I Bought The Fastest SUV In The World! $750 Sight Unseen! Abandoned For Years! Will It Run? 

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Here's the auction website I use to find good deals like this SUV autoauct.io/ns/fastsuv
Here's my new daily driver and a V12 engine update! us-first.info/player/video/q7hpqmuMepmamp8.html
Here's part 2! us-first.info/player/video/Z9l6o6memZSooGg.html
I bought a former fastest SUV in the world for only $750. It came from an auction and was abandoned for 5 years. In this video, I briefly go over the history of this amazing machine, and then we discover the SUV together. I find some weird stuff inside, we replace a bunch of parts and try to get it started. Enjoy the show!
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
LegitStreetCars 12 days ago
What SUV do you own? Here's the auction website I use to find good deals like this SUV autoauct.io/ns/fastsuv
Automotive Kid
Automotive Kid 13 hours ago
I have a 2003 jeep grand Cherokee Limited for 3 years now but it blow the motor at almost 300k miles it had 286k
snoogans 1984
2015 grand cherokee srt
Jason Ritter
Jason Ritter Day ago
A stone white 98 Grand Cherokee 5.9 Limited that I got for $600. They are AWESOME.
Wot2014 3333
Wot2014 3333 2 days ago
Don’t Have a suv but I want a 2006 Chevy Tahoe
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 2 days ago
2008 Aspen with the 5.7. Freaking love it. My youngest is going to take it to school in the fall.
cameron Butler
I had 98 zj I usally had to prime the gas pedal while cranking sometimes this video makes me miss my 98 zj
Lawrence Ulrich
Lawrence Ulrich 4 hours ago
Why in the world would you dump the crap in bag on the back mat in the car!
yep me
yep me 6 hours ago
Put the gas cap on before starting, also might have a broken cam, where half has compression
sierravmax 7 hours ago
Typhoon wins that title hands down. Not this turd. lol Special engine? The Typhoon has a 4.3 V6 with a different intake and a turbo. Stop doing clickbait dude.
Automotive Kid
Automotive Kid 13 hours ago
I had bought a jeep grand Cherokee Limited for $500 from someone and it did not run so when we got home all we did is put a battery in it and it started right up
MoTo 411
MoTo 411 16 hours ago
says 750 but its 1400 after shipping + 80 starter spark plugs oil filter in so on say 200 new battery so 2k new tires exhaust possibly price going up quick eek
LegitStreetCars 9 hours ago
I'm going to get bumpers too so probably 3kish when I'm done. Not getting rich but having fun
Benjamin Franklin
Benjamin Franklin 16 hours ago
CHECK THE EXHAUST. My mom had one of these and the cat got clogged reallllllly bad. Ended up having to hollow it out.
Dusius Kinshieser
Dusius Kinshieser 16 hours ago
lump o sludge.. u better hope it wasn't 5.9s last oil change.. lol good stuff, im looking for limited in uk rt nw.. 👍👍 havent looked but i bet starter in uk cost 800 not 80 $£😅😅😅
justrtm 16 hours ago
That bag of mud in the trunk had me literally laughing out loud
MrPartyWaffle 18 hours ago
The muddy oil, is likely someone's attempt at keeping a clean environment, maybe forgot to take it to get recycled.
Daniel Garza
Daniel Garza 19 hours ago
Is it possible to get blue balls from a video? Asking for a friend…
16driver16 Day ago
Tell me you were pumping the gas pedal? I'm sure you were.
Kevin Miller
Kevin Miller Day ago
Starter fluid.
Upstate Relics and Escapades
Maybe the wires are not in the right positions in cap....
Ginger VikingJesus
Also, lol "4 years, is really, really old.." Look up Junk Yard Digs.. Kevin & his friends find cars in Iowa & the outer area that have been sitting for at LEAST 10 years & get em runnin again!😁👌🏻
You tell those good ole boys I'm ready for an old car revival showdown!
Ginger VikingJesus
The engines in the Typhoon & Syclone are the same engines found in the Buick Grand National...
Not really
Andrew Lofthouse
Almost Almost
woody 71
woody 71 Day ago
It kept a clean title at least in PA because the air bags didn't go off.
Cupwake1012 RBLX
You can get dodge ram starters for those. They bolt right up to any 5.9 my friend put a 98 ram 5.9 starter in his 5.9 limited and it works and those go for 50 bux.
Name Unavailable
Change the coil and wires
Jason Najm
Jason Najm Day ago
The Lamborghini LM002 started the performance suv thing I think.
Jake Dungan
Jake Dungan Day ago
Wow I worked on one of those didn’t really think nothing of it lol I will say they drive like shit but I’m used to a dropped sport truck
Bear G
Bear G Day ago
Fuel filter clog
Bear G
Bear G Day ago
Where is the other part of that plug...?
Knight20092001 2 days ago
I need to get some gloves on and continues to touch the nasty bag. All for the sake of content.
Danny Zuniga
Danny Zuniga 2 days ago
You should also check the ground on the connection
Wyatt Bell
Wyatt Bell 2 days ago
Mosquito spray is also flammable
Peggy Cornute
Peggy Cornute 2 days ago
Do you sale your cars after you fix them?
