I Drove The BOAT ON SAND!! 

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In episode of Carter’s Life, Carter Sharer and Team RAR (Bailey Payne, Ryan Prunty, Stove’s Kitchen, Lizzy Capri and Carter Sharer) drive the Team RAR limo down to unspeakable's house. Then they put the Team RAR boat in Unspeakables @Unspeakable backyard pond/ backyard pool/ backyard lake. Then they drive the boat on land just like in Fortnite. They drive the boat on sand all the way across an island.If you enjoyed this ep of carters life comment #TeamRAR #CartersLife
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This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Katie Dillard
Katie Dillard Hour ago
My favorite color is pink and blue
Matthew Oakland
I can’t believe on one of your videos are both started to sink but it was just rain
SOS Day ago
no one literally no one me when Carter says that there are fresh water sharks: are you talking about the boat?
Superbrayden Gaming
Please dqa
Amelia Torrance
Amelia Torrance 3 days ago
Sharmayne Harris
Sharmayne Harris 4 days ago
Aubrey Jeune
Aubrey Jeune 5 days ago
Mats so geoles
B Kiddish
B Kiddish 5 days ago
Easton Tay
Easton Tay 7 days ago
What’s your snap
muppala sowmya
muppala sowmya 7 days ago
Even I have that small rubix cube
Lori Mcclure
Lori Mcclure 8 days ago
Are there
Destiny Dauphinee
Destiny Dauphinee
Go back with the share Pham
Robert Baranowski
If I drove a boat on sand, I would think I am a snuck about to fart🥳
Jessica Benton
Jessica Benton 9 days ago
Jessica Benton
Jessica Benton 9 days ago
I wanna go there so bad I live in Hustin Texas so I’m pretty
I‘ve already saw this house on his channel already but it is awesome😎
Danny Bee
Danny Bee 10 days ago
truck on truck on truck
elliott pro
elliott pro 10 days ago
Poo is my favourite
Damani Reid
Damani Reid 10 days ago
I'm your biggest fan
Kindergarten 10 days ago
Why did you do that.plus why did you go to unspeakable‘s place or why did Unspeakable come to your place
Justin Collins
Justin Collins 10 days ago
carter theres a fresh water shark called ''bull shark''
Josie Casarez
Josie Casarez 11 days ago
Hey carter do u remember steven share
Meredith Cripe
Meredith Cripe 11 days ago
You are so epic on you tube
Leonardo Gomez
Leonardo Gomez 11 days ago
Carter stove and ryan following you to unspeakables house
Saima Lang
Saima Lang 11 days ago
I watched the limo part fully
Crystal Barnum
Crystal Barnum 11 days ago
you shold go to killeen
Sarah Stanek
Sarah Stanek 11 days ago
48 Groups
48 Groups 11 days ago
I live in Texas
Clayous Reid
Clayous Reid 11 days ago
Carter and unspeakable should switch GF for 24hours or switch house for 24hours
Jessica Underwood
Jessica Underwood 11 days ago
Who realised Carter dyed his hair pink! Like if you noticed! ☟︎☟︎
harvey max
harvey max 11 days ago
Very goo
Romer Dalangin
Romer Dalangin 11 days ago
make a vid where u buy a mtb and do make a challenge pls
Pam Rost
Pam Rost 12 days ago
Love your videos and watch them since I was 2 years old and I love you guys are the best US-firstrs in the galaxy
Leanne MRogers
Leanne MRogers 12 days ago
I have coffi and I am only 7 years old
Jamy vr
Jamy vr 12 days ago
Hiiii I just watched that vid
kluhdawn 12 days ago
Carter you are the best You tuber ever keep it up
Jasson Castaneda
Jasson Castaneda 13 days ago
Amelia Torrance
Amelia Torrance 13 days ago
Amelia Torrance
Amelia Torrance 13 days ago
Charli Botamer
Charli Botamer 13 days ago
Bull sharks are freshwater sharks, they’re also saltwater sharks
WEI LIU 13 days ago
breanna Sellers
breanna Sellers 13 days ago
You should do last to leave the tiny island
Lindsey Fungatira
Lindsey Fungatira 13 days ago
Unspeakables house for a house in giant huge but for an Island it's very small
Amelia Torrance
Amelia Torrance 13 days ago
Deborah Charlesworth
5:20 turn your volume all the way down
Nihal Boyina
Nihal Boyina 13 days ago
That's so cool
TylerAndMamma Time
TylerAndMamma Time 13 days ago
Stay at him home for 45 hours
Bff sister Squad
Bff sister Squad 13 days ago
It is so funny wen Carter saying that was rag
mark lawrence
mark lawrence 13 days ago
hahahah nice one
gaming with eldar
gaming with eldar 13 days ago
Carter has not sayed pond monster for soo long
Siva Sinnadurai
Siva Sinnadurai 13 days ago
Carter can you make a video on unspeakables channel with him.
