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In this week's episode Chris discusses his death filled trip to Arizona, the terrible Oscars, and the hidden third Property Brother! He also saved his son from a scorpion.
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May 1, 2021




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Comments 100   
Chris D'Elia
Chris D'Elia 13 days ago
Sign up for extra long episodes at patreon.com/chrisdelia !!!!
Cenk Yogurt TYT
Cenk Yogurt TYT 11 hours ago
didtn know how great u are at impressions.. that JayZ had me dyyyin
Chris 'No Pants' Laymance
THE 3 days ago
U did get played by the devil . Not me tho. Still happy ur back
YOYOFRO 9 days ago
Dude I just can't say it enough so glad you're back come to Tampa you probably won't but is it all good yessss
Dog Eat Dog
Dog Eat Dog 10 days ago
You should star to do drugs or something your missing out brah
Margaret Kelley
Margaret Kelley 16 hours ago
Omg, the 3rd property brother! bahaLOL. Chris, there is actually a hysterical snl skit about this very thing with Ryan Gosling. google "the fliplets"
Mr.Jonesy 18 hours ago
Is this the lady that plays the helicopter pilot in Army of the Dead?
Kyle Peters
Kyle Peters Day ago
That is not your real teeth in th TN bru like wtf lol
Aaron Denn
Aaron Denn 2 days ago
HOW is he getting sponsors?? He’s a peedough. You’re gross for supporting him.
Two Rivers Fishing CA
LOL games bro I never related to anything so much
Rob Montgomery
Rob Montgomery 2 days ago
"If you live in Scotland...you're fucked." And that pretty much sums up the entirety of Scottish history.
Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter 2 days ago
Chris, what hurts more being labeled a rock spider or being digitally removed from a movie for being a rock spider ? Lol
Andrew Ryder
Andrew Ryder 2 days ago
Gang ❤
Julissa Acosta
Julissa Acosta 2 days ago
The consciousness floating away 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Anthony Siraco
Anthony Siraco 3 days ago
I nearly died when he said "there's a fucking third property brother" 😂😂😂
SBA KICKS 3 days ago
You can tell Chris has a discovery+ subscription by the shoes he reviews lol
Cameron Machado
Cameron Machado 3 days ago
Chris D'epstein
somma pt
somma pt 3 days ago
Cool cheers from Portugal 🇵🇹
James Kantlehner
James Kantlehner 3 days ago
Chris pointed me out when he asked the crowd "What are your new year resolutions?" at his Chicago show last New Years and I said life rips! His response was "fuck this guy!" hahaha Love it.
Jay Mossin
Jay Mossin 3 days ago
Keep going king.
Robb 4 days ago
Mel's Diner lol
Savage Habits Productions
Not gonna lie I’m not suppose to be enjoying this man anymore but still entertaining
Savage Habits Productions
Ohh two six’s
Chris Topher
Chris Topher 4 days ago
Chris is gonna get nominated for Army of the Dead: Directors Cut lol
Luigi Challis
Luigi Challis 4 days ago
If I ever make a movie and it's actually substance for "now that's a fuckn movie" I'll cast you as an extra, dude. jk u'd b lead bro.
Real Raw and Rachet
My dad is an identical twin I thought the twin bit, was funny. And scew the the oscars. I am losing it I cant remember shit any more either.
Dylan Alcarese
Dylan Alcarese 5 days ago
The third property brother is clearly Pete wentz
SkidMarx 604
SkidMarx 604 5 days ago
“I scaled a korpian”
WRAFofzelichking 5 days ago
oh MAN I would LOVE to play Cards Against Humanity with you Chris!!! Fuck you'd die laughing I am so sure of it
Bobby Salkeld
Bobby Salkeld 5 days ago
You got mad range, b
Bobby Salkeld
Bobby Salkeld 5 days ago
There is no good reason to be anywhere near New Jersey.
Stone Report
Stone Report 5 days ago
who am i my mom lmao happy mothers day
- Jamie -
- Jamie - 5 days ago
Hahahahahah to everything in this video 😂 A HO-STAAAAASH hahahah
11:27 dudeeeee so true
dbzwwe56 6 days ago
The last bit about overthinking is exactly what it’s like being high or being someone who has anxiety.