Mike Griego
Mike Griego 2 days ago
That ZJ was neglected AF!
IROCMason412PGH 2 days ago
Give it a quarter to half throttle while cranking. The 5.2s and 5.9s are finicky when they sit for a while. I gaureentee it will fire and when it does keep it revved up for a minute.
lol chungus
lol chungus 2 days ago
I know what the stain is Somebody ate Taco Bell and sat in the back
Dan Melia
Dan Melia 2 days ago
26 min video. Doesn't start car.
Ginger C
Ginger C 2 days ago
Loool your a trained US-firstr that make me laugh 😂 I
Dan Melia
Dan Melia 2 days ago
Ok we get it... mush. You should rename the channel legit things I find in cars🙄
Dan Melia
Dan Melia 2 days ago
You spend way too long messing about. Get to the car stuff...
Dennis Straight
Dennis Straight 2 days ago
I love and still drive a 98 5.9 zj
Groo from the UP
Groo from the UP 2 days ago
The 5.9 limited had more power than the truck engine and required premium fuel. it made more than the standard truck 5.9, 255 hp is what I remember, but it might have been 250.
Ed Wilko
Ed Wilko 2 days ago
bag of grass used to soak up engine oil and it never got thrown out once got home when abandoned
Shawn Industries
Shawn Industries 2 days ago
I miss my 5.9 ZJ, well, aside from the gas mileage AND the crappy quadra-trac transfer case! Too bad they didn't just use the 249 select Trac transfer case in them unless someone actually WANTED the crappy quadra-trac for some reason.. Next ZJ is gonna be a straight 6 select Trac with the factory tow package for the 3.73:1 gearing AND the limited slip rear end!!
George sirris
George sirris 2 days ago
Still a bad idea heavy high center of gravity personally I don't like SUVs .
BigggRoss 2 days ago
it fired off the starting fluid >.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 2 days ago
The v8 and v6 magnum had head issues, as well as the early 5.7 hemi's.
Lewis Beshers
Lewis Beshers 2 days ago
Jeep afterbirth...
John Flynn
John Flynn 2 days ago
Brilliant the suspense aghhhh hopefully it starts.
archangel20031 2 days ago
He looks at that filthy scorched up cap and says cap and rotor are good???????? This guy obviously skipped the auto shop in high school.
archangel20031 2 days ago
When it definitely seems like there is a starter issue when you replace the starter unless the battery is damn near New it should be replaced as well, a place of spark plugs and if the wires look old replace those as well, and then all you need is a can of ether start and shoot a small shot down the intake to see if the engine will start running, if it does you know the only issue is fuel.
hidel308 2 days ago
Pull the plugs, and pour some Marvel mystery oil into each cylinder, about a shot glass for each one. Let it sit overnight. The next day, give the engine without plugs one or two turns over to get the Marvel mystery oil to blow out of the spark plug holes. It’s going to make a mess, that can be cleaned up later. It works wonders on old cylinder rings
Johnnie’s Motorized Bicycles
Ur time sounds to advanced. timing*
Law Abiding American Citizen 401
5/2021.. I had one of those awesome Jeeps back in 2014 with only 289k miles and ran absolutely mint. Unfortunately living in Rhode island with all the salt, it ate the jeep alive. Unfortunately I had to sell it cause someone wanted the motor, interior, and the rear sound bar. Best vehicle ever. Do you still have the Jeep after all this passed time.
Alex Mefford
Alex Mefford 3 days ago
I miss my Z88Z so much, mint! Sold it to help out a family I know.
American survival
Yeah anybody who buys our own Chrysler/Dodge products understand they are the most reliable vehicles on the planet I have a 94 Dodge ram with a 365.9 engine gasser with 550,000 miles on it it has a new starter and a new water pump and a new alternator other than that the engines never been touched full compression and it’ll start on the coldest day of winter it’ll cruise 80 miles an hour down the highway and get 18 miles to the gallon on unkillable !
James Sharkey
James Sharkey 3 days ago
So When u went and got a starter u didn’t get Either....hmm school boy !
Lonnie hand
Lonnie hand 3 days ago
It is the firing order it is spiting back where the firing at the wrong time
All Madden21 never sleep40
Need my dealer tags..hmmm
Vic Trou
Vic Trou 3 days ago
Zip ties would show ya how to start that thing proper
I'm literally unsubscribing you can't compare a 5.9 shits Box jeep to the gmc syclone and typhoon that was gaping the fastest Ferrari in 1993
mylesgifford8988 3 days ago
Them old zj grand cherokees are great we had a 98 with the 4.0 things now almost at 200k and my dad bought it from us in 2019
WM12ga 3 days ago
Wrecker driver scooped up the oil soaked ground to prevent pollution.
