How Zack Greinke Became the Weirdest Player in Sports 

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Zack Greinke, The Weirdest Player in Sports
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Mar 31, 2021




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Comments 99   
Drew Ψ
Drew Ψ 14 days ago
he actually mowed my lawn 😂 i had no clue who he was but my brother was talking about who he was
ghostface477 7 hours ago
Like Forrester Gump getting rich and mowing lawns for free haha
Anonymous One
Anonymous One 18 hours ago
James Matthews
Shut up! Are you serious? How much did he charge you?
Xaddre Day ago
Sounds fake but I guess he had to mow someone’s lawn
joe jacko
joe jacko 2 days ago
@Baseball Doesn't Exist what you mean it matters rather you win or lose and not how you play the game i am going to need to have a talk with my folks about this
Lord Masta
Lord Masta 5 minutes ago
MK Ultra?
SamRexbuddy7522 44 minutes ago
I thought steve smith and marnus labushagne were strange... dam baseball is something different
Dane Shaffer
Dane Shaffer 48 minutes ago
Greinke has a bipolar disorder
Kyle Hour ago
"Didn't require him to interact with anyone" holy FUCK I feel this in my soul.
John Bailey
John Bailey Hour ago
Sounds like this MLB knows how to play the media as well. Yeah, that’s a shot at you and your commentary. Looks like Greinke got what he wanted. You media people really are just plain stupid.
Fairmont Subdivision
Folks.....the guy is a highly functional autistic.....who happens be an incredible athlete. All anti-social behavior described is classic.
Ronin 2 hours ago
i never even thought about mental illness in sport. damn. good on him for all his achievements
juliane 2 hours ago
“aw man dude imagine having brady and odell on the same team, THATD BE TOTALLY AWESOME”
Kha'al Amen
Kha'al Amen 3 hours ago
He’s at the opposite end of Brian Wilson
friendofships 5 hours ago
Feels like he is somewhere between Buckethead and Kimi Räikkönen.
Štefan Gabura
Štefan Gabura 6 hours ago
Flip in the the gambling kings!!!
Ken Koller
Ken Koller 7 hours ago
I was at the Dodgers press conference when they introduced him. We had a few live hits afterwards, in between we were just sitting at this table and he just sits down next to us and the best way I can explain it, sat there like he was at a party where he didn't know anyone and was waiting for a ride home. Just so weird.
KO Slice
KO Slice 7 hours ago
“The most inspiring player in baseball...” ?? That’s a fkn joke lol
Jacob Horton
Jacob Horton 7 hours ago
Kloco 121
Kloco 121 7 hours ago
Hey, he may be nuttier than a squirrel turd but he's still out there gettin it! Making that money! Guess money just might be the key to everything than huh??
Elliott Smitty
Elliott Smitty 7 hours ago
as a dodgers fan, i fucking loved when he was on the mound. Definitely a dude who does what ever he wants and that in itself is pretty boss
WildVisions 7 hours ago
I sense something going on with his parents
Jon Doe
Jon Doe 8 hours ago
Idk who this is but your story telling made stick around
Larry 8 hours ago
I mean he won a freaking cy young award. Never imagined he had this unique personality
watchguy79 8 hours ago
Best pitcher in the world? Don’t know about that
Justin Goers
Justin Goers 9 hours ago
Banger of a vid
DiegoJosue 15
DiegoJosue 15 9 hours ago
The Kimi Räikkönen of Baseball (Hopefully there are some F1 Fans here 😂)
hyzer 9 hours ago
reminds me of tokuchi from one outs
jjwalker8682 10 hours ago
First time on the channel, don’t know how I got here but I love it
Tyler Cooper
Tyler Cooper 11 hours ago
If it weren't for greinke my royals wouldn't have won the series in 15. Lorenzo Cain and alcides escobar
The Meme Borrower
The Meme Borrower 11 hours ago
I feel like this would be a good movie
Doug G
Doug G 11 hours ago
“My elbow feel funny... my elbow feel strange”
Coden Skahan
Coden Skahan 12 hours ago
I like how he uses the trash truck from my hometown
Hansel Finn
Hansel Finn 12 hours ago
Prodigy at golf, baseball and tennis, hate attention, socially awkward, a lot of problem, just like me but without the good at sports
Nightowl333 13 hours ago
As a Brewers fan, I don’t think ever ever been more excited than when I found out they signed Greinke.
