoln 5 days ago
Ram has airbags to lower the rear in those situations
Kyle Groover
Kyle Groover 5 days ago
My favorite video love y'all
Hipporosourus __
Hipporosourus __ 5 days ago
See...I’ve been dirty bulking my entire life so I’m up to 400 lbs and I’m wondering when I should cut...maybe 500???
RiverRescue100 6 days ago
well at least your not as bad of a patient as me i was told 4 weeks of no lifting over to pounds 1 day later replanting my garden
Bacon And Eggs 91
Not NF playing in the background lol
Davin Stacy
Davin Stacy 7 days ago
I didn't know Matt listened to NF
Robert Mcgee
Robert Mcgee 7 days ago
I was going through you tube looking at the titles and when Isaw this I had to watch it. She did great.
joey jewers
joey jewers 7 days ago
Matt u need to cross ur safety chains
GTXhunter 7 days ago
the shot is only short term relief tho
Jeb Little
Jeb Little 7 days ago
I know you hang out with Obie. You should have jujimufu come out and trick on the property
Kevin Moore
Kevin Moore 7 days ago
Mere is such a trooper! She constantly does stuff she really doesn't want to do just for the channel. 👍👍 way to go Meredith!!!
Owen Mitzel
Owen Mitzel 7 days ago
Juice Wrld fan?
Amy Anderson Carty
Matt you should go see a physical therapist about your back!
Ben Snow
Ben Snow 7 days ago
Ok matt you can not do cardio and build muscle at the same time because your body will focus on cardio which is fine but you won't see big gain lifting a lot of strong men and body builders recommend do one or the other not both in the same week some people do one week of strength training take the weekend then do a week of cardio with minor weight training.
G 7 days ago
so the trailer camera is mirrored, unlike the backup camera
SOHN32 Adventures
Put shot in do work push it back out. What you going to do.
Polarfox 8 days ago
Thick with an F 😂
Legit Spam
Legit Spam 8 days ago
Shane Yates
Shane Yates 8 days ago
Demo is a beautiful dog
Joseph Preite
Joseph Preite 8 days ago
I did these for 1 year until I had a microdicsoctmy they removed the herniated dics
dudeman500 8 days ago
How many trucks dude
OspreyU 8 days ago
he had NF playing in the back
Major Tom
Major Tom 8 days ago
Matt --- check out your fellow US-firstr 'Ginger Billy' --- you two and Outlaw would make a good comic vid
Hawk Wrangler
Hawk Wrangler 8 days ago
You'll be fine. My wife gets that shot all the time.
Cyrulez93 8 days ago
I’m sorry but how can anyone lift barefoot
Michele Shaw
Michele Shaw 8 days ago
Take care of your back! injured mine way back in the military. Just back from DR's appointment halfway through the process of another disc replace/fusion. Any ideas on guns that dont hurt and aint a lil pew pew?
MavisRecon 8 days ago
I drove after 6 steroid shots in my back. Shit was weak lol.
MIchael Rivell
MIchael Rivell 8 days ago
Sometimes I think im the only idiot who does thinks like drop the trailer of the blocks or when he managed to get the el coming stuck at the bottom of a hill and the process of getting it. But Than I watch off the ranch and realize I'm just a dude.
Robert Stromgard
Robert Stromgard 8 days ago
Hey! HeavyD have a firetruck he wants to trade for anything cool. I think this is what you looking for.
Sheri Hein
Sheri Hein 8 days ago
Mere is so beautiful and she looks super cool driving the 5 ton!!! 😎👍🏻
Ben Frazer
Ben Frazer 8 days ago
As someone who didn't take care of their back, and who has had 7 surgeries, I can tell you, that you probably already undid the shot, if not injured your back even more. You gotta take care Doc!
Is that a converted military truck?