Heavy hauling Idaho
I owned a 5.9 ZJ, I put a front and rear long arm suspension kit on it, fox 2.0 shocks, 35” maxis tires with bead locks, did a 239 transfer case swap, 8.8 rear end swap and a bunch of goodies. I beat the shit out of it, rock crawled the shit of it. I sold it for $11,000 and kick my self in the ass since
Scott Clayton
Scott Clayton 3 days ago
Seen Vice grip garage do much worse …pretty sure you get it going
Lance Remus
Lance Remus 3 days ago
I’d try retiming distributor with #1 @ tdc like you said… The popping through the exhaust when you were cranking made it sound like it was out of time. Could also be a crank sensor messed up Giving the ECM a bad signal
dassme1 3 days ago
They are known for bad crank sensors . It's a jeep thing . .. also known for bad computer check an scan for codes maybe it has a pending code .. what was that fuse for ??? It was bad for a reason check it out hope you get it running 💯
Cus7ate9 3 days ago
Was probably changing the oil on a dirt road, and just wanted clean up after himself and avoid fines. Believe it or not this happens all the time on truckstops, if they spot you working on your semi, you will get fined, some truckstops allow work to be done on trucks, but you must leave the property the way you found it, so no stains. I've seen a car start gushing oil on an asphalt street, police pulled the guy over... Cost him $15k to clean up the oil he spilled
M Hoffman
M Hoffman 3 days ago
Old grass clippings
Sean Fjdjjx
Sean Fjdjjx 3 days ago
I bought one running and driving with 4"-7" adjustable liftkit for 200
Joseph Bleazard
Joseph Bleazard 3 days ago
I use ngk spark plugs they are the best I've found
Michael 3 days ago
He had an oil spill and used grass clippings and stuff to soak it up and he scooped it up in a bag
Jesse Lackey
Jesse Lackey 3 days ago
Gonna guess, as of sixteen minutes into video, a bad crank sensor, also, shifting issues....
Jake Reyenard
Jake Reyenard 3 days ago
I have owned a Typhoon, #2088 white/grey, 93, you don't want one, trust me
Roy Castro, Jr.
Roy Castro, Jr. 3 days ago
why the Flock would you touch ANYTHING IN THAT CAR, that looks like head wound blood, dried blood crazy you touched it
Sheldon Macdonald
Alberta tar sand ?
NerdGenius 3 days ago
How was it the fastest suv at the time when the typhoon obliterated it. I’ve seen a stock typhoon run a mid 13 second quarter 22 years after it’s release.
Gimme Head
Gimme Head 3 days ago
That spark plug was missing the ground electrode!
PB Jealousy
PB Jealousy 3 days ago
Love the channel!!! Keep it up
Jeremy Kastrup
Jeremy Kastrup 3 days ago
Firing order !
Medi Awkwardy
Medi Awkwardy 3 days ago
Trans am type k Wdym gmc was the first
Mark Plenty
Mark Plenty 3 days ago
I love your enthusiasm and persistence for the older cars!
Drac22 3 days ago
Looks like someone cleaned out a shop vac.
Notably Nova
Notably Nova 3 days ago
I turned 16 in 1998 and the vehicle I was screaming for was a brand new Grand Cherokee Limited in black with tan leather and the 5.9 Magnum. Instead dad bought me a K car wagon lol Saddest video from cash for clunkers was watching a guy kill my exact Jeep with 80k miles 😥
Zachary McCullough
The first 15 seconds . Those made me laugh because the original muscle cars where made by taking the biggest engine out of a manufacturers truck and stuffing it into a car ..... So now the cars are giving them back . Lol
Bill Shirk
Bill Shirk 3 days ago
My kind of video can't wait to see next one.
Ersan Akyurekli
Ersan Akyurekli 3 days ago
Really nice efforts bro. Congrats...
Tom_K 3 days ago
I knew I left my bag of oily mud somewhere 🤔
cecil Green
cecil Green 3 days ago
Probably something hillbilly drained his motor oil on the ground didn't have an oil pan to drain it into scooped it up and throw it inside.
Lag City
Lag City 3 days ago
Not the fastest SUV. The Durango is faster.
jack 3 days ago
It's a runner
Bent Frame Brewing
Check the security system..... it will prevent the jeep from starting
mitchell 4 days ago
i bought one of these in 2018 not knowing any of this and thrashed the piss outta it, kinda sad i did that now
xenith0351 4 days ago
Alcohol based deodorant makes a good starting fluid
Cody Fulghum
Cody Fulghum 4 days ago
That's a 1000 dollar car running and driving where I'm from lmao bought one that needed alternator and battery for 311..... scrap price.
Steve Randall
Steve Randall 4 days ago
Check the distributer cap to see if the leads are attached in the correct firing order.
Chad Alexander
Chad Alexander 4 days ago
i had one and didn't know what i had drove from Clearwater Fl to Dallas TX in 12 hours
RandomActivities 4 days ago
That has a cap and rotor?!!? That's old-school! I'm impressed!
RandomActivities 4 days ago
Those are the cheapest plugs. Copper?
RandomActivities 4 days ago
Exploring the Jeep, huh. IDK if they set any records, but the Saleen Explorer was really cool!
RandomActivities 4 days ago
I thought of the Typhoon as the first performance SUV. I saw one back in the day. It was pretty sweet!
Scott Campbell
Scott Campbell 4 days ago
The fastest and safest SUV, Tesla Model X, 700 Or 1000 horsepower