I Bought a SMASHED Mclaren 720s ( IS IT FIXABLE ) - Episode 1 

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Welcome back to the channel! In today's video I buy probably the cheapest McLaren 720s ! we go pick it up , hang out with samcrac and slowly start taking apart the Mclaren ! Enjoy!
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Nov 1, 2020




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looking at buying one today www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/mclaren/listing/3080495051?bof=tn58nydX tell me what you think?
UAthunder 16 days ago
What ever happened to the mustang build???
NATI VLOG Month ago
how much was it
Richard Fife
Richard Fife Month ago
Nice..how much did you pay for it?
loveRain75 Month ago
so how much is that 720S?
Mr. Gray
Mr. Gray Month ago
Nardo gray is an excellent choice !!!!!!!
Roger Smith
Roger Smith Month ago
Nardo Grey is a popular color but will date the time as opposed to white. But if your going to flip it, it doesn't matter.
Long Tạ Gaming
.... á đù
Da Vee Day!
Da Vee Day! Month ago
labor+ parts don't see how ya can come out ahead and a tainted title?
Matthew Bell
Matthew Bell Month ago
Top drawer production here well done lads, subscribed 👍😉
Vince Granado Jr
Keep the same color.....it”ll keep its value in my opinion
Minovsky Particles
Rewatching the build series because vtuned!
Na ni
Na ni Month ago
Wandering and waiting for ur video driving the repair mclaren
Jacky Fung
Jacky Fung 2 months ago
Hi guys which app can find those cars thanks
Jasper Kyle I. Cacho
Plot twist the owner is dead from the fatal crash
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 2 months ago
No sir I talked to him
Tha Vannaputh
Tha Vannaputh 2 months ago
How much it cost for this mclaren720s at the shop ?? I really want to know ...
Khut Thuon
Khut Thuon 2 months ago
OFF CH 2 months ago
ᄋᄋ 2 months ago
슈퍼카 사냥꾼들
Mr marshall 07
Mr marshall 07 2 months ago
U gays are not good at editing videos. There is tooooo much music
Michael Blankenstein
Just a beginner painter question: After the clear dries, do you polish the paint to remove orange peel? Do you sand between coats of base?
AinkShikiツ 2 months ago
Hai guys a'im from Indonesian 👍👍🇮🇩
Dimitrios Fragkoulis
I am absulotelly certain this is the accident of your Mclaren us-first.info/player/video/n61uno1qgGKslXk.html
Huynh Phan
Huynh Phan 2 months ago
Nói nhiều vậy
mush roem
mush roem 2 months ago
504 Owner Official
504 Owner Official 2 months ago
can i have some support on my channel thank you all and welcome
patricia clarke
patricia clarke 2 months ago
Love it
patricia clarke
patricia clarke 2 months ago
Klauder Klauder
Klauder Klauder 2 months ago
Que mal exemplo ele tá dando em não usar EPIs.
B그램 2 months ago
Site name please bro!!
Mr Laahiro
Mr Laahiro 2 months ago
watching from sri lanka. Sir please help me to get some subscribers please 😘😘
yongyuth meemuang
yongyuth meemuang 2 months ago
Very good ❤️
Sofia Hagani
Sofia Hagani 2 months ago
I saw one get repaired in South Miami
Sofia Hagani
Sofia Hagani 2 months ago
I think that engines for that are available
PSmaster 2 months ago
Hallo, möchtest du den verkaufen? was würde der Mclaren 720s kosten?
Henry Nguyen
Henry Nguyen 3 months ago
Con cu
Fin AI
Fin AI 3 months ago
Americans casually driving for 10hrs to collect cars🤯😞
Old Is Gold
Old Is Gold 3 months ago
Big fan from india my buddy ❤️❤️
Seankidd 3 months ago
Was the driver ok?
Devil The Tm✔️
Devil The Tm✔️ 3 months ago
us-first.info/more/rXM_aZG2kFf1xWeO8nPE3g ,
Sahil Saini
Sahil Saini 3 months ago
How much
C-Martz 3 months ago
Awesome project but wow no safety. Gotta wear some gloves and eye protection kid.
Tino 3 months ago
How much you paid for it
oneoone 3 months ago
Work on being more natural when talking. You make it boring
Audi RS4 800BHP
Audi RS4 800BHP 3 months ago
tc kroder
tc kroder 3 months ago
I love this car
Unpopular Politics-Reacts-&-Tutorials
Where did you learn to rebuild cars
Stu Flyboy Reay
Stu Flyboy Reay 3 months ago
Whoever crashed that car needs a bloody good slap 👋🏻 ❤️ McLaren
Tony Gill
Tony Gill 3 months ago
Passenger side area? You mean driver Bud!
Theta On the rise
Theta On the rise 3 months ago
Lord all those ads but good pickup
Frank Neto
Frank Neto 3 months ago
how much did he pay for the broken mclaren ?
Have the Goonzquad brothers seen this yet.
harvy gabriel
harvy gabriel 3 months ago
lol you talk shit all the time.. why you hust go fixed it.. you talk so much than you do.. haha
Dan 3 months ago
Definitely change the colour.. 😊👍
Dan 3 months ago
Was thinking maybe midnight blue might be nice.. 😉
FniGuy300 Gee
FniGuy300 Gee 3 months ago
Bro. Watched the gtr and 720. My uncle has a shop and you guys really show the appreciation of the craft! Keep fixing things
Joe Licha
Joe Licha 4 months ago
yo what did that cost you? all said and done what do you think you will have in it ? if you don't mind saying my email is james_licha#yahoo.com thanks
David Capetillo
David Capetillo 4 months ago
Im new to this channel I’m just wondering what the website for the cars that you win
TYRONE robert
TYRONE robert 4 months ago
Well done vtune you did it like a champ the smile on your face said it all chuffed for you 😁😁
don griffin
don griffin 4 months ago
What was the $ number ?
