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I came so close to winning! I had so much fun and cannot thank @Cleetus McFarland enough for everything. We will be back!!
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Apr 5, 2021




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Chris W
Chris W Hour ago
Cleetus sent me FREEDOM!
Jennifer Miller
Bart Smith
Bart Smith 2 days ago
Hailey your great! We love you in Va.
Sam Mccoy
Sam Mccoy 3 days ago
I raced on a 3/8 dirt oval late 90s to early 2000s and had a blast. Hope to see you out at the FF for all the events from here on out. Keep up the great content.
iDoit4LoLz 3 days ago
WD tryna take her out.
The Grimest
The Grimest 4 days ago
Any videos with you in a bikini by chance? Absolutely beautiful!
Chrisara xo
Chrisara xo 4 days ago
Hi Hailie, I just found your YT channel, this is the 1st video I watched. I liked the video and subscribed πŸ˜€ Then went to your merch site, added 2 t-shirts to cart, but as I was paying, a popup appeared, stating that you don't ship to Canada. 😭😭😭
Chrisara xo
Chrisara xo 4 days ago
Zacksan00 4 days ago
Im now a huge fan of team Deegan..what a cool chick!
alex33211 4 days ago
Zacksan00 4 days ago
Digging your energy and happiness.
Robert Hirshfield
Hey where can I buy your apparel
428 Eliminator
428 Eliminator 5 days ago
This was awesome, best of luck to you in all of your racing endeavors Hailie!!!
Brandon clem
Brandon clem 5 days ago
Great video too bad you didn't win
Cobras Kenpo
Cobras Kenpo 5 days ago
Wow, you are an awesome driver.
tony66au 5 days ago
Man I just Subscribed! How did I miss this channel? You did so darned well considering and it was a blast watching. Thank YOU!
fghfg 6 days ago
This was the Cars movie I never knew i needed. kachow
chance simpson
chance simpson 6 days ago
Just found you from heavy d. I watch nitro circus too. Fun stuff huh?
Felipe The foam thing
What the hell is that Camry doing in the race?
michael keady
michael keady 6 days ago
Fun video! Crown Vics have a collision switch that disables the fuel pump after an impact. Maybe why your car wouldn't run?
MaximusKilgrimm 6 days ago
Listen. I LOVE you’re theme music. Did you make it or is it from a song?
Mudd Puppy
Mudd Puppy 6 days ago
Hailie is so damn gorgeous 😭
Evan Moore
Evan Moore 7 days ago
Cleetus doing a burnout under caution in front of you guys had me dying. 🀣 He can’t resist doing a burnout.
Rand Baldwin
Rand Baldwin 7 days ago
I almost won it too.
Donald Fuller
Donald Fuller 7 days ago
Are there laws against racing limos? lol
TheYammerHammer 7 days ago
Almost huh? Mmmm hmmmm nice story mother goose!!
MinPros 7 days ago
Good attitude Deegan, gained a fan for sure.
Timothy Dillon
Timothy Dillon 8 days ago
Go figure. 2 old wite guys that have endurance raced would finish at the front. Dont go too fast to crash and if you go to slow you get punted
Smarternu 8 days ago
Nice job. Hey woke wussies, here is a person who lets her conduct, not her Gender, do the "talking."
nate smith
nate smith 8 days ago
Your cute :) lol.
Eddie junior
Eddie junior 8 days ago
Have a collab with blackwidow supra
Rick James Channell
If you ain't first, you're last!
CobraMike 13bravo
Great job little lady, that was awesome.
Everyday Showday
Everyday Showday 9 days ago
I call it now. The FREEDOM SERIES !!! Y'all make this happen!
