I bought a 1950 Unit Dragline!! 

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Its not often you see on of these machines come for sale so when I saw it I bought it. I Think its pretty darn cool myself.
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Apr 17, 2021




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Burnman83 5 hours ago
Really nice new project. Watching you losening the bolts I'd say it's about time to allow yourself one of these 3/4" >1000Nm battery driven impact drivers from Makita or any other brand that offers them. Nice to work with, haven't found a bolt yet, that my Makita DTW1002Z wasn't able to open.... or rip off =D
John Williams
John Williams 8 hours ago
You now have enough stuff to put on the back of the truck.
Reaper Restorations
i have the industrial gasket kit for this motor just chillin in the shop. bought it off an old guy
Building Our Paradise
Digging a pond on my 10 acres here in Florida to use the fill for build up. Would make great content for use with this. LOL.
Kira DeLong
Kira DeLong 2 days ago
Man get your self a big ole brushless impact if you don’t have one already it made my life easier.
Headframe Hunters
You know, watching you take that boom apart is giving me flashbacks to disassembling a couple hundred yards of conveyor in northern New Mexico last year. That was a fun job...
glenn moreland
glenn moreland 3 days ago
Jason Braybrook
Jason Braybrook 4 days ago
drag line corby east carton park uk about 40 ton
Brent Barnhart
Brent Barnhart 4 days ago
Save 2 minutes of your life, skip to, Why do US-first producers think people want to sit through these long introductions. If you had no choice, like on tv and couldn't fast forward... well, then you would have no choice. Makes me curious how many people do sit through. I watch some of this young man's "stuff," I think he's interesting. But geesh, let's get to the topic at hand.
Jerry Glascock
Jerry Glascock 5 days ago
Man I at least would have tried to grease and oil 2 Chainz and anything I could have done to make it will be easier just saying
Two Acres and a Mule
Heard an old man talk about running one of these when I was younger.
rusty dog
rusty dog 6 days ago
I guess US-first wants me here
Ironworker FXR
Ironworker FXR 7 days ago
best go through all the gearboxes ,drain out water, change the oil which is a 500 weight made to work with bronze gears . I do have a manual that explains the clutch set up . also be careful and inspect the drum band brakes, the band can rust away . us-first.info/player/video/rpKZhIaGiKarrJ8.html nice save
George Gundersen
George Gundersen 7 days ago
Salvaged a 353 Detroit out of a unit dragline
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 7 days ago
Wanna sell? Where are you?
Ben's Happiness Network
I love your content! Thank you! My grandpa was a dragline operator in that era in Alberta so this was fascinating and nostalgic. I remember as a kid jumping in the cab and checking out his dragline before he retired.
Marcelle Baudry
Marcelle Baudry 7 days ago
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c v 8 days ago
the cläptönn wörDchippäir in my just kliffedge´s yör äh my uh knivv
Arizona Ranger
Arizona Ranger 9 days ago
This new intro music wouldn’t be out of place in a cover of copperhead road lol
Bailey Volkert
Bailey Volkert 9 days ago
some compressed air and PB blaster would have gone a long way lol.
Blaney Crabbe
Blaney Crabbe 9 days ago
Talk about bad luck, you can't catch a break !
Mike Nixon
Mike Nixon 9 days ago
I know where there is one of these for parts. Swing is locked up on the one i know about.
Crazy Sami
Crazy Sami 10 days ago
U bought a giant traveling tilt a whirl lol
Willy Wong
Willy Wong 10 days ago
I wud rather a mid range long boom excavator..
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 10 days ago
If I was going to work this thing every single day then yes of course that’s what I would have gotten, this is more of a for fun piece rather than a real tool that I will be using very often, although these can still outwork some smaller long reach excavators if they are fixed up correctly and have a good operator, not saying that I am a good one though 😂
Patrick 10 days ago
Man! That compressor struggled to feed air to that impact!
Blaney Crabbe
Blaney Crabbe 10 days ago
Why don't you grease the wheels and tracks ? Just wondering.
