I Accidentally Blew Up A Twin-Turbo 600HP Cummins 

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I took my brother's twin-turbo 600-horsepower Dodge Cummins 2500 for a spin and it blew up on me. I guess that is what happens when people buy Dodges! Hopefully I do not get fired for this.
Thank you for watching.
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Cole The Cornstar, aka Cole, is a 4th generation family farmer from Central Iowa who is the life force behind his family’s 2,000 acre farm. Cole promotes agriculture by filming his day-to-day adventures with his Dad (Daddy Cornstar) and brother (Cooper) on the farm. With a lot of help from family, Cole instills humor and education into his videos fit for viewers of all ages.
Despite being 23-years old, Cole has an old-fashion work ethic with an innovative approach toward agricultural technology and practices. Cole's mission is to prove the American Dream is not dead and be a megaphone for agricultural education and innovation, from technological advances in farming equipment to conservation practices.
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May 2, 2021




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Comments 100   
TripleHfarms LLC
TripleHfarms LLC 8 hours ago
That’s a real good way to blow a turbo...being the truck isn’t built 😂 600hp on compounds unless the atmosphere is a baby I’d have to say ole girl is a ticking time bomb..if coop ever wants advice in building it. Iv be glad too set him up. My dd 5th gen makes 980hp its built stock vgt
Farm and Ranch Hacks
On the list of people to never loan my truck to... Cole.
Dana douglass
Dana douglass 4 days ago
Turbo charge pipe
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jenkins 4 days ago
I like the old cole the cornstar better this new stuff sucks the chick the money and shit changes people and how they produce videos
Gaming Adventurer
I have a baby 2 acre triangle in a 100acre field.
Peter Hines
Peter Hines 6 days ago
Sable is perfect ya know
Jason Earp
Jason Earp 6 days ago
sorry Cole, but you and Cooper both need a serious haircut.
Caryn Schwengel
Caryn Schwengel 7 days ago
I love Sable’s snarkiness!
Cooper McClintock
I live in shellsburg iowa on a farm
La Ras
La Ras 8 days ago
Hey D.C. I am seeing TP on the floor of the J.D. when you are planting SB. Just wondering if that is for mid-field emergencies. Wouldn't it be great if during a mid-field emergency, you could jump off (without getting run over) and let the J.D. and planter roll on by while you do your business with the TP? Auto steer in the future would turn J.D. around and pick you up while she is going on by! Thanks for all of the great videos and helpful information. May the Lord bless you and your family! Thanks, Brad.
White Lightning S197
Sable looking good in them tights!
Man Craft TV
Man Craft TV 8 days ago
Sounded like you blew the boot off the turbo on the boost side.
Dave Wright
Dave Wright 8 days ago
Your not to smart
Patrick Gilhooly
Patrick Gilhooly 8 days ago
Get her done SuperSable !!! Show those guys YOU are SO BETTER.Thanks for doing videos.
Patrick Gilhooly
Patrick Gilhooly 8 days ago
Be nicer to Sable, please, even if it’s all BS😝😜🤪😎
Keith Christensen
What are you spraying and why?
Mississippi Woman
I'm glad DC gave an example of how the Auto steer helps tired eyes and working in mud while planting. I was like ok wow now it makes a little more sense.
Helen Tuma
Helen Tuma 9 days ago
You have to drive a diesel with feathers on you feet...my diesel buick has 700 thousand on it.
Redhawkfarmsllc 9 days ago
Just an intercooler boot ,
Seth Wells
Seth Wells 9 days ago
Truck builds so much boost the elbow can’t handle it, your face was priceless lol
Chicken Strip
Chicken Strip 9 days ago
The truck gooses vroom vroom vroom and the turbo gooses boom. Just jokes any way I thought it was the transmission for a sec 😂 any way love the content keep it up guys
hailey szkolik
hailey szkolik 9 days ago
I love how quick sable was like you can walk haha
David Bruhn
David Bruhn 9 days ago
cole you better be nice to sabel she will hand you your you know what .......
IQTriggerfishy 9 days ago
Had this happen to my powestroke pulling a trailer thru the mountains. Bought some aftermarket boots and never had the problem again.
Richard Martin
Richard Martin 9 days ago
Does anyone else think that Sable looks like she could be Actor - Will Sasso's daughter??
BigFoot Bubba
BigFoot Bubba 9 days ago
3:49 Awesome
Marc Depuy
Marc Depuy 9 days ago
Nice job sabel
Freedom Farms
Freedom Farms 9 days ago
Blow the cobwebs out huh...I'm not impressed with that Cummins ability to pull 10k lbs but glad it wasn't an expensive fix.
twistedsteelDK 9 days ago
Some people laugh but it’s the only air conditioner that don’t need a charging.
Larry Thompson
Larry Thompson 9 days ago
I have noticed successful you/tube they have certain elements. Humor, issues to overcome, future hope, and a pretty gal guys would like to talk to. Sable would be nice to have around to work with. I see some of my wife in her.