Johnathan L
Johnathan L 10 days ago
so cool seeing miller hang out with hailie
Dirtyhands express
Dirtyhands express 10 days ago
You had a blast I had a blast watch you guys and gal have fun
Boomer Markus
Boomer Markus 10 days ago
GearsOfGlory 10 days ago
been watching your dad since the beginning of the militia and you and so much like him wowwww!
cubonenineO 10 days ago
*did travis pastrana really just say the "HOONIGAN GUYS" hooked it up*?????????
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson 10 days ago
Whistlindiesel you my boy!!!
Joseph McDade
Joseph McDade 10 days ago
Love the energy form Hailie and all the Boys. Freedom Factory AKA Laugh Factory. Good times
Jon Westfall
Jon Westfall 10 days ago
17:17 As I’m eating a Waffle House waffle. No joke πŸ˜‚
Geoffrey Cartmill
Geoffrey Cartmill 10 days ago
I loved this! ❀
gullreefclub 10 days ago
There racing limos is that even legal?????? Of course it is this is the Freedom Factory where the only rule is keep your car off the beautiful St Augustine grass. PS Sucks you got wrecked out of the race because you drove a great race up until you got taken out.
J BannermanVlogs
J BannermanVlogs 10 days ago
Gardeners' Farmacy
Gardeners' Farmacy 10 days ago
Oooh! 2 waffle house waffles. Challenge accepted!!!
Tegan Struble
Tegan Struble 10 days ago
WD was there just wrecking stuff as usual πŸ˜‚
Jonesing Around
Jonesing Around 11 days ago
After the wreck, you should have hopped out and ran around the track yelling "I'm on fire! Help me Oprah! "
Jeff Calidrone
Jeff Calidrone 11 days ago
Awesome vid my little dog is max payne I love Rambo hahahaha
Jeff Calidrone
Jeff Calidrone 11 days ago
He said you can use it like 20times
Jeff Calidrone
Jeff Calidrone 11 days ago
Did you use the nitrous button? How was it
Jeff Calidrone
Jeff Calidrone 11 days ago
You’re a boss. Fun to watch your channel. Racin w the big boys.
Romana Matete
Romana Matete 11 days ago
You raced with whistlen desiel πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
Critical Event
Critical Event 11 days ago
Adam LZ should have to have his tie rods partially cut next time lol.
K20TBH 11 days ago
Awesome perspective, first video I’ve seen of your content :)
Ethan 11 days ago
The dog and all the Talladega nights references. Love it so much.
Beef Wellington
Beef Wellington 11 days ago
Damn Hailie sooo close. You rock girl, see ya next time.
Eddie Moody
Eddie Moody 11 days ago
Hailie really liked the upgrade to the race car very nice πŸ‘that was some great driving πŸ’ͺ looked like you were having fun 😊 right up to the wreck 😳 apparently waffle House and racing go hand and hand looks like your parents taught you well πŸ‘πŸ˜ and it is one of the few things that is open after the race late night or early morning depending on how you want to look at it πŸ˜† thanks for sharing the awesome video πŸ‘
Dean Curry
Dean Curry 11 days ago
good job that was fun.
mckrackin5324 11 days ago
Awesome show. I was really pulling for you. You're a winner in my book.
Craig Schenk
Craig Schenk 11 days ago
My money is on Hailie again next year!!!!
hellfire08 11 days ago
So what did spicy Spence say that was β€œtoo spicy”? πŸ˜†
Eric Tolle
Eric Tolle 11 days ago
Never watched your channel before but good job very entertaining.
danger ranger rob
danger ranger rob 11 days ago
LOL using marking paint for fields.
Kevin Anthony
Kevin Anthony 11 days ago
Kevin laying the smack lol
Draegon Grime
Draegon Grime 11 days ago
Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades
Ken Balentine
Ken Balentine 11 days ago
Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades πŸ˜‚
J mendo
J mendo 11 days ago
Hallie is just like her Dad, I can tell she's his daughter by the way she talks. #1 rule on Ford's loop the Fuel shutoff in trunk so if you get hit it won't shut off :( I race a Race called Crash a Rama at Holland Ny and its similar we race for $5,000 to win 100 lap or 1 hr time limit. But its only front wheel drive vehicles in enduro and no turbo or nitrous
Matthew VanEpps
Matthew VanEpps 11 days ago
Soooo good.