Blaney Crabbe
Blaney Crabbe 10 days ago
I just gotta say, whatever you paid for it was TOO MUCH. If you know Anything about crains, the bent girder and broken strut compromise the integrity of the boom. So you just bought it for fun, O.K. It does make a good video.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 10 days ago
I’m gonna fix the boom
rixtrix11 10 days ago
What's it going to take to tighten the slack out of the tracks so they don't bind up and break something else? Always an adventure at Diesel Creek!
FL Jack
FL Jack 10 days ago
God All Almighty .... thought I was going to die laughing when the House swung around on ya. Been watching you for a long while now and thoroughly enjoy you and your content. I'm an old hand from OEU Miami FL.... working power plant construction, etc. Loved rigging the biggest over-the -road cranes. Cut my teeth 1970 as an Oiler on a BE 88B... had a great Operator that allowed me time in the seat.... a BY God good experience. Keep up the excellent work.
Richard Yoder
Richard Yoder 10 days ago
My gosh, this video hit all my high points! Resurrecting old iron, history from an old timer, and hauling heavy equipment. You knocked it out of the park in this one my friend!
Kevin Isaac
Kevin Isaac 10 days ago
Great video Matt 👍
DaffyDuc69 10 days ago
Surprised you didn't dump a quart of oil all of the chain and the idler wheels.. They look pretty damn dry
The Man from Epsilon Crucis
He should have given you that pile of junk for free. After the low boy cost, then any future rebuild/repairs it is going to cost a lot. You probably should get Andrew Camarata from NY State and Marty T from New Zealand to help you. You are going to need it.
Chriss Taylor
Chriss Taylor 11 days ago
Shaun Mccaughan
Shaun Mccaughan 11 days ago
You sir, ARE A BASTARD MAN!!! Ever since I picked up on the Vacation "She's a Beaut Clark" reference, all I can hear running through my head is that bloody 'holiday road' song. No man should be forced to hear that over and over and it's all your fault.
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 11 days ago
That song is awful lol
Calamity Jack
Calamity Jack 11 days ago
Thanks for being upfront about the costs. Not many do that, they stay coy about it for some reason. But it helps those of use who might be also thinking of picking up some old heavy equipment that needs some TLC about how much we might be in for. (However, I know costs are very variable. Still helps to get an example.) New viewer and new subscriber! 👍
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 11 days ago
Awesome to glad to have you!
Nightrider RV
Nightrider RV 11 days ago
Love it the old iron is the best and last the longest
Larry Dunlop
Larry Dunlop 11 days ago
The old girl runs pretty good. Those flathead Chryslers were actually a good engine. Unit used alot of Chryslers both L6 and V8s for their gas engines.The Unit cranes and shovels were unique how they used the enclosed gear box design for all the cranes functions. The other manufacturers used open shafts/gears which flew oil and grease all inside the house. Good luck and thanks for another great video!
Ulf Tillberg
Ulf Tillberg 11 days ago
Clearly, I have chosen the wrong profession, how can I be in the computer business when you can work with steel, air tools, sledgehammers and diesel engines?
CaseyJones 11 days ago
Glad you told the price. I see old machines from time to time but don’t ever try and buy them since I don’t know what they’re worth. And will cost a lot to get them working. At least it was running and operating somewhat.
Jared Prestwich
Jared Prestwich 11 days ago
O sorry all of you videos
Jared Prestwich
Jared Prestwich 11 days ago
What is the name of your song at the beginning of all of your song because I really like it
Jared Prestwich
Jared Prestwich 11 days ago
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 11 days ago
Prestige Pawn by the Semi Supervillains
Jared Prestwich
Jared Prestwich 11 days ago
Frans van den Berge
Where is the boom?
Frans van den Berge
@Diesel Creek thank you. These machines are rare as hens teeths. Why did you not lubricate the chains?
Diesel Creek
Diesel Creek 11 days ago
It was still sitting on my trailer at the end of the video.
Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
We have..we got...who is this WE???
Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
Thing is a uink of crap! Why would you buy it? And for how much like 500?
