I CAN'T SWIM! Being a MERMAID for 24 hours! My Friend vs Funny Mermaid Situations by Spy Ninjas 

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After Chad Wild Clay made "Will Vy Survive Extreme Date Night? Surprising my friends with Romantic Viral TikTok Hacks", Vy Qwaint created "VALENTINE'S DAY RUINED by Stalker Chef! My Best Friend's Secret Crush Arrives for Date Night!", Daniel Gizmo uploaded "COPYING MY BEST FRIEND ALL DAY for 24 Hours", and Melvin PZ9 filmed "IF YOU FALL in ROBLOX TOWER... Best Friend Reveals Girlfriend Secrets", Regina, Melvin, and Vy take on a Mermaid challenge for 24 hours! Alie, Daniel's new girlfriend challenges the Spy Ninjas to see who can last the longest! Melvin is positive that he can teach Vy how to swim this time! Vy builds up the courage to swim and takes the first step, literally! Once she's past the stairs in the pool, she realizes that swimming isn't that easy and that she's lucky that she's wearing a life jacket to save her! Reluctant, Melvin has a great idea on how to get Vy comfortable in the water, by doing everyday things! Melvin and Regina plan a BroSis Dinner Date Underwater! Now they only need a table, some plates, food, and who else is dry that can get it; Vy! Once BroSis figures out that dinner underwater won't work, they improvise! A little pink lemonade, some Trix cereal, so delicious! Vy is still unsure of getting in the pool but Alie reminds them that if they don't finish, someone will be getting a Noodle Shower later! Melvin and Regina attempt to teach Vy how to swim again, first on land then in water. After practicing for some time, Vy builds up the courage to swim and decides to take off her Life Jacket! Shocked by her decision, Melvin and Regina cheer Vy on! Vy finally attempts to swim and it ends up taking a turn for the worse! Comment below if you enjoyed this video! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy adventure vlog videos in 2021!
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Feb 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Vy Qwaint
Vy Qwaint Month ago
I'm a mermaid but can't swim! Do you have any advice for me?
Marilyn Merto
Marilyn Merto 10 days ago
rstsrs easy night last Friday here
GamerDarkness 10 days ago
I’m not afraid of a dark room cause that’s my dream for everything not spiders not water not getting beat on naw hmmmmmmmm falling
LW - SFSJ 946941 Derry West Village PS
@Cloaker rjko I P
Yvette Guillen
Yvette Guillen 19 days ago
Leticia Morales
Leticia Morales 22 days ago
I love how she asked for advice while everyone is just saying hi
Elfie Duke
Elfie Duke 50 seconds ago
Brooklynn Woodman
Brooklynn Woodman 50 minutes ago
She is going like NEED like ridley and HELP because its a clue she is saying NEED HELP
Niyah Taylor
Niyah Taylor 50 minutes ago
Does Justin is the Kloecker
Bacon Boi
Bacon Boi Hour ago
5:46 vy can someone cuz she’s underwater rn
Penelope Penelope
A free of water
The Bunny
The Bunny Hour ago
I’m 6 I’m not afraid of water be brave
Bear Trog
Bear Trog 3 hours ago
nur aida wahid
nur aida wahid 5 hours ago
hi spy ninjas i know you want to see ally's face i know what is look's like go in youtube type in the video not in the comment type spy ninja old videos and then you will see ally's face
E. Haliun
E. Haliun 7 hours ago
Vy is soooo dum i love wimming the dum spy ninja is vy
Kasey Cook
Kasey Cook 12 hours ago
I don’t know how to swim so I have water because I’m only 8 years old
kyrs5800 kyrs5800
kyrs5800 kyrs5800 15 hours ago
Allie pu emphasis on "need" and "help"
Zacharyplaysgames 17 hours ago
I am proud of yo Vy
KAYFRMDATRAP. 20 hours ago
im scared of lot of things
Kate Robyn
Kate Robyn 22 hours ago
