I Built the Perfect Streaming Service 

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Oct 5, 2020




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Kaden boi
Kaden boi 48 minutes ago
UnchartedCHARTz 57 minutes ago
"Comcast is America's most hated company" EA: oh I don't think so.
Star Chaser
Star Chaser 2 hours ago
I cant get hulu in Canada and it sucks
The Pizza Man
The Pizza Man 2 hours ago
And disney plus now has R rated stuff.. pogchamp
Coll 4 hours ago
well i mean here in the uk since Hulu is owned by Disney so recently they added star which is basically just Hulu but on Disney plus so now eddyflix maxis one step closer to being complete (it also has group watch)
SA ST 13 hours ago
Disney has star for more mature content now
Jennii 14 hours ago
Disney plus really stepped up its game adding Starz and more of the 20th century Fox stuff
Brody Farley
Brody Farley 20 hours ago
im dying because the first thing i found and watched on hbo was young sheldon
Brody Farley
Brody Farley 20 hours ago
only thing thats good on youtube red was escape the night
Manuel Amaya
Manuel Amaya 23 hours ago
Netflix+Disney+ + HBO MAX+ Hulu = Perfect Streaming :)
vanilliqs Day ago
So what I'm hearing is, you want more Young Sheldon.
Froggie Day ago
i just pirate everything, its easier than having to pay for something that I only have because of those few shows
Jude the dude
The only thing youtube red had was cobra Kia, and even that got taken from them
I fucking hate HBO Max cuz they took away ALL HBO shows on Hulu that i paid 6$ dollars for per month but now they want me to pay fucking 14$
You forgot to mention that Hulu is literally the only streaming service that has an EXPIRING section.
Max Menius
Max Menius Day ago
It should be called "HuluFlix Prime Max Plus"
I really want a "rewatch button" where if you want to rewatch a show you can clear the data of your previous viewings of it. Normally when I rewatch, sometimes it ends up w episodes in the middle or already at the credits.
Granted I’m still on my extended trail but Apple TV plus has some good shows. Mythic quest and the servant are worth the 5 dollars alone. Granted I would wait till the seasons end and get a month of Apple TV plus per year to binge all the shows. That being said it is only 2 more dollars for Apple TV plus and Apple Music than it costs for Spotify
Zack Durrant
Zack Durrant Day ago
One of my WiFi networks bye my house is “Comcast sucks”
Truman Deree
Truman Deree 2 hours ago
Me too! Do we have the same neighbor or is it just a universal experience?
Nicholas DeDea
I’d pay for Netfulu +
Redtaco14 2 days ago
The part he’s like and why would I do this because I’m fucking bored that’s why! Reminds me of Alastor.
Bucket of Axolotl
Wolfwalkers on Apple TV+ is really good
Crip 2 days ago
Cause we don't have hulu in uk they are merged with Disney Plus called Star
Nicole Adriane da Silva
best video of 2020
Blake99 Playz games
I actually really like peacock
Pleasedontcallmecarson 2.0
Now there is adult content on Disney+ Literally just happened today (February 23 2021)
Liam Wasserlein
Liam Wasserlein 2 days ago
prince joopie
prince joopie 2 days ago
I don't have a need for EddyflixMax+ at the moment but I'll get back to you if Netflix scraps Umbrella Academy after season 3.
Marc _ 8o0
Marc _ 8o0 2 days ago
At least now we have Disney+ Star😋🤩🤩
Clive ward
Clive ward 2 days ago
Disney + has got a lot better, they’ve added lots of stuff this month and added an 18+ mode
Jers 2 days ago
What’s behind the door
Shasta Rasmusen
Shasta Rasmusen 2 days ago
amazon has spongebob, dont diss on my boy squidward
IMustCrusade 2 days ago
Trust me, you don’t look like my dad
LonelyStar 3 days ago
I mean I could give some points to Netflix for having some anime but I managed to figure out their subtitles are absolute trash and they don’t have most of the anime (example JoJo’s bizarre adventure, it only goes up to part three).
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
lmao nobody cares about anime
Eddy, you got your wish with Quibi...
