i completed this legendary precision harpoon run challenge and this happened 

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i completed this legendary precision harpoon run challenge and this happened
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Happy Wheels is a ragdoll physics-based platform browser game developed and published by American studio Fancy Force. Created by video game designer Jim Bonacci in 2010, the game features several player characters, who use different, sometimes atypical, vehicles to traverse the game's many levels. Playing Banned Levels in Happy wheels


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Feb 22, 2021




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Sad.account86 Hi_im_very_sad
15:52 I’m dying
West Less
West Less Hour ago
Tobuscus from 2012 in 2021
Becca Cryer
Becca Cryer 3 hours ago
Mattux Ledbetter
Mattux Ledbetter 4 hours ago
1:08 you landed it on mlg
Gabriel 4 hours ago
Pls new video this
Matt Webb
Matt Webb 5 hours ago
Anyone else getting mad Tobuscus vibes from this?!?!
Dr . Craft
Dr . Craft 5 hours ago
“ oh my god, don’t touch me “
summerysteam96 6 hours ago
ha ha ho ho ho, that slaps me on the knee
13:33 *wiggle, little man* *for your life depends on it*
Hunter Holland
Hunter Holland 7 hours ago
Metal Games
Metal Games 7 hours ago
"That watermelon looks violent" Graystillplays 2021
Drake Pesebre
Drake Pesebre 8 hours ago
The first level you showed in this video, I've been there before you
PLOPPO 9 hours ago
Luke Salazar
Luke Salazar 10 hours ago
Also Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself
ABY- Vlogs
ABY- Vlogs 10 hours ago
Grays soul left his body today from that scream
Rosemary Anderson-Noble
"Oh god." Lands on God
JustMe 12 hours ago
I really wanna know what the 'Uhhh' sound effect is at 3:20. Searched the complete web, but i am not yet satisfied. Does anyone in the chat now which one it is?
foo_stuff 13 hours ago
How he is still playing happy wheels?
Annahlise Evanoff
Annahlise Evanoff 13 hours ago
Gray needs to put out merch that says “we don’t need physics where we’re going”
Tyler Cook
Tyler Cook 14 hours ago
Blazesone1 15 hours ago
what does he say at the end everytime he ends a video
JK47PLAYZ 15 hours ago
Two head stabs and Sac stab
ron miguelangelo recamata
Kaya Mijnes
Kaya Mijnes 15 hours ago
Are you ssundee?
Aleh G
Aleh G 16 hours ago
For the love of god, play ANYTHING but happy wheels
Xavier Phoenix West
Xavier Phoenix West 16 hours ago
9:55 RIP headphone users
Balosa Twoni
Balosa Twoni 16 hours ago
16:21 The best line ever said "GO TABLE! WE DON'T NEED PHYSICS, WHERE WE'RE GOING!
myo nyunt
myo nyunt 20 hours ago
3:23 “What? What? Why did my mining car-GAAAA!” -Graystillplays 2021
Patrick died
Patrick died 22 hours ago
Everyone who watched grey and made a level the first one: M A S A L C O H O L I S O M
Patrick died
Patrick died 22 hours ago
fallen Angel
fallen Angel 23 hours ago
Happy wheels is the devil's sh#t
Master Woof
Master Woof 23 hours ago
5:20 yes bright *green* lemonade... im colour blind!
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo 23 hours ago
13:38 *Inchy the Inchworm*
a youtube channle
5:03 me to my uncle
Rebecca Lahti
You should check out Kelsey she has her own channel dedicated to the sims and other games love your videos make for a great way to end or start the day
Khazea Gamos
Khazea Gamos Day ago
Si no me po box or inquiries and concerns and I will think about the position of them have a good day to the government 😉 the same 🤣
Isaac theodds1sout
Is it just me or dose gray on bottle flips never go to the next board till he gets something amazing
Nick Little
Nick Little Day ago
9:55 Someone needs to clip this glorious scream. I've never heard a scream so glorious in my entire glorious life. *YOOOOOOOOOUCCCH*
Serenity Williams
The way you scream at the harpoon
Any plans Happy would you mind meeting sumona
That level was my level
Dilly 70
Dilly 70 Day ago
Ok htuiu
Alexander Boxer
NickSolar Day ago
13:46 if you wanna see gray throw it back lmfao
Prentasaurus 348
11:11 what my nightmares look like
Owlett 9998
Owlett 9998 Day ago
Right when gray said “oh god” he died at the “god” level (4:28)
