I Didn't Know He Was THERE! (Random Stories) 

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LOL as I mentioned this video is actually all over the place, no theme, NADA!
but I know for sure its a good aaahh video I dont care if Im being egotistical
but I LOVED animating every second of this video :D Hope you guys loved watching it! Tell me what you think and what was your favorite part down in the comments! And if you read this far I hope you have a wonderful day
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Apr 30, 2021




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Angelo De La Rivera
Angelo De La Rivera 14 minutes ago
Aguanta un señor que vendía helado, latino en Estado Unidos........ Como mierda funcionan los migrantes latinos en Estados Unidos? (I, in my 17 years of life i've never leaved my country, Chile, so~ who many people can you find talking spanish? Is there some comunities with a concentration of inmigrants? Or is it more like........ At random?)
SPORKO YT 52 minutes ago
I lost wtf
THE WOOMY Hour ago
Pajarón Is a way to call a person stupid 🤬
yami urrutia
yami urrutia 5 hours ago
Perla the reason your uncle got so mad is that they say pájaros sometimes to say that someone is gay so you basically called your uncle gay
Yooks Kazooey
Yooks Kazooey 9 hours ago
I picked paper *HIGH FIVE BITCH*
Shown Below
Shown Below 12 hours ago
When you don’t speak Spanish and have no clue what’s going on.
• ThatSoldierGirl E •
Mocha Deku
Mocha Deku 13 hours ago
her:i was a failure me:I'm a true failure. English is my second language but I can't speak my first langaue. and i still can't say specifically,i say pafcificly . its sad. truly sad. I'm biracial,half Jamaican half white person? I was born in the US caz there was some law about citizenship with America and Jamaica or whatever so my mom wanted me to be American and Jamaican so my mom brought me to America to have me and then went back to Jamaica. So my first words were Jamaican, when I was around a year-and-a-half my family went to America permanently because my mom was having my little brother and Jamaica was getting really violent,example:while she was pregnant with me she was stabbed but it didn't touch me. another ex: my parents were in a taxi one-time and gunshots shot and bullets went through the taxi window over their heads. So we went to ga where my moms family is caz their country ppl . so my brother was born. and i have two black half siblings my lil full brother and my parents so plus me 6 ppl in the house. only one fluent in English. my mom. my brother only spoke "googoo gaga" but when he never learned Patois. and my dad knew like A few words because in Jamaica you speak English in banks. and my big brother was learning English in Jamaica caz thats what alot of countries do learn either the whole English langaue or just a few words like "cat" or something. So i started prek a year later and spoke English shit. i knew like some stuff like mother and daddy. i was put in esol in pre k and i did pretty well compared to my big bro and sis probably caz i was younger and he was like 14 and she was probably 7?(idk my family is pretty broken so idek how old they are now,big sis is in high school,big bro is aiming for masters or graduated college. )and its easier to learn new languages younger. I graduated in second grade esol, but at that point I honestly forgot Jamaican because my second grade my dad had went to get the milk my mom kicked out my big sis and big bro want to college. so idk why but my mom stopped speaking Jamaican so i all i spoke was English. only me and this girl graduated in second grade while the other kids didn't until 5th grade but i think one kid graduated in 6th caz he was a lititle behind. every one around me spoke English i mean one time i asked my brother what something ment and he was luke "COME ON . you know that's not funny ,i never learned patois😡" caz he never did and i just couldn't remember. all my memorys of pre k were in English but my mom told me i didn't know english but Mayne i did understand something since i only watched English cartoons and books
Maria Has quit
Maria Has quit 14 hours ago
As a Hispanic who’s allergic to avocados *i feel u*
Drakon. sus
Drakon. sus 15 hours ago
Is that sr pelo
Analy Rivas
Analy Rivas 15 hours ago
i though you had lise in your hair LOL
Two Words
Two Words 16 hours ago
My friend did the wap in class
Blind Rat* that likes XxFNaFxX
I beat you
Shangle 17 hours ago
Me every night:
DSGR 17 hours ago
Cocomangocherry Man made me sub
Rose S
Rose S 19 hours ago
So that is the New york version of the paletero.
