Hummingbird Feeders BE AWARE of Issues Before YOU Buy, EASY to Clean, Bees Ants & DIY Recipe Nectar 

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How to pick a hummingbird feeder, things to be aware of when purchasing a hummingbird feeder, this can make things much easier for you. And safer for the birds too as they feed and go to nest. Here I go through hummingbird feeders thoughts and ideas and issues and concerns and tips on hummingbird feeders, so you can decide which will work for you, going over prices, plastic or glass, cleaning problems, bees, hummingbird stands, hummingbirds perches, hangers, flowers, easy cleaning, and so much more. AND also the Oriole birds, the males, are back getting ready to nest and the females just showed up here too.
Here is the aff. link to the ones I purchased from there, I bought 6 (which lowers the price), but this is for 1 feeder here: www.ebay.com/itm/First-Nature-10-Port-HummingBird-Feeder-3051-16-oz/382956338929?hash=item5929f9fef1:g:o4QAAOSw8WVf1WKH&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&siteid=0&campid=5338267736&customid=&toolid=10001&mkevt=1
Here is the aff. link to the set I purchase of 6, great feeders, easy to clean and last a long time: www.ebay.com/itm/6-Pack-First-Nature-10-Port-HummingBird-Feeder-3051-16-oz/382956338864?hash=item5929f9feb0:g:xS4AAOSwx9xc3QRd&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&siteid=0&campid=5338267736&customid=&toolid=10001&mkevt=1
Here in an aff. link of the ones that are my favorite and I have purchased from them, this is for 4 feeders: www.ebay.com/itm/4-Pack-First-Nature-10-Port-HummingBird-Feeder-3051-16-oz/382956338814?hash=item5929f9fe7e:g:PXwAAOSwxzRc3QRT&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&siteid=0&campid=5338267736&customid=&toolid=10001&mkevt=1

Here are some aff. links of the fountains we buy and use, I try to buy from companies in the USA for fastest shipping: This link is the models we use the solar fountain models, that has the panel and long cord, www.ebay.com/itm/Brushless-Solar-Power-Water-Pump-Panel-Kit-Fountain-Pool-Garden-Watering-180L-H/384073249238?_trkparms=aid%3D1110006%26algo%3DHOMESPLICE.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20190711095549%26meid%3D53ee987899d44f23aa1a03c85a2c0f7d%26pid%3D100047%26rk%3D5%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D193959022502%26itm%3D384073249238%26pmt%3D1%26noa%3D0%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DSimplAMLv5PairwiseWebWithBBEV2bAndUBSourceDemotionWithUltimatelyBoughtOfCoviewV2%26brand%3DUnbranded&_trksid=p2047675.c100047.m2108&mkcid=1&mkrid=711-53200-19255-0&siteid=0&campid=5338267736&customid=&toolid=10001&mkevt=1

Our Hummingbird Playlist : us-first.info/name/PLcJJ-s_k5IBDeUNxymvvgJOXXZGNheN5c

Shopping for Hummingbird Feeders Choosing Right Feeder for Your Garden or Yard & Easy Recipe & Nest

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Mar 30, 2021




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Patty Allaby
Patty Allaby 3 hours ago
Good advice Robbie, you should come out with shirts that say Eat What You Grow!!!
PAPA REDPILL 8 hours ago
Put up two feeders haven't seen a single humming bird . 😢
Carol B
Carol B 10 hours ago
👍👍👍 Very informative video!! I learned a lot!!
Judy Ann
Judy Ann 11 hours ago
Thank You I Love Them Cute Little Birds Awww I Use To Watch Them Go To Flowers To Do That When I Was A Little Girl I Love All Birds Wild & Pet Birds Too.
Shmooblydong !
Shmooblydong ! 13 hours ago
Just came back to my neck of the woods here in the Dallas, TX metroplex.
martha holtquist
martha holtquist 14 hours ago
Wouldn’t be better mix the water with honey?
