How to make a Doll Wheelchair: Advanced Version! PDF included 

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How to make a doll wheelchair from scratch: Advanced Version!
Link to PDFs:
Looking for an easier doll wheelchair project? Here's the simple version: us-first.info/player/video/j96HY6uKgaagqZ8.html
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Feb 21, 2021




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Tommy Strizzle
Tommy Strizzle 10 minutes ago
Bucket Mouse Mining
Bucket Mouse Mining 12 minutes ago
is this for chad?
Tessa Tallagnon
Tessa Tallagnon 49 minutes ago
“rear wheer” “real wheel” “wait”
TJ Milum
TJ Milum Hour ago
I love this idea/project so, so much. I'm so happy to see something like this shared for anyone that uses a mobility aid/wheelchair. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into making this so cool!
Disappointed Hour ago
Yay! It's on trending
Dayelyn the Enchanted
Butterfly chair next? :3
Wandering Soul
I wonder how many prototypes Dollightful had to make in order to perfect the advanced pattern lmao
Tervel’s Channel
Can you make Wanda Maximoff and Agatha harkness from wanda vision
original_ sherex
original_ sherex 2 hours ago
I absolutely love this wheelchair! It's so cute and kawaii. As a wheelchair users thank you for included us in your doll world! Also I would love to have a wheelchair like this in real life.
Micheal Afton
Micheal Afton 2 hours ago
size it up and change the materials to more durable ones and viola, a human sized wheelchair
Jackk Attack
Jackk Attack 2 hours ago
As an autistic person who needs a wheel chair this makes me sooo happy
Time stamp for myself, 14:41
Ashleigh Little
Ashleigh Little 3 hours ago
I feel so much closer to this doll than almost any other doll I’ve ever seen
Ashleigh Little
Ashleigh Little 3 hours ago
Thank you!!!!!
Tathena Tubbs
Tathena Tubbs 4 hours ago
I love how she explains it like we're actually going to ATTEMPT this masterpiece. Like heck no I ain't trying that.
Teegan 4 hours ago
I watch your videos so much the"pop pop" in your intro is something I nail every time Love ur vids♥️
Lime Green
Lime Green 4 hours ago
Hey do you think you could ever make a pdf for a insulin pump? Sorry my neice has t1d and she was wondering if I could make her dolls some so they could be just like her !
Laura Brown
Laura Brown 5 hours ago
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sakura851 5 hours ago
hi would it be posable if you can do a tutorial on making pdf or can you suggest a good tutorial on how to make one I need it for a project I am working on I do not now how to make a pdf thank you I like your doll art
Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton 27 minutes ago
Making a pdf? What are you using, word or google docs?
Hasbro, take note.
hiho hiho
hiho hiho 5 hours ago
Could you make an electric wheelchair? It doesn’t have to work like with power but that would be cool.❤️😊🦼
Can you make a Chinese New Year doll?
Brother Palpatine
Brother Palpatine 6 hours ago
As sombody who plays a Ret paladin in world of warcraft I found this interesting.
Whitepearl 456
Whitepearl 456 6 hours ago
Really great full my favorite childhood doll broke it's leg so ya.
galaxycat 229
galaxycat 229 6 hours ago
One time i tried without instructions, it looked like a dang tractor that was in an accident ;v;
DreamOctober 7 hours ago
“This is the kind of craft that should be done in multiple sittings” My ADHD Brain: you underestimate my power!
Maryann Schuler
Maryann Schuler 7 hours ago
This is awesome
Jordan Ledford
Jordan Ledford 7 hours ago
Clicked + Commented to confuse the algorithm
hayliesinging 7 hours ago
can i make this with a 3d pen for my decoration doll?
McKenzie Hill
McKenzie Hill 7 hours ago
Congrats of trending!!
Some dumb gay bitch
I can’t make this but I can make a monster can crown so I’m a make that while watching this video because why not
•CocoaPuffs• 8 hours ago
I have no idea why I tapped on this
Gabbie Lagdameo
Gabbie Lagdameo 8 hours ago
this was rlly nothing short of genius! I'm rlly amazed by the construction, especially how you were able to make the templates and teach it concisely and clearly. WAH I LOVE THIS TUTORIAL it made my brain go woah and my heart go mush!
Ysckemia 9 hours ago
Dollightful should be offically renamed "The Doll Engineer" :D there is so much potential, even by crossing the two versions ... i might try this, but i'll probably make the wheels out of thin plywood for more sturdiness. one could even use some thin plastic tube to make tires...
lee perks
lee perks 9 hours ago
Hi , Katherine i would love a disabled doll series if you need ideas
KaCee Is Bored
KaCee Is Bored 10 hours ago
I have 0 intentions of ever making a wheelchair for dolls because i dont own a single doll but you bet your booty that I watched both the simple and advanced tutorials
Jenn Glow
Jenn Glow 10 hours ago
Magicbased121 10 hours ago
An interesting build
Lovely_ _Shadow
Lovely_ _Shadow 10 hours ago
Maybe one day, if you feel like it, you could make a dog wheelchair. BTW YOUR AMAZING!!!!
