I Bought a Squatted Truck. You’re Welcome 

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After months of looking for the most squatted/ugly truck on the planet. I’ve finally got my hands on it. Say hello to my little Alabama friend :) #KILLITWITHFIRE

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May 1, 2021




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WhistlinDiesel 5 days ago
REMEMBER. The more you support. the more squatted trucks ill get 😏
FunGame GG
FunGame GG 4 days ago
FunGame GG
FunGame GG 4 days ago
FunGame GG
FunGame GG 4 days ago
FunGame GG
FunGame GG 4 days ago
FunGame GG
FunGame GG 4 days ago
Nightharmony Minute ago
Ohh Nooo ....😂
The_America_guy5 2 minutes ago
I agree with his trade deal
Jeff F
Jeff F 3 minutes ago
I’ve never wanted to see something destroyed so bad
Hunting for life
Hunting for life 8 minutes ago
You'll keep it nice
Hunting for life
Hunting for life 8 minutes ago
You wont destroy the truck
Ryan Shehorn
Ryan Shehorn 9 minutes ago
not a hater but lets see if you can keep this nice because it a really nice truck
Vincent Carlucci
Vincent Carlucci 32 minutes ago
Drive it off a ramp if it's not dead already
Big Tubby
Big Tubby 35 minutes ago
I hate you
Powertizing Advertizing
This truck is in the exact same position as my dog when hes taking a dump in the yard!
GenericMusicCovers 45 minutes ago
Alright, before I watch the video, I hope you destroy this truck.
buzzard warrior
buzzard warrior 45 minutes ago
Its suffering shoot it
Joe Campeau
Joe Campeau 46 minutes ago
The Carolina sqaut is the dumbest thing this 2000 generation can come up with 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮😉😉
Rick N
Rick N 47 minutes ago
Reminds me of your other squatted trucks... 3yds of concrete and 30000 lbs of logs. Maybe WD actually likes this look. 😆
Miracle GM-tuning
Miracle GM-tuning 49 minutes ago
I found this truck on the IFunny app. Hahah it’s the exact same truck and the caption says (drive by a gay bar!) and this same exact truck is parked there
Rick N
Rick N 51 minute ago
Need to detail those seats with the pressure washer😂😂😂
Lift Off U.A.V
Lift Off U.A.V 52 minutes ago
“Trying to have a convo with the lord” ... the lord of shity looking trucks
Joseph Garvey
Joseph Garvey 54 minutes ago
As of May 5, 2021 this truck is still in tact. I saw it in Murfreesboro tn on a trailer lol
Luke Austin
Luke Austin 57 minutes ago
Squatter trucks are gay
Hunter Fanton
Hunter Fanton Hour ago
Put the skid steer in the bed
Destroy 10 squatted trucks for everyone reasonable truck you destroy. Shot I thought dunk trucks were bad till tell started doing this stupid shit
Steven Onoufrienko
You should definitely destroy it :))
Bryan Reney
Bryan Reney Hour ago
I wanna see how high you can jump it lol🤣
Levi Lang
Levi Lang Hour ago
"Its probably cause he was vaping in it" 🤣🤣🤣
The only truck I’d be fine with you destroying.
Nano Sigala
Nano Sigala 2 hours ago
The rims are nice beside that that shit got to go
Lacy Desires
Lacy Desires 2 hours ago
This is white man's equiv of 40 inch waist jeans on a 120lb black dude... This makes me sad to be a country girl. Anyone and I mean anyone that does this shit to their truck should be arrested. Like omfg it pisses me off seeing trucks done like this.
Sparks apotimus
Sparks apotimus 2 hours ago
Really can’t wait until this guy is no longer around, hope it’s on video. Truly worthless.
Robert Davis
Robert Davis 2 hours ago
Funniest vid ever but I still ain’t gon level my truck out
WolfWould 2 hours ago
It's lifted AND lowered. 😁
Backwoods Redneck
Backwoods Redneck 2 hours ago
HAYYYY THIS TRUCK LOOKS LIKE ITS CARRYING A SHIT TON OF WEIGHT A WD I wounder what would happen if u put even MORRRE weight back there ? Can it Haul a BOB Cat with the Fork?
