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I accidentally destroyed my girlfriend's iPhone with a brick. Oops.
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Apr 28, 2021




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KidBehindACamera 14 days ago
Alaina T
Alaina T 4 days ago
Destroy her new iPhone lol jk. Shave her head🤔🤷🏻‍♀️
Michael Brown
Michael Brown 6 days ago
Michael green pick a boy break my mouth is on US-first channelPG tick-tock it off story fire and it's off US-first is back onPG 100,000 likes
dromakez doE
dromakez doE 7 days ago
The worst US-first
Danilo Garcia
Danilo Garcia 8 days ago
Bro your gonna loose your girl and everything u built with her if u keep your shit up she is a good girl and u just need to stop acting like a bitch also if your gonna prank someone and use there phone in a prank make sure u buy that person a phone fuck boy
Levi Miller
Levi Miller 9 days ago
Hello Micheal green Kidbehindthecamrea I’m your biggest fan of the angry grandpa show do you know Jesse Ridgway Mcjuggernuggets
cortezmauricio56 10 hours ago
Best episode like ever tbh lol
Armani Galaxy 2.0
Armani Galaxy 2.0 13 hours ago
And you say I'm one month to Bridget wow the good prank though I was laughing
Armani Galaxy 2.0
Armani Galaxy 2.0 13 hours ago
The one month is my birthday
Jaden Delgado
Jaden Delgado 14 hours ago
THIS was so funny/hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Doxy Bates
Doxy Bates 15 hours ago
I wish yall Never fought in the Vlogs
Advanced Media Network
Doxy Bates
Doxy Bates Day ago
3:47 when you get mad at your Brother for Making fun of you decide to.... Break his Phone
megagodzilla Day ago
O_O bruh this sucks
Colin MacDonald
Colin MacDonald 3 days ago
oh god Bridgette
Santos Almanza
Santos Almanza 3 days ago
She useing your ass fam😂remeber 2 richest men in the world couldn't keep there bitch happy
Aaron Lee brown
Aaron Lee brown 3 days ago
I was born in 2003 and never heard of that phone
Tyler Bush
Tyler Bush 3 days ago
My girlfriend will never talk to me if I did this to her fake always click bait
OneTexan 4 days ago
Fake she would been more pissed if it were real and she wouldn’t be filming!!!!!
SteelerBoy 1933
SteelerBoy 1933 5 days ago
I did it on purpose! **SMACK**
Albert Soucie
Albert Soucie 6 days ago
when it comes to phones woman don't like there phone broking
Erxck 6 days ago
Yup there videos are so fake
Snaaattyyy pouuttyy Naattsseee
That vibrator is fucking lethal
Alex Reyes
Alex Reyes 6 days ago
Yes you do eat apples remember a long time ago when you are trying to prank Grandpa you put apple on your carmel apple the video prank
lexyy Guizar
lexyy Guizar 6 days ago
Don't be greedy over phone 💯 the fuck Atleast he got you one period
Piglet West
Piglet West 6 days ago
Oink oink oink just look at my handsome man’s pop belly popping out of his 8XL shirt 3:09 . ❤️ 🐷
Samuel Russo
Samuel Russo 6 days ago
yup and he broke it but it's accidentall
Daffodil 39
Daffodil 39 6 days ago
5:43 Inspector Gadget Go Go Gadget
dromakez doE
dromakez doE 7 days ago
I don’t know if it’s me or someone else but idk if you’re the worst US-first thumbnail creator of US-first Time bro you litt Make old iPhone emoji
Scotty Zwillman
Scotty Zwillman 7 days ago
Her fingers are thicker than the phone
adds jo
adds jo 7 days ago
Bridgettes tight leggings around her ankles make her look way fatter
Saved By Grace
Saved By Grace 8 days ago
Best prank ever!!! Lol
Twilight Fate
Twilight Fate 8 days ago
You should’ve put a brick inside instead of the walway phone
Hasan Mahmood
Hasan Mahmood 8 days ago
She wears the trousers in the house 🤣
Tony Gonzales
Tony Gonzales 8 days ago
Is there a shirt with Gorgeous Michaels face on it? I want 1
Tony Gonzales
Tony Gonzales 8 days ago
Michael you're gorgeous 😍😘 !!!!