Allie said 2 words need, help put together it says need help like i need your help for something
Mohammed Shayaan
Mohammed Shayaan 22 hours ago
I can’t swim
Jesus is here Taylor
no i will help you vy
Susan Aling
Susan Aling 23 hours ago
I am scerd of spiders😟
You got this v
Cali and Bower and wrinkles
I am happy that VQ Try she try Best in the Water
Emma Lambert
Emma Lambert Day ago
I have a phobia of spiders
Isabelle Hebditch
Help Allie
Isabelle Hebditch
3:13 she says NEED HELP
Robin and Daniel
i have a fear of spiders
Nathan and nikael Channel
im not scared of everything im scared out of homework
JC A Day ago
Feeling like you're gone when I'm when I don't hear them
JC A Day ago
I'm afraid of the dark and being alone cuz I'm getting scared I feel like the monster the bad dreams and my family are going to put my parents in the fire or like they're going to cut down the night and cut my baby sister with the knife and a lot of like bad things like they're going to disappear in the morning when I wake up
JC A Day ago
Come on go in the water I want to see you swim like a mermaid I don't swim like a movie I'm an expert and my cousin doesn't know how to swim either he's the second cousin and he doesn't know how to swim I have a pool at home at my house and he has a pool and my grandma's a pony he has the pool like a big pool like your guys and he's afraid of water
Aizelle Estacio
im scared of small spaces and being surrounded i have claustrophobia
Tiffany bigga
Vy spicy 🌶 spy nija
Indah Yani
Indah Yani Day ago
IM afraid of water like you v and IM afraid of the dark IM scared bc what if i drown i have a pool in side of my house but IM scared IMG crying rn for you v IM SOOO PROUD!!!!!
Vanilla roblox Xo
Vanilla roblox Xo 21 hour ago
Maggy’s crazy life Life
I’m scared of tight spots
Tracy Hernandez
Madiha Ali
Madiha Ali Day ago
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah you
Amy Hijazi
Amy Hijazi Day ago
Chris??? C
Chris??? C Day ago
Ale is sus why she is making the challenge there probably four her crew can get the merch or play buttons
Jovana Cobos
Jovana Cobos Day ago
Just trust your friends like alaways
dani bili
dani bili Day ago
Close your eyes or goggles
Kathy Mouw
Kathy Mouw Day ago
I am scared of hights
Kathy Mouw
Kathy Mouw Day ago
Some baby steps
Kathy Mouw
Kathy Mouw Day ago
Take come baby steps go in the pool every way and take baby steps
Lorraine Laud
Allow needs help she's trapped by hackers
Joanne Douglas
Vy was so funny🤣😝😜
Simeon Iskandar
I’m also afraid of water
Sara Day ago
I can't swim to its real sad
Kelly Foxon
Kelly Foxon Day ago
Hi I'm new aprenttly your name is vy I hope you get over you fear
seng her
seng her Day ago
When vy was in the water vy was in a stawr??? vy was not drawing
Tia Sakaan
Tia Sakaan Day ago
The videos alie send are clues she is traped she is saying help I cannot exscape alone the stalker capture her
Saba Haq
Saba Haq Day ago
Dont mention daniel i cant believe he legit picked his gf he knew for only 2 months over freinds he knew FOR 3 WHOLE YEARS
Vanilla roblox Xo
Vanilla roblox Xo 21 hour ago
Mhm do not mention him!,
Ewa Sertdemir
Hi evre uan
Ewa Sertdemir
Vy u ar my favoforire spy ninja
Ewa Sertdemir
Coman vy u can du it im caunting an u vy
Teagan Taylor
Teagan Taylor 2 days ago
yes you got this vy i want to be a mermaid but i cant have my mermaid tail until my birthday :[ :}
Tasawar Hussain
Tasawar Hussain 2 days ago
I am scared of water and I can,t swim
I. Bawazir
I. Bawazir 2 days ago
👎🏻 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
Archie Davies
Archie Davies 2 days ago
Yes vy
abner rasquinha
abner rasquinha 2 days ago
not only water but everything
abner rasquinha
abner rasquinha 2 days ago
tipical girls scared of water
Maitha Alnuaimi
Maitha Alnuaimi 2 days ago
