I Bought the Fastest Harley Davidson Ever Made 

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here is another video of an awesome bike that i had
I made the worlds fastest pocket rocket


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Apr 30, 2021




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David Kelm
David Kelm 11 hours ago
Kool history piece
no colon still rollin
"Something's going on in there.. that's how that works." Got it.
Bhargav Dino YT
I am Indian Indians all like here
Todd Keeny
Todd Keeny Day ago
Ray Vreeland Pattened connecting rods for drag Harleys
Razza Four
Razza Four 2 days ago
sound issues ? or just my end
Jay Minasi
Jay Minasi 3 days ago
nice flat front tire with a single disk
Max M
Max M 3 days ago
Hi my name is destroyer, call me Troy for short is your daughter home?
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson 3 days ago
That 600.00 katana is it still for sale
Rneu631 3 days ago
Two days after watching this video I found one of these bikes on my local FB marketplace.
Zoetic FNM
Zoetic FNM 3 days ago
Flat front tire lol
Parkers Garage
Parkers Garage 3 days ago
Hey, there's one of these for sale not far from me. If you want I can talk to the guy for you. He's asking 10k but will take less. It also runs and is rideable as well. If you want lmk and we can figure something out. He said he has a guy coming to look at it tomorrow but we all know that saying. EVERYBODY SAYS IT LOL.
kclaptraffic 3 days ago
Fastest harley is like the tallest pygmy.
TheRetiredPlayr 4 days ago
I know where one of those are!
TennRides 5 days ago
Sure, it's a beautiful bike, but to me, having a bike I can't ride every day would be like having a beautiful wife I can't, umm, well you know what I'm saying. Hahaha.
willythewave 5 days ago
So the moral of the story is you bought a useless motorcycle for $13,000 that`s out of date and needs rebuilt, they no longer make parts for that you don`t have a license to ride on the strip that`s not legal on the street. Alrighty then.
Everything_Restoration_ reviews
Can we get a video on the PIRANHA - ZR 140 PIT BIKE Basically a 1999 z50 Honda clone with a 140cc engine with upgrades new for 1600$ I really want to see you review it
Jrdragster 5362
Jrdragster 5362 5 days ago
I thought it was common knowledge that there were no shocks and that that was an air tank. It's so weird to hear people talk about drag bikes who don't drag race.
Kentucky Redneck
Kentucky Redneck 5 days ago
It's a Harley with a flat
donni jacob
donni jacob 5 days ago
Ariaunna Hoover
Ariaunna Hoover 5 days ago
It's safe but the name is destroyer.
elete.worldwide //
you can have 5 adds and im still watching the video
Christoffer Lunoe
You can get a Blower-kit / Super Charger for it produced in Denmark, check Kleemann Racing 👌🏻
Gary Shinn
Gary Shinn 6 days ago
You can get a license pretty easy, make a few test passes at the track, get a license. Not a big deal.
Josh Amidon
Josh Amidon 6 days ago
That things bad Ass. Never even heard of it.
Sandhill 6 days ago
Awesome, saw the title and thought "HD, fast", oxymoron. But that is indeed a sweet ride. Probably not up to snuff on the canyons in the dark and looks to be a pain to park, but like a blown suicide door Continental, it is a conversation piece :)
MyLilPWNR 6 days ago
Ever consider reviewing electric gyroscopic balanced unicycles?
Scott Williams
Scott Williams 6 days ago
I just saw 1 just loke this pop up for sale here today in my hometown of Batavia N.Y
veiledallegory 6 days ago
You could buy that bike that has 165 hp or another manufacturer that has more hp but is 200 lbs lighter.
Freelunch10 6 days ago
I’ll also add, the guys at Fitzgerald Motorsports in OH are making a version of this exhaust and are servicing these unicorns today!!
Freelunch10 6 days ago
Awesome timing, Just scheduled my 25k maintenance for my VROD Muscle. The destroyer is an impressive machine. I love the VROD pedigree, muscle is my favorite as looks go.
A HILL 6 days ago
Need to buy a bagger. Can u help? Want an older evo ultra or street glide. Looked on website having trouble. Thanks
Duke Of Twist
Duke Of Twist 6 days ago
Just buy a Kwaka H2 = 9's
Jaybird 8411 Houston Rep
What was the price brand new
scootrust 6 days ago
7:39 i see paul mc cartney
donnie baker
donnie baker 6 days ago
Sean this is a production class motorcycle as why they are allowed to run in the pro stock class ...Don t listen to your wrench as he just doesnt know ..take in to Vance and Hines how are the ones who are responsible for the tuning as they were in partnership with Harley and the parts are plentiful ..as everything you have been told is wrong ...
Luz Murillo
Luz Murillo 7 days ago
Watching your videos from Tacoma, Washington state
Jacob Mouery
Jacob Mouery 7 days ago
You guys should do a honda monkey
bobtiley 7 days ago
Changing valve springs is not a big job and aftermarket springs are available from plenty of cam companies. You just need the seat and open pressures of the stock springs and they can be ordered.
