I Badly Bent a Bunch of Barrels... with Donut 

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from incompetech.com.
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Mar 28, 2021




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DemolitionRanch 27 days ago
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Building Master
Save the bloody trees
Hendrian Julio
Hendrian Julio 3 days ago
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FangCodes 9 days ago
They actually sold these the germans made them first the most extreme barrels only survived 1200 bullets and the more gradual survived 2300
EMS_NightCreature 14 days ago
If you like simplystupid why don't you just give away all your guns lol? They are an anti-hun company.
Zuphox 20 days ago
@Carlos Rago Pobeus
Not You
Not You 5 hours ago
Gun enthusiasts? Nope! You're plumbers.
Denis Ermolaev
Denis Ermolaev 5 hours ago
Bro, what about the handlebars for motorcycles from two bent barrels, here's the topic, if someone sells, then take me to the company with a percentage of sales, and a percentage of the company, I won't ask much, consider this an offer. If you find the idea interesting, please support me
Michael Hatfield
Michael Hatfield 19 hours ago
Here I am looking for an AR15 I can afford and they have so many they can destroy them, lol. Going to have to sell my Uzi Pistol. Have the worst feeling Bidens assault weapons ban will get passed. ATF is attacking Braces, 80% Lowers and home built firearms. So sick of our rights being attacked because ignorant sheep think it will somehow magically make them safer. It is all just a power trip to make logical, freedom loving Americans conform and join the sheep
Nostalgie Games NG
Nostalgie Games NG 21 hour ago
I'm from ZEBRA #RussiansLikeDemolitionRanch !
VIPER410 Day ago
Craptube is turning into crapbook overreacting to the smallest thing and then they bitch about it throwing a fit like a little kid demonetizing the video. Pretty cool video. What if you do a triangular bend?
[REDACTED] Day ago
En el siguiente video debes doblar el cañón de un .50 bmg.
Иоганн Бабах
Can you test bended shotgun barrel?
Денис Белый
How many protective glasses do you need not to break through the phone?
Виктор Нестеров
Нужно на автомат поставить и обойму выпустить
Wel deR
Wel deR Day ago
hello from ukraine. turn
Juliya Peters
what happens if you fire an incendiary cartridge
The _Rock
The _Rock Day ago
Перевод зебры топ
Building Master
What the hell that was a good 100 sheets of paper (SAVE THE TREES!!!!!!!!)
Скрыто Day ago
Просто поддерживаю Мэтта на русском языке))
isaac Cantrell
isaac Cantrell 2 days ago
10:24 pov: your the girlfriend
Lincolnshire Bloke
You need to do a .50 barrel in a loop see how a black tip handles
Vladimir Lem
Vladimir Lem 2 days ago
Can you try the C-shaped barrel
Masked Strummer
Masked Strummer 2 days ago
Next try Wacky shotgun barrels or sniper barrels
J Zee
J Zee 2 days ago
Donut sucks and is the picture perfect cop example for a prick who thinks he's doing good but actually everything depends on if you piss him off, not if you actually broke the law
Michael Howard
Michael Howard 2 days ago
Yes, please stop shooting shaving cream. A clean gun is a happy gun!
SiZzy 3 days ago
No cold open???
pbbbht 3 days ago
Unsubscribed because of the Thin Blue Line shirt. Sorry, Matt.. It's been a good run watching you the last 5 or so years, but this is where we part ways. Don't @ me, US-firstrs.. I don't want to hear your tired arguments. I'm just flat out not gonna read 'em.
Gamer From Space
Gamer From Space 3 days ago
I love it how I watched lock pick lawyer showing me how to get past simply safe for £2 just before this video 😂😂😂
Michael Thornton
Michael Thornton 3 days ago
with the snake barrel i saw a tiny hole in the barrel
The Kentucky Rifleman
Y'all playing too much TABG
Hudson Donnell
Hudson Donnell 3 days ago
Bent brains!
Richard Zook
Richard Zook 3 days ago
I love how mat keeps touching those bullets.....even tho he's burnt his fingers how many times.