G65A7 Tube
G65A7 Tube 8 days ago
Damn micheal.. that was a waste of money 😂😂😂
Andrew Arcure
Andrew Arcure 8 days ago
You lied
Brittney Scott
Brittney Scott 8 days ago
Braden Scott
Ian 8 days ago
Ahahah she bit him😂😂😂
li 8 days ago
She's so ungrateful id actaully would love that phone
the frustrated chris
Kid behind a camera I want you to play baldis basics in nightmares and tell briddgete to make a video of you play it today the game is called baldis basics in nightmares
saladin Mahmood
saladin Mahmood 8 days ago
It wasn't an accident he broke it on purpose
EZRA NO CAP 8 days ago
Females and they phones smh
shane-loves-the-cain 00
How old are the majority of their fans?
Ohne Name
Ohne Name 8 days ago
A brand new iPhone, back from last year without plastic wrap. 🥸
CRJ 16
CRJ 16 8 days ago
Just like agp breaking stuff 😌💀
Visual Fruit
Visual Fruit 8 days ago
That was the revenge for his glasses years ago. Damn pigette
Robbie 9 days ago
Kendra Marie
Kendra Marie 9 days ago
She’s so stupid does she not realize that’s his house she can go to her moms house if she wants anyone out
FREDDY FB 9 days ago
Lindsey Suarez
Lindsey Suarez 9 days ago
Let's base the fact that every time Bridget said I want you out michal is like what
unknown player
unknown player 9 days ago
I know its a prank but still feel sorry for her she seem like a sweet women
IMP Lix 9 days ago
Bridgette so jealous that she didn’t have a phone and now she does phone crybaby
dawsyn 9 days ago
Mike when your eyebrows and hair is shaved you look like peters hairless twin look at him and compare your shaved self 😂😂
Gerrie Taylor
Gerrie Taylor 9 days ago
All I said was have a lovely day! And ya'lls administration banned me until May 30!
Gerrie Taylor
Gerrie Taylor 9 days ago
Why did I get banned from FB!
NAMESFADE 10 days ago
Micheal can you like this comment
Blast 10 days ago
shes a golddigger lowkey
Ruben Franco
Ruben Franco 10 days ago
Just like mcjuggernuggets destroy a kid kidbehindacamera phones
Victoria Sipe
Victoria Sipe 10 days ago
This video is so fake
Riyaadh Khan
Riyaadh Khan 10 days ago
I would be so fucking pissed if that was my phone
Damiano 10 days ago
Fuck you
Alex Clawson
Alex Clawson 10 days ago
Ryanmelo124 10 days ago
It funny lol
Ceasar rivera
Ceasar rivera 10 days ago
Lmao 😂
Monster Marketing
Monster Marketing 10 days ago
Phones = Mind Control
Monster Marketing
Monster Marketing 10 days ago
Only people I know that fake vlogs lol.
Monster Marketing
Monster Marketing 11 days ago
People get so agro over a dam phone lol.
Alaina T
Alaina T 11 days ago
Cuz shit isn't cheap yo
Maddie Wilcoz
Maddie Wilcoz 11 days ago
She can’t kick you out of the house
payton dent
payton dent 11 days ago
A few weeks later you break her phone again
PlanetGamer 001
PlanetGamer 001 11 days ago
Dam she’s got a mouth😂
mike 11 days ago
When she threw the taco. 🤣😂
NathanOfADown 11 days ago
brldgettes stupd
Gwanda Marshall
Gwanda Marshall 11 days ago
Yo are u crazy u destroy your phone bro chill how much u paid for your phone omg my bro stoppppppp now go saint she going kicked u out the house omg u hit it with a brick
Gwanda Marshall
Gwanda Marshall 11 days ago
Yo kid u tell Mia don’t drink Wine
Chad Mokoush
Chad Mokoush 11 days ago
He sound like his dead dad
John Doe UTTP
John Doe UTTP 11 days ago
BINNI 11 days ago
I never trust this videos as"Real".