Jason S
Jason S 7 days ago
Any reputable engine shop that deals with big name valvetrain manufacturers can get the heads squared away. 7+ months my ass. No law saying you have to use HD components, especially when the big guys can make you something better.
shane phelan
shane phelan 7 days ago
And still cannot beat a fast stock Japanese bike...... Junk
Eric Nay
Eric Nay 7 days ago
There’s another one for sale on cycle trader in Sioux Falls South Dakota for $15,935
dominique zurita
dominique zurita 7 days ago
Awesome videos. Could you do a video of how you have the bikes strapped with a full trailer load. Thnx may the force be with you
GILLYBIKES 7 days ago
Pointless bike. It’s a “NO” from me. Sorry
Christopher Baldwin
I knew that bike looked familiar. Walked pass it tons of times at Brian's. Never thought anything of it. But soon as I saw it on you channel, I had a feeling where it came from.
Dm Details
Dm Details 7 days ago
Looks incredibly expensive
Dr. GravyBalls
Dr. GravyBalls 7 days ago
Dude, WHAT?! It’s amazing what people say to get attention and money. Seriously, call Don Dorfman at HDStreetPerformance, he’s been doing this for 40+ years, he taught, and continues to teach me.
Dr. GravyBalls
Dr. GravyBalls 7 days ago
I have a 2019 Naturally aspirated FXLR with +175hp, gotta get it dynoed, but the cam designer and Don Dorfman said it’s gonna put out at least that much. I’m building it and I’ll hopefully be done next week. I’m recording the build. It’s a street/strip build, so street-legal...maybe.
Ramocoli Playz
Ramocoli Playz 7 days ago
Hey bikes and beards, just wanted to let you know if you didn't know already that the channel Mr.Beast Reacts reacted to your video of the world's largest motorcycle at their video which is names "Worlds Biggest Lighter" at 1:10. I feel really happy for you that you have made it so far and create the best content for us that one of the best youtuber gets to positively react to your video. Hopefully, you see this comment and get the opportunity to go check out how he reacted to your clip!
Freydson Ventura
Freydson Ventura 7 days ago
John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only one and begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life." Give your life to Christ and be saved we don't know when He is coming back but it's soon and we have to be ready for His return. I love u all to tell yall this. Get right with God or get left behind
Bob Kinney
Bob Kinney 7 days ago
Man......damned shame about the engine!!!!
DonziGT230 7 days ago
Compressed valve springs are generally not an issue, and unless you know for sure that it wasn't started the whole time it was parked you don't even know if they sat compressed.
my55manx 7 days ago
You should have these guys check out the motor for you. www.fitzgeraldmotorsports.com/shop. They specialize in Vrods.
Jimbo8v92 8 days ago
Damn talk about a small world i saw this and was like man i remember pushing one of these around the shop when i worked at brians in high school (06-08) and then you said it came from brians hd you totally blew my mind lol. You were talking about brians in langhorne pa right?
X11 garage
X11 garage 8 days ago
Hi hoping you can help I'm looking for a auto clutch for my wife's yamaha fazer 1000 she has developed problems with her left hand and can't pull the clutch. I watched your video of the bike with the auto clutch and thought great she can still ride her bike but Rekluse don't list her bike Would it be possible that you would have clutches you could match up with the yamaha so I can get one for the wife There's no one here in the UK that stocks the clutches thanks big Mike
Uh, is anyone else's sound going up and down when watching
MrBatesPokeSmot209 4 hours ago
@Ada.mp4 no, I had a weird setting on my ear buds lol I figured it out. Thanks for your help though i appreciate you 🙏
Ada.mp4 Day ago
@MrBatesPokeSmot209 maybe you spilled something on your device cause the volume buttons to be stuck
@Ada.mp4 hmm, I wonder what was causing it. 🤔
Ada.mp4 Day ago
Lucas Ardagna
Lucas Ardagna 8 days ago
Hey would you be interested in some kind of trade for my mt07? Im in MA
Chris Brewbaker
Chris Brewbaker 8 days ago
I saw that bike at Appalacian the other day. Couldn’t believe it was there. Now I understand...