J B 11 days ago
If you ain't first, you're last
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 11 days ago
Also, you did so incredibly well. Amazing driving, amazing instincts, amazing training, amazing talent. Hell yeah brother!
Chris Henry
Chris Henry 11 days ago
11:34 This guy kills it! "At least you got a set at home to match.."
Ian Payton
Ian Payton 11 days ago
I just subbed because you were great at the Freedom 500
Jacob Walls
Jacob Walls 11 days ago
Kevin and Randy are real rippers
Brandon winkler
Brandon winkler 11 days ago
Keep up the vlogs doing great
Rob Shapiro
Rob Shapiro 11 days ago
daddy gave you opportunities. but you arent famous for youtube, being a professional
j rain
j rain 11 days ago
cousin Miller C. is awesome btw.
Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams 12 days ago
Wow good luck. You guys have on idea. Stay away from FF Forever
j rain
j rain 12 days ago
What exactly was said about you from commentators? I heard apologies but not the actual comment.
Onn Sight
Onn Sight 12 days ago
just discovered this channel :) loved the content and the happy and the good vibes you give on camera :)
RNG Ollie
RNG Ollie 12 days ago
Hailie you should come to Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί and we will show you how to do burnouts
Patrick Kennedy
Patrick Kennedy 12 days ago
Tremendously sweet young lady race driver keep it up
Chuck Rusty
Chuck Rusty 12 days ago
"aw man you just got tookened out" - Weregonnalose
Travis Shepherd
Travis Shepherd 12 days ago
Whistling diesel is a clown
Brian Hall
Brian Hall 12 days ago
Great video. Looks like it was fun.
ken blank
ken blank 12 days ago
make it youre own love it
I thought it was a very good video production and I can tell you have a great personality great job, so happy Cleetus picked you as well. I thought you held your own with all the guys out there; you were a force to be reckoned with for use. Tough brake at the end, you'll get'em next time.
Turbo World
Turbo World 12 days ago
I will admit to spitting my coffee up, laughing at her fast and furious comment "when engaging the nitrous does everything warp like fast and furious?" Good times! Great video, great attitude! them bois had to pit you, you were gonna win the race, what a run up to the leader!
MEMPHIS REIGNS 12 days ago
10:33 your welcume πŸ˜†
Doug Reggio
Doug Reggio 12 days ago
Wow you are really pretty
Mike Elliott
Mike Elliott 12 days ago
I am now a new Hailie Degan race fan after watching this video! You are an amazing racer!
infoslinger 12 days ago
That was fun to watch. You killed it!
fshalor 12 days ago
So. watching hard, and subscribed, but a comment. There are some easy tricks to be steady with cameras. You guys have a lot of good content, but it's very *very* hard to watch without the simple-basic camera tricks to be smooth. Corridor Crew has some wonderful teachings on how to do this! Go get a master-degree in buttery-smooth camera ops from them. It'll boost your chances of keeping subs.
Greener2492 12 days ago
Your editor is A1. The start of the race was fantastic.
Bud T light
Bud T light 12 days ago
You got robbed.
russell fessenden
russell fessenden 12 days ago
Infamous means famous for a bad reason, the freedom factory is all GOODπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
Jarrad James
Jarrad James 12 days ago
in other words.... you lost the freedom 500. lol
Independent Two Spirit Media
I heard Collette mention you before in a video and i was like " who the heck is she". Now i know. Subscribed and now time to beng watch. 😍
Adam Bowen
Adam Bowen 12 days ago
Great race, but "almost won" and "did not finish" are very different.
emtpayislow 12 days ago
Not sure who you are but i subscribed cause Kevin had first comment. Don't let me down.