DeleriousOdyssey 6 days ago
30:30 had me dying! Lmao
Ben Shackelford
Ben Shackelford 7 days ago
I laughed so hard my stomach hurt at the part about hitting your head on stage, fuckin awesome
Vintage Chic
Vintage Chic 7 days ago
I went from being in a so-so almost shitty mood to literally laughing my fucking ass off and feeling great! Thank you so much Chris D’Elia I hope you realize how much people like me need this hour to just laugh and do nothing. I respect and appreciate your talent!
Jacob Bridges
Jacob Bridges 7 days ago
You think he realizes scorpions are rarely venomous and it probably would’ve been harmless? Oh well no dents.
Kalena Mackiewicz
Are Sam & Butters ok? Did Chenzo eat them??
Gabriel Carvalho
Gabriel Carvalho 7 days ago
Ya need some ginko biloba
Nn Dd
Nn Dd 7 days ago
People still watch this guy? Holy crap.
bigdiz4shiz 7 days ago
I will never get tired of "Everything... birds"
Lil BrainZ
Lil BrainZ 7 days ago
What a lame podcast
MagicTouch South Bay
"And that's the end of the story dude."
Jeans Dontbe'stingy
Christopher Smith
The Naked Gun is ssssssgood
ito 8 days ago
talking about the oscars and didnt talk about chadwick fans going crazy for giving it to hopkins YEEEESSSSS!!
Nancy Kelley Wanker
When tf are we building the log cabin fr. At least tell me where we’re building it so I can move and get us started.
seth storm
seth storm 8 days ago
Wtf is this dude doing? Jesus
seth storm
seth storm 8 days ago
This is fighter and the kid level bullshit that joe rogan knight's clam for..
TunaFishYT 8 days ago
we should just normalize calling girls with giant honk honks "Dairy Queens"
KoiPond 777
KoiPond 777 8 days ago
Have you looked at whether your thoughts and obsessions are ADHD related? Might help
Joshua S
Joshua S 8 days ago
_Was it?_
Amanda H
Amanda H 8 days ago
It was Edward James Earl Jomos for me 🤣🤣
Matt The Independent
Pre scandal congratulations had me only crying from laughter, now I'm crying from laughter and wholesomeness. The fans love you Chris, we are all cheering you on with this comeback.
craven morehead
craven morehead 8 days ago
Would like to see Chris and Callen team up for a podcast
Sean Cheng
Sean Cheng 8 days ago
You know those precious rare "moments" Chris was talking about, when he was holding his son up in the pool, and in his son's face he saw his own visage back when he was young and innocent and the world was full of wonder? Those are slices of Heaven. When I die, I'd be happy if I could just experience a slideshow of those cumulative special moments from my life.
JM G 8 days ago
Please pray for Chris's victims. Think of the girls stop supporting this monster !
Nate Ericsson
Nate Ericsson 8 days ago
Chris as Joker. I think he'd do great
jfksconvertible 9 days ago
Belly full o burgers in target
H W 9 days ago
42:00 the problem with the Matrix sequels wasn't studio interference. It was that the Wachowskis ran out of William Gibson books to rip off. The first Matrix was pretty much a loose adaptation of Neuromancer.
Wayne Barron
Wayne Barron 9 days ago
Remembered army of the dead when chris mentioned the oscars. Apparently hes been replaced... literally the only reason i was hyped for it was chris... ffs
Matt Smith
Matt Smith 9 days ago
Love the pod
Simon Linder
Simon Linder 9 days ago
But was it 🤷‍♂️ 😂
Alex James
Alex James 9 days ago
Chris you look like the failed Gasol brother, Tard Gasol. Also you're confidence is shattered and everyone can see it
Random Pool Guy
Random Pool Guy 9 days ago
Rumors of pedophilia. Any truth to it?
No name
No name 8 days ago
Lol. Literally EVERY woman that interacts with a celebrity is going to pull that shyt. You're smarter than that.