Ivan Dotjpeg
Ivan Dotjpeg 8 days ago
Trenton Staley
Trenton Staley 8 days ago
You need to get an h2
Waynel Sexton
Waynel Sexton 8 days ago
163hp is rediculous
TheMagicElk 8 days ago
Have you guys every thought about getting bearded dragons? It just seems like it fits your guys name
stuff and Dominick
What about a victory
Shawn Beck
Shawn Beck 8 days ago
The XR1200 is the best bike Harley ever made. VRod is second fiddle. My touring bike and my adventure bike make 165hp. That VRod is the best they have made? LOLZ
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 8 days ago
I just got an xr1200
Tony Wagoner
Tony Wagoner 8 days ago
I was at the Barber museum in Birmingham AL one day when they cranked one up, I sounded like a pro stock car in the museum. Impressed!,
Chev_man _13
Chev_man _13 8 days ago
It is like the dodge Demon of the motorcycle world
Jackson Scott
Jackson Scott 8 days ago
A real man rides a women’s bike
Michael caplinger
Throw some springs in it and rip it. If it blows up send it to a machine shop for a rebuild like any other race engine. If all else fails youre back to it being a trophy
art ibarra
art ibarra 8 days ago
Bro you need a good mix your audio is ass volume dips up and down
Derek Chauvin Is a Hero
All that money and hype .... my m109r has 135-140 hp and it’s barely modified 😂😂😂 Harley is such a joke
Derek Chauvin Is a Hero
My m109r will smoke almost any reasonably hopped up v rod , with just pipes a tune and intakes.... those things are so over hyped, I’ve spanked a bunch of them ! That’s why my tag says “I eat Harleys” ! 🤣😂🤣
Norman Parthiban
Norman Parthiban 8 days ago
Vmax 1700 is a good spot to start for 9s
BIKERDUDES 8 days ago
Audio was driving me crazy in this video. COMPRESS lol
RIch Gallegos
RIch Gallegos 8 days ago
Your story about your first fast bike reminds me of mine on a brand spanking new '87 Honda Hurricane 600 that belonged to the mechanic I took my car to as a kid. I was admiring the bike and he said, "You know how to ride?" I said I did, failing to mention that the biggest, fastest bike I'd ever ridden at that point was my uncles '70's something 250XR. Mechanic says, "Here, take it out and open it up." Yeah, he did, I kid you not. That was 30 plus years ago, the place was called "Master Tune" in Gallup, NM. I can still see the bike in my mind... yes, those first fast rides stick with you! I'd like to say I took it out and ripped up 66 on it (Highway 66 runs through Gallup), but I'd be lying. I got out on the road, slipped it into second and gently twisted the throttle and had my teeth pulled to the back of my throat. I idled the bike in second back to his shop and thanked him. He laughed and said, "Yeah, I'm scared of it too!"
Felix Beltran
Felix Beltran 8 days ago
Make more vids
Jack Andersson
Jack Andersson 8 days ago
Im 15 and i drive 8 seconds
Adam Ball Southend Guy Paranormal
The Destroyer is a bit OTT for a ditch pump.
Joey Hartnett
Joey Hartnett 8 days ago
i used to see those every time i went to brian’s pretty cool to see them on a channel i watch, i was wondering where they went last time i was there
Davioo Aarhus
Davioo Aarhus 8 days ago
The soundmixing is totally out of wack on this vid. Sean's volume fluctuates constantly...
TechnoZombie 8 days ago
Time to fire the sound guy.
Andrew 8 days ago
Not fast by today’s standards 🤣
Adam Wheeler
Adam Wheeler 8 days ago
What about the stock turbo kawasaki from 30 or so years ago would it be that destroyer
Bikes and Beards
Bikes and Beards 8 days ago
I’m not sure, I doubt it.
Charles Jones
Charles Jones 8 days ago
Andy Sjostrom
Andy Sjostrom 8 days ago
the sad part of your video is like all Harley's The Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive will take it off the line in the first 10 feet every time. (unless you forget to start the Burgman.) hahahaha!
Chris Adams
Chris Adams 8 days ago
Still less than vmax
nicholas lulgjuraj
BMW s1000rr will take you to the 9 sec
GrinDiesel1969 8 days ago
WE NEED TO SEE THIS BIKE GO DOWN THE TRACK!! Don't throw in the towel yet, Just find the parts you need. I bet you can find some new old stock Valve spring for this Bike and if for some reason you can't, get the original specs and tolerances for the springs and have them made. Some places to start calling, Harley Davidson Screaming Eagle, S&S, store.schnitzracing.com, www.denniskirk.com, www.ferrea.com...
T M 8 days ago
Why don’t you call that Harley dealer he said specializes in them
Christian Foster
Christian Foster 8 days ago
I just saw you on Mr Beast Reacts!
PhrozenPhlanges 9 days ago
If you get separated from the bike, the bike is fucked.
PhrozenPhlanges 9 days ago
And it's still a POS
Rocco R
Rocco R 9 days ago
Id through some head lights blinkers and brake lights then hit the street.
Aquatic Mullet
Aquatic Mullet 9 days ago
Harleys are good for boat anchors
George F
George F 9 days ago
My cousin legal name is Blade
Rc/Lego HD
Rc/Lego HD 9 days ago
Ha I've got one!
Robert G
Robert G 9 days ago
Throw some new valve springs in it and ride it. Valve springs can easily be made to your specs these days, so it shouldn't be that difficult to get some made if they don't already have some in stock. It's worthless if you cannot ride it IMO. I bet you could find someone to inspect it so you could license it too...
eric heine
eric heine 9 days ago
Not that cool
Chuck.U.Farley 9 days ago
Harleys are a funny thing.. It is an achievement to get 120hp from a 1000cc engine which weighs almost as much as a car engine, then it costs you more than a new truck to buy one
SupaHot DJ
SupaHot DJ 9 days ago
it’s a destroyer at my school “MMI” in Orlando “
Blake Tundra
Blake Tundra 9 days ago
They made a fast bike?
Shwetaankit25 9 days ago
Did somebody noticed that he has a flat on his front tire
Views 201K
Views 201K
I adopted a cat.