Quinn Fuller
Quinn Fuller 9 days ago
That noise is all to familiar
Sara Woods
Sara Woods 9 days ago
I love that sable is cracking right back at the boys!
Slightly Less Fat
Ahh, the ol' Kum & Go or as I affectionately call it, the "Jizz & Split"
Heather Jordan
Heather Jordan 10 days ago
My question is why are you still using pitviper after what they said on easter
Johan Amtoft
Johan Amtoft 10 days ago
health and safety guys... dc should not be standing on pallet forks...
jackie rindlisbacher
What is the name of The Australian shepherd? I have 3 of them, Apollo Sadie and Bella.🥰
Mark Hesprich
Mark Hesprich 10 days ago
Get haircut hippie!
zulu0219 10 days ago
Cole, you are totally overdoing your thumbnails with cheap looking graphics. Looks like a carnival sideshow. I was hoping you wouldn't be turned by the US-first sheep who all have to copy each other. Seems like everyone on US-first has to do the Home Alone palms to face pose! Still love ya, though, young man!! Be yourself. Don't be somebody else!
Carrie Brown
Carrie Brown 10 days ago
Omg, hilarious
Aaron B
Aaron B 10 days ago
6000 subs away from the walkers!
Airbrgr 10 days ago
Don't mess with Sable "You can walk!" She who should not be trifled with.
Danielle Hulme-Lowe
That is one thing I do not miss about MN. Yearly license plate stickers. I believe we had a stack of 6 on our last vehicle in MN. TX has a yearly sticker that goes on the inside of the windshield to be replaced every year, it's just a pain to take off.
Kusin Kleatus
Kusin Kleatus 10 days ago
Cole goes vroom, coops truck goes boom😂
Jon P
Jon P 10 days ago
I bet it blew a tube. Oh coop beat me to it.
jp21948 10 days ago
Has to say this field is my favorite field. Try not to clear too many trees or draws I need them!
Shaun Ault
Shaun Ault 10 days ago
Cole the idiot
Mountain ManBear
Mountain ManBear 10 days ago
Well...the good news is theres no more cobwebs in Coopers rig
deloreanfan81 10 days ago
Always good to hear from Sable "you could walk!" She's getting to be almost like an actual sister 😁 Kim and go,my former employer
Deaf Soda
Deaf Soda 10 days ago
caption pls
OntarioRedneXXX 10 days ago
You don't blow up a cummins.. you blow up the transmission behind the cummins 😂
MisterBrot(Broat) 10 days ago
ha! either ride with Sable or walk.......
John White
John White 10 days ago
Wow 30 seconds of cooper 1/2 second of n Natalie just not fair coop get a camera and film you seeding so when harvest time comes around you'll be ready
John White
John White 10 days ago
Hey hey was that Nat? Hey girl
vicki Conley
vicki Conley 10 days ago
I love Sable’s short and to the point answers.
Ryden Lewis
Ryden Lewis 10 days ago
I love the haggie because it’s a 24v Cummins!!!
Tammy Claire
Tammy Claire 10 days ago
DC keeps mentioning "markers" that he had to look for in the fields before auto steer.....I have no idea what those markers look like or what it's like.
my local yocal
my local yocal 10 days ago
Stop the click bait lol you knew that was going to happen. Serious question I'm sick of being pushed around by planters and other compliments on farm sim.... do planters have breaks like trailer breaks?
Whistlin Sixty
Whistlin Sixty 10 days ago
Me: (Struggling to get FS19 to work) Cole The Cornstar: (swoops in just in time to give me my daily dose of farming) My brain: instant sigh of relief Thanks guys 😊
Sassy Sasquatch
Sassy Sasquatch 10 days ago
Sable is cute :)
Mein Sohn
Mein Sohn 10 days ago
3:03 That doggo almost backflipped lol
Yetiyeti 10 days ago
All your vids are just click bait
ghislain campeau
ghislain campeau 10 days ago
Longuer outrow to give us the time to like the vidéo
Talcbih Wiemken
Talcbih Wiemken 10 days ago
Holy cow 🐄🐄🐄
Logan 10 days ago
Blew off the inter cooler pipe done it on my 6.0 several times
Ordelian 10 days ago
"You can walk." Yes! That's the kind of humorous attitude everyone should have.
Elise BB
Elise BB 10 days ago
Sable just fits into the Cornstar family! She works just as hard and does amazing jobs that I wouldn't think of doing! Yay for Sable!!! P.S. I'm glad that she got some ice cream, too!
Kyle Terran
Kyle Terran 10 days ago
I love Sable. She needs a camera all to herself. Great to see Natalie, although only 2 seconds worth.
Kyle Terran
Kyle Terran 4 days ago
@Dennis Melnychuk Hi Dennis! Natalie is Cooper's Girlfriend. And Sable is a hired hand that started this year. Let me know if you have other questions.
