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Welcome to nat's life lmao.
Jacobs Channel - us-first.info/player/video/hZaKnZxjYHiflnE.html
For business-
P.O box : 1030 N Mountain Ave #160 Ontario CA, 91762
Follow meeeeeeeeee :
Instagram- @Nathalyycuevas
Tik Tok- @Nathalyycuevas
Snapchat- @Nathalyyy.xx
Twitter- @Nathalyyy_xx
Age- 17
Birthday- August 29, 2003
Camera I use- Cannon G7x mark ii
Editing software- Final Cut Pro X
Thanks for watching ily 💓

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Apr 27, 2021




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Matthew Harris
Matthew Harris 5 hours ago
That’s a good way on putting in your binder
Gabrielle Paopao
Gabrielle Paopao 22 hours ago
damn she had a family full of supporting system for her independent self❤️🥺u a BLESSING girl💖
Natalie Rondal
I am beyond happy for nat! (my family calls me that too) I wish everyone had the opportunity that she had. It’s truly a blessing and I hope myself and everyone else becomes successful.
You got my DREAM CAR OMG
Ariel and Casey's Adventures
How do you get abs if you don't even workout I'm jelous lmao, spill the secret... 😂
Sunila Maliqi
What was the car called 😍😍😍?
alex cantera
alex cantera 2 days ago
What do you do Starbucks because I would like to try it?😊
aa.jimenez._ 2 days ago
What kind of car is it??
miya Lani
miya Lani 2 days ago
She is accomplishing so many things at such a young age and it's so inspirational 🥰💞
Tajae Smith
Tajae Smith 3 days ago
I'm SOOO proud of you congrats!!
Lilibaby kiya
Lilibaby kiya 4 days ago
What that exact car name
stephanie campos
stephanie campos 4 days ago
Curious what type of car is that i love it!!
Jocelyn 4 days ago
What Apple Watch is that
Giselle Ezcorza
Giselle Ezcorza 6 days ago
wait so she lives alone?
Eileen Madrid
Eileen Madrid 6 days ago
Oh my god I just found your channel and have been binge watching. I do the cash envelope system too!! That’s so crazy that I randomly found your content and love it and you do it tooooo. I feel like no one knows about it or talks about it other than the budgeting community. Anywhooo loving loving loving the content! 💞💞
Anette Liset Renel
yo she grew so fast wow
Julie Plourde
Julie Plourde 7 days ago
aaah i'm so proud of you b!
Bt Jenny
Bt Jenny 7 days ago
Waittt whats the car that you bought nat ????
The hell i care?
The hell i care? 7 days ago
This is my first time watching her vlogs and girlllllll. Idk why this is not boring at all!. I just love how she spend and buy anything like it's not expensive 😭💖💖💖
Lendis Bonilla
Lendis Bonilla 7 days ago
bro jacob is everything
Dina Naser
Dina Naser 8 days ago
😂😂 when he mimicked you
Hitoshi Shinso
Hitoshi Shinso 8 days ago
Dude nat has so many friends
Mirna Petrus
Mirna Petrus 8 days ago
what’s the car called?!!!! i’m literally trying to find it
Alize Khamkeomany
what kind of car is this?
Levi Thompson
Levi Thompson 8 days ago
My mom just got this same exact car.
Yadira Arnold
Yadira Arnold 8 days ago
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Angela Rodriguez
Angela Rodriguez 8 days ago
What the care name I lwky want one ??
