I Changed My Gender To Become A Billionaire 

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Apr 7, 2021




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Sandra Caron
Sandra Caron 10 minutes ago
That boi done said “did it hurt? Huh? When you fell from heaven.” BITCH- ARE YOU CALLIG HER SATAN ;-;
x chrolloslifesupport x
arman cai
arman cai Hour ago
4:38 they dont look like they're screaming they look like they're using lipstick-
The GenoPlayer
Ok now I know this channel is absolute Shit
Amy Moonlight
Amy Moonlight Hour ago
I loved this story
Artsykid 74
Artsykid 74 Hour ago
Kuata Folau
Kuata Folau 2 hours ago
jeff:"wake up princess" Me:sounds like hes gay dont take this offencesive it's as a joke
Mia pink cookie's
Mia pink cookie's 3 hours ago
How did Lucas find ur house? 🤨🧐🤔
Kat Kan't
Kat Kan't 4 hours ago
*Bi panic*
Yoke Khon Chen
Yoke Khon Chen 4 hours ago
Cute! I'm Asian its soooo romantic!! You\blonde girl x jeff lol that's my ship UvU
Caryn Nguyen
Caryn Nguyen 4 hours ago
7:06 how is there a snail in there I love snails btw
I like this story so much
Channelly B
Channelly B 4 hours ago
Soooo cuet
Isuku Mydoria Coslplayer
Do you realize that Lucas‘s license plate is cutieG
Nelson Rodriguez
Nelson Rodriguez 5 hours ago
The notebork lol
Nelson Rodriguez
Nelson Rodriguez 5 hours ago
Wait he said you more Beautiful then I thought so he thought she was ugly?
Madeleine 5 hours ago
Woon TheWolfAu
Woon TheWolfAu 6 hours ago
Daniel watching this be like: FA** I NEDDED HIM FIR MONEY UGH
Jamie Yarbrough
Jamie Yarbrough 6 hours ago
Am I the only one who wanted it to turn out to be Jeff and Lucas were secretly gay and were dating and that’s why he didn’t question why he was being so girly
Videsh Bidaisee
Videsh Bidaisee 6 hours ago
Rengoku Kyojuro
Rengoku Kyojuro 6 hours ago
0:19 N I G E R U N D A Y O
Niki Day
Niki Day 6 hours ago
Girl miss gorl is loki falling 4 him after cissing his girlfriend lol
Shaiane O Hara
Shaiane O Hara 6 hours ago
This reminds me of parent trap LOL.
SpongeBoymebob 7 hours ago
Not cool.........
Debra Mitchell
Debra Mitchell 7 hours ago
baby wippy
baby wippy 7 hours ago
Why couldn’t this be a gay story 👁👄👁🤌
Teddy 8 hours ago
Gimme the pizza me want pizza >:(
Dray Flores
Dray Flores 8 hours ago
i love this channel for the jojo references 0:20 a jotaro refernece 0:47
Jaekwon Lee
Jaekwon Lee 8 hours ago
bruh mah name is Andrea aswell oof
Skyline Chills
Skyline Chills 8 hours ago
the f*ck was that intro
Aaron Hawks
Aaron Hawks 8 hours ago
Dang this story was so cheesy -v-
Richard Atkins
Richard Atkins 8 hours ago
Richard Atkins
Richard Atkins 8 hours ago
Now if you play Forest hills you'll be a boy you'll put the boy if Jeff joins you 😂
K U1tra
K U1tra 9 hours ago
We need more episodes!!!!
bedless noob
bedless noob 9 hours ago
ayo he looks like me-
Andrea Kids
Andrea Kids 10 hours ago
When he called her princess I was like this " OMG IS HE GAY 🤩🤩🤩" but that went away when he said girlfriend (TwT)
Marilyn Tepox
Marilyn Tepox 11 hours ago
y/n vibes
Karen Cerfontyne
Karen Cerfontyne 11 hours ago
To be honest I'm very impulsive
itz fire_wolf plays
itz fire_wolf plays 12 hours ago
I- i- lol
Fairy Draft
Fairy Draft 12 hours ago
Hi guys!