Stewart Starling
Stewart Starling 3 hours ago
Jonathon Erickson
Jonathon Erickson 4 hours ago
This one will be nice
Ethen Rivera
Ethen Rivera 4 hours ago
Bro talks too much
da443-g Almond
da443-g Almond 4 hours ago
I've never seen a truck I'd like to see destroyed more than that squatted truck. The ex-Owner of the truck should have paid you to take it off their hands.
Toms Melderis
Toms Melderis 5 hours ago
Keep it up !!!
Paul Roger Nilsson
Paul Roger Nilsson 5 hours ago
Thats just weird ! Destroying a truck like that . /Paul Roger Nilsson
The Rickest Rick
The Rickest Rick 5 hours ago
There was a lot of Meth involved in the build of that peace of shit lol
Walker Texas Ranger
People get mad when you do what you want with your money???
Morgan Johnson
Morgan Johnson 6 hours ago
Best video yet 😂
Webb Chap
Webb Chap 6 hours ago
Lorenzo Gonzalez
Lorenzo Gonzalez 6 hours ago
The song dope asf what the name of the song ?
Zack Of All Trades
Zack Of All Trades 6 hours ago
Who could actually want and drive that 🥴
Anonymous The unknown
How do I get in touch with you to show you something you must have tried sending it to you on Facebook.
Anonymous The unknown
I sent you a shitter check your Facebook it’s a 240sx mounted on a diesel body
Drake Wilson
Drake Wilson 6 hours ago
Man you should 100% lift the rear to be level with the front with a skidsteer and then back out from under it and just see what happens or like cut the torsion bars and see what happens
Full_ham _compound
Full_ham _compound 6 hours ago
El gordo De Spring Branch
Keegan 7 hours ago
The lack of "daddy's money"..rather the lack of daddy altogether, is obvious in this build.
Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick 7 hours ago
16:51 U gotta swang ya arm man c'mon😂😂
Freakin Xbox
Freakin Xbox 7 hours ago
Even though he blurred out the name sharing the IG post, his IG sticker is on the back window of the truck 😂💡
James Brown
James Brown 7 hours ago
JustPerformance 7 hours ago
OMG I have never seen these trucks. I live in NY that thing would have been rusted out by now.
Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick 7 hours ago
No offense but Cody does look like he fit in with them 04trac/Lildetrickkk/Bignate.25 SC guys😂😂
Dr. Rick
Dr. Rick 7 hours ago
Lezgoo #DopeEmpire #BreadGang all da way💪🏼🍞
nash gautney
nash gautney 7 hours ago
Nevermind the truck.. Whistlin diesel look like a douchebag with that haircut just sayin
Lucus Mousteen
Lucus Mousteen 7 hours ago
Hit it with a wreaking ball and see if it's as tuff as a hilux, lol its not!!!!!
He took the L
He took the L 7 hours ago
This comes from South Carolina. Thank you for destroying that garbage
Texas Rose
Texas Rose 8 hours ago
He doesn’t even have to destroy it it’s already been done
Daniel Brown
Daniel Brown 8 hours ago
Can’t wait to watch you destroy that truck
J Ram
J Ram 8 hours ago
You should fix it and lift the back... just to flip it
Tom Wesley
Tom Wesley 8 hours ago
I thought it had rod knock at first but it's just trash 🤣
Charlie Becker
Charlie Becker 8 hours ago
Poor truck. May we all just take a moment to remember that this is not the trucks fault. The one who did this to it should be the one who is punished.