Dsdkg Fdkgt
Dsdkg Fdkgt 11 days ago
She thought that because that something she would have done to you she would have broken your phone and let you go without one but you’re not like her so you bought her a new one before you even broke her old one and she didn’t even deserve it for putting burns in your head and laughing
Dsdkg Fdkgt
Dsdkg Fdkgt 11 days ago
Him breaking your phone isn’t a prank but you putting third-degree burns in his fucking head thinking that shit is funny it’s supposed to be a prank right? The only difference is he didn’t harm your body the way you did him
Dsdkg Fdkgt
Dsdkg Fdkgt 11 days ago
Did this bitch just threaten to call the cops on him and she put third-degree burns in his head?? Wtf are u
C gaming
C gaming 11 days ago
Cool video 😎👍👍
Dsdkg Fdkgt
Dsdkg Fdkgt 11 days ago
Girl fuck you and those tears thats what u get for using your pregnancy as an excuse for every damn thing you do now he can blame his anger on it being hereditary which it is actually and I hope the next prank is much much worse
Andrew Scott
Andrew Scott 11 days ago
I died when u pulled out the wallway phone lmao
F PG 11 days ago
This is pathetic af bro u delete all your comments and this shits faker than kim Kardashians whole body
Tanner McCrimmon
Tanner McCrimmon 11 days ago
hey it's angry Michael!
Madison Marie
Madison Marie 11 days ago
When she said some of our fans weren’t even born yet made me laugh so hard 😂
Lestat Lunar
Lestat Lunar 11 days ago
Hey mike, did u shower?
Quad 11 days ago
7:09 😶😶😶
Michael Owens
Michael Owens 12 days ago
13:20 best part😂
HHH 12 days ago
Get Bridgettes nails done for her !
M&N Distribution
M&N Distribution 12 days ago
They need an AGP hologram
Railfan Andrew
Railfan Andrew 12 days ago
I honestly don't like his new videos, but I gotta admit, I chuckled when he slammed Bridgette's phone on the ground out of nowhere.
Standing Elton
Standing Elton 12 days ago
Man, If someone bit me, I'd have them arrested for assault & bio- terrorism!!! Bridge-VID, you witch, I have no respect for you, you selfish, cruel, spoiled BRAT!!! 🙏✌❤ p.s. these imogis are for Michael, not Bridge-VID!!! 👹
Standing Elton
Standing Elton 12 days ago
Snotty, spoiled, materialistic witch!!! All you 2 revere is material things!!!! p.s. If it weren't for AGP, you would'nt have a YOU TUBE channel!!!
Standing Elton
Standing Elton 12 days ago
You people have no respect for the value of a dollar; because your subscribers pay for your materialistic pathetic lifestyle!!!
frezfresh 12 days ago
Imagine if at the end it was a android again💀
josh mittrucker
josh mittrucker 12 days ago
josh mittrucker
josh mittrucker 12 days ago
Shit’s lame. R.I.P. AGP
Lisa xMx
Lisa xMx 12 days ago
Aj Bautista1768
Aj Bautista1768 12 days ago
Hey Michael
Ivan Sieh
Ivan Sieh 12 days ago
I saw the new iPhone on top of the refrigerator, Bridgette.
Ryan Kreckman
Ryan Kreckman 12 days ago
I hate how she is such a cry baby now it’s annoying
Family Remix
Family Remix 12 days ago
Breaking a phone isn’t a good parental example. But kicking your child’s father out of the house is huh? - Delusional Bridgette