Clxmpup Cell
Clxmpup Cell 3 days ago
These guys are onto something
Insanegame27 3 days ago
Could you have a smoothbore barrel until the final unbent stretch and have aggressive rifling to make up for the loss of rifled barrel?
Supra Man
Supra Man 3 days ago
Matt is like the other day we did a video on a bent barrel me looks that was 9 months ago
First name Last name
simpli scam
Michael Corleone
Michael Corleone 4 days ago
Wait how did i end up here?
A.J. Strickland
A.J. Strickland 4 days ago
You should make the barrel clear and get a slow motion camera on it
Googan Squad
Googan Squad 5 days ago
Make a shirt with a red line please
Jambillybob132 5 days ago
You own an armory basically I think this makes your house a fortress
arian meeuwissen
arian meeuwissen 5 days ago
50. with a bent barrel when?
Alex Dobbs 1861
Alex Dobbs 1861 5 days ago
The ATF is about to make laws against these guns it has a 16 inch barrel and has a total length of 14 inches
Owen 5 days ago
All right so today I would like to thank our sponsor… skips 10 seconds
Dr. Jones
Dr. Jones 5 days ago
Who makes handguards for those?? 😂
mango pie
mango pie 5 days ago
Buckshot? Pfft, why not just shatter the bullet?
Sean Foltz
Sean Foltz 5 days ago
Try the loop de loop but do a cleaner, smoother bend to see if you can prevent the bullet from shattering
forteandblues 5 days ago
I liked donut until Jan 6 when I saw him laughing and joking AND making money off of donations from people saying things like “our time has come” and he was happy about it.
Cameron stain
Cameron stain 6 days ago
I'm happy to see matt hasn't died after inhalling all that glass dust a few months back... yet
Francium Wave
Francium Wave 7 days ago
I do not know why I made laugh when he said, Absolutely we are safe 😁
ItZSaetro 7 days ago
What type of rifle is that?
Zen Guru
Zen Guru 7 days ago
f u matt. it was always my dream to make armor tech and implement gun designs.. and harness a whole army.. if i thiink of u taking my dreams.. now im getting pissed
Guns Hindi
Guns Hindi 7 days ago
Love your experiments, but the barrel you said can be used as a grip , won't it heat up n burn shooters hand?
Carson Lowrie
Carson Lowrie 7 days ago
You know ammo is scarce when Matt is using Tulammo.
Sarah Dennis
Sarah Dennis 8 days ago
"I got simplySafe because I wanted to protect my house" bro. Even if an intruder gets one of your guns you still have the other 68 to work with.
Brandon Nihher boi johnson
Black rifle coffee is cringe af
Rainbow Tapeworm
Rainbow Tapeworm 8 days ago
Curved barrels where tested by the Germans in ww2 but now I got to see how effective they were
Drew Hansen
Drew Hansen 8 days ago
what about curving a blackpowder barrel? like for shooting lead balls
Levi Woodruff
Levi Woodruff 8 days ago
Catch a bullet challenge with these barrels.
David Middlekauff
Donut got them investigative skills lol
Jamie Connell
Jamie Connell 8 days ago
it cant be just me who thinks Donut is an odd dude
random as fuck
random as fuck 8 days ago
Demo Ranch:Bends gun barrel into a loop. Demo Ranch:Says its safe. Also Demo Ranch:Turns face away from gun when he cocks it
Richie L.
Richie L. 8 days ago
Oh nice demonetization Ranch did a new vid
T 8 days ago
Why waste paper tho? Don’t get me wrong, love the content, just think there were prolly something else you could have used.
Carl Craft
Carl Craft 8 days ago
6:40 it smashed apart, dang dude that was pulverized
Carl Craft
Carl Craft 8 days ago
4:43 I thought you put the safety on
Xris 9 days ago
We had the humlaouf for a reason
Evgen Krupchenko
Evgen Krupchenko 9 days ago
Wow, that's 5:55 TulAmmo - made in Russia. How it gets to the USA i wonder.
BlackPrint27 9 days ago
I love how you can gage the ages in this comment section. Ppl born In 80s or older reference RoboCop. And ppl who were born in mid/late 90s or younger reference Harry Potter 😂
dr-nerd 9 days ago
In theory, a really long, really gently curved loop the loop barrel could actually work!