Nevaeh Falley
Nevaeh Falley 8 days ago
am i the only person here that notice her seatbelt on
Anvia Tejada
Anvia Tejada 8 days ago
colby brock is my husband
Unkown 23
Unkown 23 9 days ago
Last time in the backseat😏
kynnedi 9 days ago
Idk about yall but nat inspired me to buy a Chevy Malibu. Nat already has had 2 cars and an apartment at 17. GO NAT 🤗🤪 I gonna miss the Malibu. There is so many memories in the Malibu and the Malibu was so cute. This is absolutely amazing 🥲
Maria Pedro Francisco
What’s the black truck 🛻 name I have been looking for a truck and I liked the one that’s in ur vid
Islandgirl_Lexus 9 days ago
Hey nathaly I love your US-first videos you are one of my favorite youtubers I hope you have an amazing day and keep doing you and don't let anyone kill your vibe or bring you down ❤❤
Suri Jimenez
Suri Jimenez 9 days ago
I love ur blogs you and Jacob are The Cutests couple 🥺🥰🥰
Odaliss Beauty
Odaliss Beauty 9 days ago
I love that car I hope in two years I will save enough to buy mine ❤️❤️❤️
Daniella Alpha
Daniella Alpha 9 days ago
I actually got my first Tesla recently. A year ago i could barely fend for my kids. Then i met a trade analyst, Mr Irwin David whose trading methods and strategies changed my life. Today, i own a Tesla.
Aaron Morgan
Aaron Morgan 9 days ago
Irwin David has saved many lives. Me in particular, i lost a lot last year and i've recovered almost everything with him.
Lois Hugyl
Lois Hugyl 9 days ago
i trade with Mr David and he's really professional.
Joyce Lewis
Joyce Lewis 9 days ago
Yeah sure. You can contact him on Telegram @irwindave
Lois Roland
Lois Roland 9 days ago
Please share his contact
Joyce Lewis
Joyce Lewis 9 days ago
I trade with him too. Irwin is magical. I earn massively almost every week
shalace leahh
shalace leahh 10 days ago
awww shes thriving, so happy for you nat.
Alondra Cazares
Alondra Cazares 10 days ago
cameros aren’t fast but go off
Jan Ortiz
Jan Ortiz 10 days ago
Tint the front driver and passenger 5%😻
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts 10 days ago
You look so good in the car you just look good
Cyan Carter
Cyan Carter 10 days ago
What type of car is it ?
Hannah Shamsa
Hannah Shamsa 10 days ago
Oh my Dave Ramsey I also have the cash envelopes
Hannah Shamsa
Hannah Shamsa 10 days ago
Can someone tell me the name of the car? With the year.
Jacky Martinez
Jacky Martinez 10 days ago
It’s cool how the first video i watched of nat was the video of when she got her car and now I’m experiencing her getting a new one
Whitney Sosebee
Whitney Sosebee 10 days ago
I had a white 2015 Malibu and I trade mine in for a 2021 Chevy trailblazer that is metallic black and everything blacked out with a sunroof and moon roof and I couldn’t be happier you will love your blazer❤️
Paige Foster
Paige Foster 10 days ago
does anyone know what kind of car she got?
Ebony Street
Ebony Street 10 days ago
where do you get that budgeting book from
Motogamer 250
Motogamer 250 11 days ago
I need more videos
The only mia Lopez
The only mia Lopez 11 days ago
I love your car nat and I am so happy for you
leilani garcia
leilani garcia 11 days ago
Hi guys
Melissa Mercado
Melissa Mercado 11 days ago
Can you share your Spotify playlist
Roman Sanchez
Roman Sanchez 11 days ago
No cap she is so bom at the beggin
diana 11 days ago
i found Nathaly when she was decorating the malibu 😭
Robloxian Rat
Robloxian Rat 11 days ago
Can someone give me her posting schedule ;-;
メーガン 11 days ago
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Elisa Baughman
Elisa Baughman 11 days ago
This is a really nice car. I didn’t catch what it is tho? Can someone tell me what it is?
Samory 11 days ago
Nice lease car 😂😂😂 300$ a month
Lamya Crawford
Lamya Crawford 11 days ago
I didn’t mean to dis like it
Steezyskate Abbey999wrld
I got nats drink omg Fireeeeeee!🔥💞 I love you nat🥺💞
Kim Stubbs
Kim Stubbs 11 days ago
You should do a video on budget planning! That planner is so cute and I would love to see how you budget your funds!
Misty Goode
Misty Goode 11 days ago
how do people buy cars without checking the speaker system
Kyliee Rayne
Kyliee Rayne 11 days ago
no hate at all I literally love y’all so much but why hasn’t Jake been getting his weekly hair cut?