Hsj Jdjd
Hsj Jdjd 12 hours ago
Pls part 2
copyrat 12 hours ago
This is kinda like the movie called ‘it only takes two!’ 😄
Gālāxy Ñøvā
Gālāxy Ñøvā 13 hours ago
The dad of Lucas : wait what? Me : is that a business meeting or just business or just like wait what do you say? Because I'm going to laugh no matter what it is
Treyten 14 hours ago
I think im drepessed :C
the gals of gaming
the gals of gaming 11 hours ago
Funneh teddy
Funneh teddy 14 hours ago
Thelma Alvarez
Thelma Alvarez 14 hours ago
Some of the characters looks like the characters from miraculous ladybug
Jisoo Turtle rabbit Kim
Somthing that seems homophobic but it isn’t:
heeko XD
heeko XD 15 hours ago
Funny ahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhaahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
heeko XD
heeko XD 15 hours ago
Fire alarm was very funny
M. Mazdreku
M. Mazdreku 15 hours ago
Such a Beutifull story
Saz Kuvan
Saz Kuvan 15 hours ago
mera and mark and Carla
What is her name
Taneshia Drouillard
Taneshia Drouillard 16 hours ago
Taneshia Drouillard
Taneshia Drouillard 16 hours ago
Taneshia Drouillard
Taneshia Drouillard 16 hours ago
mera and mark and Carla
This might be my favourite story
jojo fan
jojo fan 16 hours ago
Rebecca T Mei Mei
Rebecca T Mei Mei 16 hours ago
R a h e e l a _
R a h e e l a _ 16 hours ago
Issa Guzman
Issa Guzman 16 hours ago
This is my favorite animated story!
Alexia Maria Stănciulescu
I changed my gender to become lesbian :))))
Nicholaus F290
Nicholaus F290 17 hours ago
Why you look like trump when you were running from school
violeto dela cruz
violeto dela cruz 18 hours ago
Ducko Kid
Ducko Kid 18 hours ago
“He talked to his foster dad already who was totally fine with it” His dad turning around: wait *what*
Heveen Qasim
Heveen Qasim 19 hours ago
Omg I really like those video's
13 Angelo Richard Furio
this is how you break up with her ( •_-)/-⌐■-■I--- take the shot I did my best doing the gun
Joy victoria Lim
Joy victoria Lim 20 hours ago
andrea: she littery laugh the word i said me:oh yea? What about bish
fandom_ shippers_UwU
14:14 yes. totally fine.
Mila mila
Mila mila 20 hours ago
I am confusion! Jk I love this story
Trisha Troop
Trisha Troop 20 hours ago
when I see the girl prentending to be a lucas and the girl kissed the brown hair boy and I wen't like *Smile And thought they're gay And dying of cuteness*
Roselyn Tan
Roselyn Tan 20 hours ago
Can't believe there was a Jojo reference here
liam plays
liam plays 20 hours ago
Me that is a bl fan:AhHhHHHHHhHHhHHhH
Aldwin 20 hours ago
1A24杜敏僑 21 hour ago
I don’t have any money
Greg Ludlum
Greg Ludlum 21 hour ago
Does anyone believe any of this was actually real?? You've got to be kidding me.
jibyryl Ebam
jibyryl Ebam 21 hour ago
Now i want to learn italian it just sound so cool
D’luc 21 hour ago
Now this is a good art style
Razle Villaceran
Razle Villaceran 22 hours ago
Love you Jeff
Sakura 22 hours ago
Am i the only one who thought the vid was good the animation the art :0
Pii Enaena
Pii Enaena 23 hours ago
Shkddgg dh ads😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱
Nina Lees
Nina Lees 23 hours ago
i'm not even a minute into the video and she's already made a joke about Italians, pulled the fire alarm, watched a firetruck crash into the school, run away from school, and coincidentally found her long lost twin brother sitting on her bed.. I um
• H a i k y u u S i m p •
That means you're transgender
Joie Bernal
Joie Bernal 23 hours ago
I actually thought Jeff was gay-
Ullrica Centurion
Ullrica Centurion 23 hours ago
this was my favorite story
Ava Campbell
Ava Campbell Day ago
Y was thing one kinda cute and not so so so so dramatic
Shreya Darlami
I just wanted to take a moment appreciate the thumbnail
Lucia Somerscales
TiTlE: I cHaNgEd mY gEnDeR
Morphexa Day ago
Wait Mia Bella... That's my name😀
ur local dead meme
Me: kay time to read the desc! also me: (opens desc) desc: Thanks for watching me:... WTF
Run! It's Felix!
Run! It's Felix!
Run! It's Felix!
I'm going to try it
Kelly Molina
Kelly Molina Day ago
Bacon Hair
Bacon Hair Day ago
11:28 *the notebork*
That was uhm...cool..?
nezuko :3
nezuko :3 Day ago
Vivian Watson
Not possible fool
Ms Cookie
Ms Cookie Day ago
i love this story!❤️❤️❤️
Gacha lover Roblox forever
lucas looks lk adrien with orange eyes
I Have 10 Moms