Hiking With the Dog
Hiking With the Dog 16 hours ago
The best feeder I have is the Aspects Hummzinger. You have to order it, (Amazon has it for $35). It's the only one I've found where the feeder ports don't have any sharp edges, and is the easiest to keep clean. Other companies imitate that design, but have razor-sharp feeder ports and no quality. The Hummzinger will last many years, (or decades), and is SO easy to clean. I have wasted money on other feeders and keep going back to the one by Aspects, they truly care about birds. Moldy and fermented feeders kill hummingbirds, you're correct that feeders shouldn't be in the sun.
AquariZ 21 hour ago
All around great video, thank you for sharing. I know alot went into this.
Blue eyes
Blue eyes Day ago
In Washington state, the rufous hummingbirds we have don't migrate! When it snowed, I had to keep two feeders going alternatively because one would freeze, then I'd replace it with the thawed out feeder. They are at the feeder at the first crack of light, so I had to be ready. I was so afraid they'd die. So if you're lover of hummers in the Pac NW, please don't stop feeding them in the fall, spring and winter! They need you the most then! 🙂 And thank you for mentioning not using red dye! When you mentioned that, I knew you were a pro! 🎖
Kathleen Frances Marascio
What a lovely video. 🌺 Super informative too.
Christian Steyl
Afternoon Robbie. Do you maybe have a plan for me against bees at the Hummingbird feeders?
snow diann
snow diann Day ago
We have the one with the yellow flowers on it. It's leaking should I just replace it.
We had a family of them show up 2 years ago and when I seen them I went and got 2 feeders. I watched them all summer long while in my garden. I was a wreck all winter long hoping they had decided this was their summer home and that i would see them next year. Last year as soon as the weather broke I rushed to get my feeders out again hoping to see them return. I didn't see them return until mid June. It was like a weight was lifted when I seen mama hovering infront of my kitchen window one morning. So, here I am again chomping at the bit to get my old feeders and a few new feeders back up and my garden going hoping to see them and the bees back soon. Thank you for bringing up ants and how to combat them. I will absolutely be putting that to use this summer!
keepit kawaii
keepit kawaii 2 days ago
Giant asian hornet (killer hornet) ARE attracted to humming bird feeders. Beware
Monique Butler
Monique Butler 2 days ago
We've been feeding hummingbirds all winter and then two weeks ago they have stopped feeding! I see a single bird here or there none are coming to our feeders. We live in the Bay Area.
ekunina 2 days ago
Beautiful. 💝 Love these little Birds. Especially loved the Nest Shots. Sweet. They are piggy little things and ate me out of house and home. They drink faster than a preteen at a soda shop! 😩
David Sawyer
David Sawyer 2 days ago
Should not be feeding Hummingbirds Burds. Nothing manmade is equivalent to the nectar that they need. Feeding Hummingbirds is essentially the same as killing them. Plant appropriate nectar sources instead. Video like this should be banned from You Tube.
Sue Deiseroth
Sue Deiseroth 3 days ago
What do you feed your Orioles?
Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy
Hummingbird food
Dave ballsack
Dave ballsack 3 days ago
ewww some of those feeders are cloudy white cmon bra
cropduster 3 days ago
That's a lot of sugar.
Sandy Burkett
Sandy Burkett 4 days ago
I had a hummingbird come to my kitchen window as I was doing dishes and just sat there and watched me. It was really cool...
Sandy Burkett
Sandy Burkett 4 days ago
How do you stop the ones who chase the other hummingbirds away?
MyVideo Buddy
MyVideo Buddy 4 days ago
Such a feel-good video. Thanks
Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson 4 days ago
So You are never able to leave home for even a day?? Isn't that a great responsibilty? to have SO may lives & generations of birds dependent on the food supply You provide? Are You able to pay someone to take care of them so You could go away for the day or wknd?!? How does that work?? Curious to even start if it is a responsibility? Your thoughts? TY for sharing Your precious darlings!! AMAZING
Rocky Raab
Rocky Raab 4 days ago
We have Black-chinned hummers here, and the males are MUCH more territorial than yours (Anna's?). They won't allow any but their own mate or offspring to use a feeder. The male will perch and watch dutifully, then chase off any and all intruders. I now have one "Welcome home!" feeder out and will put two more out when they arrive - but I have to place them where only one at a time can be seen by the guard male.
richard smith
richard smith 4 days ago
the feeder shown at 3:15 is basically what I use, cheap,easy to clean
Richard Martin
Richard Martin 4 days ago
What about the color?... Yours are all red, I see feeders that are green?...