Prentasaurus 348
6:50 headshot and impale
Terri Huff
Terri Huff Day ago
I’m going to be rich
avery smith
avery smith Day ago
at 7:05 it looked like he had a tail
Loura Marks
Loura Marks Day ago
"I'm actually holding myself up with my tongue,see my tongues really strong" lesbians:mood
Roboxer Day ago
when i have to do school 3:24
kevin hart
kevin hart Day ago
3:59 I found this one before you. I got stabbed but still won
Number 9
Number 9 Day ago
GaBe Itch
GaBe Itch Day ago
3:55 “this is c-” “this is c-“ ... weird editing
Ben Denton
Ben Denton Day ago
4:27 "oh god" lands on God . Me: TF???
This IsntHim
This IsntHim Day ago
watching gray kill people is a fetish
RUSH vortex
RUSH vortex Day ago
Level: keep hardy on bike Hardy: falls of bike* Gray: wins and moves on*
Oskar Vazquez
Gray when the bottles fallen one got on mlg
helen kern
helen kern Day ago
13:50 now those are some abs
Jenna_Gem YTOfficial
Guys, we need to use more fans. It's the only way to stop him.
Cj Williams
Cj Williams Day ago
6:10 he should have won
Mᴏʀᴛɪ Day ago
It's always in there 😳
Sebuls Day ago
Now that's Flash is dead whats the successor? Is there like some Flash clone out there?
Kimberley Hollow
I love that people are him boards to watch him suffer
jordan spurou
3:52 bad edit
Dancing Wolfcraft
I’ve never heard gray genuinely scream until when Indiana got crushed by his cart
Victor Garza
Victor Garza Day ago
I got this recommended to me by US-first and I’m not disappointed 😂
Dillon Crowtherk
Great I love of your videos
It always goes back to vore.
Kumieto Day ago
I'm surprised there's someone still making videos of Happy Wheels... I love it
Kereb Harrison
13:29 Gray reminds me of one of those AIs that are learning to walk.
Wrong playlist gray, this is the GTA playlist, not happy wheels ^^
Joltdell Day ago
I'm still alive....AHHHHHH
another one
another one Day ago
13:47 jeez this song sounds awfully familiar but I can't remember what is it Heeeeeelp
Melissa Miller
Hey gray.. It isnt a bottle flip unless it lands on its cap or on its bottom..FACTS.. So dont make acceptions for a NON-bottle flip!!!
Eva Oldham
Eva Oldham Day ago
random toilet child dead *high pitched* AAAAAAAAAOOOUCHHHHHHHHHHHH
Orion Matos
Orion Matos Day ago
how can you still play if happy wheels is flash?
Gold Money
Gold Money Day ago
Gray play getting over it
『 N i g h t w ø l f 』
Who’s here at 666k views?
Mr. sock
Mr. sock Day ago
Theirs 666k view's nice
Batchicken 1
Batchicken 1 Day ago
Netflix : are you still watching Someone’s daughter: 3:34
TPot Gamer
TPot Gamer Day ago
Gray 2020: Gray 2021: AAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYHHHH!!!!!1!1!11!!!!
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Day ago
Bro when gray "dies" and they bury him they 5 minutes later are just gonna hear, "im still aliiive"
Keith M
Keith M Day ago
I can't stop watching these.
Gonwrong 23
Gonwrong 23 Day ago
mabec Day ago
grey slide in to my message
I miss the old gacha community
I'm still confused did they make a typo when writing happy wheels I think they ment to write misery wheels
Bryce Pirie
Bryce Pirie Day ago
needs more yeet, with just a pinch of eternal suffering, and a dash of agonising torment. - cooking with gray~
Httgudjtjfjfhgt E
You should have a death count in the top left corner
Let's Do It Dads
When are you going to play different games like you used to. Bug board of seeing the same games even though different levels
Cohen Duggan
Cohen Duggan Day ago
does anyoe lese think that CaptainSauce and gray sound exactly the same and might be the same person????
Gray just reminds me of Jim Kerry
L R Day ago
Quantum Blur
Quantum Blur Day ago
10:21 Did he censor "Son of a bit-" with a millisecond clip of Carl Weezer starting to say "croissant?" Why did I notice that?
Brandon Archer
This vid had me laughing my ass off "Literally"!
Horsegirl 2 days ago
I couldn't do the table one tho that was hard
Horsegirl 2 days ago
Hay gray I played all of the happy wheeles levels in this video before you did
Matoro828 2 days ago
Omfg I haven’t played this game in years but damn that was funny.
Quantirad 2 days ago
It's tobuscus he's back