I dare you to buy a rabbit bate do it it it
Juliana’s Channel
I can swim underwater and when my eyes are open
Bethany Ramirez
Bethany Ramirez 2 days ago
Vy can you do the mermaid challenge for me I love mermaids to
Melanin Jas
Melanin Jas 2 days ago
My fav spy ninga is vy becuase she is spisy brave and smart i think the code to the safe is 2012 beacuse i saw it in the back when i was spying on pz
Riley and Lainey playz Games
And she is intruble traped
Riley and Lainey playz Games
Bth I think that was alie
Chloe Digiovine
Chloe Digiovine 2 days ago
Alie need help she emphasised need and help in the message but don't help daniel is supposed to be with regina
Keiyli P
Keiyli P 2 days ago
Probably try swimming lessons
Zoey Robertson
Zoey Robertson 2 days ago
No, Allie needs Helppppp!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eli's beyblades
Eli's beyblades 2 days ago
Regina is still jealous of Alie and Daniel together
Matt Young
Matt Young 2 days ago
i am scared of spinders and the dark and being alone
Mark Allen
Mark Allen 2 days ago
Lol voy when in water so brave not crying
PrincessParty Adventures
He is a cat because she hates water👩🏻➡️😺
Jake Edwards
Jake Edwards 2 days ago
Come in the pool
Jake Edwards
Jake Edwards 2 days ago
Come on by u scardy cat of water I can swim
isabella carnevale
Vy do you need a trident Melvin no thanks i dont need chewing gum
Chicen nuget
Chicen nuget 2 days ago
im scerd of spiders
Kathleen Garcia
Kathleen Garcia 2 days ago
Hi I am proud I am so happy yay
Nithesh001 2 days ago
giuliana haro
giuliana haro 2 days ago
i’m also Afraid of water Vy queen
Brian Curtis
Brian Curtis 2 days ago
Love you guys
Sonia Patricia
Sonia Patricia 2 days ago
When Alie said that She whated You guys to do the challenge the words need help Alie said very weaird
Sonia Patricia
Sonia Patricia 2 days ago
The words
William Brooks
William Brooks 2 days ago
Harmony Martin
Harmony Martin 2 days ago
Vy Qwaint Pink spy ninja Tiny spy ninja Sneaky spy Ninja
Holly Burke
Holly Burke 3 days ago
She needs help because the videos said I really NEED you guys to do the mermaid challenge that would HELP me a lot 2 video just checking in I wish I could be there but I CAN'T but I'm at work and I can't ESCAPE but I'm at work ALON
ellen bellens
ellen bellens 3 days ago
I'm Afraid of Nightmares I can not sleep Because Of The Nightmare
Amelia Etheridge
Amelia Etheridge 3 days ago
alie is saying I need help I cant escape alone
Nicky TURNER 3 days ago
i fand one of this simbls /./././. on rginas had
GameBreakers 3 days ago
i think Vy ate a devil fruit thats why she cant swim
Amira Lukács
Amira Lukács 3 days ago
Little Shoe
Little Shoe 3 days ago
You're not let that you know what I'm most afraid of swimming underwater I never done that before even I never went and water about anyone holding me but you're not looked out
Tony Rojas
Tony Rojas 3 days ago
how do u shawor
Grace Pellowitz
Grace Pellowitz 3 days ago
Im afraid of heights
Oforkaja Nkwocha
Oforkaja Nkwocha 3 days ago
Regina is awesome I am only watching to see her
Hehe Hehe
Hehe Hehe 3 days ago
If Vy is afraid of water, shouldn’t she also be afraid of the drink too like Fiji water?
Stella Nguyen
Stella Nguyen 3 days ago
I’m afraid of being alone
Blocky Girl
Blocky Girl 3 days ago
Blocky Girl
Blocky Girl 3 days ago
She is saying need help I can’t escape
Blocky Girl
Blocky Girl 3 days ago
Regina: who cares about alie girl alie needs help
Blocky Girl
Blocky Girl 3 days ago
Guys actually alie is saying need help
Blocky Girl
Blocky Girl 3 days ago
Vy I am so so so proud of you for swimming so so so so so so so so proud of you vy the best person and spy ninja
madison Horton
madison Horton 3 days ago
I'm scared of water to