Tumblelina Truth
Tumblelina Truth 5 days ago
TNBredRose 5 days ago
Heres you a quick tip I figured out... You can make your sugar water up real fast in the microwave. Just put a cup of water in microwave until it gets real hot usually 2 minutes. Then put a cup of sugar in it and mix it up till it turns clear. I then put 3 more cups of plain cool faucet water in a bowl with a handle on it i got from Dollar Tree. Pour your sugar water into the 3 cups of water and stir. Voila! Its now cool enough to fill your hummingbird feeders. Less than 5 minutes beginning to end to hang up and enjoy
Kathleen Cernetich
Excellent video
random consumer
random consumer 5 days ago
I also started with 1, quickly grew to about 50. When I moved I left all of my feeders with my roommate, he swore he would still feed them.
random consumer
random consumer 5 days ago
Fire ants can cross the water, add a tiny drop of dish soap. Yellow jackets would attempt to take over my feeders. I gave them the BUSINESS with a handheld pump sprayer and some soapy water.
One Sunny Day
One Sunny Day 5 days ago
I have a few hummingbirds & want a lot, but 1 chases all the others off, no matter where I put the feeders. How do I get the others to be able to feel safe?
Brian Peck
Brian Peck 5 days ago
Here's my opinion: Hummingbirds need flower nectar not colored sugar water or anything else we might feed them. This is fast food that will depress their immune systems. Please plant the flowering plants that they love instead of turning them into junkies. Today a Black throated Hummer left the flowers and flew right up to me checking me out. Then flew 3 ft away from my face hovering there and just eye balled me. So amazing!
Cathy Cordocedo
Cathy Cordocedo 6 days ago
Can you tell me ..my birds try to drink from the bottom of the feeder not the flowers??
William Nelson
William Nelson 6 days ago
My wife loves these Birds....I have no idea why but she likes to watch them.
Elizabeth Blackey
Many years ago, two days after moving from east coast to California, I was standing on my balcony and this giant "bug" flew next to my head. I went running into the house and told my husband, "If that was a mosquito I want to go back to Boston!!" LOL It was a hummingbird. I'd never seen one before. Now I love them and feed them regularly. They still buzz me when the feeder is low but I no longer mind. Thank you for your video.
carl gangl
carl gangl 6 days ago
They hover better than a jump jet. Impossible.
Alison Hendry
Alison Hendry 6 days ago
Sfabulous info! I have terrible ant problem and fight all the time! Love your guidance!
Seniorita H
Seniorita H 5 days ago
Get out your vacuum. About 5 minutes of sucking them up and get every last one.
Lord Is My Rock
Lord Is My Rock 6 days ago
Wow, I loved the ending when the Hummingbirds were actually drinking from your hand! That was so beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration and helpful information. 🦅
Erin 6 days ago
I was under the impression that sugar water is actually bad for them. Just as it is bad for humans. The sugar increases their heart rate higher than it already is and then the sugar crash is far more detrimental to their tiny little selves. Plus, there are zero nutrients in sugar water.
TNBredRose 5 days ago
The sugar water imitates the flower nectar which is slightly sweet
Keith Johnson
Keith Johnson 7 days ago
Hmm, kinda like the idea of making one too. I have one you recommended, it's available from home depot. It's been so interesting putting up a feeder not really knowing if/when a hummer might stop by. And now sometimes there's like a happy hour with a number of birds coming around.
Peter O
Peter O 7 days ago
Be sure opening is large cleaning is important.. doing it all the time..