Trent McT
Trent McT 13 hours ago
With the Astros decimated due to Covid, I bet Zack is bang up for playing the infield
Caleb Watson
Caleb Watson 14 hours ago
I like this guy
Emmanuel Garganourakis
“cAYtonic state”.,..?!?!? I think CATATONIC is what you were going for 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Brandon D
Brandon D 14 hours ago
Never even heard of him...wow
gongaga gongaga
gongaga gongaga 14 hours ago
He’s not weird. He has problems just like anyone else. It’s not weird to be sad, it’s not weird to be socially awkward, it’s not weird to not know how to talk to people. He has problems like anyone else and he tries to fix them but can’t that’s not his fault.
Clyde Theglide
Clyde Theglide 15 hours ago
This man is an enigma
Joey Rock
Joey Rock 15 hours ago
K-Tonic?? 😂 or did you mean catatonic?
SrSpankems 15 hours ago
3:38 The man walks on grass with his bare feet, what a freak.
Supertracker007 15 hours ago
This dude sounds like an anime character
John Raycroft
John Raycroft 15 hours ago
I feel like we need to get Marshawn Lynch and this guy in the same room.
Timothy Mua
Timothy Mua 16 hours ago
I know nothing about baseball, but this guy is like a real life Forrest Gump. There has to be a movie about him! Lol
Albert 16 hours ago
Low key genius player and as a dodgers fan, he was my favorite pitcher those years.
Obie Thrice
Obie Thrice 16 hours ago
Weird? Awesome.
Paul 17 hours ago
With all the controversy over MLB moving its all-star game… This week marks the 40th anniversary of the longest, strangest game in professional baseball history that lasted 33 innings! A game that included future MLB stars Cal Ripkin Jr. and Wade Boggs! The game started April 18th, 1981 McCoy Stadium Rhode Island - between the Rochester Red Wings and the Pawtucket Red Sox of the Triple-A International League. The game was tied 1-1 past the usual 9 innings. Rochester scored a run in the top of the 21st inning to make it 2-1. Boggs then tied it in the bottom of inning for Pawtucket, and later said “I didn't know if the guys on the team wanted to hug me or slug me.” The game was still tied 2-2 after 32 innings that night and the next morning - before the game was suspended at 4:07 a.m on the 19th, Easter Sunday morning. The game resumed 65 days later on June 23rd and was finally over in just 18 minutes after a PawSox single drove in the winning run. The marathon game took a total of eight hours, 25 minutes to play. Fourteen pitchers threw a combined 823 pitches. And the press box must have had a sense of humor as Peggy Lee’s popular song “Is That All There Is?” was played on the loudspeakers to a sold-out crowd! MLB was on strike at the time so the eyes of the baseball world were on this game! 25 of the 41 players who took part in this small slice of baseball history went on to play in the Majors including Ripken, baseball’s “Iron Man” with 2,632 consecutive games. He played in all 33 innings of baseball’s longest game!
slim pickins
slim pickins 17 hours ago
MLB sucks! Go woke go broke! You want to take the games out of Atlanta go ahead! You don't the long commenting on social things you have no idea what you're talking about! We should ID people before they vote because if we want them to count we want citizens to vote. To assume black people don't have IDs is completely racist! I hope the MLB goes bankrupt! Fuck Coca-Cola too! I guess I have to quit drinking my favorite soda.
Es E
Es E 17 hours ago
ayyy world of warcrafttt
Tsukuru Tazaki
Tsukuru Tazaki 18 hours ago
He got so much support from the royals it’s crazy. If he was any less talented, any professional sports team would kick him out of the door. Mental health really needs to be taken seriously in every situation to cultivate and help individuals
Angelino 18 hours ago
WTF was the matter with the Royals that they didn’t have someone capable of monitoring players’ mental health? It’s jot woowoo; it’s protecting a huge investment, and maybe saving a life. (If they did, this should be in the video.)
ya like jaz
ya like jaz 18 hours ago
You know a good video when its 20 mins long and it feels like 10
Mr Mojojojo
Mr Mojojojo 19 hours ago
Hes just like me. Talented but wants to do normal things.
Matt Lang
Matt Lang 19 hours ago
Greinke sounds like a dude with ADHD and anxiety, and a lot of athletic ability.
Rolando Tavarez
Rolando Tavarez 20 hours ago
He Outta get in the Hall when it’s all said & done.
Rolando Tavarez
Rolando Tavarez 20 hours ago
I will always love ZG. Idc how bad he was!! He can flat out PLAY the sport is what matters
bdethloff2019 20 hours ago
Makenzie Gore blew his numbers outta the water in his first year just saying
JoeWithTheShot 20 hours ago
Reminds me of Rodney Mullen. Kind of awkward but the guy is a legend.