KAMO Elite
KAMO Elite 3 days ago
But I can see you how do you look like my dad
Noncreative arts
Noncreative arts 3 days ago
Amazon prime has Psych. Thanks for listening to my TED talk
Garrett Fortune
Garrett Fortune 3 days ago
Another con for Netflix should be they only put seasons of shows in some countries (ahem leaving jojo fans in the dust by announcing part 5 in 2018 but they don’t even have part 4 in America)
Garrett Fortune
Garrett Fortune 2 days ago
@TheReal Doge did I ask for your opinion bitch and also I don’t have money for a vpn and the free ones have malware
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
just use a vpn and also nobody cares about anime
Brock Cornette
Brock Cornette 3 days ago
1:25 damn Comcast actually beat EA to be the new most hated company
FrizzVictor 3 days ago
There's no more rating on netflix because A M Y
PixL 3 days ago
Hbo max + peacock would be the best
definitely a movie critic
Wanda vision saved disney+
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
so ur saying the mandalorian was part of its dying
990doglover 4 days ago
As a Biologist, I can confirm I do in fact look for the birds before payment
Sam Winingar
Sam Winingar 6 days ago
My hulu doesnt make that opening chime anymore. It was nice to hear it again. Thank you eddy
Marco Acosta
Marco Acosta 6 days ago
Eddy: *talks about how cable companies suck* Me: *South Park flashbacks*
Deceased Duck
Deceased Duck 7 days ago
there is a chrome extention called Teleparty where you can watch netflix and stuff its really cool
Random DJ
Random DJ 8 days ago
Disnetfulu Max+
Sam 8 days ago
apple tv has some good stuff, but I got a year free, I don't think I would pay for it
Ailsa Ide
Ailsa Ide 8 days ago
I don't know about Big Bird or Tweety, but if a streaming service has Well Dressed Bird on it, I'm buying it.
Fred Kurtz
Fred Kurtz 8 days ago
Am I the only person who still uses Disney plus every day
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
yes what the hell we only use it every friday now
HeadshotCraft 8 days ago
CBS All Access is more than Star Trek. They literally have every Nickelodeon Sitcom. AAnd Spongebob.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
nickelodeon sitcoms are a fat NO i would pay for them to remove them
martina the simp
martina the simp 9 days ago
Netflix put a show called "K-on" on the kid section. Now what's so bad about that? It says bad words. They didn't even mind to bleep them out. In one of the episodes said the "a" and "b" word. Even the theme song says bad words so of a kid wants to find out what it said they'll hear the b word. I like the show but I think that they should take it away from the kid's section. That's why I don't like Netflix. You can see for yourself.
Jude Edwards
Jude Edwards 9 days ago
Disney plus have already added an in-house watch party system
Austin S.
Austin S. 9 days ago
Prime video actually EDITS their mature movies that they feature on there. I recently watched Spun (2002) and it was edited u] the wazoo
Bagel Makes
Bagel Makes 9 days ago
What about US-first?
Owen King
Owen King 10 days ago
Hulu got all the anime
Sean Gilmore
Sean Gilmore 12 days ago
Where did this video post from 4 months ago come from and why didn't I see it 4 months ago when I'm subbed?
Carl C
Carl C 12 days ago
The slo-mo guys youtube red show wasn't half bad. I was kinda happy to see them get some decent funding
ShadowWolf_Ops 13 days ago
Disney doesn't all of marval, sony owns spiderman, also Netflix has a thing you can watch with your friends through the internet
W4SSIM 14 days ago
HI ! You can use RAVE app for the watch party feature but it’s only on ios, android and chromebook, unless you use an android vm.
Elijah 15 days ago
You do not look like my dad.
ibrahim hassan
ibrahim hassan 17 days ago
Wait Jeff bezos has 100m dollars ?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
@osama bin legend lmao no he doesnt his current net worth is like 184.6 billion
osama bin legend
osama bin legend 13 days ago
1 trillion
Mykaela Miller
Mykaela Miller 17 days ago
I still really like this video 4 months later. You did good, Eddy!
protostar 18 days ago
Me in Australia: What the goddamn hell is a Hulu?