Delanie Alyse
Delanie Alyse 11 days ago
I want a blazer sooooooo bad but my dad passed in dec and he gifted me the car I’ve got now. I can’t get myself to trade it in and I can’t afford 2 different car payments and insurance on 2 cars 😢
mally cat
mally cat 11 days ago
Wow came back after not watching you for awhile and now we both use the enveloping budget system 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Chvarmella 11 days ago
damn i was here on my alt since she was at 200k subs. good job nat. you did it :) more than 500k
LaShaunda Jackson
LaShaunda Jackson 11 days ago
You should do shien hauls ❤️❤️
Joanna Boyer
Joanna Boyer 12 days ago
where are the white sandals frok
Shiliela ludrick
Shiliela ludrick 12 days ago
sitting through your ads Bc I wanna see you succeed even more 😌😌
LinaLiahna Bates
LinaLiahna Bates 12 days ago
I have those white sandles!! I love your vids!! You and Jake are the best couple
LaTisha Anne
LaTisha Anne 12 days ago
yay I finally caught up with all your videos
Vashti Celestial
Vashti Celestial 12 days ago
Where is the planner from?
celxria 12 days ago
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Jersey Wolfer
Jersey Wolfer 12 days ago
So happy how she so grown up and so responsible on what she does and what she spends❤️
Natalie Garcia Moreno
Purrr nat your living your life rn your just such a queen love yalls vids❤️
Daniel Vaides
Daniel Vaides 12 days ago
Dang, Nat coming up 😏
C. 12 days ago
Name of car and year
Abby’s life
Abby’s life 12 days ago
Your new car is FIRE
Jerome Hill
Jerome Hill 12 days ago
lalli ♡
lalli ♡ 12 days ago
you’re making me want to buy a new car 😭😂
Jordyn Roach
Jordyn Roach 12 days ago
She got her malibu on my birthday lol
theyluvtorï 12 days ago
o.gs have remember when nat got her first car now she has a new one broo -😭😣😢!
Ciana Teller
Ciana Teller 12 days ago
Girl I just got the same car!!! I am in love with it!!! Love your videos ❤️
Jocelyn Gonzalez
Jocelyn Gonzalez 12 days ago
Jesus is coming back soon, repent and turn to Jesus before it’s too late. Are you sure your saved? Have you spread the word?
Lucyyy W
Lucyyy W 12 days ago
When me and pazz are wearing the same shirt I-😭
vivi 12 days ago
Alliyah Montoya
Alliyah Montoya 12 days ago
done can i get a shoutout in your next video also are you doing giveaways
yarenily santiago
yarenily santiago 12 days ago
so proud of you
Jordan Gantt
Jordan Gantt 12 days ago
Girl gimme a shout out imma OG
Jshdhej Sksnkd
Jshdhej Sksnkd 12 days ago
Why type of car is that
Ricky’s Channel
Ricky’s Channel 12 days ago
I love it!!!! I’ve been wanting a camaro but it don’t have that much room but I might actually go for a blazer tbh!!
Cousins Vlogs
Cousins Vlogs 12 days ago
No bc yk ur other (old) car is lettiraly the raeson i wqtch u
zion J
zion J 12 days ago
Ima miss that car so much
gigi garciaa
gigi garciaa 12 days ago
im so proud of you 🖤.
isabel 12 days ago
ofc we’re gonna stick around b
Cousins Vlogs
Cousins Vlogs 12 days ago
You and jake are the best yt like fr baddie
Emiret Perez
Emiret Perez 12 days ago
been here since march 2020 and I'm so proud of everything nat has done for herself, ily nat
lammiahmed ahmed
lammiahmed ahmed 12 days ago
She would have just got a Tesla I think the white one would be nice 🥰🥰 love you nat
xalona lol
xalona lol 12 days ago
damn I remember when nat first got her malibu
Ryan Azevedo
Ryan Azevedo 12 days ago
Why not a Tahoe??
Ryan Azevedo
Ryan Azevedo 12 days ago
@User69 Yeah true but they are one of the best suv's
User69 12 days ago
Her family already has one