Mary Jones
Mary Jones 7 days ago
I love my humming birds 💗
Felipe Sanchez
Felipe Sanchez 7 days ago
Will adding a little bit of pieces of fruit in the nectar help hummingbirds get more vitamins etc?
Annette Schexnayder
What had you used in the dropper that was yellow and put in the little cup? This was very helpful Thanks ♥️
robdude1969 7 days ago
You are so sweet! a real Sugar Mamma! I love what you have done with the place....Looks like they love it more! I have just started filming a nest at my home... it's so fascinating - Thanks for sharing all your tips and experiences - if you like to see mine, I posted them on my channel. Cheers from Norcal!
Sue Fox
Sue Fox 7 days ago
Love fhe video. When. In summer. We have bees all the. Time
Tracey M
Tracey M 7 days ago
Wow, that window is the all time best cat TV!
Vickie Richter
Vickie Richter 8 days ago
Mine love seats, the lazy things 🤣
Peggy Foskolos
Peggy Foskolos 8 days ago
My hummingbirds came back this year I live in Vegas early and now all of a sudden they’re gone and I go see him at all you’re a reason for that
Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson 4 days ago
unfortunately in my area there was a salmonella outbreak & it killed many birds :-( All my hummers. Don't know if it was nation wide or only PNW?? I'm sorry that happened to them & You. Be very careful of mold in feeders as that can carry disease also. She sai clean with soap or bleach but that is not what pros say as rinsing is CRITICAL!!! or that can kill them. Scrubbing every 3-4 days when hot is best. I always figure tap water in cities has enough bleach if You keep up on good cleaning... HUGS & PRAYERS for healthy hummers soon!
fred McMurray
fred McMurray 8 days ago
Soon as i heard calf. I'm gone!
Gary Allsebrook
Gary Allsebrook 8 days ago
Bakers sugar works well too.
Earendil Penrose
Earendil Penrose 8 days ago
So she eats the birds she grows?
Marina Vargas
Marina Vargas 8 days ago
Thank you for your wonderful information
Matt D
Matt D 8 days ago
Hummzinger feeders all the way. easy access, easy clean. Cane sugar, no beet sugar. It goes bad faster, and there's debate whether it damages the birds liver , same with those stupid dyes. You must not have hornets cause they LOVE the color yellow. When I first started I thought they were a good idea. Wrong. I had hornets chasing the hummers away, get into the house, no thank you. Again, Hummzinger, easy fill, easy clean, no dripping.
sewashburn0529 8 days ago
Is this similar to finches, in that you never see them until you hang a thistle sock? I never see a hummingbird, but I know people near me who have hummingbird feeders and see a lot of them.
Rick Ryan
Rick Ryan 8 days ago
How much sugar do you buy weekly?
Laura Stovall
Laura Stovall 8 days ago
Thank you! Your so upbeat, love it!! Happy feeding!❤
James Ramsey
James Ramsey 8 days ago
I have one of the 3 flower cheap ones and it kept getting filled with fruit flys, so I made the holes smaller and put cut straws on the bottom of the flowers so their is no room for the flys to fly around in them and no flys, do you have a fruit fly issue?
Gundi Ruedenauer
Gundi Ruedenauer 8 days ago
Thank you so much for all the ideas you're sharing. Ordered 2 solar fountains and preparing to build a ball out of cement. In one of your videos I saw a feeder looked like a muffin/cupcake, did you make it as well? Would love to see how to do one.
Débora Sampaio
Débora Sampaio 9 days ago
Wooww! so cute the way you speak about it! Thank you for the tips :)
Blue Jay
Blue Jay 9 days ago
I only buy $100 feeders because my hummers only drink “refined “ sugar water🌺
Seniorita H
Seniorita H 5 days ago
Wouldn't Organic be better for them?
Conditionally Unconditional
I mix red bull & cane sugar. They love the stuff.
keydude 9 days ago
Good suggestions. We love our visitors. One time we got an “angry bird” hummer that guarded the feeder. Had to get another and place it out of sight. Fun watching them. They can be very bold if they feel safe (get extra close to you).