Kiki Manny
Kiki Manny 19 hours ago
JMP PRODUCTIONS 22 hours ago
Regret it
Regret it Day ago
But i chose paper what does a tie mean?
Shannon Joyce
How old are you?
Lance Vance
Lance Vance Day ago
Maybe your uncle is actually Dominican and maybe that’s why he got triggered by pájaro-
Angelica ace Ablao
The people who choose paper 👁👄👁
Smile Time
Smile Time Day ago
trash content
Whats his name?
Sequoyah Dodd
Think twice before you do it kids
Lily Li
Lily Li Day ago
aaa A
ally da potato
I'm also Hispanic wooo
I thought she had middle fingers in her hair like she was secretly flipping me off
erica malpica baez
Kobie Catap
Kobie Catap Day ago
I never had she got to wash dishes anyway i'm in philippines so i can't i can do anything except you go outside twilight mga start clean dishes and getting money getting xbox one day
"Cochina Puerca Marana Santa" All Hispanic/ Latino parents used this 😂😂
•Fumika• and •Lex•
It’s ok my friend is not fluent in English and I sometimes have to help her I understand :]
The Indie Dav
5:00 Wait... Thats the same thing that happend to me but backwards!
Fuck I picked 🪨
Itz_ lilathewolfie
Wait my mom's name is perla
Gustavo Delarosa
This good I was also trying to start a US-first channel but I need training and i know your pain cause I am also Hispanic and man I glad I found this channel
Yeeyee Boy
Yeeyee Boy Day ago
they are the gods i love the paletero
Diego Munoz
Diego Munoz Day ago
1:42 Aventura - La Novelita 3:37 Sonora Tropicana - El Gran Varón It’s just a Hispanic thing...
flowercutie uwu
Yall won
Lynx Day ago
1:42 ah yes memories of going to the park on a hot summer day and getting really exhausted then going to the coco mango cherry man
Comfy_mellow 6
I won because I choose scissors ✂️
Smith Bob
Smith Bob Day ago
For a sec I thought that since the thumbnail was u with white spots in your hair while the title was I didn't know he was there i thought some shit was about to go down
Gaming Pals
Gaming Pals 2 days ago
In the first whenever we see that man we call him the coco 😭🤚
Faresourtrex 2 days ago
Your so lucky I'm already subscribed becaouse I just BEAT YOUR ASS IN RPC
B-G Isn ́tHere
B-G Isn ́tHere 2 days ago
i did beat you in the rock paper siours, but i did subskrive any way
FrIeNdLy AeDaN
FrIeNdLy AeDaN 2 days ago
Wait ur uncle sound like sr pelo?
Xyndrx Oraye
Xyndrx Oraye 2 days ago
You just called your uncle a horse
Mike019 2 days ago
Jajaja despreciable puerca eso estuvo genial pobrecita jaja
Spikey Mice
Spikey Mice 2 days ago
Uncle reveal?
Candy Comillion
Candy Comillion 2 days ago
4:30 my dad when I accidentally dropped a small piece of water
Sugar Neptune
Sugar Neptune 2 days ago
Madagascrack 2 days ago
No cap I like that word "Mande" as a name . . . . .
DANJIMXD 2 days ago
Ahh yes you know your Mexican when you here a horn honking in the morning
FhinxET 2 days ago
I LOVE your story times, there just so eventful *COUGH unlike my life.. *COUGH and just make my day :)
Nakiri Shōyo
Nakiri Shōyo 2 days ago
I personally waited for her to chose something & then chose ✂
WilliamKasey4 2 days ago
Rolie polie olie😭👌
Blitz Ninja
Blitz Ninja 2 days ago
Who is scribble juice
Mohamad Iz'aan Amsyar Mohamad Fareezan
Bruhh the uncle voice is sr pelo
Lolman Nut
Lolman Nut 2 days ago
3:39 - 3:59 ajjajajjajajajja
TimiLani 2 days ago
Me fijas? :3
RANDOM PLAYER 2 days ago
Lol I beat her in rock paper scissors But I am going to still sub Because I am trooper
The Milkman
The Milkman 2 days ago
Cardboard Box
Cardboard Box 3 days ago
shii i love my tio but it still scares me when he goes "im gonna start counting, 1..2.."