Joey Dolan
Joey Dolan 9 days ago
You’re looking old my guy
We Lit
We Lit 9 days ago
Zac Duffy
Zac Duffy 9 days ago
Target.. my sides are still hurting
scottbaylo is 44 and waiting to die
Holy shit, this is awful!! First few minutes and he's repeated 3 "jokes" 3 times in a row... I'm suicidal as it is for Pete's sake!
JOHN WAYNE 9 days ago
you’re so lost
No name
No name 8 days ago
That's why this is awesome to watch 🤣
We need more Silly goose time
Keith Brass
Keith Brass 9 days ago
Thanos whuuut ahaha
dilly dilly
dilly dilly 9 days ago
EeeeeYEEEESSS dood
Andy wick
Andy wick 9 days ago
Is there a clip of that stand up routine? Sure it would be fucking hilarious
Adrian Dougherty
Adrian Dougherty 9 days ago
F### Holiday Blend December-November
Abe Blinkon
Abe Blinkon 9 days ago
This was great
Martin 9 days ago
Ay, buddy, didnt have to go to target, jus sayn
Martin 9 days ago
The target story was so good BROOO WAS IT?? was it? OHH HAHAHA
Abby Middleton
Abby Middleton 9 days ago
I skilled a corpion
IBP 369
IBP 369 9 days ago
I can always count on the youngest man alive to make me laugh
Grant LeFort
Grant LeFort 10 days ago
Oh there’s a two seater who’s gonna go on it 😂
Grant LeFort
Grant LeFort 10 days ago
One of the funniest podcasts i’ve ever watched! Couldn’t stop laughing 😂
R K R 10 days ago
What drugs u eat to be this funny? Or is it naTural
2CupShakur 10 days ago
“Rest in peace he died of cancer.... who am I my mom?!?!?” Lmfaoooooo
Scott Parks
Scott Parks 10 days ago
i miss the days where we didnt have to hear about his kid every 5 seconds
Hey what the fuck is he supposed to talk about?
Mark Ewy
Mark Ewy 10 days ago
Thanks Chris I can’t walk into a room without singing the ABC theme song
Large Vision
Large Vision 10 days ago
Just unsubscribed from Patreon. Tim dillon is just miles higher.
reanofilms 10 days ago
best podcast intro song in the game
Raquel F
Raquel F 10 days ago
The revival of the Kings speech impersonation?????? EeeeeeyyyyyyESSSSSSSS
Rimp the Grimpler
Rimp the Grimpler 10 days ago
He looks rough for his age
No name
No name 8 days ago
A good rough.
William Oright
William Oright 10 days ago
They go from 6 to 25
Eimear O'Connor
Eimear O'Connor 10 days ago
This podcast should be called First World Problems XD You're hilar, glad to see you back. :D
David Perez
David Perez 8 days ago
Junyar 10 days ago
Got the Belly full of Burgers song stuck in my head. S’ hit record
FrankyB 10 days ago
Did I just do the biggest laugh in a quiet-as-fuck airport and did everyone turn around to look at me staring at my phone with my earphones in oblivious to the noise I was making and made me feel REAL akward Aaahhhhhhyyyyyeeeessssss dude!
Bill Lewandowski
Bill Lewandowski 10 days ago
“RIP, he died of cancer...who am I, my mom?!” 💀
Noneya fkinbusiness
The living embodiment of F K cancel culture. SALUTE
Nicholas Provencher
30:57 can we go to target?
Noah Campbell
Noah Campbell 10 days ago
This episode rivals ppls Netflix specials
Alejandro Zamarripa
m’inside ya
Jay 10 days ago
The 3rd property brother is Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy lol
diamond gypsy
diamond gypsy 10 days ago
The chenzo pigeon bit omfg 😂😂😂
Jesus Ortiz
Jesus Ortiz 10 days ago
I WISH I COULD BUILD IIIIIIT! I WISH I CAN SELL IIIIIIT! LMAO. That will forever be stuck in my head
Ezra Richards
Ezra Richards 10 days ago
I can hear Logan Paul laughing from here
@Ezra Richards he owns Google?
Ezra Richards
Ezra Richards 10 days ago
@S Man google?
S Man
S Man 10 days ago
Katy Perry - Electric
Katy Perry - Electric