Ender Fox
Ender Fox 11 hours ago
can u make a Tomboy doll plss
PixiePrincess501 11 hours ago
This is precious! I love how much detail you put into your creations, and I love how this adorable wheelchair is actually made of recycled materials (But when you look at the finished product, you can't even tell! It's so well made!♥) Your creations really inspire me, I hope I can create lovely dolls like you do when I'll have access to the materials =^-^=
Jay_ofall _Trades
Jay_ofall _Trades 11 hours ago
Cereal box paper is called chipboard, it is like cardstock but doesn't have the corregations like cardboard does. I learned this from bentley house mini's watching her make doll house furniture. She actually made a whole bjd from apoxy sculpt. I really enjoy learning new patterns and making small doll accessories. This chair is amazing as being a wheelchair user i can make a doll look more like myself and even ramps for doll houses to accommodate
Armadillo King
Armadillo King 11 hours ago
Hollie Smith
Hollie Smith 11 hours ago
Pls can u make a pirate doll
random potato
random potato 11 hours ago
Would it be possible to make a repaint on a doll head that has been sitting in acetone but like if you wash off the acetone before it completely dries 🤔
Lil Miss Kaos
Lil Miss Kaos 11 hours ago
I really love how you normalize lot of different types of people. Could you mabye someday make a doll with a nose tube and a feeding pump for decoration, only if you're comfortable with that though 😅
Kristina Bartlett
Kristina Bartlett 12 hours ago
What do you say at the beginning? My captions are telling me “And young”...is that correct?
Kristina Bartlett
Kristina Bartlett 11 hours ago
@Fi Fi thanks 😊
Fi Fi
Fi Fi 12 hours ago
Hey, she says "annyeong" which is "hello" in korean.
Cyan Racadio
Cyan Racadio 12 hours ago
barbie better use the video to make wheelchair dolls or ima call the doll fbi this is so cool and im glad someone relises that dolls need wheelchairs too
FloppySeven 12 hours ago
Fuck it we’re making wheelchairs
STILL 13 hours ago
Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ⭕️
Neave Thurston
Neave Thurston 13 hours ago
also were is the simple one
Neave Thurston
Neave Thurston 13 hours ago
cool music at 17:45
Strawberry Sunflowers
I never thought my engineering classes would come in handy for doll customization but here we are!
theaceofhearts36 13 hours ago
Hypothetically, aluminum or acrylic sheets could be used in place of the thin cardboard; otherwise I imagine that coating the chair's cardboard with plasti-dip before painting might help to make it more water-resistant! As a spoonie, thank you so much for this
theinatorinator 14 hours ago
Even without the huge inclusivity wins in this video, this is probably one of the best tutorials I've seen on US-first? Clear, thorough instructions. Beautiful pacing that works for both entertainment or following along. An actual personality behind the work, and one that doesn't interfere with understandability. Fingers that don't get in the way, and plenty of lingering "here's what it should look like" shots. As a crafter, this is like a once-in-a-lifetime unicorn of a US-first tutorial. (And I don't even KNOW anyone who uses a wheelchair. I can only imagine how thankful I would be if this gorgeous piece of instruction was ALSO personally representative!)
Laura Whitman
Laura Whitman 14 hours ago
Wow i'm surprised, I never realized a wheelchair could be so beautiful
Grizz 14 hours ago
hi, i’m not sure if this has been suggested yet, but i feel like you should make some my hero academia dolls!
santa de jesus
santa de jesus 14 hours ago
so cute in totally going to try it
The Necromancress
The Necromancress 14 hours ago
Dollightful could give me instructions on doing the most gruesome things and I would still watch it because she's very good at giving instructions.
Adjust The Rain Music
Thank you so much cat :) I'm thinking of decorating my chair looked like this.
Lydia Lin
Lydia Lin 15 hours ago
*Please start a series called crafting with Kat!*
The Messenger
The Messenger 15 hours ago
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Baryonyx 8 hours ago
Baryonyx 8 hours ago
hehe NO
TT ._
TT ._ 15 hours ago
i love how she does things like this and doesnt make it a big deal
Miguel D
Miguel D 16 hours ago
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Baryonyx 8 hours ago
JulyStar 16 hours ago
my favorite part of this? It's not a visibility or awareness day or anything like that. So many creators only make diverse characters when there is some sort of hashtag-able event happening but Cathrine just decided "hey this character uses a kickass wheelchair, here's how to make it" just because people and characters use wheelchairs and people deserve to know how to make one. Great job Cathrine!
Kani yaru
Kani yaru 16 hours ago
Kat: "Well done!" *Me, feeling accomplished despite not having done anything but watch*: Thank you
Olivia D
Olivia D 16 hours ago
hey! good job getting this out earlier than you thought you could!