Dennis Melnychuk
Dennis Melnychuk 4 days ago
Who is Natalie in relation to the farm and is Sable a relative or hired hand?
jgucci Jacgucci
jgucci Jacgucci 10 days ago
Extend boom forklift Never heard of Attalla hander that must be old school
marcth37 10 days ago
I went on to help my uncle cut trees in his maple grove.We used his sons(my cousins)snowmobiles to get there.I went back to the farm with one snowmobile and the next week when i went back to my uncle s farm my cousin had blown the engine of his snowmoblie;he tried to put the blame on me but i said:''I cant have blown the engine while going at 10 mph!!!''
Eli Cody
Eli Cody 10 days ago
“You can walk” 😂
Jakyl Ripp
Jakyl Ripp 10 days ago
Why would he care? It's not his truck , cooper will need wheels and he is stuck with a busted truck..nah not really I am sure he will be taken care of. I am just relating to something my dad did with my car... I might have it wrong but didn't the turbo have a leak when he bought the truck. Best of luck
Paul 10 days ago
I did one better. I blew up my Boss' pickup. I explained to him that the engine was making a dreadful noise when I reached 60 MPH. It did go away when I shifted second gear though............................. Only kidding. Closer to the truth, I was on the freeway with it in 5th gear and under the speed limit when it dropped a valve. OOh what a mess that engine was.
Richmond the Goth
Richmond the Goth 10 days ago
Total Acreage that you're now planting?
Melissa Schmidt
Melissa Schmidt 10 days ago
Hahahaha. Sable “you can walk” 🤣🤣🤣 she fits right in
Wayne Coke
Wayne Coke 10 days ago
Sable has turned into a good hand to have on the job. Well done Sable.
AustriaGamed 10 days ago
another clickbait video....
Donald Alcus
Donald Alcus 10 days ago
Hey Cole what are the little white bags dropped on the field when spraying. I’m visiting from Pella from Boston and saw this this morning
Grandprixtop 10 days ago
The mighty Dodge sounded good....for a few seconds, lol. Ice cream is SO good, anytime. It's great to see DC so happy with new technology like auto steer. Cole, your hair is amazing, stay on the growth path! Peace everyone!
Mitchell Cline
Mitchell Cline 10 days ago
I'm lost on who exactly Sable is. Suddenly she was there and I never saw how that came about. I must have missed something.
Barrens chat
Barrens chat 10 days ago
For the love of all ice cream, Cole leave the cobwebs alone :P
Peter Richardson
Peter Richardson 10 days ago
Have you heard the saying can't teach an old dog new tricks well Daddy Cornstar it seems you can LOL well done for listening
brent brent
brent brent 10 days ago
You can walk she says... I love it
Rider Strong
Rider Strong 10 days ago
Sable ROCKS!
jordan bridgeman
jordan bridgeman 10 days ago
Cole.... let's shake the cobwebs out her turbo nope not today 😂😂
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood 10 days ago
About planting and growing :: In your Supply Chain you should have a few vendors who have formal relationships with scientists who are studying yields. Probably scientists located at universities. Why not ask around and find out if any of the project scientists would like to use your farm for various experimental controls? I'll bet your farm could be paid for such participation and of course your expense in participation becomes another cost of doing business. Scientists are always looking for people who actually understand data collection, controls and reporting. Might as well get your name on a major academic study along with all of your routine projects.
greyeaglem 10 days ago
Click bait. He didn't really blow it up.
James Pretty
James Pretty 10 days ago
Think they call that click bait
____ ____
____ ____ 10 days ago
Turbo boot
Amos Moses
Amos Moses 10 days ago
that would be a turbo blown
Nikolai Townsend
Nikolai Townsend 10 days ago
Also: That face you make when you hear a loud noise on the truck that you should not have heard.
Nikolai Townsend
Nikolai Townsend 10 days ago
Cole: "Aww man i have to ride with Sable to go get parts" Sable: "You can walk" Me: LMAO Great video
stanley Phillips
stanley Phillips 10 days ago
When Cole knocks the cobwebs off he knocks them clean off.
Quit the autosteer commercials, youre beating a dead horse.
MrArcher51 10 days ago
bro that long hair ain't you unless you want to start wearing a dress..........LOL
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 10 days ago
It's okay. I blew up our tractor we use for just auger stuff. We can't get wheat out atm. My neighbor is bringing his.
Thaddeus Longenecker
Sable used scooch I thought I was the only one to say that
Jesse Bitler
Jesse Bitler 10 days ago
What breed of dog is that?
Gee Beans
Gee Beans 10 days ago
Good for Sable: You can walk!! Best comment yet!!
James Smith
James Smith 10 days ago
Clickbait that's a fourth time the boot came off you did it on purpose. Over 200 dislikes!
Charles Starlin
Charles Starlin 10 days ago
Awesome guys 🙌 👏 😎
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