•the green pterodactyl •
elotero :D
Chaneez J
Chaneez J 3 days ago
the teacher:okso whats your name? me:ch.... teacher:ch? me:chou... teacher: chou? me a five year old:CICA VAM VAM VAM CHICA CHICA VAMPIRO!!!!
Some child
Some child 3 days ago
Gender bending
Gender bending 3 days ago
We both got paper XD
Bejoy Raju
Bejoy Raju 3 days ago
Hshsgdhsj Hxhxjxx
Omfg I love how real u r 💕💕💕
Red DaBoi
Red DaBoi 3 days ago
I’m Spanish to but I was born in United States. Also, don’t believe me? Hola!/Hi!
Noor Fantini-Manning
What did she call her uncle pls tell me plsssssss
Ryomen Sukuna
Ryomen Sukuna 3 days ago
7:48 Cutest shit I’ve ever seen
ZeroChun OwO
ZeroChun OwO 3 days ago
I can't stop watching this, this is literally so amazing and funny XD
avahlynn cortez
avahlynn cortez 3 days ago
hahahaha i won poopy head.
Anime Attics
Anime Attics 3 days ago
i won
Ashton Duong
Ashton Duong 3 days ago
AYOOOO I WON AGAINST SCRIBBLE JUICE LETS GOOOOOOOO (I was already subcribed beat the system)
gamescience E
gamescience E 3 days ago
Creo que pendejo es secano a pajaro
Scottish9000 3 days ago
i didn't lose or win in rock paper scissor shoot so i don't gotta subscribe
FhinxET 3 days ago
Oml 3:40-4:50 XDDD
Kaz Wilks
Kaz Wilks 3 days ago
How could I forget the mango cherry coco man, its NYC tradition!
Mauricio Anima
Mauricio Anima 3 days ago
The reason why your uncle get mad when you said him “ pájaro “ is because the word “pájaro” in a lot of parts in Mexico means the thing that the mans have in the middle of their legs so when you said him “eres un pájaro” he think that you where saying “eres un (you know what is it)” so that’s why he get angry
Aryia Pollard
Aryia Pollard 3 days ago
In first grade I learned Spanish from only speaking English I was umm... yeah we don't talk about that 🙂✋
MADS RANGEL 3 days ago
Pearla:I have no ideas Me:But what about part 2 of canoe misadventure
Gerson Sacalxot
Gerson Sacalxot 3 days ago
Isiah Hernandez
Isiah Hernandez 3 days ago
that ending was very wholesome
That Guymatt
That Guymatt 3 days ago
No lie you are my favorite animator I can relate to you some much I am Puerto Rican and I was born in New York
yuH 3 days ago
Tsukasa• •Kun
I have beaten u *But still will sub*
_____ SARAH ______
Yelling in Spanish
Kinger the Guy
Kinger the Guy 3 days ago
When your uncle is Sr Pelo
слава зима
Freddy 4 days ago
I wonnnnnn but imma still subscribe
Wave HD
Wave HD 4 days ago
I drew at rock paper scissors... what do i do now?
InfamousBee 4 days ago
1:36 I feel you there he was always at the mall when my uncle took me and my cousin there. Edit:Coconut is the best falvor
Dragon Miner
Dragon Miner 4 days ago
I won but I’m already subbed
JUST DAB!!! 4 days ago
Perla: gets stuck in a thorn bush and Other Me: almost got Hit by a truck and has a giant scar on my leg The p a i n we all know from experience
Simply_ Odoroki
Simply_ Odoroki 4 days ago
I cannot tell you how many times I’ve watched this video
Gaming Dude
Gaming Dude 4 days ago
You know there mexican when they cuss with out caring of the kids Hear it
B u n
B u n 4 days ago
_yeahimnat_ *
_yeahimnat_ * 4 days ago
I just had a physically reaction to seeing starfall again 😶
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