G O 4 months ago
18:39 man get safety glasses on.
Valerio Di Vincenzo
Valerio Di Vincenzo 4 months ago
This is fixable,but will never be the same
Chicharito Nguyễn
Chicharito Nguyễn 4 months ago
nhin phê vkl , xứ bạn ô tô đã rẻ mấy chiecs mà bị tai nạn chắc nosbasn còn rẻ mạt nữa , chả bù xứ tôi , con kia morning ghẻ cũng 400 mấy triệu nhìn như kaxxxx
Jack Swegel
Jack Swegel 4 months ago
no ppe on the shop floor, for anything you do, that should be number one priority, if can't removed the hazards make use of ppe
John Gray
John Gray 4 months ago
Is it fixable did you ask yourself that b4 you purchased it of course it's fixable and strippable too duh 😕 lol nice car tho
billy watkins
billy watkins 4 months ago
People buy cars like that and don't have a clue how to drive it. End up on the way to a hospital and the car gets junked. What a shame.
Scott bob
Scott bob 4 months ago
Samcrac is one of the worst US-firstrs going
R 2H
R 2H 4 months ago
Craigs Cars
Craigs Cars 4 months ago
Who would dislike this video? This is going to be badass!
Zayd Awan
Zayd Awan 4 months ago
How are you doing this?
Mike K
Mike K 4 months ago
I'd have a hundred screws left over😂😂
DaftFader 4 months ago
I was watching him take off that window seal, thinking "he's gonna cut his finger" .. next clip, blue plaster on finger. xD
Cookie Master
Cookie Master 4 months ago
fabulous i aproove 85% of the fixing of this car, you will say why 85%? you are not wearing EPP to fix your car and glass as other elements could get yourself injured for manipulating it as well as the powertools , but besides that you guys are fine.
E B 4 months ago
Next episode pls thanks
Werner Danler
Werner Danler 4 months ago
OMG! A powered paint scraper? Now I've seen it all. Lol
Ahmed Jassem
Ahmed Jassem 4 months ago
Of u have money to do thar
Rex Speed
Rex Speed 4 months ago
I was excited to see this build you're one of the more enjoyable channels but what caught me is funny is vacuum the broken glass so that you didn't cut yourself but you remove the remainder of the class with tools knives and whatnot without wearing gloves for eye protection and I noticed by the end of the episode you had what I call mechanics bandage masking tape wrapped around I'm sure your index finger that was cut by glass I think sometimes it's easy to forget you have some young impressionable want to be mechanics and you're setting a bad example by not using proper safety equipment
PinkMuffin 4 months ago
I dont know anything about cars and fixing so what ever you explain i wont understand it either way but i guess if you talk less you will have more subs and views. I liked your vids tho.
Michael Gladney
Michael Gladney 5 months ago
How much u paid
Aidan McNeilly
Aidan McNeilly 5 months ago
what’s the intro
Mario R. Provencher
Mario R. Provencher 5 months ago
Yes, my friend it is repairable 🙋‍♂️👍👏👏👏👇
Filip Stoica
Filip Stoica 5 months ago
How much did you pay for it?
NeonDragonEX 5 months ago
wonder who the hell wrecked that beauty
Łukasz Kowalski
Łukasz Kowalski 5 months ago
18:45 where is The protection glasses
Duduzinho 021 YT
Duduzinho 021 YT 5 months ago
if you can put subtitles in Portuguese it will be very good for me
Duduzinho 021 YT
Duduzinho 021 YT 5 months ago
if you can put subtitles in Portuguese it will be very good for me
Duduzinho 021 YT
Duduzinho 021 YT 5 months ago
Nice Bro
Akber Zaidi
Akber Zaidi 5 months ago
Great efforts!! From Pakistan 🇵🇰
dean weber
dean weber 5 months ago
God Bless you and Yours, Keep up the Motivation and Great Work you Do and Learn to Accomplish All Your Goals in Life !!!
Titan X
Titan X 5 months ago
loving that ducky one two mini keyboard 😋
Titan X
Titan X 5 months ago
@vTuned garage hahaha xD sure!!
vTuned garage
vTuned garage 5 months ago
Let’s run some duo’s?
BeFOre -AfTTer
BeFOre -AfTTer 5 months ago
George l france
Shawn Ramirez
Shawn Ramirez 5 months ago
Love Vtuned's enthusiasm.
Justin Freeman
Justin Freeman 5 months ago
What do you do with all the cars you built
robert elliot
robert elliot 5 months ago
I cant watch these lunatics
robert elliot
robert elliot 5 months ago
6.23 the blind leading the blind
hussain azhar
hussain azhar 5 months ago
did he tell the price of this mclaren?
Bipul Ray
Bipul Ray 5 months ago
Hello my friend give me 1car
Redytto 5 months ago
In my contry (Brazil) this smashed McLaren will cost 1 million ... thats sad.....
Сергій Одарчук
Я просто в захваті
Maxime Wong
Maxime Wong 5 months ago
Which you good 👍 luck it looks great 👍 👌
We broke up.
Views 2.9M
We broke up.
Views 2.9M