Sir Dr. Michael Mills, Phd. Esq.
How many of you guys were like Wow i hope that chain sucks him in and chews him up?
Boot 185
Boot 185 12 days ago
I think you got a good deal on that. People dont see the value in the history of some items and this was a big part of history to get mining to the level it is now
Dave Smith
Dave Smith 12 days ago
First thing to do... cover those spinning wheels in the cab, one slip with your arm or hand, very bad things will happen..
Drew T
Drew T 12 days ago
some fine looking moss growing under that thing...
Richard Overholt
Richard Overholt 12 days ago
Touched my heart, I was born in West Allis Wisconsin back in 1948. Lived about six blocks from the Unit Crane factory. Watched many a machine being built and spent a lot of time watching the parts made at the forge factory on Becher St. Good luck with your restoration project. Richard O
Kerry Evans
Kerry Evans 12 days ago
I'm sure that in the future. You could use that dragline. That old thing needs a shot are two of grease here and there.
Missabefinn 12 days ago
I love the Autocar and your grader, but the Unit dragline is by far your best purchase, IMHO. I can't wait to see you giving it the TLC it needs! Have you verified that it's a 1950 or is it a 50's-era machine? Keep up the good work on your great channel!
Gary Kenny
Gary Kenny 12 days ago
Don Cataline
Don Cataline 12 days ago
Hi My name is Don and when I saw the picture of that old Unit, it brought back many old-old memory’s from 1949 when I ran a 1948 Unit Back Hoe digging basements, sewer and water lines for new homes in N.E. Ohio ( Youngstown Hubbard area). Sure brought back old memory’s. I am now past 90 year old. Where are you located ? Dscataline @gmail.com
Wm Napier
Wm Napier 12 days ago
Should have oiled and greased all them gears, links and bearings...........
wayne p
wayne p 12 days ago
would driving new 1/2" rod in every track joint cure some of the slack ..
Neil gelinas
Neil gelinas 12 days ago
Love the drive to save the machines that built this Great Nation!
M5000 12 days ago
What an absolute unit. Pun intended. I was going to say "what is he going to do with a damn dragline" but then like, well, I'd probably buy it if I had your amount of space too.
John Lyngen
John Lyngen 12 days ago
You are a master of machinery !!!
paulb4uk 12 days ago
Great save of a rare bit of history .
Rob Hartshorn
Rob Hartshorn 12 days ago
Great channel, you and I could be brothers from a different mother. Lol. Just wondering why your not tailgating the rock, in one part of a previous channel you did great backing up dumping the rock. Maybe you tried and the rock kept plugging up the gate, just wondered. I look forward to seeing your videos.
Its_sweet16_ The random
There’s a name for when an engine is starting. I think it’s idling?
Bradford Galbraith
Bradford Galbraith 12 days ago
why does everyone put an adjustable wrench on backwards. the stronger jaw is the fixed one. you don't pull against the movable jaw. Shop class 1o1, get yelled at if you used it incorrectly.
Andreas Weimer
Andreas Weimer 12 days ago
Engine sound is great. What kind of engine is it?
Slingingslasher 69
Slingingslasher 69 13 days ago
today i was driving a small duty fmc bolens tractor and had a back blade on and in the middle of the road the bar that attaches it to the back just snapped. had to drag it off the road
Steve Callaway
Steve Callaway 13 days ago
I got a 1960 byCyrus or the claw bucket I don't have the dragline bucket anybody interested let me know it's for sale still runs
J B 13 days ago
I saw your torque wrench and it made me think of the torque test channel, they used that wrench as the base line, you might check them out. There are a lot of torque wrenches that easily produce more power than that one.
oh damn its that guy
Wife: What the heck is thing .Well uhm Honey.....it's your anniversary gift, I was going to bring you out after I read up on it some more then teach you to operate it. :) oh and Honey....yes Matt? I Love You sooooo much. :)
Mck Idyl
Mck Idyl 13 days ago
On a night when there's no new video from Diesel Creek, or Watch Wes Work, or Cold War Motors, or Aging Wheels, or Mighty Car Mods, or Jay Leno's Garage, or Project Farm, then it's time to go out in the garage and clean up the mess there.