Steve 9 days ago
The hummingbird feeders here are "guarded" by 1 bird and they try to run off any other hummingbirds that are trying to feed. Ruby Throated hummingbirds are what we have here in Georgia
Marie H
Marie H 22 hours ago
Put up another feeder, out of sight from each other
Eye on art
Eye on art 9 days ago
It is not healthy to feed humming birds sugar water! Lets stop killing our birds. They get nectar from flowers period. People feeding birds from suet block are killing the birds with lard that is making seeds stick to block and the bird pecks it off and some is still on seeds.
Brenda 9 days ago
No to the mascara brush, feeders with bee guards are best (that's the round piece with the grid pattern), unless you enjoy cleaning out bees and ants.
Gamer Junction
Gamer Junction 9 days ago
One year, I was late in getting my Feeder Up. A humming bird came by as I was out on my deck, flew to the bracket the feeder used to be on, flew over to me, chortled, then flew back to the bracket, chortled again, and then came back and hovered in front of my face chortling some more. I got the message, went to the store, got some sugar and set the feeder up.
Maggie Quinton
Maggie Quinton 14 hours ago
Thank for this very helpful info.
ekunina 2 days ago
True. They communicate with Humans quite well.
Orchids n Lyme
Orchids n Lyme 9 days ago
I loved feeding the hummingbirds but for the past two years I've had praying mantises going after them!!! Yep praying mantises kill hummingbirds 😳🙈!! They sit on the feeders and wait. I took down all my hummingbird feeders to keep the lil guys safe!!! Do miss them!!!
Reese _
Reese _ 9 days ago
Great video, thank you
Refinnej 10 days ago
I love the beautiful decorative hummingbird feeders and always want to buy them, but then I remember how much of a pain some are and just buy the cheap ones. We've also had better luck with the cheap ones when it comes to leaks too. We start with a couple small ones at the first sighting of a hummingbird and put the big guys out along with the small ones once we are going through the small ones fast. We really need more out these past few summers, but it is too much maintenance for us. We have flowers around front as well that they love so plenty of food to go around.
Jeff 10 days ago
If I put up feeders will that keep the hummingbirds from going to my hummingbird friendly plants?
TNBredRose 5 days ago
No. They feed from flowers too. They like a variety
c.a. greene
c.a. greene 10 days ago
In winter its 3 to 1 And in summer we do 4 to 1, to encourage the birds to eat from flowers. After the first clutch of babies has been raised we take them down, to encourage the birds to head north to Alaska. Please remember that IF you have feeders up after July you MUST continue to fill it all winter. The birds will stay behind rather than migrate south, and if you stop feeding them they will begin to die after flowers are all died off. We fill our feeders everyday. Sunset and sunrise are the most active times. When the feeders are empty they will let you know...they usually dive bomb me or fly in my face 2 inches off my nose and go between me and the feeder many times, like saying "look over here! The feeder is empty and I am starving to death! " I have a male that has been with me for 4 years now. I call him poncho via as he is always at war protecting his feeders. ( he has a very distinct scar from being caught by my cat. Peanut brought him inside in his mouth. I had to feed poncho with an eye dropper and keep him warm for 2 days before he was ready to go back outside. He shows off that he isn't afraid of me or peanut. Turns his back on peanut all the time. Like saying to the other birds, "see, I'm not afraid, the human has mastered the cat and I have mastered the human. " Thank you for your video.
c.a. greene
c.a. greene 10 days ago
If you have a way to watch them up close you can see them filling their flying bladder with liquid to get through the night....it is located behind their head, between their shoulders/ where the wings are attached and is visible as a bump or a hunched back. If the hummingbird didn't have that flight bladder they wouldn't have the weight they need to maintain balance over long flights on windy days or be able to survive the long, dark, cold nights. I am not sure just how often it is exactly, but I know they must drink every few minutes to maintain body heat and strength. These are my spirit animal
Angela Holmes
Angela Holmes 10 days ago
Your page has been so helpful. I have three feeders now and I built a solar bath that they love. I just experienced the first fledglings leaving a nest on the patio.
Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy
Wonderful! How Cool. Thank you So much for telling me, makes My Day to hear this, take care!
dawn ochwat
dawn ochwat 10 days ago
Try to see if denture tablets will work to help with the cleaning. I don't have hummingbird feeders yet, but I do use the tablets in hard to clean glasses, vases and thermoses and in some plastic cups. Hope it will help.
Brian Townsend
Brian Townsend 10 days ago
This woman’s voice makes me want to punch a baby! Lol I can’t take it
Rp Edington
Rp Edington 10 days ago
How do you get them to cooperate? I put out my feeders and one hummingbird sits guard over all the feeders and runs off any other humming birds off. I am in Texas.
M Markel
M Markel 10 days ago
Stay away from the ones thst have metal.. They rust...
mguerramd 10 days ago
I put the plastic part in the dishwasher and keep about three per feeder on hand to swap out. To clean the glass I use a little vinegar or bleach, a little water and a piece of small chain. Cover the opening with one hand and shake the daylights out of it, the chain abrades off the mold and scum.
My Life in a Nutshell
I use the baby bottle brush to clean them.
Sam Colt
Sam Colt 10 days ago
Miss Townsley
Miss Townsley 11 days ago
I'm glad I have a cat.
Loraine Spencer
Loraine Spencer 11 days ago
Don't get feeders with a metal bottom, they can start rusting and then they're useless.
Rosario Carmen Lopez
Eric Moorehead
Eric Moorehead 11 days ago
What about nectar stabilizers. Do they work.?
Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy 11 days ago
The hummingbirds around here seem to be a bit more territorial. Constant dog fights. Entertaining.
Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson 4 days ago
The Anna's hummers live in the Pacific Northwest all yr long. No migration. Anna's are VERY territorial!! Yes... one male will guard as mamy feeders as he can see. Very sad to me. Bossy lil brats ;-) But good LORD made them that way. 'They' say put feeders out of line of sight of others but... I want to see them :-( Females will share so You can eventually see multiple females when established but will never see what that lady has... doesn't work with Anna's. Though if You have an enviroment where some of the visiting Rufous & other summer species might visit & give the Anna's males more than they can handle?!?! Even a few is better than none :-) Each yr You will get a few more...
Cheryl Bergman
Cheryl Bergman 6 days ago
Yeah, I have 3 or 4 feeders that I set up and the males will perch on top and if another bird comes to feed, they chase them away. All of mine seem to be very territorial. None like to share. I've been feeding for about 8 years and I always make sure to put my feeders out early until they arrive, but I have never had large numbers like this. I'm not sure of the exact amount, but it seems like I have maybe 6-8 every year. Of course, I'm not sure because it's rare that they feed at the same time.
Refinnej 10 days ago
Ours are as well and it doesn't matter how many feeders are out. We usually have 5 big ones at one end of the house and there can be 2 hummingbirds and one will try to run the other off.
Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy
You may have alot of males, but if they figure out there is more than enough food the fighting should stop.
anthony toscano
anthony toscano 11 days ago
I make my mix 4 water to 1 sugar and boil the mix, This process makes the mix thicker and prevents mold. Constant cleaning, is a must, about an hour a day i sit by the feeders and they come and land on you and sometimes they talk to you Last year 375 pounds of sugar. Each batch = 32 cups of water and 8 cups of Sugar Great fun interacting.
Becky Nelson
Becky Nelson 4 days ago
the mold comes from the birds themselves - the nectar & bug contaminants they bring in. Also making the syrup stronger than recommended makes it impossible for some varieties of hummers to drink it :-( The grooves in their tongues can only draw up certain viscosity. Check pro sites like Audubon etc. Always use 4-1; maybe a tiny dab more ;-) Boiling is only needed for impure water. As long as water is potable & hot to insure suspension of sugar - all is well :-) TY for feeding the lil darlings.