Logan 9 days ago
Aren’t you supposed to cross the safety chains.
paintballjunki 9 days ago
Literally love watching your vlogs you’re a gem! But the fact that you got rid of the abandoned mansion vids...... I’m so mad lol I never watched home Reno vlogs or vids but I miss those like you wouldint believe !!
Dave Staszewski
Dave Staszewski 9 days ago
Stephen Torri
Stephen Torri 9 days ago
Matt: "I know what I'm doing. I'm a doctor" ;)
omni2377 9 days ago
I didn't realize that what I've been doing all my life is called "dirty bulking"....
Justin Burns
Justin Burns 9 days ago
Dose the 5 tone only have lap belts? Think with how much that thing costs they would spring for proper seat belts
Joey Homan
Joey Homan 9 days ago
Cant wait to see someone comment saying to thank a trucker because their jobs so hard because of their brake pedals
TheModer8ter 9 days ago
Jesus of Nazareth, who was God in the flesh of a man, died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to apply to you and trust Jesus to save you from hell then you have everlasting life in heaven. John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus.
Kimberlee Amerine
Mere legs shouldn't be strong enough from kicking your ass all the time
Steamhead101 9 days ago
I hurt my back once and got two steroid shots in my back and I carried on like normal and ended up disintegrating my L5 and needed a new disk got the new disk felt really good then crushed that disk and now I need a fusion...lesson from the wise just because you think you can lift something dosnt mean you should
Aquila Arroyo
Aquila Arroyo 9 days ago
Awesome! ...time for a new spare!
Nafingar gaming
Nafingar gaming 9 days ago
I've been dirty bulking for my entire life
Maddox Baker
Maddox Baker 9 days ago
Smile Respectively
You’re getting old, Matt👀
Kevin Korthuis
Kevin Korthuis 9 days ago
just a couple seconds of you working out motivated me to get up and go for a run. Thanks matt! Post more work outs maybe? I know they would motivate me to work harder! I'm constantly blown away by your work ethic you help many of us work harder. Thank you!
Colton Proud
Colton Proud 9 days ago
You drank a pop- your friend in Wisconsin
Claire Mahony
Claire Mahony 9 days ago
I still watch the outro just to see Mark! Mark, 'What camera number is that?' Matt, 'Shut up Dude ..... don't tell Mere!'
TIC TOC 9 days ago
Same here, I wonder which camera number matt's up to now 🤔😉
Claire Mahony
Claire Mahony 9 days ago
I still watch the outro just to see Mark!
Wyatt Bassett
Wyatt Bassett 9 days ago
“I do a lot of dirty stuff” Matt 2020,
Matt Moore
Matt Moore 9 days ago
mere got that fatty
Ryan Pringle
Ryan Pringle 9 days ago
Nice ass mare!🤣
Tony Piela
Tony Piela 9 days ago
I've been dirty bulking my whole life.
Alexis Weidman
Alexis Weidman 9 days ago
Do you still have your golden doodle? Just curious, I only ever see Demo
Jonathan F
Jonathan F 10 days ago
Nobody's buying alert!
Rumel's Adventures and Food Vlogs
Checking In
Active_Bomb 10 days ago
Hey Matt I know you may not see this but I was wondering if you could go on Scotts channel and Help him shoot some guns sometime soon... You and Kentucky Ballistics have the same Energy and I think it would be a really cool gesture to help get his channel through his injury.
H NUGGETS 10 days ago
Troy Penington
Troy Penington 10 days ago
Mere is awesome.
Douglas Todd
Douglas Todd 10 days ago
Coming from some one who has had 3 back surgeries use a weight belt. Bad backs are not something to take lightly.
Matthew Boyer
Matthew Boyer 10 days ago
"Give her some gas!" Matt... it's a diesel😂
Skye 10 days ago
Matt listening to some juice wrld in the truck 😂
Crazy 10 days ago
The Marine Corps really needs to sponsor you for a few videos. Blowing shit up on Camp Pendleton.