Walter Grundman
Walter Grundman 13 days ago
Work it! Cool find
patrick b
patrick b 13 days ago
I hope you filmed the reaction from your wife when you told her you bought that
Larry Iowa/Texas Rooster
👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🙏🏻 Enjoyed!
Joe Kasson
Joe Kasson 13 days ago
Hope you can get it going,lots of elbo grease
richard barker
richard barker 13 days ago
MyOwnThoughts 13 days ago
Your always doing these videos by yourself... I would love to help you work on these old machines... and possibly do some camera work... I have a CDL and worked on stuff like this all my life... but some how I cannot make any money... where it looks like your doing pretty good... do you need some help
Soup Of Possibilities
I hope you were wearing some ear protection when driving that thing. Also, wondering why no lube on the tracks/idlers?
Jon Beels
Jon Beels 13 days ago
There's a guy called Jonathan w on US-first he's rescued a old unit crane check him out
Austin Shackles
Austin Shackles 13 days ago
Can't help wondering why you didn't put extra boards on the outside of the trailer, looks like it's equipped for that. Would've made it less critical keeping it straight while loading
TheAdamField 13 days ago
This is an ultimate money pit. This is literally scrap metal. You can spend thousands of dollars on it but it won’t be good and reliable ever. Unless you replace every lines and hoses and re-greas every gears and nuts. But I don’t think it would happen ever. You are full with unfinished projects. But it is entertaining to whatch. Especially the trucker reaction when you start stalling on the ramp and later snapping the chain.
jordanch68 13 days ago
jonathanw has Unit 614 he's working on his channel.
Old man on the hill
Great videos ,Glad I found you . Only question I have how , long do you soak you close after work on a project? I use to soak my in bucket for a day or Two . with wash powders.
H3N2 13 days ago
Did you ever think that you might be a packrat?
Military Veteran
Military Veteran 13 days ago
Military Veteran
Military Veteran 13 days ago
WHY ?.Scrap Iron ¿??
Fix Car Channel
Fix Car Channel 13 days ago
Nice sharing thanks My friend 😍
Rainer Neemsalu
Rainer Neemsalu 14 days ago
Pleasure to watch, thanks!
Karel Marx
Karel Marx 14 days ago
Good work. You should use ears protecting stuff.
Cliff Collins
Cliff Collins 14 days ago
Mat I have watched you for a long time and you still don't know how to use an adjustable spanner. for crying out loud mate there is only one direction a spanner should be used, unless you want to stretch or wreck it. see if you can figure it out
donald hinchman
donald hinchman 14 days ago
I ran one of these cranes in the early 80's but it was a rubber tire unit worked like a champ.
Melodee Keays
Melodee Keays 14 days ago
Are you divorced yet?
chris lucas
chris lucas 14 days ago
A couple of drums of diesel poured over those drive chains a week before you move it would of helped , a lot of work for a pile of scrap metal but fun to watch.
Jimmy Chanbers
Jimmy Chanbers 14 days ago
17:39. Boomhower
Jimmy Chanbers
Jimmy Chanbers 14 days ago
Looks muddy as hell
Tow Man
Tow Man 14 days ago
Look up JONATHAN W on US-first he just rescued one out of the woods. Just like this one. Thanks Nashville, Tennessee
Art Szabo
Art Szabo 14 days ago
And my respect for you just grows and grows. I always look forward to your next video, I feel like I am visiting a close friend. Art
Brandon Morris
Brandon Morris 14 days ago
No dont oil anything... itll be fine... lube is optional
John Douma
John Douma 14 days ago
Should have moved the stinking trailer
Jesse Merriam
Jesse Merriam 14 days ago
Good save man love old iron
Ronnie Thode
Ronnie Thode 14 days ago
Time to buy some stock in oil and greaser up and Let it soak in🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂
Charles Franks
Charles Franks 14 days ago
That seems like a fair price but it will take a lot to get it running good. Good luck.
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