Stephen Li
Stephen Li 9 days ago
RGN_rain00tree 9 days ago
He’s hacking he shot me from behind the tree🤣🤣
Colby Geisler
Colby Geisler 9 days ago
My dad got simply safe for our house and another great part about it is it’s compatible with other safety things like our blink cameras and doorbell
Grey Wolf
Grey Wolf 10 days ago
Demo Ranch Barrel 3000! LMAO!!! Working man's CORNERSHOT!
Jeff Haines
Jeff Haines 10 days ago
can u recommend a site where to get me some .38 special rounds? or maybe send me some im sooo tired of lookin gotta new taurus ultralite im so tired of lookin around
Ray H
Ray H 10 days ago
Will he ever learn that bullets are hot?
Mathe macits
Mathe macits 10 days ago
Lmfaoooooo "when you're in the woods and come behind a tree with the barrel woods 3000"
Bessie Dixon
Bessie Dixon 10 days ago
The lewd piano disappointingly obtain because jail functionally charge opposite a black title. spooky, parsimonious mother
raouldukejj 10 days ago
Patent pending probably belongs to the nazis though. They actually had a device like that for going around corners
Long Island Shooter
Innovating the science of ballistics and rifle technology. Never before, 35" barrel velocities in a standard length rifle!
Matthew Colatriano
Matthew Colatriano 10 days ago
Both of y'all are crazy ass hell but kool ass hell 😎😎😎👌👌👌
AlikKra 10 days ago
Bob Fg
Bob Fg 11 days ago
Where's the link to that video with a rifle that had its barrel bent in a U shape?
Karl Bjerke
Karl Bjerke 11 days ago
Re-inventing the Krummlauf. Yet Again. But I enjoyed it immensely! LOL
semi otto
semi otto 11 days ago
As crazy as this was it actually turned out to be informative. Good Job Demo, I never thought I'd say this but this one actually contained some science.
wow dude hi
wow dude hi 11 days ago
There os only rule, dont tell mare!
Bob Fg
Bob Fg 11 days ago
9:11 I definitely wouldn't put my hand there. Too risky.
Bob Fg
Bob Fg 11 days ago
I think the Germans in WW2 developed rifles with bent barrels to shoot around corners.
Alexander Bailey
Alexander Bailey 11 days ago
6 foot double loop barrel next!!!👌😂😂
HAMOD A 11 days ago
JesusSaidFlex mlbb
JesusSaidFlex mlbb 11 days ago
There's no intro fuck
Isaiah Hurst
Isaiah Hurst 11 days ago
My gun slightly bent SLIGHTLY so it’s possible it’ll still shoot?😳
kingkonut 11 days ago
i dont give a shit about your burglar alarm m8
Jabberwockybird 11 days ago
7:03 Donut does the mustache twitch
Joe Nuthin
Joe Nuthin 11 days ago
How do I preorder the last one? Built in vert grip should save me money on accessories
Tarumarugan 11 days ago
What type of dr Seuss guns 😂.
Steven Stevenson
Steven Stevenson 11 days ago
this man is about as afraid of the atf as superman is afraid of spiders
Are you glad you got another Boxer?
algh pert
algh pert 12 days ago
Matt did you realize that the paper exploded in a spiral pattern when it was shot with the spiral barrel
Randy Rhyne
Randy Rhyne 12 days ago
I have never bent a barrel, but I have melted a few, M60 can get “gaucho” hot. They give you an asbestos glove to change it. Also the tankers had a .45 cal submachine gun that had a barrel attachment for clearing around the turret. It was called a grease gun.
TylerBeRippin 12 days ago
Love every doughnut op colabs
Siroofs Alot
Siroofs Alot 12 days ago
The military really need to hire this guy
Kaymen Lewis-Johnson
Do a 20" somewhat practical looped barrel similar to the last one that makes the overall rifle profile similar to a bullpup, and do a performance test against one of your F1 firearms performance AR rifles
Matthew Gage
Matthew Gage 12 days ago
These gun videos are starting to get boring. Sorry Matt