Hugh Dillon
Hugh Dillon 8 hours ago
Okay that needs to be completely destroyed! 🤣
draven griphith
draven griphith 8 hours ago
drop it in the Iceland volcano
carter salahub
carter salahub 8 hours ago
I am glad he's gonna destroy it
bobby lee
bobby lee 8 hours ago
Fill it full of coke and mentos. Just looks like that kind of truck. I don't know why just a feeling
Hugh Dillon
Hugh Dillon 8 hours ago
You need to try destroying some airless tires.
draven griphith
draven griphith 8 hours ago
wait he did this to the truck deliberately ?????
draven griphith
draven griphith 8 hours ago
kill an H1
Og Gang
Og Gang 8 hours ago
Y’all trippin that shit sounds nice asf but I do agree that it’s ugly as hell
kevin collins
kevin collins 8 hours ago
I cringed when i saw you destroy demo ranchs truck but by all means take this to pasture and put it out of its misery.for america
Carl Enger
Carl Enger 8 hours ago
Can someone please explain why this is even a trend
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 8 hours ago
Hahaha never keep that ugly thing on the road
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 8 hours ago
If that’s a 5.3 I’d love to have it in my truck i have a vsucks In mine that really sucks
pruiett 24
pruiett 24 8 hours ago
'Can you see for me?' Spot me 🤣🤣 I just about lost it 🤣
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 8 hours ago
I agree completely
Dalton Hall
Dalton Hall 9 hours ago
Why just why would ppl do this to trucks ... How in the FUCK do you get oil pressure how 😡😡😡😡
Noahstradamus the_lesser_known
Thanks, that is all...
Rayburn Stockinger
Rayburn Stockinger 9 hours ago
I threw up a little in my mouth.
Jeremy Jacobs
Jeremy Jacobs 9 hours ago
Thank you for roasting those kind of ppl they need to get there ego knocked down a couple notches
Slacin' Ace
Slacin' Ace 9 hours ago
what are those glasses they look sick
Richard Einstein
Richard Einstein 9 hours ago
BBCamCam 9 hours ago
Please destroy this garbage already
shane grigg
shane grigg 9 hours ago
Real man don't squat
Ashton Forman
Ashton Forman 9 hours ago
Only decent thing on that piece of shit is the rims and tires 😂
Jordan Nash
Jordan Nash 9 hours ago
When you can’t decide if you want a lifted truck or a lowrider so it becomes both😂
Ver Monty
Ver Monty 9 hours ago
I gotta say, I started out upset and ended up remembering why I wake up in the afternoon or go to bed in the morning. This is why I fucked up so many redline BMX bikes in the mud and why I drove my first pickup while I was in the bed getting a beer. I invented ghost riding my whip on Lime Kiln road on mushrooms in '89 outside San Marcos, Texas. Will be buying your swag and fucking it up soon. My gal in on it too. Might as well send some to fancy places out west and try to get your merch on teevee shows.
ddorn 9 hours ago
I’ve heard of a fart can exhaust before but this truck actually sounds like it’s shitting itself.
Darth Papi
Darth Papi 9 hours ago
😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 what kind of people do this 😂😂😂😂😂
Kamikaze _3_17
Kamikaze _3_17 9 hours ago
This is one that I don't care if it gets destroyed
Timmy Martin
Timmy Martin 9 hours ago
Please blow it up with hella of tannerite this truck dont need to live. it dont deserve it
Cring 9 hours ago
450Ripper 9 hours ago
Hear me out, so, since everyone hates these trucks, you shouldn't destroy it and that will probably piss even more ppl off. Reverse psychology and shit...
Green Banks
Green Banks 9 hours ago
Orange Squad
Orange Squad 9 hours ago
I just look at that truck and I see everything well I have a solution a 50 BMG
Doc McCrappie
Doc McCrappie 9 hours ago
Lmao. dude. I get it completely. Like Tom Macdonald once said. “I hate hip hop” 😂😂
Rowen Akers
Rowen Akers 10 hours ago
Georgia and Tennessee have more gay trucks than bama
knight yakuto
knight yakuto 10 hours ago
I saw that truck in Myrtle Beach before
Dean Carr
Dean Carr 10 hours ago
Even anarchists agree the govt shouldn't allow these on public roads
hello, i'm stupid..
My 50 Cal Exploded
hello, i'm stupid..