JoeWithTheShot 20 hours ago
This is my new favorite player 😂
Celathian Aaron
Celathian Aaron 20 hours ago
Cloud Strife has entered the chat..
stoned jon
stoned jon 20 hours ago
Nothing is wrong or was wrong with him he’s normal human being who enjoyed his peace
Mrbee1 21 hour ago
What Else is weird let me guess his beard
Matthew Ochoa
Matthew Ochoa 21 hour ago
I’ve never related more to a player in my life.
Daniel C
Daniel C 21 hour ago
Youd think a baseball video wouldnt be as boring as the sport.. wrong
chaney johnson
chaney johnson 21 hour ago
So much talent in someone so odd. Great video though
GiDD 22 hours ago
Great video! It shows that the sport has finally come to understand mental health is a real issue and it’s not just an act. Sucks that greinke had to go through that stuff at the start of his career. Brett saying he needs to “grow up” just makes the point even more about it being mental health and isn’t solved by just “growing up”
Fluffy Butt
Fluffy Butt 22 hours ago
So weird...
GiDD 22 hours ago
Greinke has been my favorite player since his rookie season. I relate to him more than any other player in any pro sport.
bobcougar77 23 hours ago
I thought we all decided the mlb us racist and we shouldn't watch anymore.
ツClockz 23 hours ago
He is a idiot at times not gonna lie
He’s a savant
Elijah M
Elijah M Day ago
David spade really does play baseball
Pwhirktug69 ImaRaveTug
I’m cracking up watching this guy
Pwhirktug69 ImaRaveTug
Too bad MLB is run by the CCP
Father Day ago
Idc about baseball but I watched the whole thing
Bo Trip
Bo Trip Day ago
Crixus Dixus
Crixus Dixus Day ago
i fucking love zach greinke
kitt kattz
kitt kattz Day ago
This guy has a lifetime supply of guacamole and samurai swords in his contract. That should tell you a lot of what kind of guy greinke is. Or maybe not 😂
Blair Daly
Blair Daly Day ago
Excellent vid! What an interesting guy, and you crafted the story about him really well.
masaki _tty
masaki _tty Day ago
I loved him when he was on the Royals. It's good to see he is his weird self still.
Donald umunawa
Being a garbage man sounds cool, until you become a garbage man.
Jim Mulchinock
What is missing from this interesting documentary is Greinke’s actual pitching mechanics: they are beautiful! He’s a full momentum pitcher and if you are teaching youngsters how to pitch, he IS the textbook!
Robert Etchells
“frozen in a KAY-tonic state” made me cringe, but otherwise enjoyed the video
Wyatt Zeigler
People gotta start acknowledging mental health
jjodoin05 Day ago
Is this a case of severe anxiety, or being on the spectrum? Anyone know?
Hugh Mungus
Hugh Mungus Day ago
It's not about the money. It's about sending a message.
wakawaka1976 Day ago
This dude kind of sounds like me except I’m not talented in any sports...
nope ?
nope ? Day ago
My dad coached him age 9-11 AAU. My brother was third base, Greinke Shortstop and Pitcher back then. Apopka, Orlando legend. We still have 2 2nd place national championship trophies from ages 10 and 11. They're huge lol. Prince fielder's team beat their team. My dad says Prince was the same size as a 11 year old as he is now pretty much lol
Not JP Golf
Not JP Golf Day ago
Yo what’s in that guys pants at 5:37
C K Day ago
He needs shrooms
Captain Cooter
He’s the Kanye of baseball.
Dita Von Cheese
I ❤️ talented crazies. Can’t stop us, mofos!
My name is August West
Vaccines! Vaccines have caused all sorts of issues rarely seen in generations prior.
The Sleepy Craftsman
As someone with anxiety, this video gives him anxiety.
Duragon910 Day ago
I think y'all are underestimating just how much growing up in Apopka fucks with your head. Source: Grew up in Apopka
Spiral Out
Spiral Out Day ago
It’s nice to know that there are other people out there like myself who suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks. It has ruined my life over the last 8 years.
Tim Day ago
As someone who has struggled with social anxiety my whole life. I totally understand where he's coming from dealing and talking to people is so exhausting you just try to avoid people and interactions with them as much as you can. Sad life to live really
Jordan Williams
I have interest in baseball at all but this seems really neat I like these kinda stories
Billy Barton
Billy Barton Day ago
Interesting. F mlb.
Jason Shoemaker
Can’t imagine how many generalizations and exaggerations are in this video haha.
Travis the Solar Expert Dosser
He's norm macdonald if norm macdonald was a young baseball player