Jack Mack_47
Jack Mack_47 13 days ago
Bruh just go to a f ing lake tho
Shimere Palmer
Shimere Palmer 13 days ago
What's up
chloie james
chloie james 13 days ago
Sahil Ibrahimi
Sahil Ibrahimi 14 days ago
Hi Carter can you please please please make a video with Dhar Mann he Is a big US-firstr and he is making a lot of videos with a lot of famous US-firstrs can you too please please.
Channing Massey
Channing Massey 14 days ago
Taylor Kids
Taylor Kids 14 days ago
Stoves vid they don’t see me then he films on this vid 😂
Rhett Tullis
Rhett Tullis 14 days ago
We do love our trucks😍😍😚
AIMon30 Boy
AIMon30 Boy 14 days ago
You guys should do last to leave the boat wins plz!
Lindsay Harris
Lindsay Harris 14 days ago
Armando Miramontes
Armando Miramontes 14 days ago
I live on texas
Ron Hurlburt
Ron Hurlburt 14 days ago
Carter: smash that like button me: that’s how I broke my ipad
Amanda Bowen
Amanda Bowen 13 days ago
I'm dead 🤣
life of jayden Copelandgaming
Nice vid Carter
Isaiah Justice
Isaiah Justice 14 days ago
if the boat dose not have a keel guard you are messing up your boat
Lauren Sykes
Lauren Sykes 14 days ago
What happened with u & stephen
Imogen Munslow
Imogen Munslow 14 days ago
Rik Tebbens
Rik Tebbens 14 days ago
Train Boy
Train Boy 14 days ago
Hipity hopity, welcome to my property
heather hillier
heather hillier 14 days ago
Carter I wish this was my house Me you have a mansion
qaim cole
qaim cole 14 days ago
That is so cool.🙂
Mayank YT
Mayank YT 14 days ago
Ok ya
Sushant Jogiwala
Sushant Jogiwala 14 days ago
Hi thx for going on a road trip because I can’t go outside.because I have CORONA
issy_busy is weird
issy_busy is weird 14 days ago
If anyone is seeing this stay safe and stay healthy .
issy_busy is weird
issy_busy is weird 13 days ago
Hi me
Dansean Crew
Dansean Crew 14 days ago
Jeremy Gonell
Jeremy Gonell 14 days ago
No they don’t put sharks they put fish
Jeremy Gonell
Jeremy Gonell 14 days ago
She’s small and the coffee is biggg
Lizandro vargas
Lizandro vargas 15 days ago
Is fun
Nitro billy_games
Nitro billy_games 15 days ago
put wheels on the boat.
Bree C Werner
Bree C Werner 15 days ago
Stove and Ryan lied about them fly to you bc cater wasn’t answer them
Kimberly Walker
Kimberly Walker 15 days ago
By an RV
life with shervil
life with shervil 15 days ago
I will be doing gaming videos and pranks
life with shervil
life with shervil 15 days ago
It's shervil
Megan Hellgren
Megan Hellgren 15 days ago
He looks very jealous of Nathan land
Ava Fulton
Ava Fulton 15 days ago
Do the money thing actually can win real money
noah dennis
noah dennis 15 days ago
#Carter's Life
noah dennis
noah dennis 15 days ago
Avamia Bussiere
Avamia Bussiere 15 days ago
Cqn you do 24 going home to
Alex Seindis
Alex Seindis 15 days ago
Sharks can adapt to fresh water
Radhika Parthasarathy
your home got stolen
Bandme040 15 days ago
Rip tree
Master Pro
Master Pro 15 days ago
Truck on truck on truck on truck on truck truck
Chenelle Siewdath
Chenelle Siewdath 15 days ago
Rog. In. Your. Vidyos
Chenelle Siewdath
Chenelle Siewdath 15 days ago
Tie. To. Put. Faz
Trinson Pinto
Trinson Pinto 15 days ago
If there is no fresh water shark your boat is the only one
Ziad Elkhalil
Ziad Elkhalil 15 days ago
Ann Njeri
Ann Njeri 15 days ago
Please. Merch. Please
Samukelo Sibisi
Samukelo Sibisi 15 days ago
That's so cool I live in South Africa
Amar Maharaj
Amar Maharaj 15 days ago
Watch stove last video someone took the house