RC6 YouTube
RC6 YouTube 10 days ago
Wonder if Matt knows about the hitch sleeve he needs
Logan Cochis
Logan Cochis 10 days ago
"So I'm gonna get drunk and workout while I'm driving this truck"🤣🤣🤣I died
Brian Anderson
Brian Anderson 10 days ago
WOW !!! She sure does look so good. Flat black and those tires. Wow !
Brian Northup
Brian Northup 10 days ago
You should go do a strength video w Juji Mufu
Toe Knee
Toe Knee 10 days ago
How gay was the intro 😂
John Doe
John Doe 10 days ago
Anaerobic is still aerobic. What do you think is going on between those hard ass anaerobic sets?? Don't waste time on aerobic crap. A 50-400 meter sprinter can adapt to long distance much easier than the opposite. Proven.
Liberty Prepper
Liberty Prepper 10 days ago
you need a hitch lock if you don't already have one.
Carie Saad
Carie Saad 10 days ago
Chevy & GMC has had that 'invisible trailer' feature for a few years now. It's not new. Ford isn't the first to have that extra camera. Ford copied Chevy.
Diane Fagula
Diane Fagula 10 days ago
Yes had those too🙄
Benjamin Totallynotalt
* flexing on us with an intro that features flexing *
Simon Francis
Simon Francis 10 days ago
Love the content Matt, please please please please look after your back, I cringed when you said you’d just had the injection and moved the generator! From someone that also thought he was invincible (back wise) and regrets lifting gearboxes and engines all his life. Mere will back me up here I hope. Stay safe keep having fun!
Aarifa Amos
Aarifa Amos 10 days ago
Daniel Martin
Daniel Martin 10 days ago
When I herniated a couple of disks, I just watched my back. It took 2 years to mostly heal. Just be careful, backs aren't generally repairable are not replaceable
Philo Beddoe
Philo Beddoe 10 days ago
"Dirty Bulk" is not necessary. Matt found it out the hard way. It is just because dudes want to look "big" and make pretend they are an offensive lineman for a few weeks. In actuality you just got fat.
avalonbear61 Riley
avalonbear61 Riley 10 days ago
sorry I missed ya In Indy
Viswanath Dinavahi
Viswanath Dinavahi 10 days ago
Poor mere😂😂😂
Merica Mask
Merica Mask 10 days ago
Next vid: Mere crashed the 5 ton...
Clayton Mathews
Clayton Mathews 10 days ago
you should check out weightsafe hitches
ERP'S_12Tech_2100 Video Production Company
Cletus cars indiapolis videos etc.😎😎
jimbo111589 10 days ago
I saw you listening to juice wrld. I always knew you were a homie.
Dave B
Dave B 10 days ago
I was just watching some original Leroy Videos. You need to make your Corvette that has no bumpers into a Leroy.
Glenn Dodge II
Glenn Dodge II 10 days ago
I've had 7 lower back injections now so far and yes they do sucl big time but they do work... eventually lol at least for me.
Dude chill
Dude chill 10 days ago
You can’t give gas in a diesel truck.
Wes 10 days ago
You should have used Winstrol while cutting and you wouldn't have lost as much strength. LOL
Pam Latham
Pam Latham 10 days ago
I've had shots in my back for years. It helps but you have to take care of yourself.
C Ham
C Ham 10 days ago
Congratulations on burnout rivals
Lisa Ryan
Lisa Ryan 10 days ago
The steroid shot did nothing for my pain. It's painful every day. Definitely listen to your doctor. They're gonna be pissed you didn't listen.
Vedad Araghi
Vedad Araghi 10 days ago
hi there
hi there 10 days ago
Matt get the WeatherTech seat cover for your F350's rear bench. Mine has survived the tender loving of 3 70-92lbs German Shepherds for the last 6 and a third years and fits fine in the washing machine, cleans up nicely. Please don't use WD40 on rubber door and window gaskets, Matt! Use a grease like Krytox GPL-205 every few months and they last forever while being quiet.
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