Amy Wallace
Amy Wallace 16 hours ago
I'm not a wheelchair user myself, I'm just going on what I saw in the other video, but! If you want to make this closer to a self-propel wheelchair (that is, one a user pushes themselves in) you may want to omit the arm rests, make the back rest shorter, and make the push handles less prominent. Thank you Dolightful for working for more inclusivity in the doll customizing community!
itsbeyonetta 17 hours ago
She should create dolls based of each zodiac sign
i’m not lay the sequel
i love this !! i would love to see you make more doll accessories, for abled and disabled people alike ! :)
Emily Bellis
Emily Bellis 17 hours ago
sounds like i may need to make a wheelchair
I need a Latte
I need a Latte 17 hours ago
i really like this. i want to make customs of all family but my sister is disabled and i wanted to honor that. and none of the other tutorials felt like her wheel chair but this one does. now i can finally craft us all. thank you so much this really does make a difference.
Triggered because of PTSD
so cute and thought through
Triggered because of PTSD
this is really cool!
Jessica 18 hours ago
I just spent 26 minutes watching someone make a doll wheelchair. And I was captivated the whole time. I don’t know how she does it. I spent the whole time thinking “how on earth did she even start coming up w/ how to make this... HOW DOES SHE DO IT!”
Krümelmonsterchen 18 hours ago
I would love to see more disabled dolls 😍
Khymera Hawkins
Khymera Hawkins 18 hours ago
Do i need a doll wheel chair. Absolutely not. But did i stay yes
GhostWhisper 18 hours ago
I love how wheelchair users in the comment section are all saying they loved this and feel included. Im not one or a doll customizer, but its so nice to see how this brigthened peoples day! I love you all!
Rachinspired 18 hours ago
Wow this is soo cool, the amount of detail put into it really adds to the end result! 💕☺️
٠ ٠
٠ ٠ 19 hours ago
حملت توصيل#جمعةاخوات لمليون مشترك
Arii Kunn
Arii Kunn 19 hours ago
guys its hereeeeeeeee omgggg
Coleslaw 19 hours ago
i wonder if it would be possible to 3d print the pieces or make it out of metal safely to make it actually usable for child's play! esp the advanced version as it looks so lovely! but amazing work yet again!! love the viedo!! :]
Hollie Smith
Hollie Smith 19 hours ago
Please make a doll inspired by each colour of the rainbow like 7 dolls
Adelina Bahtiyarowa
Adelina Bahtiyarowa 19 hours ago
Firewings Phoenix
Firewings Phoenix 19 hours ago
I have an idea you know how you made a group of dragons but could you make a group of foxs or forest animal I'm in the hospital so it would make my day .I'm not trying to ask to much or sound rude 😞
Nicole Hernandez Unger
"it's not easy bending stiff coat hanger wire but if i can do it with my noodle arms you can do it" you have underestimated how weak my arms are
Ursella Denton
Ursella Denton 20 hours ago
You should make a steem puck dragon
Annie_Boo! 20 hours ago
What you need: *everything in the shops*
Lilli Dawson
Lilli Dawson 20 hours ago
batrisyia baharuddin
Just wanna get this out there. There's this doll channel name MariaLazar that's really talented. Maybe anyone that's interested can go check it out.
Omg Emily?!?
Omg Emily?!? 21 hour ago
This is so cute!!! I'm obsessed 💗💓💕
grungekitty77 21 hour ago
when I was little I always wanted a doll wheelchair. I made do with a giant shell thing, but it wasn't ideal. (the back didn't stay up without support particularly since the shell was meant to close) I would use it for "injured" dolls as well as a mermaid or two with the fin part of their tail lost or detached. I had one mermaid doll that I'd just pretend that her articulated tail (with the fin missing) was just a long tight skirt, and I'd ideally have her in a wheelchair. Also remember having a little barbie figure that was molded sitting down. She was so pretty and I wanted to play with her, but it bothered me that she couldn't be standing. Eventually I figured out I could just say her "seat" was an electric scooter/wheelchair and that she was just disabled. Which solved the problem. Now it was completely normal for her to be sitting down and shorter than the other toys in the line up. It never came up in any of the pretend games I played with her, but she was used as a disabled character whenever I used her. Where other dolls got bounced along to mock walking, she got slid to mock rolling on wheels.
Rocket Maniac
Rocket Maniac 21 hour ago
Honestly, I love how inclusive this channel is.
Pixie Artz
Pixie Artz 21 hour ago
Karl Arthur
Karl Arthur 22 hours ago
Yay now i can make myself!
FullMetal Chocolate
FullMetal Chocolate 22 hours ago
This is amazing, thank you so much for this
Skylar Collins
Skylar Collins 22 hours ago
This is soooo cute!
Esa K.
Esa K. 22 hours ago
marsinstars 22 hours ago
current obsession: the way you actually pronounce the h noise in the word "wheels" /gen
mystic lavanda white wolf
I love this idea
i broke my foot...
i broke my foot...
we met up with her