Billy Foisy
Billy Foisy 18 days ago
Anyone still salty about I'm not OK with this That show was so good If you don't know They cancelled the 2nd season
Isabel Schulte
Isabel Schulte 19 days ago
One thing about Netflix is that they have SO MUCH information about what I like to watch, and yet they still ONLY PROMOTE NETFLIX ORIGINALS, but then CANCEL the Netflix originals that I actually like. PICK A STRUGGLE
Cheemed Hams
Cheemed Hams 19 days ago
Theres ads on hulu!??!?? YOU PAY FOR IT
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
its not that bad and its only if u buy a bundle which those are the best
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
its not that bad and its only if u buy a bundle which those are the best
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
its not that bad and its only if u buy a bundle which those are the best
You cant beat K
You cant beat K 19 days ago
The perfect streaming service would have a group mechanic where you can watch movies and TVs live with people.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
thats what he said mate
Grady Allen
Grady Allen 19 days ago
Wuts behind the mystery door
rise8604 20 days ago
I have really enjoyed HBO Max alot since i first tried it. Although the one thing I wish they would change is the Watchlist. I can't access the Watchlist on its own section on my consoles or smart tvs, and the Watchlist only scrolls so far right and just stops. So I only see what I have just recently put on my Watchlist instead of everything I added to it
Little Blue Blob
Little Blue Blob 21 day ago
sourtooth_ 22 days ago
If HBO Max has ALL the birds then WHERE IS WELL-DRESSED BIRD
Ailsa Ide
Ailsa Ide 8 days ago
My thoughts exactly
Johan Liebert
Johan Liebert 22 days ago
They never have what your looking for
Drew Reviews
Drew Reviews 22 days ago
Don’t forget amazon prime has the first few seasons of spongebob for free
Matthew Musolino
Matthew Musolino 22 days ago
Peacock is pretty good
Benjamin Sexton
Benjamin Sexton 23 days ago
KOMO 23 days ago
this eddie burbank guy seems pretty cool
Tuesday aka Glitch
Tuesday aka Glitch 25 days ago
I go to Disney+ all the time, but that’s for one reason and one reason only. The Simpsons.
GroudonFanatic 25 days ago
HBO Max is the best it has South Park, and DC movies. That’s, that’s a winner for me.
@TheReal Doge Also Shazam and the first Wonder Woman weren’t half bad at all. Shazam was good. Wonder Woman was like a 7.5/8 out of 10.
@TheReal Doge The Animated ones lol. Also the Dark Knight Trilogy is very good.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge Day ago
@GroudonFanatic what other dc movies are there
GroudonFanatic 2 days ago
@TheReal Doge I’m not talking about the Live action ones.
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
lmao dc movies might as well have nothing
Dan Check
Dan Check 26 days ago
Imagineering is so underrated. Such a great show 👌
bong bing bing bong
Ah yes my favorite lovecraftian god: netfulu+
Skiing Iphone Bro
Skiing Iphone Bro 27 days ago
Disney plus comment did not age well, wandavision is great
FlippyBlips 27 days ago
I really hope I Think You Should Leave gets another season, that show is fucking great
YXYY XXX 28 days ago
Hulu has live sports
HexCodeFF 28 days ago
You can get a browser extension called Netflix party to watch together. It isn't perfect but it is something.
surmello.16 28 days ago
surmello.16 28 days ago
i havent been on prime in a while but i think it has the best keyboard its qwerty instead of abcde
SuperDerrick128 29 days ago
Who the fuck is young Sheldon anyway?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge Day ago
@SuperDerrick128 so basically It's 1989 and 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper has skipped four grades to start high school along with his less-intellectual older brother. As he struggles to be understood by his family, classmates and neighbours, his mother arms him with the best tool she can come up with: reminding bullies his dad is the football coach and his brother is on the team. His twin sister doesn't share his exceptional mind, but she has a much clearer vision of what life has in store for the young genius. Jim Parsons, who plays the adult version of Sheldon on "The Big Bang Theory," narrates.
SuperDerrick128 2 days ago
@TheReal Doge Who the fuck is Sheldon anyway?
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
sheldon but he is basically young
Mllwベッカ 29 days ago
I only have Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ but I have another improvement for the latter two. On Netflix I can turn on subtitles for my account and it won’t go on to everyone else’s, but on the others I have to manually turn on subtitles every time I watch something after someone else and they have to manually turn them off. It’s not the worst thing but it does get annoying
RAH Talks
RAH Talks 29 days ago
but also youtube red used to have cobra kai so that's a plus
Steven V
Steven V 29 days ago
You're definitely wrong about the office . People definitely will seek it out
TheReal Doge
TheReal Doge 2 days ago
only die hard fans
Jack Cahill
Jack Cahill Month ago
US-first Red sounds like a porn website
Svndwich Month ago
The grand tour brings Amazon video up. if you don’t think so watch it
Leim Moss
Leim Moss Month ago
Hulu is for tv Netflix is for movies
bæss Network
bæss Network Month ago
idk about all of entertainment but disney owns 27% of the film industry
frauleinfunf Month ago
0:55 speak for yourself, the main reason we haven’t canceled our cable subscription yet is bc my grandparents live with us and we’d have to teach them how to use a roku stick
Amy Hunter
Amy Hunter Month ago
Has anyone noticed that eddy showed a video of Disney + when talking about HBO Max
Jesse Thiessen
Jesse Thiessen Month ago
I don't Want giant previews of suggested shows to pop up when i start netflix like ehy do i need a giant Big Mouths preview
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