TNBredRose 5 days ago
How long do you let yours boil? I usually fix mine the quick way in the microwave
sandra morey
sandra morey 11 days ago
I tried feeders and had zero birds, but I did have lots and lots of ants. Tried moving them, same thing. So I gave up,
Dan Bolton
Dan Bolton 11 days ago
One brand I would discourage people from buying is " The World's best hummingbird feeder" from Poteet Texas. The bottles are nice, but the plastic part of the feeder break easily, and don't seal to keep out bees and flies. I've tried to get replacements , but they don't answer back, so I wouldn't recommend them. I've had deer come to the hummingbird feeder out of curiosity.
Jill Whitman
Jill Whitman 11 days ago
I would love to share this very informative video with my mom. She’s been trying hard to attract hummingbirds. Please add Closed Captions to this video for her.
Sweettina2 11 days ago
Michele Worthington
Love your instruction and enthusiasm! Thanks
Steven Buck
Steven Buck 10 days ago
Hello Michelle, I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?
Gail Simmons
Gail Simmons 11 days ago
Feeding hundreds every year, going through 60+ pounds of sugar! The feeders she recommended are the most used by the birds!
Digitalhunny 11 days ago
Please show us your exterior hook installation? Thanks!🤗🇨🇦
Robbie and Gary Gardening Easy
I have on the live feed once, will do soon, thanks
Steven Buck
Steven Buck 10 days ago
@Digitalhunny What’s Your name?
Steven Buck
Steven Buck 10 days ago
@Digitalhunny Yes I do miss the snow lol 😂
Digitalhunny 10 days ago
@Steven Buck - Well hello Steven, from Houston. We're doing excellent in my neck of the woods. Thanks for askin'. Though, there were 8 new cases listed the weekend.☹ We just wear our masks & stay home too much. How are you doing? Snow all gone? Do you miss it? You guys had snow when we didn't, so thanks for lifting the burden.🤣🤣🤣 Our snow weather here is way, lighter than New York & Boston. In fact we get the least amount of snow in al, of Canada. Love it here.
Steven Buck
Steven Buck 10 days ago
Hello dear, I’m Steven from Houston, Texas how are you and your family doing with the pandemic issue?
Digitalhunny 11 days ago
Fire ants _can_ cross water! For them, it's best to use a little rubbing alcohol & baby powder. That's too slippery for them. My friend is an entomologist that actually keeps ants. Those girls are wonderful when controlled. 😂🤗🇨🇦
Eliza Bassett-Wilson
If a feeder is deep enough, then bees and wasps won’t come because they can’t reach the sugar water, but the hummingbirds can. Deep hummingbird feeder (Wild Wings mason jar feeder, Mosaic Birds basic feeder, Dieguez hummingbird feeder, and the HummZinger are all fairly good examples) and an ant moat will solve all your feeder’s insect problems!
Seaweede Starfish
@Eliza Bassett-Wilson oh no! That’s scary. Glad to hear you’re much safer now thanks to the right feeder!
Eliza Bassett-Wilson
@Seaweede Starfish yeah, wasps are probably the biggest feeder problem for me because I’m allergic. It was a whole new world once there was no food source for the wasps!
Seaweede Starfish
So glad you mentioned the HUMMZINGER. I have a huge problem with wasps every single spring and just bought a HUMMZINGER in hopes of warding off those nasty buggers! Still too cold to put it up in Upstate NY just yet but I can’t wait! Wish me luck.
Rawhide Adventures
Rawhide Adventures 11 days ago
Awesome, thanks.
M Wohl
M Wohl 11 days ago
You are lucky that you are up high and don’t have a squirrel problem! My favorite feeders are the Dollar Tree feeders, the squirrels don’t have a “seat” and have a harder time hanging on. They are easy to clean, and my hummers seem to like them. Thanks for the video, waiting for my beauties!
Debbie Fox
Debbie Fox 11 days ago
Thank you for all the great info. Love how you keep it so simple & easy. Makes it all the more enjoyable. Learned something very interesting about Hummingbirds the other day. Their brain makes up 1/4 of their body weight. They are so intelligent that they will remember every feeder & group of flowers they have fed from their whole life! Pretty Amazing little Gems💖
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